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Glasshouse Amalfi Coast Candle - Sea Mist 350g 350g

4.6 of 37 reviews


4 instalments of $11.24


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4 instalments of $11.24


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Glasshouse Amalfi Coast Candle - Sea Mist is like driving on a windy Italian road overlooking the stunning ocean; it both excites and relaxes. With Freesia, Lavender and Lime, the Glasshouse Amalfi Coast Candle - Sea Mist is as invigorating as a spring afternoon spent exploring Italian coastal villages and beyond. 

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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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4.6 of 37 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Fresh, crisp yet sweet...


This is a strong scented candle, it will fill your house with a crisp, fresh yet sweet scent very close to the perfume cool water. This is my favourite in the range for summer so far.

Most Helpful Criticism

It’s like fresh linen.


My honest review of this is it reminds me of glen20, not my favourite. But I like sweeter and richer scents. This would be good for erasing bad adopts but I don’t like it personally.
  1. Fresh, crisp yet sweet...


    This is a strong scented candle, it will fill your house with a crisp, fresh yet sweet scent very close to the perfume cool water. This is my favourite in the range for summer so far.
  2. Fancy coastal hotel


    Received this recently as a gift and I adore it! Sea Mist is the perfect description of the fragrance - it reminds me of the way a fancy coastal hotel or beach resort would smell. A gorgeous, understated alternative to the usual floral/fruity/sweet scents and perfect in Summer (or in Winter when you're missing Summer!).
  3. It’s like fresh linen.


    My honest review of this is it reminds me of glen20, not my favourite. But I like sweeter and richer scents. This would be good for erasing bad adopts but I don’t like it personally.
  4. The BEST Glasshouse candle out there


    This candle is, hands down, my most favourite candle ever because of the fresh beachy smell it has! The closest thing I would say it smells like is fresh, sexy cologne worn by a hot guy!!! It really does smell like cologne and the beach, fresh and sexy!!!
  5. Beautiful fresh smell


    My all time favourite Glasshouse scent. Fresh beach smell, I love the smell of Amalfi Coast.
  6. Beautiful candle


    I love this candle it smells so Devine and is in a beautiful jar. Excellent for a gift. Burning time is really good too
  7. Lovely coastal scent


    This candle has a a lovely coastal scent, as if you were sitting on the beach. It is a nice scent to have burning in the house during the day.
  8. smelllls amazing


    I think this scent is a very refreshing light smell! not floral not rich but very deliciious! this is hands down my favorite scent for glasshouse
  9. Great but pricey


    These candles are great, very good burning and long lasting. I guess they are a great case for investing in quality candles as you can really tell the difference between these and cheaper ones.

    I was kinda hoping the jar had the blue glass that it appears to have in the photo, as I love to repurpose the jars - so handy around the house! Ear buds fit PERFECTLY in the 350g jar.
  10. not my fave scent


    I like the quality and longevity of glasshouse candles but the scent on this one is too soapy for my liking. it smells like beach flavoured soap and not in a nice way, sort of beach mixed with detergent. It might smell better lit though I've only smelled it in store.
  11. Fresh smell


    This candle has a really nice fresh smell, so I think its perfect in bathrooms/laundry areas. Like all in the glasshouse range it burns well and the scent sticks around after burning.
  12. A classy take on a summer sea salt experience


    Glasshouse candles are good quality and are long lasting. They are beautifully presented in glass and the scent carries well within small to larger residential spaces. The Amalfi Coast - Sea Mist scent is my favourite as it fresh, reminiscent of the ocean and has an ‘expensive’ air to it. It is lovely for the warmer months as it does remind me of a fresh relaxed day at an unspoiled beach with salty water. It does have similarities to numerous male colognes and is slightly masculine, though is universal in its appeal.

    Most scented candles do not really carry the scent throughout the room, but the Glasshouse candles are different (if you’ve ever bought the el-cheapo scented candles from the dollar store or supermarket – this is a completely different experience). I recommend this brand and the Amalfi Coast - Sea Mist scent.
  13. A gentle, fresh scent


    One of my favourites, Amalfi is not as strong as some of the other candles but just as divine. It’s my go-to scent for the warmer months and adds a really fresh touch to the house when burning.
  14. Smells like the ocean


    Compared with the more gourmand Glasshouse candles, this isn't quite as overpowering; although like most of the Glasshouse range, the scent throw is more than decent & it truly does smell like the seaside. I only have to smell this & think of the beach. If I had a beachside residence, I'd be burning this baby all the time!

