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Glasshouse Manhattan Candle - Little Black Dress 350g 350g

4.6 of 37 reviews


4 instalments of $11.24


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4 instalments of $11.24


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Glasshouse Manhattan Candle - Little Black Dress is sassy from the moment you strike a light! For big city flavour, with perfumes of Orchids, Rose, Musk and Blood Orange, put on Glasshouse Manhattan Candle - Little Black Dress for an irresistible air of confidence. 

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SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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4.6 of 37 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

My favourite scent


This is my favourite candle scent. It is luxurious and sophisticated. It fills my whole house with the scent when burning, but is not overpowering.

Most Helpful Criticism

Unique scent


Whilst this has the amazing staying power of a glass house fragrance, this scent is not for me. It's quite dark and peppery where's I prefer more sweet and musky scents.
  1. My favourite scent


    This is my favourite candle scent. It is luxurious and sophisticated. It fills my whole house with the scent when burning, but is not overpowering.
  2. Warm and sexy


    Warm and sexy scent, super classy and gorgeous. Great scent all year round
  3. Really wanted to love, but not meant for my hair


    I absolutely adore Glasshouse Candles! I have been buying their products for years and love that Adore stock them. While this scent is not too overpowering, it's just not for me. I find most of the other scents far more appealing. I love the glass jars and when the candle has finished burning, I clean them out and store cosmetics etc. in them.
  4. Star Quality


    My friend recommended this and I love it. It smells wonderful and I enjoy it every time I walk into the room.
    Lasts quite a while too.
  5. Sexy and long lasting


    This candle smells amazing, 'Little Black Dress' is sexy and long lasting. You can smell it before you enter a room, they burn for ages and come in a variety of other scents. It's hard to find a Glasshouse candle that you don't love!!
  6. Great product!


    I love glasshouse candles, they always smell amazing and last a very long time. would highly recommend
  7. interesting


    the scents interesting as its a mix of different types of scents but smells divine, the black wax is so different and chic in a way, defs recommend
  8. Love the black


    I don’t find the scent of his candle as strong as the rest. It’s very subtle and reminds me more of the smell of fresh linen, it’s not overly floral. The black wax sets a nice mood if you get what I mean (wink wink) candle looks beautiful and smells fresh but again it doesn’t fill the house like some of the others do. If you prefer a more subtle smell then this will tick your boxes!
  9. Amazing


    This little black dress is my number one favourite from glasshouse. It smells amazing - of roses and floral. The black candle looks really sexy too! Will definitely repurchase
  10. Sexy and sophisticated


    Love love the black wax! Makes the candle aesthetically very sexy, which matches the fragrance perfectly! Not too sweet and sounds strange but the name ‘little black dress’ is perfect because it smells exactly how you’d imagine it too based off that name. Sultry and alluring.
  11. Looks better than it smells


    I bought this because it looks so damn good being black, but for me I am not crazy about the smell and like their other scents more
  12. This candle started my Glasshouse obsession!


    This was the first Glasshouse candle I purchased many years ago and it started my obsession with Glasshouse! It gives off a strong floral scent, of rose, orchid and a hint of musk and almost has a mysterious quality to it. It is gorgeously packaged and is black, which is unlike any of the other Glasshouse range! Still a strong favourite in our house.
  13. One of my favs


    I just love this smell, it’s my favourite. It fills a room beautifully
  14. Love


    I can't even describe the scent but I love it.. gorgeous candle!
  15. Nice gift


    Glasshouse triple scented candles are made of high grade toxin free ingredients. The little black dress is definitely one of my favourites - mysterious, luxurious, wonderful scents. A perfect gift for someone with style.
  16. Unique scent


    Whilst this has the amazing staying power of a glass house fragrance, this scent is not for me. It's quite dark and peppery where's I prefer more sweet and musky scents.
  17. lovely gift idea


    i always purchase this for my friends who are recently moving into new homes or apartments as it is just a lovely scent to fill up your first home with. we always have one in our guest bedroom and whenever we have friends or family they absolutely adore the scent.


    I've got them in my guest bathrooms and they all love them. This is a really unique scent, it has warm undertones but a fresh green initial scent that fills the room before even being lit - love!
  19. Like perfume


    This candle smells really nice, like a perfume! I love that it's black too
  20. In love


    I love this candle so much I light it up every evening. It has this beautiful luxurious smell i love. I actually look forward to every evening just to light up this candle. Amazing!
  21. Unique


    Very unique candle, not sure I ever came across a black on before this! It smells like perfume - kind of like an evening fragrance. Very nice and luxurious
  22. Nice floral scent


    To me this is one of Glasshouse's more strongly scented candles, and this one has a really lovely floral scent that flows all through the house when I burn it!
  23. Lovely!


    I didn't know what to expect with this candle, it's a bit floral, a bit fruity but definately lovely!
  24. Unique


    I love Glasshouse candles and Manhattan is one of their unique ones. It's not as strongly scented as some others, but the scent is a really lovely floral
  25. Adore!


    This candle...amazing! It's so luxurious and smells absolutely gorgeous. It's almost like a perfume and makes the whole room smell nice. Gorgeous floral scented candle and packaging is lovely too
  26. Lovely candle


    Lovely candle doesn’t through as much scent as other candles I’ve purchased but looks lovely on my dresser. Would be a lovely gift but not a repurchase for me
  27. Beautiful


    A unique perfumey/floral scent, and such a cute name.
  28. Most amazing candle I have smelt yet!


    This is hands down, the most amazing candle I have ever smelt! My friend had it at her apartment when I was house sitting for her once, and it was soo beautiful I had to buy it again! I bought the largest size of this candle that you could not even 2 weeks ago, and it's nearly gone! Will be buying this baby again and again!
  29. Delightful Aroma


    Smells divine and fills a large space. Does spit or crackle a little but it definitely looks the part if you love monochrome decor.
  30. So great


    I was gifted this and am in love. It is such a beautiful scent. I can smell this for hours and hours after I've burnt it.
  31. Classy Candle


    I received this as a present in the mini size and I just had to purchase a full size. It has such a lovely smell - sophisticated, classy and mature. It’s long-lasting and a beautiful scent to burn all year round.
  32. Best candle


    I have always been a big Glasshouse candle fan, but this one is definitely my favourite. The smell is a bit more subtle than some of their other scents, but it is sophisticated and I like the fact that it is not too over powering. I have bought a few of these as gifts for friends too and they have all loved it.
  33. love the scent


    I can't get enough of this candle. The scent is so romantic and I love it. It has such a cute name as well. This is a nighttime candle for me and definitely one of my favourite.
  34. An all-time favourite


    A heavy, sensuous rose scent that lingers and fills the house, Manhattan is a candle I just keep coming back to (it's been a staple for close to a decade for me!). The burn time is exceptional, and it burns evenly and neatly for even more longevity. Not one for those who prefer lighte scents, but perfect for those that want something sexy and long lasting.
  35. Love this candle


    A beautiful long lasting scented candle. The smell lingers even when its not burning.
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