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Glasshouse Montego Bay Candle - Coconut Lime 350g 350g

4.8 of 85 reviews


4 instalments of $11.24


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4 instalments of $11.24


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Glasshouse Montego Bay Candle - Coconut Lime captures the exotic essence of Caribbean charm and a laid-back attitude accompanied by tropical bongo beats. With a combination of Lemon and Lime oils, Vanilla, Amber, Mandarin and Coconut, Glasshouse Montego Bay Candle - Coconut Lime invites you to chill out and relax among this blissful fragrance.

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4.8 of 85 reviews

100% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Tropical paradise


This candle smells like a tropical island, and is strong but not too overpowering. It fills the room and lasts a long time

Most Helpful Criticism

Lovely Scent, Issues with the Candle


This was my first purchase from Glasshouse Fragrances. When I opened my package, I could smell the beautiful coconut and lime smell throughout the box. I love the scent of this candle, it's not too strong, but can perfume a large room. The fragrance lingers for some time after blowing out the candle.
I wasn't impressed with the air bubbles inside my candle. I was disappointed after paying almost $43, I expected it to be beautifully poured, but this was not the case.
I would still consider repurchasing, but from David Jones where I can open the box and check for air bubbles.
  1. The best!


    When it comes to this candle it smells amazing, it transports you to a beautiful tropical island and fills a large space easily without being to over powering.
  2. like it


    gorgeous scent and ability to last for months without loosing its fragrance.
  3. Tropical paradise


    This candle smells like a tropical island, and is strong but not too overpowering. It fills the room and lasts a long time
  4. Can't go wrong


    You can't go wrong with this! Beautiful tropical, summery, fruity smell, strong enough but not overpowering at all. I find it a great gift for pretty much anyone.
  5. smells like a tropical vacation


    This candle is the perfect blend of fruity citrus and warm coconut! one of my summer faves!
  6. beautiful


    This is my go-to summer scent! it smells fresh, light and fun and I absolutely love it! also burns for a long time and the glass jar is so handy to re-use!
  7. Smells of Hawaii


    This scent is my favourite of all the glasshouse candles. It reminds me of going on holidays and drinking pina coladas. So fresh and fruity.
  8. Beautiful

    Aesthetic Investor

    I usually wouldn't spend this amount on a candle however I've been in my office for long days and decided I had used all of my cheaper candles . So in took the plunge and spoilt myself and I'm so glad I did. The fragrant is not sickly or heavy. It lingers and it reminds me of summer holidays .

    Glass house have won me over. Adding to my Christmas wish list this year.
  9. Great to burn in the bathroom, it has a light fruity smell that is long lasting


    Great to burn in the bathroom, it has a light fruity smell that is long-lasting. I'm a big fan of this one.
  10. Smells like a beach holiday


    I really love this scent. It's super tropical and reminds me of going on a beach holiday. Would defintiely recommend if you like coconut!
  11. Nice scent, really summery


    I love this scent - it reminds me of summer and the coconut scent in it really makes it smell so good
  12. Great candle


    The lime and coconut scent is perfect for summer and reminders of holidays.
    It is quite strong but I enjoy a strong scent.

  13. awesome


    My favorite brand so far.The smell so nice and fully covered the whole house.
    It makes me fresh as well
    Just loving it
  14. Like a tropical holiday!


    I love glasshouse candles for their superior quality and long burn time. This particular fragrance transports me to my favourite tropical holiday destination. I have tried many fragrances in the range and have yet to come across one I don’t like.
  15. Smells like vacation


    This candle reminds me of a nice summer vacation. The intensity is good so you can definitely smell it when you walk into the room without it being overwhelming and needing to leave.
  16. Smells like a tropical holiday!


    This is my husbands absolute favorite glasshouse candle. The gorgeous smells of coconut and lime make you feel like you are on a tropical island! Not too strong like some of the others and isn't overpowering. Would recommend.
  17. Awesome


    Beautiful packaging and lovely scent. Very fresh that makes my house smelling amazing
  18. Love!


