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Glasshouse Destination Explorer Collection 4 x 30g

4.9 of 79 reviews


4 instalments of $9.99

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4 instalments of $9.99

Or 4 instalments of $9.99 with LEARN MORE

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Take a trip around the globe from the comfort of your own home with the Glasshouse Destination Explorer Collection. Featuring four diverse scents inspired by favourite holiday destinations across the world, this mini candle collection is sure to delight the senses.
  • Vegan

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SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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Glasshouse Destination Explorer Collection Reviews

4.9 of 79 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great for a gift

Monique Verstegen

This fragrance collection makes the perfect gift because it has four lovely candles so you can't go wrong!
  1. Great for a gift

    Monique Verstegen

    This fragrance collection makes the perfect gift because it has four lovely candles so you can't go wrong!
  2. Gorgeous


    Gorgeous set of candles, cute gift idea for keen travellers
  3. Good


    This is such a cool set. You can test out these candles before deciding which you would purchase in the bigger sizes
  4. so cute


    This is the best way to try out the candles. And a great gift idea.
  5. Great idea


    This is such a great idea. Best way to test these candles.
  6. like it


    love anything in a bundle. gotta try out diff falvours before you buy a bigger one.
    gorgeous scent and ability to last for months without loosing its fragrance.
  7. PERFECT for gifting


    This is such a good gift at an amazing price. I've given this to my sister and best friend and they both loved it!! I purchased it myself and love most of the scents. Highly recommend as it's a good intro into the brand and the price is very reasonable. Amazing!
  8. Gift favourites!


    I have given this as an early christmas gift to a friend of mine and she loves it! Perfect for both candle lovers and those who are new with candles!!
  9. Best christmas present


    This is such a great gift idea. Lovely collection of scents and Glasshouse candles always have such elegant glass jars and packaging.
  10. Lovely product


    verified purchaser
    All smell amazing. Would expect slightly bigger sizes for the price however. Hopefully they last
  11. Great quality but unpleasant scents


    I’ll start off by saying I’m fairly picky shoe scents. I like fresh, green, minty and marine ones but also like those outside of this that are blended well. I found all of these except the Hamptons ones to be kinda messy in fragrance. Really strong, sometimes objectionably so, and just too many scents going on at once.

    Not a fan, will give all of them away.
  12. Best gift


    I got this as a gift and I love it. I love burning at least 2 together at the same time or all four. They all blend and go so well together. I will definitely be giving these as Christmas gifts this year!
  13. Great gift idea


    I have tried most of the glasshouse candles and can definitely say this pack has some of the best scents in it! Great as little gifts or just to try the scent
  14. Mum loved


    I bought these for my mum for her birthday and she loved them! Sweet and small little candles! Perfect!
  15. Good things come in small packages


    These bad boys are beyond cute! Not only do the candles smell amazing, the little glass jars are perfect for up cycling afterwards and using to store bobby pins etc
  16. perfect for gifting


    perfect for giving as a gift, amazing scents that linger around a room even when not lit. highly recommend
  17. The best presents


    Its the perfect little gift pack and especially when you forget someones birthday I like to keep a few of these in my cupboard for those occasions to quickly get out! All of the candles in this are floral and fragrant and smell beautiful! Especially love the light blue one!!
  18. My house smells amazing


    The best selection of fragrances - 10/10!
  19. Cant wait until this is back in stock!!


    Ive purchased quite a few of these now. Its the cutest little gift and especially when you dont want to spend $20-40 on a candle. I love the glasshouse candles so it was also a good way to test out which ones i liked before I purchased full size. All four smell really good too. All very homely floral mature smells.
  20. Great for trying


    This set is perfect for anyone who hasn't tried these candles before. Theyre all very floral mature scents. Great for trying out before purchasing full size!
  21. very nice small candle kit


    LOVE this collection, it's great for me~~ My favorite one is arabian nights.
  22. All smell lovely


    I have purchased this pack time and time again. Its such good value and really great as little gifts for people. THEY ALL SMELL LOVELY!
  23. AMAZING!


    I have purchased a couple of these packs now because they're such great value for money and the perfect gifts! I think all of them smell amazing too.
  24. Great gifts


    These candles are a really nice pack altogether. They are really cute together but, you could separate all four out and have four nice gifts. I would definitely recommend as an easy Christmas gift.
  25. The best gift idea


    So glad I purchased this set. Perfect for gifting.
  26. Cute


    Really cute packaging and perfect size candles for gifts. Really great value too. I personally love every single scent especially the light blue.
  27. Beautifully, packaged, amazing scent!


