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Glasshouse Kyoto Candle - Camellia & Lotus 350g 350g

4.8 of 79 reviews


4 instalments of $11.24


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4 instalments of $11.24


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Glasshouse Kyoto Candle - Camellia & Lotus is a sensual blend of Camellia, Lotus and Amber. Inspired by the ancient Zen Temple of The Golden Pavilion and its magnificent strolling garden, the Glasshouse Kyoto Candle - Camellia & Lotus elegantly combines exotic scents for a truly sacred experience. 

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4.8 of 79 reviews

96% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Glasshouse goodness


I first bought this candle as a gift. Soon as I smelt it, it smelt like my perfume. This candle suited me to the bone, while also not being to sweet. The scent filled my 3 bedroom home.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not my favourite


While this candle has all the great features of a glasshouse candle - long-lasting, high quality product - it isn't my favourite scent. I don't find that this particular scent fills a room like the others and may be more of an acquired taste so to speak. I recommend trying the small version first!
  1. Glasshouse goodness


    I first bought this candle as a gift. Soon as I smelt it, it smelt like my perfume. This candle suited me to the bone, while also not being to sweet. The scent filled my 3 bedroom home.
  2. Great scent that everyone loves


    This is one of my favourite Glasshouse candles. I also like Tahaa but this is more grown-up & great for larger areas in your home. The packing is also beautiful and would make an excellent gift.
  3. Yet another favourite!


    I love these candles, Never disappointed! Any candle with lotus is so unique and refreshing!


    verified purchaser
    I would light this as I was preparing to sleep, and I would have to agree that this is a very relaxing scent. To my nose, it smelt sort of like incense, and so I would really feel like I was in some...


    verified purchaser



  6. Absolute Favourite

    Chele Pagno

    I absolutely love this candle, it is by far my favourite ever. Its soft and delicious and not overly fruity which I find most glasshouse candles as being.
  7. All Time Favourite!


    In love with this! I always have one in my house. This is the perfect year round scent and one that everyone will like. It is fresh, floral and isn't overpowering. It has a clean sophisticated fragrance instead of being sickly strong as some Glasshouse can be. Will always repurchase!
  8. Glasshouse


    I love glasshouse candles and this one has an amazing scent. definitely my favourite scent and would highly recommend.
  9. Great!


    One of those scents that most people would like (its a hard one to describe) so great as a gift for someone when you don't know the type of candle they like


    verified purchaser
    This scent is so beautiful and subtle, I would recommend to anybody! It's a sophisticated and gentle, perfect gift.
  11. Beautiful fragrance


    I love Glasshouse candles and Kyoto is one I always come back to. It has a lovely fresh, floral smell and the scent is strong without being overpowering.
  12. Smells so beautiful


    Omg. First time buying a glasshouse candle and I'm hooked!
    As soon as it's lit the smell fills the room, this one is very floral with almost a amber scent too. I love it!
  13. The sweetest scent


    I have the mini versions of this candle as well as the diffuser and just can’t get enough of this gorgeous grown up scent!
    I purchased the large one as I had to have more. The candle looks stunning and is a great decor piece as well. Love this! Glasshouse really do create the most beautiful scents!
  14. Beautiful Scent


    I find this is a very neutral scent, personally I love sweet vanilla based scents (Tahaa!!) but this is definitely a go-to when guests are visiting and seems to be a scent everyone enjoys.
  15. Devine!


    I was gifted this candle for my birthday and its honestly one of the most used gifts, that i just adore. The scent travels throughout my house and i have had it for years still just as strong. If my room has a strange odour I burn the candle for a 15-20 and its gone. Its a very relaxing scent too, perfect to set the mood. Absolutely worth the splurge and would definitely try out new flavors/scent...
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    I absolutely love this candle! I have tried many candles before but nothing that smells so amazing! I light the candle in my bedroom and most candles don't smell for long or don't really spread their scent but this one spreads to the whole house. Its amazing and worth the price!
  17. Knocks Tahaa out of the park


    Absolutely lovely fragrance, complex but subtle and somehow has a bit of a vanilla/dessert hint that is a much nicer alternative to Tahaa's sickly sweet vanilla. Makes a great gift as it's the kind of scent just about anyone would enjoy, and the gold packaging is particularly stylish.
  18. Love love love!