    This was one of the first luxury candles I ever owned. It is a beautiful candle - the scent and packaging are both exquisite. The scent is fresh and bright and works well in any environment. The lid is such a good idea too, as it stops the candle from collecting any dust.
  19. Beautiful tropical scent


    I am a sucker for anything coconut. But when it comes to this candle it smells amazing, it transports you to a beautiful tropical island and fills a large space easily without being to over powering.
  20. Favourite summer candle


    This smells like an amazing tropical holiday! The combination of coconut and lime is so delicious and the smell lingers around hours after the candle is put out!
  21. Stunning smell


    All glasshouse candles are beautiful but this is one of their best! Not too sweet and smells beautiful when burning
  22. Smells like a holiday


    This is such a great smelling candle and whenever I light it I feel like I'm on a tropical holiday somewhere in the Bahama's sipping on a pina colda.
  23. Beautiful scent


    I adore this scent ! And it lingers for quite a while after it’s been blown out. It’s so yummy and refreshing. I use it when I need a pick me up or If the house just needs a freshen up
  24. SWEET


    This candle isn't personally my cup of tea its very sweet and as the name suggests it smells like a light coconut and lime. I don't mind it but I buy it for my mum who absolutely loves it.
  25. nice and tropical


    not my favorite from their collection but is a nice candle for the bathroom, smells tropical so its very relaxing for when im having a bath
  26. Love the citrus


    This candle in particular has the most incredible tropical smell . I am a huge fan of coconut and whilst it isn't that really creamy smell the lime gives it a citrus tang and the two paired together is just insanely amazing.
    Glass house is such a reliable brand for gorgeous smelling candles.
  27. Great quality candle


    Love this candle. Lasts for ages and the smell is really intense but not over powering.
  28. Beautiful candle, smells divine!


    Love this candle it reminds me of tropical holidays, lasts ages and the smell is definetely there, i love all glasshouse products, just gorgeous!
  29. By Far My Fav


    If your a person that LOVES topical beach Holidays this scent is for YOU!!. Each time I light this candle the smell reminds be of being on a beach relaxing drinking a cocktail.

    This Candle is perfect for a present for a young age or mid 20's as its the sweet topical VIBE. Now that I have this candle I will counite to buy because who needs a holiday when you can just have a candle.
  30. This is by far my favourite candle in the whole collection


    Def my favourite!!! I have been using this candle for around 2yrs. I just love this coconut lime smell, its soooo nice when you burn it and also amazing if you just wanna leave it in the room! The scent makes me feel very calm and warm. I love burning it all year around! Even makes me feel safe when im trying to sleep. I feel like im used to it already and i keep coming back for it even after ive ...
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  31. Best scent in the range!


    Glasshouse Candles are great value as is but this is by far the best scent they've come out with. It's creamy and coconutty and reminds me of a tropical holiday. The only downfall is that I can't stop lighting it and they are quite pricey.
  32. Lovely scent


    I purchased this as a gift and the recipient loved the scent. The coconut smell is offset nicely with the lime.
  33. perfect for coconut lovers


    perfect scent for coconut and lime lovers, has a very refreshing smell.
  34. Gift (Coconut lime)


    You really have to be a fan of coconut and lime to love this candle. I purchased it as a gift for a friend who loves the scent. I think its a very high quality candle that is presented really well. Definitely a really lovely gift for anyone. I do find that in this size it didn't burn for very long because it was so small.
  35. Coconut Lime - Gift


    I personally dont like the scent (Coconut lime) but I purchased this as a gift for my mum and she loved it so much. Will definitely purchase again for her!
  36. wonderful and retains scent


    I received this Glasshouse candle as a gift and I think it's wonderful. .The glass container is beautiful and I later reused it, and the candle fragrances my entire home and doesn't lose it's scent.
  37. Love it


    When lit, it's like someone is baking a cake in the oven. I love it. I burn it for hours and the scent just lingers in the backdrop. It's fresh but sweet at the same time. Reminds me a lime pie smell. Love it. It also burns quite evenly, just need to ensure the wicks are not too short the first time you burn it so that it burns evenly and not tunneling.
  38. Perfect Gift


