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Glasshouse Bubblegum Burst Candle - Watermelon Lemonade 350g 350g

4.6 of 46 reviews


4 instalments of $12.49


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4 instalments of $12.49


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"Don't know a good thing til it's gone"

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Give your senses the ultimate sweet treat with Glasshouse Bubblegum Burst Candle. Scented with the bubbliest, fizziest, fruitiest blend of notes, including watermelon and lemonade.

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 98% recommend

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Fragrance Family:

  • Fruity

Fragrance Notes:

  • Fruit
  • Sweet

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4.6 of 46 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



Bought this for a friend for Christmas. I could smell this candle before i opened the box - great quality! I didn't really get Bubblegum when i smelt it before wrapping the box, mostly watermelon which was what i was hoping for! Can't wait to give it to them!

Most Helpful Criticism

sweet fruity lemonade


this candle smelled like sweet fruity lemonade. I'm not a fan of the pink jar, it's not as not my favourite packaging
  1. Amazing!


    Bought this for a friend for Christmas. I could smell this candle before i opened the box - great quality! I didn't really get Bubblegum when i smelt it before wrapping the box, mostly watermelon which was what i was hoping for! Can't wait to give it to them!
  2. Bubbly and fruity


    This is THE candle for summer. Its so zingy, fruity and bubbly!! I love it!
  3. Fun fragrance


    Such a girly, bubbly candle with a sweet scent
  4. Sweet and Fun


    Sweet and fun! It smells fruity and playful, it always cheers me up
  5. Best Scent!


    verified purchaser
    This is the nicest candle I have ever lit. If you love watermelon and all things sweet then you're going to love this candle too! I hope this isn't limited edition as I will definitely re-purchase.
  6. Girly & Sweet


    Love this beautiful packaging! Super girly and fun, very sweet and fruity scent definitely preferred in a large open space than a bedroom as it does get a bit overpowering but also perfect for a quick 20 minute burn in a smaller space to have the room smelling delicious
  7. Fun fragrance


    Such a fun fragrance that pops! Super sweet and bubbly. Smells incredible. Perfect for summer time!


    The best glasshouse fragrance I have smelt so far for sure!
    This smell is not over powering at all, but leaves the best smell in the air!
    It is well and truly amazing and a must smell!!!
    Lovely packaging as well which makes it even better!!
  9. Must have


    verified purchaser
    THIS CANDLE IS A MUST HAVE, it smells Devine, without being too strong, sometimes I can get headaches from candles that are too strong and glasshouse candles are the only brand of candles that don’t give me headache or make me feel nauseous having it lit for too long. Definitely a must have just with the packaging alone. Like come on it’s stunning and such a stand out piece in any room.
  10. love this


    such a great smell. not sickening or overpowering. lasts forever. such a pretty glass
  11. Sweet


    Such a pretty candle and the smell of juicy watermelon fills my entire house. I love it
  12. Devine


    Not only lights up a room but this candle has the best aroma for any sweet tooth. Packaging is beautiful. Great gift idea!
  13. A scent for the sweet tooth’s


    Brought this candle (after searching everywhere as it’s limited edition) for my sisters birthday! This smell is really nice and is for the sweet tooth scent lovers out there!
  14. Super cute and fresh


    The Bubblegum Burst Watermelon Lemonade scent showcase by Glasshouse is a fun, fresh and delightful candle that is long lasting. This candle instantly reminds you of summer with super cute packaging to match!
  15. Cute


    The packaging is extra cute. The scent is light and refreshing, yet sweet and long lasting. I hope it isn't a limited edition, because this is my new favourite!
  16. smells divine


    absolutely love this scent, smells like watermelon. lasts a long time and the smell fills up a room so well
  17. amazing smell


    This smells exactly like watermelon and lasts ages! Only thing I don't like is the packaging (hot pink holder).
  18. Amazing


    I walked into a shop with this candle and the whole store smelt like it! It smells amazing. Not too keen on the packaging though...


    super cute candle, smells of juicy watermelon and lasts a really long time
  20. Sweet, bubble scent


    A super sweet, bubbly scent and lasts a very long time. Smells great and super great quality candle
  21. Fruity