    I purchased these as a birthday gift and had a chance to smell all of the candle scents..all I can say is AMAZING!! Now I need to purchase some for myself.
  28. The cutest gifts


    I've purchased 2 of these packs now and they're AMAZING value. Really cute packaging and every single one smells really good. Size isnt too small either which surprised me. Really great as a gift.
  29. 5


    These are awesome....i recently got one at a baby shower for a prize for winning a game and am just about to order these as stocking fillers for xmas. Kyoto is so lovely.
  30. 5


    These are awesome....i recently got one at a baby shower for a prize for winning a game and am just about to order these as stocking fillers for xmas. Kyoto is so lovely.
  31. Great way to get to find a fragrance


    This sampler has been perfect for helping decide what candles & diffusers I want to buy in the future. I will probably repurchase this sampler again in the future to give as a gift - I can't imagine anyone not loving these candles!
  32. Great gifts - all smell amazing


    I received this in the mail today (originally to have as little birthday gifts for family) and ended up keeping them all for myself! Im pretty picky with candle scents and I absolutely loved all 4 of them. Very subtle candles and smells. None of them are fruity or sweet they're more nice mature smells for the home. All lovely. Amazing value too getting all 4 in one - will definitely be re-purchasi...
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  33. Value


    Purchased for Christmas gifts. Great value for what you get. I think they're almost the exact same size as the small glasshouse candles which is four gifts for $35. Very happy!
  34. 100% recommend for gift


    One of the best gift ideas and so cheap. I have purchased a couple of these packs now and theyre so convenient as little gifts and smell really nice. I dont think there are any in this pack that dont smell amazing.
  35. Great gift


    Great pack to buy as a gift when you are unsure about which scent the recipient might like.
  36. Love it!


    Love these candles!! It smells AMAZING and super classy. The packaging is gorgeous and it's great quality. Would definitely recommend as a gift or as a treat for yourself
  37. Lovely for yourself or a gift


    I love this pack. I have bought for myself and also for gifts as they are great stocking fillers or gifts for colleagues. All the scents in this pack are lovely, particularly arabian nights. Great if you want to try a few scents for your home before you buy a large full priced candle.
  38. Gorgeous


    Have purchased this twice now for gifts it’s awesome for when you
    Can’t decide which fragrance to go with
  39. Gorgeous sampler


    As with all Glasshouse candles, simply gorgeous! A great sampler to pick your favourite, my personal favourites are a tie between Kyoto and Arabian nights scents!
  40. Lovely sample collection


    I think this collection has a nice variety of different scented candles. I love all of them especially Arabian Nights.
  41. Good gift


    These make a good gift and is how I was introduced to glasshouse candles. Personally, I love the hamptons and kyoto candle.
  42. great way to sample


    This set is perfect for the people who you aren't sure what to gift. I bought a few of these the other day and my friends absolutely love them. You get a taste of a few different beautifully scented candles
  43. Disappointed


    Agh I hate writing bad reviews and honestly love this brand but my candles hardly smell when i burn them. When i smell them unlit, they do smell stunning especially the Hamptons one. I guess i expected these to be strong smelling while burning like that sweet one they burn in Peter Alexander.
  44. Great gift


    I bought this as part of a house warming gift for my best friend and she loves it. She has a different candle placed in each room and you can smell the candles when you walk in without even burning them.

    This pack is an excellent gift idea as the miniature jars allow the receiver to experience four different scents without the commitment of a large candle if they don’t like the scent...
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  45. Candle stack


    Love this as a gifting idea perfect for Xmas gifts
  46. Good for a present


    Thieve candles are so cute!! It’s great that there is a range of different scents to chose from.
  47. The best set


    Such an amazing set. Great gift or treat for anyone at all. Each smells amazing
  48. smells amazing


    LITERALLY ALL SMELL SO GOOD! but are quiet expensive for a candle


    Seriously though- the fragrance is amazing. I got these to split up into boxes for my bridesmaids and each scent is just beautiful. Something for everyone, and nice additions to gifts.
  50. Perfect variety and size!


    I love these candles! I often find that I get bored of the big glasshouse candles so this smaller size is great, as is the variety of scents. They burn really well and last a surprisingly long time given their size.
  51. Nice smelling candles


    My partner loves candles so I got her this set. They're pretty nice smelling candles. Although small they actually have a strong scent
  52. Great way to try different candles


    The explorer collection has a nice mix of different scents. Great way to try different candles and discover what you like/dislike
  53. Awesome gift


    I know what I'll be getting people for christmas... Can't go wrong with these gorgeous hand made candles from glasshouse. The scent is divine and the packaging is stunning
  54. Love


    Got this as a gift and I love it, love being able to sample a number of the fantastic Glasshouse scents. A nice way to 'try before you buy' if you can't decide what full sized scent you want next!
  55. Gorgeous scented candles


    This makes a really great gift. The candles have a gorgeous scent and make the whole room smell divine
  56. Wonderful scents


    The Glasshouse Destination Explorer Collection is wonderful. Each of the candles has a completely different scent but they all smell lovely. I love the colours of the packaging. This would make a nice gift for someone if you are unsure what scent they would like. its an overall gorgeous product.
  57. Great gift!