    Really great gift when you arent sure which scent to get. Comes in cute packaging and quality glass/wick. I have purchased this for a few different people and they have loved it. Im not a fan of coconut and lime myself (personal preference) but everyone I have bought for has absolutely loved it.
  39. Classic scent for the summer home


    This is one of the first candles I bought from Glasshouse almost ten years ago now and it's still on regular rotation during the warmer months. The scent is quite specific to a warmer climate but I think it can also brighten up a gloomy home during cool transitional seasons. There are many many coconut and lime fragrances out there and this is hard to describe, but it is definitely worth splurging...
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  40. Fresh Beach scent


    Smells amazing, lasts ages and can reuse the jar!! bonus
  41. Beautiful candle


    This candle smells fruity, fresh and fills the room with the scent. I'd highly recommend this one :)
  42. Tropical coconut


    Nice coconut smell with a hint of lime. Fills the room quickly.
  43. Smells nice


    A bit too coconutty for me but still nice. Two wicks which is a bonus over Ecoya.
  44. Divine scent


    Long lasting, amazing scent plus I love the jars which I reuse to store pretty hair clips etc in.
  45. My Favourite Candle!


    Absolutely LOVE this scent. It isn't overbearing and lasts a long time. I will definitely be repurchasing when it runs out!
  46. Glorious summer scent!


    I received this as a gift and love it so much! Smells so fresh and summery. Great quality, as you would expect from Glasshouse.
  47. Nice subtle scent


    This was a nice and subtle, not to overly feminine scent.
  48. Lovely fragrance


    I brought this as a gift and the recipient loved it. Yet another great glasshouse fragrance.
  49. One of my favourites


    This candle has a really fresh and summery smell. It seems to last forever and doesnt burn too quickly like other candles
  50. 5


    This is my favourite scent in the range. The coconut smell is so lovely and a hint of lime....so tropical and summery
  51. YUM


    This is such a divine scent and a must have in the collections. this candles last far better than any other brand I have tried. Highly recommend.
  52. Fresh scent


    I love how this candle smells both sweet and fresh. Really nice scent for summer days.
  53. For coconut lovers


    I'm a huge fan of coconut scents and this candle smell divine! The lime adds a nice citrus twist. Really high quality hand made candle
  54. Fresh


    Love this candle! It's got that sweet coconut scent but the lime cuts through the sweetness and makes it fresh smelling also
  55. Classic scent


    You cannot go wrong with this scent. Just beautiful. It has fantastic throw and is so relaxing...makes you feel like you are in the islands for summer. My only negative is that the wax is not soy so the burn is not as clean as competitor products.
  56. Fruity coconut scent


    Such a nice refreshing scent! Perfect for summer as it's a bit lighter and more fresh as opposed to sweet
  57. Expensive smelling coconut.


    Im not a huge coconut fan usually as i find it can often smell overly synthetic. The coconut in this though is creamy and beautiful , and way more subtle then allot of other coconut scented products i've come across. Glasshouse is always a good choice.
  58. Beautiful scent


    Like a fresh smell - then this is perfect! it Reminds me of coconuts at the beach! Stunning smell... highly recommend for a gift
  59. Paradise in a little jar


    This scent is just divine and really powerful - the whole house smells wonderful when this candle has been burning. They're not the cheapest products on the market, that's for sure, but they really are a lovely luxury and the perfect gift.
  60. My favourite on and on..


    This candle has stayed my favourite scent out of the entire range for many many years! very impressed that this candle can still manage to take me feel nostalgic and think of holidays even in the winter months!
  61. Like a summer holiday!


    Love this candle. The scent transports you to a tropical beach. Nothing beats the quality of Glasshouse candles! They make the perfect gift!
  62. LOVE IT!