    After purchasing the smallest size, I needed this 350g size immediately. It has a beautiful scent, understated yet sophisticated, and love burning it in my living room. Perfect for any occasion, mood or space.
  19. Soft yet strong fragrance


    This candle is one of my favorites when I want to burn something that doesn't have the normal rose, vanilla or caramel scents.

    It's a beautiful subtle scent that reminds me of a perfume.
  20. Favourite Glasshouse Scent


    Obsessed is a under statement. This is my go-to Glasshouse scent. My finance is obsessed also and I have come home many times with him already burning it.
  21. Beautiful lingering fragrance


    Glasshouse candies are such good quality, burn evenly and last ages. This particular fragrance is soft and sweet, reminds me a little of Angel perfume. Smells divine even when not lit.
  22. Amazing


    Candle scent is strong and beautiful. The smell can fill a room even without a lid
  23. Love this candle!


    This is my favourite scent from the entire range. I repeatedly rebuy this for myself and gifts!
  24. Lovely exotic scent


    Kyoto is a staple in our house. It has an exotic scent, of sweetness and sandalwood. The scent is relatively strong, I would recommend using it in a larger room.
  25. Great Gift


    One of those scents that most people would like (its a hard one to describe) so great as a gift for someone when you dont know the type of candle they like
  26. Love it


    Ordered Kyoto for the first time as I tend to keep ordering the same scent over and over (can't get enough Saigon) - this turned out to be a nice alternative to Saigon. It's very uplifting and refreshing at the same time. Very good to hide cooking smell in winter when all windows/doors are closed. Love it.
  27. One of the best!


    Kyoto is so oriental and gentle it’s beautiful bold scent that isn’t too strong. I find this candle so relaxing it really sets the mood. LOVE IT!
  28. Inviting home fragrance


    I have been a Glasshouse candle junkie for a few years. The Kyoto scent is one of my favourites. It has an inviting fragrance and only needs to be burnt for short periods at a time. My only detractor is that sometimes when burnt for too long the fragrance can become overpowering and give me a headache. Would recommend this as a gift!
  29. Staple scent


    This candle has been our lounge room candle for months and I think we are onto our 3rd candle. It's super light and refreshing scent and isn't too heavy.
  30. BEST glasshouse smell!


    This is the best smelling candle I have ever purchased and is the only one I buy now. I sometimes don't even need to burn it unless I have people over and you can still smell it if you leave the lid off - it's the best smell and I never get sick of it!
  31. nice mellow smell


    doesnt smell soapy at all, burns forever and its not a sickening smell so you can have it lit for a while without feeling queezy, i would recommend as a present for mums and sisters.
  32. Delightful


    I've tried so many candles over the years and feel most just smell like soaps and bathroom products with nothing overly special about their scent.
    This one is definitely an exception!
    I can definitely smell the lime and citrus nodes in this candle, and also some sandalwood and musk. This candle is an inspiration and oasis for relaxation in unwinding in your living room after a long day...
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  33. Repeat purchase!


    I love this candle so much I have purchased it a few times now.
    It has a beautiful ambery depth without being too woody, and is really lifted by an oriental freshness. It is definitely a scent you can smell as it burns, but also lingers afterwards.
  34. By far the best scent


    This candle is hands down the classiest most elegant frangrance you can light it in one room and the whole house will smell like this it smells like an expensive perfume, all glasshouse candles are so amazing and are absolutely worth their price! I made a mistake trying another high end candle and it was a big fail I couldn’t even smell it when I went up close to it. Definitely can’t go wrong with...
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  35. Smells amazing


    This is my absolute favorite Glasshouse Candle fragrance.
    It smells amazing and it lingers throughout. It's strong too.
    Love it.
  36. Love it!


    I received this Glasshouse candle as a gift and I think it's wonderful. .The glass container is beautiful and I later reused it, and the candle fragrances my entire home and doesn't lose it's scent.
  37. Stunning scent


    Such a beautiful smell! I will definitely be purchasing this candle again.
  38. Beautiful and Exotic Candle Scent: x3 Scent


    Have had the mini version of this candle before and decided I loved it so much that I would buy the bigger one.

    Beautiful scent- I like to light the candle and have it burning when I'm studying.

