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Glasshouse Coney Island - Burnt Sugar & Fig 350g 350g

4.7 of 56 reviews


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4 instalments of $11.24

Or 4 instalments of $11.24 with LEARN MORE

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Glasshouse Coney Island - Burnt Sugar & Fig - the scent of bright lights, carousel music and infinite fun. Step right up to Coney Island, NYC’s original amusement park, for a magical blend of burnt sugar and fig that inspires clowning around.

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SUPERIOR - 96% recommend

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Glasshouse Coney Island - Burnt Sugar & Fig 350g Reviews

4.7 of 56 reviews

96% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Lovely warm-scent


This Glasshouse candle with Burnt Sugar & Fig is lovely & warm. The candle even smells good when it isn't burning & lasts along time. Would also make a great gift.

Most Helpful Criticism

Very sweet


This is on the sweet side and while it's nice, it's not my favourite. The packaging is gorgeous however and it's a really high quality hand made candle
  1. Lovely warm-scent


    This Glasshouse candle with Burnt Sugar & Fig is lovely & warm. The candle even smells good when it isn't burning & lasts along time. Would also make a great gift.
  2. Delectable scent


    I love the scent of this candle, it smells of caramel and warm evenings. It has a scent that fills a whole living space without being sickly sweet. It is amazing and something I would repurchase.
  3. Favourite!


    My all time favourite! I have bought this so many times I lost count. Just love it! The whole family love it too.
  4. The best!


    My daughter absolutely loves this candle. We are hooked on this one.
  5. like it


    gorgeous scent and ability to last for months without loosing its fragrance.
  6. Beautiful scent but not overpowering


    Love this!! This for me was a perfect slightly less strong option to Tahaa. I adore both but my Mum finds Tahaa a bit too strong, and she loves this! I love both but this is a slightly more pared back scent, yet still lovely and sweet. You can't go wrong with this scent as a gift, and the blue box is beautiful.
  7. One of the BEST candle scents


    i love how warm, yet floral this candle is! perfect for all year round and definitely one of my top 3 glasshouse candles
  8. Sweet and Delicious


    Gorgeous sweet fragrance and I love the simple elegance of the Glasshouse candle jars and packaging.
  9. Sweet & Delicious!


    A beautiful sweet warm scent, fills a large open space so nicely and scent lingers for quite a long time when blown out. Coney Island definitely up there in my Glasshouse rankings!
  10. Super sweet


    Super sweet and warm. Amazing for all year round - especially Christmas
  11. Love Glasshouse Candles - this scent is simply gorgeous!


    I absolutely adore Glasshouse Candles! I have been buying their products for years and love that Adore stock them. This scent is divine, and not too overpowering, even in smaller spaces. Could easily burn this all day long! Coney Island is my absolute favourite scent! I love the glass jars and when the candle has finished burning, I clean them out and store cosmetics etc. in them.
  12. Must have!


    Absolutely gorgeous scent! It has a warm with a slightly sweet scent and fills the room beautifully.
  13. Brings a lovely warm scent to the room


    Have been purchasing Glasshouse candles for years! Love the smell of Coney Island in particular. Has a nice warm and not too sweet smell. Have given 5 stars for the smell although could be a little stronger in scent.
  14. Lacks typical glasshouse strong scent


    This candle smells nice but is very subtle compared with other glasshouse candles I have tried
    Normally when I burn a glasshouse candle it can fill the whole living area with a lovely scent but this one u can’t smell it when u walk into the room only if u are sitting right near it. It is a nice smell but too weak. I wouldn’t purchase this again as I would prefer a scent that fills the whole ...
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  15. Good for large spaces


    One of my favourites, but only when burnt in larger open areas of our home because otherwise it becomes overpowering pretty quickly and I’m reaching to slide open a window. Attractive and nice to have on display.
  16. One of my favorites


    Coney Island is one of my favorite glasshouse candles. I've always enjoyed the scent of the Taaha but found it too strong for my liking. Coney is similar with a gorgeous sweet, sugary-caramel scent but it's lighter so doesn't get overpowering. Would definitely recommend.
  17. Sweet Scent


    I like this candle! I usually get the most popular Vanilla and caremal one but I felt like a change so I tried this one. It’s quite sweet but not too overpowering, I found the scent was not as strong as the caremal but definetly strong enough to have in a large closed off room! Not my favourite but definetly worth for a change for a winter scent. If you like sweet dessert like candles this is defi...
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  18. One of my favourites


    I am a self confessed candle hoarder and this one is definitely up there In my list of favourites l.. the scent is just to die for
  19. perfect for winter


    This candle is gorgeous - Sweet but not too overpowering. Perfect winter candle!
  20. delicate and perfumy


    its scent it very delicate yet perfume and spreads across the room very quickly. it is light yet still noticeable when you enter the room.
  21. sweet


    has a lovely sweet scent that fills the room. perfect for winter
  22. So sweet


    I love this one it smells so sweet and it really fills the room with its aroma.
  23. The best!