    These candles do last a long time (around 80 hours) & although they are expensive, they are so worth it for the lingering scent throw alone.
  15. One of my favorites


    The glasshouse candles are amazing, the packaging is luxurious, and the burn time is quite long, and even, making them great value for money! Not to mention they smell amazing..This is one of my favorites, the scent is super fresh and relaxing
  16. One of my favourite glass house candles


    This candle reminds me of being away for coast holidays and the smell of the ocean air. It's a clean scent that is not overpowering but can be quite subtle so if you are looking for a strong scent this is not the candle for you.
  17. Calming scent.


    Beautiful calming scent.Is not too strong and confronting but the perfect home scent that fills the room.
  18. Smells like the sea


    This candle has a salty sea smell which isn’t really for me as I like sweeter scents
  19. LOVE!


    This candle is GREAT! It smells so fresh and clean, it's the perfect addition to any home.
  20. Nice and fresh


    A super fresh candle that really does remind me of a summer in Europe. Not hugely overpowering, but is fine given it's a more summery, relaxing scent.
  21. Fresh


    Smells like a really nice and fresh beach-inspired men's cologne, but it's still quite soft and easy on the nose. It isn't as strong as other GH fragrances and I would imagine this is the perfect scent for an office or professional setting. Burns evenly and the quality is beautiful. I've even purchased one as a gift for mother's day. Beautiful wax colour too.
  22. Neutral scent


    This is a lovely natural scented candle that isn’t overly feminine/ girly. Great if your after something more subtle or someone in your house doesn’t like sweet, feminine fragrance.
  23. Refreshing


    This doesn't smell as strong as some of the other candles but it's still nice and refreshing.
  24. Soft and soapy


    This isn't my favourite but my roomate loves it and I've grown to like it. It's not as strongly scented as the other candles, it's softer and to me it smells kind of like an expensive soap
  25. Clean crisp scent


    This is my favourite scent out of all the glasshouse candles - it makes me feel really calm, and in good spirits! It's a really clean scent, with some hints of floral, but not overly so. Can not recommend it enough
  26. Unisex candle


    My partner loves candles and some of them are really strong floral scents. I got her this one because it's a scent I can enjoy as well
  27. Light and coastal


    This candle has quite a light scent and if you like that fresh, beachy, coastal smell then this is for you. I'm not a huge fan but I gave it as a gift and the recipient absolutely loves it
  28. Nice neutral smell


    Brought as part of a gift and it smelt amazing! It it quite a strong scent but wasn’t ‘too girly’
  29. Float away on holiday.


    This is one of my favs but also I can’t really have it lit in my small living area. Too strong. This would be amazing in a large open plan area with the windows open to get the full effect of a mountainous breezy sea coast.
  30. Strong calming smell


    This candle has a lovely strong and calming smell, best lit in a large room, although the smell is just Devine so in a small room just adds more power. Glass house is so beautiful. The candle burns nice and even!
  31. Reminds me of Summer!!


    I love burning this around this time of year when its rainy and miserable because it lifts my mood so much. The salty smell reminds me of the beach and all around summery vibes. Highly Recommend
  32. Perfect for a beachouse


    I love this candle. It smells like summer. Great value for money. The candle has a really strong scent and gives off aroma even when it is not lit.
  33. beachy aromas


    this is my absolute favourite glasshouse candle. The smell will fill your house with the most beautiful hints of salty but sweet aromas that will last days after being lit. I think all glasshouse products are a win but this one is my favourite!
  34. Beautiful smell


    In my opinion glasshouse candles are well worth the money, especially this one, as it has a beautiful aroma that lasts forever and makes me feel like I'm away at the beach. Everyone who comes to my home instantly praises the smell. I highly recommend!
  35. Strong and powdery


    This candle has a very strong smell - it is best lit in a large room, but even then, it's really strong. Would probably recommend a different, more subtle scent like Oahu. Would be happy to receive it is a gift nonetheless.
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