    This makes a wonderful, thoughtful gift but I have also bought it for myself to 'test' out the different smells. They last a good while and the scents are all beautiful. It's led me to buy the individual candles in full size. Definitely great value for money too.
  58. Makes a wonderful present


    I bought these candles (in conjunction with a few other Glasshouse products) as a birthday present for a male friend. They were perfect - a lovely size, a good range of scents (none of which are too cloying or heavy, which is what I always have liked about Glasshouse candles), and beautifully presented. I also like that the scent and colour range was quite unisex, so these candles can be gifted to...
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  59. Too cute!


    These are the perfect size for testing out multiple scents without having to buy the larger size candle. The little glass jars are perfect for refusing afterwards in the bathroom for hair clip storage
  60. Great gift idea

    Chloe Chong

    I bought this for a friend who is a HUGE lover of candles (she definitely knows her stuff). She thinks that Glasshouse is by far the best candle brand on the market. The scent is strong and lingers in the room even after the candle has been put out. Great gift for anyone who loves a little luxury every day!


    Essentially 4 gifts in 1 package, I have the large sized monte carlo and arabian nights and this collection has both of them! I know for a fact that those 2 are amongst my favourite scents. Fantastic product to trial different scents as well!
  62. great value


    I really like how you get so many different scents for a really good price
  63. Great present


    Bought this for a friend and she loves it. Great pack for a little something extra. The scents are stunning and it gives a good variety. Great value aswell!
  64. Excellent for gifts


    I’ve bought this candle set many times for gifts and will continue to do so. It has a great range of scents and is perfect for a Christmas or birthday gift
  65. Great gift idea for a friend, or yourself ;-)


    This set is a great gift idea. It’s affordable and each scent is beautiful. Glasshouse are incredibly quality and this set introduces you to a range of their beautiful scents. Would definitely buy this again for a gift
  66. Would make an amazing gift


    Everyone loves glasshouse candles, but sometimes it can be so hard to choose which one to get which is why I love this little set! It’s also perfect for if you want to get a candle for a friend but are unsure of what scents they like. These all smell amazing and last quite well.
  67. Great gift idea


    I've bought these before as a gift for someone and it went down an absolute treat - such a great selection of scents (especially Arabian Nights). Beautiful packaging too... Would definitely recommend!
  68. Love Love Love


    I love this set! Full sized glasshouse candles are so expensive and I wanted to try a few first so I could see which I would like best, so this set was perfect for me! 4 mini candles, all very different sets, perfect for those who are indecisive or get sick of the same scent.
  69. Beautiful scented candles


    I love glasshouse candles and to be able to sample a range of 4 is even better. Although small the smell is still very much enough to fill a room.
    They also are a great size for a little gift.
  70. so lovely


    this is such a great set to try out more candles from glasshouse! generally i don't use up candles so quickly, so this kind of set is perfect for me because they're smaller, but with variety of scents so i can try and choose which ones that i like. they all smell so lovely but if i have to pick favourites, the hamptons and kyoto are on the top of my list!
  71. Fantastic Variety


    I've never tried any of these scents so had to buy this when I came across it to try before buying full size.
    Beautiful collection of 4 quite different aromas. Something for everyone in here!
    My personal favorite was the Kyoto candle. Such a beautiful girly floral.
    Arabian Nights was my second favorite. A sensual musky scent which would be loved by both males and females.
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  72. Great value.


    I love it when glasshouse come out with mini packs. They make great gifts but also a great way to try out different scents without buying the larger size.
  73. Smells so good


    This is a great way to get to know the brand and try a bunch a scents.

    These last ages even though they're small and can be smelt across the whole house. So worth it!
  74. My fav explorer collection yet!

    Shannon (Adore Beauty Staff)

    My fav thing about a new season is the Glasshouse minis. OK, maybe not, but it's definitely a big perk. I'm more of a cuddly winter scent kinda person, I love unisex scents, woodsy type scents and sweet-but-comforting gourmands.

    This collection hits the nail on the head! As usual, they're minis so don't expect a huge amount of burn time BUT expect to get a great throw - these will fil...
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