    By far the best Glasshouse Candle fragrance! Not overpowering and is really just to die for. You cannot go wrong with buying this one.
  24. Sweet scent


    This scent is divine, and not to overpowering in smaller spaces. Could burn this all day long
  25. Subtle


    This is quite a soft scent, but sweet nonetheless and very easy on the nose. As it's not as strong as the other Glasshouse fragrances, it'll only linger in one room and not the whole house. I think this is a universal scent that will unlikely be offensive to anyone. Perfect for the office.
  26. Nice sweet festive scent


    This is a lovely sweet festive glasshouse scent. It fills the whole room with fragrance.
  27. Very sweet


    This is on the sweet side and while it's nice, it's not my favourite. The packaging is gorgeous however and it's a really high quality hand made candle
  28. Sweet scented


    This candle is definately on the sweet side, but it's still quite nice! The packaging equally lovely and it burns for hours!
  29. Glasshouse


    Glasshouse do the best candles. The scent is always amazing and lasts well after its blown out.

    Another amazing candle.
  30. The perfect amount of sweet


    I have to disclose that I already love glasshouse candles but this scent does not disappoint. It has the typical strong fragrance that glasshouse offers, with sweetness that is appropriate for any home. It’s youthful and (to me) smells like a caramel popcorn and batter but still sophisticated.
  31. Can’t go wrong with Glasshouse!


    I was given this candle as a gift. Nothing beats Glasshouse candles - the scent wafts through your whole house and smell devine. No brand compares!
  32. Sweet and a bit floral


    I love how it's triple scented and it's a pretty big candle. It smells sweet and a bit floral to me
  33. Love!


    This candle reminds me of carnivals/fares. It has a little bit of magical sparkle to it and smells amazing
  34. Sweet


    This is quite a sweet but nice candle. Smells a bit like toasted sugar to me.
  35. Just beautiful


    This is such a wonderfully scented candle - sweet with a freshness to it, not cloying or overpowering, but soothing and comforting. I initially bought the mini version and burnt through it in just over 2 weeks. I was hesitant to buy the big one as I like to light a candle as needed, not leave it burning for hours, and I worried that not having it burn for long would lead to tunneling. Well, this c...
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  36. Gorgeous!


    The packaging of this candle is beautiful and the scent is absolutely gorgeous. It's sweet and a bit fruity. Love!!
  37. The best gift!


    Such a yummy scent - makes your room smell great even when the candle is not lit! Beautiful jar and good burn time. A great gift :)
  38. Beautiful scent!


    Really lovely candle. The scent is amazing and it lasts for a long time. It is a really unique but nice scent. Will definitely purchase again and would recommend!
  39. Can't fault it


    You can never go wrong with Glasshouse candles. The jars are perfect, the smells are to die for, and each one evokes memories with the name and scent. Coney Island is one of my all-time favorites. Smells delicious!
  40. Beautiful smell


    I've been to NYC and Coney Island a few times and this candle and scent always bring back memories when it's lit. It's a great scent that is often not found among other candle brands. It's unique and I've already repurchased it.
  41. A glasshouse favourite


    The Coney Island candle comes in at a close second favourite to the Tahaa candle... it smells sweet but is more of a mature scent (than Tahaa) without smelling too mature. Long-lasting and fills a room without even being lit. Definitely recommend!
  42. Nothing short of spectacular!


    This is just simply a FANTASTIC scent and glasshouse really has a winner with this one! Highly Recommend
  43. Smells like a dream


    This smells so nice and fresh. It makes my room so cosy and comforting to come home too
  44. Incredible


    Makes my house smell incredible, and burns for such a long time. Great to reuse once you’ve burnt the whole candle as a beautiful glass storage container
  45. Long lasting


    I can smell the candle even when its not lit. It has a really nice scent and I can smell it all around the house.
  46. Lovely scent


    I bought this candle for my bedroom, I love that the scent isn't too over powering but is still sweet. Burn time is really good, would definitely buy it again.
  47. Beautiful Glasshouse Candle!


    I bought this candle for my kitchen and it has such a lovely sweet smell (without being too overpowering) that I always get compliments for. I have a few Glasshouse candles and they all are such high quality, long-lasting and beautiful smells. Absolutely divine!
  48. Another Gorgeous Smelling Glasshouse Candle


    This Coney Island Candle smells so lovely, sweet and sugary.
    All the Glasshouse candles are beautiful, last ages and have a great scent throw. If I light this in the kitchen you can smell it through the whole house.
    Highly Recommend.
    They make a beautiful gift for anyone and any occasion.
  49. Beautiful


    best smell, long lasting ! get so many compliments from people about how good it smells! <3
  50. Beautiful scent


    I was gifted this candle awhile back and I have since fallen in love with glasshouse candles. I love this scent the most it is great for creating a inviting and warm home environment. I have recieved so many compliments from this candle. I recommend to this product to everyone.
  51. My new signature home scent!


    Stunning sweet and fresh scent, not overpowering but strong enough to fill the house. A delicious gourmand fragrance, the best candle that I've used so far (and I've used a lot!). Glasshouse have a new loyal customer!
  52. Glasshouse is great!


    I brought this candle as a gift and it is extremely loved. The smell is fantastic and lasts.
  53. Smells amazing!


    I am absolutely in love with this candle! Beautiful light sweet fragrance.
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