    Because of the two wicks it doesn't take long before you can smell the candle throughout the room.

  39. Fills the room


    I love glasshouse candles, such excellent value for money, lasts for ages. This is one of my favourite scents, nice and fresh and not too sweet smelling.
  40. AMAZING!


    My favourite all time Glasshouse scent! It's so lovely and makes my house smell incredible. This is perfect for adding a nice touch to your living room. Great quality as always with Glasshouse and the packaging is lovely. Would definitely buy again!
  41. Subtle lotus


    Really subtle light lotus smell - really soft and calming for the room. Amazing.
  42. Not overwhelming.


    Beautiful clean scent . More subtle then some other glass house scents. Smells expensive and fills the whole house.
  43. One of my favourites


    This is one of my favourite glasshouse scents. Fresh, clean and not too overpowering. I bought a few as house warming gifts and they were a hit.!
  44. A favourite for many


    One of my all time favourite Glasshouse scents, and a safe scent for presents. Everyone I have purchased this for has said it has become their new favourite! Fresh but slightly earthy.
  45. Lovely scent


    I would describe this scent as clean fresh and homey. Really nice for the living room.
  46. Beautiful Scent


    I love Glasshouse candles, the double wick means they last forever and the scent isn't overpowering either, this one is particularly fresh smelling. I buy one for my mum every mothers day and it always lasts until next year.
  47. clean nice scent


    my friend bought this candle for his mum for Christmas and it smells so nice and clean and fresh, is good for a bedroom or the lounge room. these candles last aages.
  48. Smells so good!


    I've never been a big candle fan until I came across Glasshouse candles. They're expensive but also large sized candles that burn evenly and smells so good! Kyoto is gorgeous!
  49. So nice


    It's hard to describe the scent of this candle but it's really nice! It's not too strong or too sweet or too spicey. It's just lovely!
  50. Interesting scent


    The scent of this one is more subtle and is quite interesting. It's soft but still present when lit. Actually really love it
  51. Refreshingly subtle sent from Glasshouse


    We have this burning at work in a small office with both males and females. I love that it’s not your usual sickly sweet glasshouse style but has a softer scent with a slight calming effect.
    One of my faves.
  52. Absolute Fave!!


    This scent is absolutely fab! I'm very picky with my scents and easily get headaches from ones that are either too sweet or strong, but this is a lovely blend of floral with a hint of warmth. Scent throws really well and can be smelt through the whole house after 30 mins of burning.
  53. Smells so good


    This smells so good. Glasshouse do the best candles. The scent is always amazing and lasts well after its blown out.
  54. Lovely


    I don't like candles that are too sweet and Kyoto has a nice sophisticated scent that I can smell all day! The packaging is so luxurious as well.
  55. LOVE


    Love glasshouse candles, well worth the largish price tag! This one smells amazing, very fresh and oriental. Calming and soft!
  56. Love this candle


    I bought the mini version of this candle as a tester to see if I would like the scent and I absolutely love it. Had to get it in the larger size which is better value
  57. LOVE


    Wasn't a huge candle fan until I found this. Such a beautiful handmade candle that smells amazing and lasts a long time
  58. Favorite


    Got this as a gift and it's the most gorgeous candle! It's got two wicks so it burns evenly and the smell is just divine. Quite a large candle too
  59. Gorgeous candle


    Another gorgeous scent from Glasshouse candles. When burning the scent fills up the whole room. Its a very neutral candle. Its a great size and lasts a long time.
  60. Amazing


    Kyoto is by far the best flavor Glasshouse have made. Fills up the room and isn't so overpowering. Lots of compliments when people come over.
  61. My fav glasshouse scent


    This is one of my fav scents for my house. I adore it, particularly in the colder weather. Hard to describe but like a luxe perfume that fills the whole house without being overwhelming.
  62. Unique


    Such a unique scent. Its Unisex. Doesn’t fit into a specific discernible scent group but seemlessly mixes floral, woody, earthy, sweet all into to this one smooth and creamy scent. This is my husbands and brothers fav and probably one of if not the fav of the glasshouse range for me too.
  63. Not my favourite


    While this candle has all the great features of a glasshouse candle - long-lasting, high quality product - it isn't my favourite scent. I don't find that this particular scent fills a room like the others and may be more of an acquired taste so to speak. I recommend trying the small version first!
  64. My fav of all glasshouse scents