    I got this as a gift and it's not a candle I thought I would like so I never purchased it for myself but I love it
  63. Love


    One of my favourite candles. Smells amazing and lasts a long time. Really high quality hand made candle
  64. Fresh


    If you like fresh scented candles then this will be for you. I found the scent to be a little less intense than the others but still very nice
  65. Favourite


    This is my favourite candle for the house. The lemon/lime scent is so fresh and gorgeous. The packaging is lovely too!
  66. smells amazing


    I love this scent and how it really makes your whole house smell lovely
  67. Great products


    Love Glasshouse Mountain candles they last for a long time and the fragrance is gorgeous and makes my home smell so good!
  68. Amazing scent that lasts forever


    The scent fills my entire 4-bedroom home without being overpowering. The softness in scent gives a warm aroma to the house. Highly recommend as it last forever and you won't be disappointed with spending this amount on a candle. Montego Bay is my go-to scent and has been for years.
  69. Perfect summer candle


    This candle is summer in a glass. It’s the perfect light scent that is perfect for lighting on a warm summers day. It’s a perfect Christmas gift!
  70. Great!


    Such a lovely scent, makes me feel as though I’m on a tropical island! Lasts very well too!
  71. smells like summer


    I love the smell of this candle soooo much!! Reminds me of a summer day at the beach with a nice cocktail!! Candle lasts for ages and get so many compliments on the scent from visitors
  72. Great fragrance


    This candle is super nice! It has a great scent without being too over powering (you can light it in a small room without it being too much). When buying glasshouse candles as a gift, this is the one I tend to always get for people.
  73. Splice


    This reminds me of splice ive cream. It smells so good and my whole room smells great for hours.
  74. Off to a tropical island!

    Ash (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I love any scents that remind me of a hot summers day!
    This scent honestly takes me off dreaming of a tropical island. It has a good quality depth of scent with long a lasting fragrance. I love how it wafts throughout my home.
  75. Lovely Scent, Issues with the Candle


    This was my first purchase from Glasshouse Fragrances. When I opened my package, I could smell the beautiful coconut and lime smell throughout the box. I love the scent of this candle, it's not too strong, but can perfume a large room. The fragrance lingers for some time after blowing out the candle.
    I wasn't impressed with the air bubbles inside my candle. I was disappointed after paying a...
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  76. The BEST smelling candle ever


    This is hands down the BEST smelling candle I have ever owned. I simply can not get enough! It is such a unique scent and the first time I opened it i was surprised by the absolutely accurate representation of coconut and lime. The smell is strong but now overpowering, it leaves the whole house smelling fantastic even not lit. I am simply obsessed.
  77. Lovely


    Such a beautiful scent - very light and tropical. Light enough that you could have this candle lit in a small room without it being too overpowering or tingly on the nostrils. Not very rich or sickly in the coconut fragrance, so if you hate the coconut scent that's in so many products these days, you might be pleasantly surprised with this one!
  78. Lovely tropical scent


    Can't go past Coconut & Lime - it is quick becoming a classic. This candle has a lovely strong scent without being unpleasant. Would recommend
  79. So summery


    Excellent quality like all Glasshouse candles but this has such a tropical and summery scent it's lovely to have burning during that time of the year. Particularly over drinks or dinner!
  80. Summer Favourite

    Louise (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I have many favourites within the Glasshouse range and this has to be competing for the top spot! The smells reminds me of summer and it just makes me feel happy. The scent fills my lounge room within half an hour and hangs around long after I've blown it out.
    I've recommended this to my friends and family and will continue to purchase this scent in the future. :)
  81. Love the tropical coconut scent!


    I've heard great things about the Glasshouse candle range, so I thought I would treat myself to the Montego Bay scent. The candle already smells amazing without even being lit up. I love the tropical coconut smell, it filled the whole room and the hallway of the house within an hour or so.

    Top tip - Use the lid to put the candle out. The first time I blew the flame out and made a bit...
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  82. Smells like a beach holiday...


    I love Glasshouse candles, and Montego Bay is no exception.

    The smell is amazing! It really does smell like the best pina colada you've ever had.

    Glasshouse always burns evenly and the scents are really strong. They tend to fragrance a room, with just the lid off ...no burning required! Of course, it's better if you light it up.

    Highly recommended!
  83. Most amazing smell ever!!


    Glasshouse Montego Bay Candle is the most amazing smelling candle I have had!! The smell takes me away to lying on a beach sipping cocktails out of a cocnut! My whole house smelt Fantastic and has made waiting for my holiday to Bali next week just that little bit easier!! Thank You! :)
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