    This candle smells fruity and really sweet. It’s very strong and you can immediately notice the watermelon, candy fragrance. The scent fills the entire home really quick too. Perfect for those who love fruity candles.
  22. Sweet


    Leaves the house smelling sweet and fruity. These candles are worth the price as they burn for ages and the scents stick
  23. sweet fruity lemonade


    this candle smelled like sweet fruity lemonade. I'm not a fan of the pink jar, it's not as not my favourite packaging
  24. Smells amazing


    This candles smells so amazing!! It feels my house with such a beautiful summery scent! It last for ages as well as it is a big candle. This is by far my favourite candle and definitely recommend!
  25. Delicious!!!


    The scent smells out your whole house, of such a fruity delicious scent! Everyone asks what candle it is as soon as they step into my house!
  26. Amazing


    Smells delicious just like sweet watermelon and lollies, fills the room quickly and looks so cute in the glistening pink jar. Perfect!
  27. Sweet Smelling Candle


    This candle has a lovely sweet smell. Wouldn't recommend to someone who dislikes overwhelming smells. Still a really lovely candle and the packaging's gorgeous.
  28. Smells like lollies


    A delicious and sweet smell which has received many compliments from visitors due to how lovely it smells. Definitely can smell a combination of watermelon and lemon in the mix however its just divine
  29. Super sweet


    I love this candle, it’s so sweet smelling and not too strong when lit so it doesn’t over power your nose
  30. Burst of fragrance


    This Glasshouse candle has a lovely burst of fruity fragrance. It makes the room smell incredibly fresh.
  31. Sweet but don’t love the pink


    I received this candle as a gift. It smells nice and fresh - very sweet, as you’d expect. My only issue is that it is very clashy with just about any home decor. The bright tacky pink just doesn’t appeal to me so it wouldn’t be something I’d want on display, especially compared to many of the other more elegant looking Glasshouse candles.
  32. Awesome


    a perfect blend of fresh and sweet, love the packaging of this product and you can leave it burning for a while
  33. Sweet!


    Smells amazinggggg!
    My kids love the fragrance, it’s so sweet smelling.
  34. Pink Lemonade NOT Bubblegum


    Smells like pink lemonade - I was a bit disappointed that it didn't actually smell like bubblegum or a sophisticated version of bubblegum... but it is sweet and nice. Just not what I was hoping for based on the name.
  35. Super sweet


    I was pleasantly surprised by this scent, it’s so yummy. I love it, I have been burning on my desk at work and so many people have commented!
  36. Surprised by this!


    This is the perfect blend of sweet and fizzy. It really does resemble fruity lemonade scent. I’m so happy I got this. Fills the whole house!
  37. Smells AMAZING


    This candle not only looks super cute but it smells so beautiful too! Every time I walk past it you can smell a beautiful whiff! Love it
  38. love the smell of this


    i like sweet smells, this ticks all my boxes! cant go wrong with glasshouse. the smell is sweet but not over powering in a room . love it
  39. Good


    This is a really nice smelling candle, packaging is cool
  40. Love this


    Gorgeous jar bright colour and smells Devine!!!
  41. The best Glasshouse Candle I have ever purchased - and I have a lot!


    This is by far the best candle I have ever had. Its scent is amazing and the gorgeous jar is an added bonus. Smells exactly like a watermelon bubblegum and the scent is strong enough to reach an entire room. I have many candles and I have purchased many Glasshouse candles in the past. Out of all of them, this is by far my favourite. It is a perfect gift for anyone - young and older. The beautiful ...
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  42. So different and fun!


    Just started burning this candle, love the packaging which is the same style as a recent release (grandma's punch) and the scent is so fun. Because it does have a very sweet smell I can see how this would not be for everyone - but if you enjoyed Grandma's punch you will enjoy this one too!
  43. Overpowering sickly sweet scent


    I feel I am too old to enjoy this scent it made me feel sick how sickly sweet it smelt. Would be fun for a kids gift though.
  44. Bubble gum!


    Love this scent - reminds me of my favourite childhood bubble gum - same bright pink colour and smell!
  45. Smells delicious


    This candle would have to be one of my new faves, it fills the entire room with a delicious bubblegum scent and is in the coolest jar!
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