    Definitely my favourite of all the glasshouse range, it’s not too sweet and over powering which I like. I prefer the slight sandlewood/musky scent more of a neutral smell !
    It’s my go to candle, I have constantly bought this scent over the years....
  65. Not my favourite but still nice


    It is a nice scent just not the best glasshouse candle from the ones I've tried. It smells slightly musky but you don't need to burn for long to have your home smell of this. would recommend but maybe buy the mini first.
  66. Just Beautiful


    I've tried so many candles over the years and this one is probably my favorite ever.
    There is something so familiar and calming about this beautiful floral and I simply can not stop smelling it everytime I walk past it.
    It comes in a beautiful glass jar and looks very elegant and classy on my table. The scent is super strong and quite long lasting in the air.
    Absolutely love this...
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  67. unsure


    This product used to be a favourite but I found myself getting sick of it as soon as I started to burn it. As with all glasshouse candles, the longevity of the product and the smelling power is great but the after smell reminds me of something a bit musty.
  68. DIVINE SMELL and great quality


    This is a beautiful scent. It is fresh and flowery without being too sweet.
    It smells like you are in the lobby of a luxurious hotel!
    I am an absolute candle hoarder - and Glasshouse Fragrances are by far the best quality I have come across. They have the strongest smell, last forever and I always get compliments when I burn them.
  69. Love the Smell


    I usually buy boutique candle brand and this time I thought I should try glasshouse. I love the smell, but I have to say I"m disappointed in the way the wax melt. It leaves a thick ring around the jar although the candles have 2 wicks in the center. I've complained to glasshouse, let's see what they say as I don't find this in every review I read.
  70. Favorite!


    This is my favorite candle of all time. The scent is fresh and floral but not overly sweet. The scent lasts for ages when burning or even if you just leave the lid open when unlit. I think this would make a great gift as its not too overpowering.
  71. Very Floral

    Beauty Bee

    Kyoto is a strong floral fragrance. I find that glasshouse fragrances last a long time and the fragrances fill large rooms very easily. Because it's very floral, my boyfriend doesn't love it, but it's classic enough to use in shared rooms (lounge room etc.). I love to reuse the glass jars, they are large and heavy enough to be reused in many ways (I use mine for cotton buds in the bathroom and in ...
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  72. Best scent!


    I got this as a tester and LOVED it.

    Very sweet and floral. Would recommend.
  73. Favourite!


    Kyoto is my favourite Glasshouse scent! They're all great but this one is the best. Some would disagree but I have also given as gifts and it has been just as loved.
  74. mediocre scent

    N I

    The glasshouse candle range is just amazing. I cannot fault these candles one bit! However I have a minor issue with the scent, this candle smells OK, its not great but it is not the worst thus why I have given it 4 stars. It has the same longevity as all the other candles, fills the room up with a nice scent, lasts approx 2 months for me, however the scent is just not the best, i'd say the camell...
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  75. Not for everyone


    Personally I didn't mind this one but my partner didn't like it. Generally all the glasshouse candles are great and the smell lasts a while, will definitely repurchase other scents
  76. Amazing

    Joanna (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This is my favourite Glasshouse scent of all time - if you're looking for a gift for someone and you can't decide on which scent they'd like, Kyoto is your safest bet, I'm yet to come across someone who doesn't love the Camellia & Lotus fragrance. It's not overpowering or super feminine, so it's ideal for your living room.
  77. Favourite candle ever!


    I honestly wasn't a candle person until I tried Glasshouse. I don't think I'd ever even "finished" a candle before. They really are the highest quality - incredible scent and they always burn evenly.

    The entire Glasshouse range is delicious, however Glasshouse Kyoto Candle with Camellia and Lotus is my all-time favourite! It's really hard to describe a fragrance, but you can't go wron...
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  78. Very serene, calming scent

    Shannon (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Kyoto is my top pick from the Glasshouse Candles range (although I love most of them honestly) - it's a gorgeous, serene scent that even people who dislike florals will still enjoy.

    People in the office have put up with my sticking this under their nose and demanding an opinion - I've yet to hear of anyone not loving this scent. It's a crowd-pleaser without being boring!
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