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Glasshouse Arabian Nights Candle - White Oud 350g 350g

4.8 of 41 reviews


4 instalments of $11.24


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4 instalments of $11.24


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Glasshouse Arabian Nights Candle is back by popular demand.

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4.8 of 41 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Perfect evening scent

Trish S

This is my second favourite candle to the Lumira - Tobacco Candle.
Perfect for the evening, a sensual, dark and exotic scent. My husband loves it too, which is great because sometimes he finds the other scents too floral.
  1. Nice but very strong


    This smell is really good. But strong. I usually only burn it for a short period of time before if becomes overwhelming. Would be perfect in a large space and the smell fills the room.
  2. Perfect evening scent

    Trish S

    This is my second favourite candle to the Lumira - Tobacco Candle.
    Perfect for the evening, a sensual, dark and exotic scent. My husband loves it too, which is great because sometimes he finds the other scents too floral.
  3. Dark and sensual


    Dark, sensual fragrance that smells divine. Perfect for all year round
  4. Take me to Arabia


    This candle reminds me of my childhood and going to church (insence)

    It has an exotic smell and is quite strong.

    Can be overpowering at times, but overall a great scent.
  5. Exotic


    Arabian nights is a exotically scented Glasshouse fragrance. If you like incense or musky perfumes, you will adore this. The packaging is sleek and suits the scent.
  6. So exotic


    Cold winter days sitting by the fire- this is the perfect scent! It’s so smooth but spicy at the same time. Super exotic and warm. Total unisex smell. Would make a beautiful house warming gift for a man or a woman.
  7. Gorgeous, exotic scent


    Arabian nights is one of the most exotically scented Glasshouse fragrances. If you like incense or musky perfumes, you will adore this. You can really smell the Sandalwood and there's a light floral undertone that gives it the perfect blend of sweetness. Would absolutely recommend you add it to your collection
  8. Masculine


    Very homely but masculine scent. Really love it. I have a few of the glasshouse candles and this one the scent is very hard to explain. But its really great quality and love the packaging. The best way I could describe is that it reminds me of a mans cologne.
  9. The Mysterious Middle East!


    As a recent lover of anything oud this candle ticks all the boxes it is woody yet elegant with some musk. It is one of my favourite glasshouse scents as it is just so different from some of the others available. I strongly suggest trying this candle if you like exotic scents.
  10. Such a nice candle


    I really love this candle.. really beautiful and unique smell!!
  11. Slight masculine yet elegant


    The woody notes to this candle make the fragrance a little masculine for my liking but it was balanced out by the floral tones so created a lovely ambience and smell when I burned the candle in my living area. I received compliments on the scent from both males and females.
  12. Different but good


    The glasshouse candles are amazing, the packaging is luxurious, and the burn time is quite long, and even, making them great value for money! Not to mention they smell amazing.. this one has quite a unique manly, woody, warm scent and its a great change.
  13. Fave candle of all time!


    Seductive, beautiful smell! I love most Glasshouse candles, but this one is my favourite. I wish they had Arabian nights in diffusers too!
  14. Something different


    Loved having this candle in my home for something different from the usual floral and beachy scents. This is a really nice woody & warm scent that is really inviting. Would make a nice christmas time candle or lovely in cooler months. Will definitely repurchase
  15. Lovely smell but not very strong


    I am a huge fan of the musky complex oud scent of this candle. It is sophisticated and mature. However, it isn’t as pungent as my other glasshouse candles and unfortunately you can’t really smell it when it’s burning unless you are right next to it.
  16. Strong


    Has a beautiful strong white rose and 'mens cologne' smell to it. Lasts so long.
  17. Beautiful unique scent


    This is a really stunning scent! It's unique and intriguing and makes my house smell incredible. Great quality as always with Glasshouse and the packaging is lovely. Would definitely buy again
  18. Woody scent


    Has a really nice almost spicey, woody scent. It's smells more masculine and would make a great gift for a male. Also, the colours on the packaging are lovely.
  19. Mature smell


    Very beautiful mature smell. My partner he doesn't like the sweet floral candles I usually have burning so this one is perfect because its the opposite and almost smells like men's cologne. Great!
  20. Lovely


    Has a really 'mature' spicy/woody smell. Really lovely in the home.
  21. Great for home/office


    I love this candle for at home or the office because its not too sweet or anything its very calming and almost smells similar to a man-ly cologne. Great smell and burns for ages.
  22. Alight your senses


    OMG!! I love, love this scent. Usually I will purchase scents that remind me of warm summer nights by the beach but this is the opposite it's more masculine but seductive. Could be used in any room of the house, hmmm maybe not the kitchen.
  23. Stunning


    It's so hard to pick a favourite from all the candles but this one is among my favourites. The scent is divine and the packaging is stunning. Really high quality hand made candle. Fantastic as a gift too!
  24. Perfect home-y smell.


    This is the most complimented candle I've ever had.The first thing people ask when they come into my house when I've had it burning is what the delicious smell is. Its the perfect at home sent that isn't going to be to strong or sweet to offend anyone.
  25. Arabian night


    This was another glasshouse candle I gifted hur I liked the scent so much that I bought one too.
  26. Exotic woody scent


    Really special candle that has an exotic woody scent. So gorgeous!
  27. Beautiful woody scent


    Can't go wrong with these gorgeous hand made candles from glasshouse. The scent is divine and the packaging is stunning
  28. burn time is worth the money!


    this candle is lovely, i was expecting maybe a bit more of a spicy kick to it but it was a bit more mellow, still very lovely though. the burn time is fantastic, so i'm sure i'll be buying another one from their range!
  29. Nice and exotic


    This Arabian Nights candle from Glasshouse smells amazing! It has a nice exotic scent to it. It makes the whole room smell great!
  30. Worth the price!


    If you are a fan of the smell in arab shops then THIS is the perfect candle for you. It can get a little overpowering, my room is barely 3mx3m so I burn this in the lounge room (glasshouse tahaa is what burns in my room!) and it is just divine.
  31. Classy and exotic


    I do very much like this scent but can be too heady In my small living space. Best for large areas. It’s the perfect blend of a crisp classy scent with exoticness without the overt spiciness.
  32. Very Nice and Unique


    Lovely scent! Bought this as a gift for a friend who smelt this and loved it after coming over when i had my mini arabian nights burning. It is also such luxurious and packaging and the black and gold add such an expensive look to the design.
  33. Perfect winter scent


    This is a gorgeous candle, perfect for a cold winter night in with that someone special! Lovely throw & the scent lasts long after it been blown out.
  34. Elegant Unisex Fragrance


    Such a beautiful treat this is!
    I purchased this blindly with rewards points not too long ago as I wouldn't want to pay so much for a candle on a normal day.
    This is by far the most beautiful and luxurious candle I have ever had!
    Smells like an elegant and expensive perfume. Even my partner approves of this one as it isn't as girly as what i usually have fragrancing the house! ...
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  35. Beautiful candle


    Beautiful smelling candle - very luxurious and indulgent!
  36. My favourite.


    This smells like the posh perfume at the chemist that I could never afford. As with all Glasshouse Candles it has amazing scent throw.
  37. Beautiful subtle scent


    My favourite Glasshouse scent - and one that doesn’t offend my husband! We go through this larger candle way too quick because we love it so much. Will continue to repurchase.
  38. Warm woody scent


    Like most Glasshouse candles, this candle is well worth it's money. It has a warm and woody scent, with a great balance with the floral tones. It's amazing to light at night right before bed and it brings a certain warmth to the room.

    Definitely a little goes a long way, after having the candle lit for a few minutes, the room's already filled with this woody smell.

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  39. Smells Expensive


    One of my favourite candles ever!

    The smell is reminiscent of the Velvet Rose and Oud perfume by Jo Malone, rich without being heady and strong without being overpowering.

    It's a gorgeous, year-round scent that's just a dream to have around the house or office. It has the feel of a much more luxe candle, just with a smaller price tag.
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