PSA: These Christmas Hair Gift Packs Are Ridiculously Cute (and Great Value)

For many of us, our hair has missed out on a lot of love, maintenance and all round care this year. 

That’s why this Christmas we’re recommending you opt for one of these hair care packs as your go-to gift. 

It’s time to help your family and friends achieve that summer glow up they all deserve, starting with their hair and scalp.

The other impressive thing about these limited edition hair care gift packs (apart from the ridiculously cute packaging) is that they make great gifts for literally everyone. 

Well, everyone with hair. 

hair gift pack_woman touching her curly hair is smiling and has her eyes closed with her face towards the sun_1080x900hair gift pack_woman touching her curly hair is smiling and has her eyes closed with her face towards the sun_1080x900

Our favourite Christmas hair gift packs for 2020:

Blonde babes everywhere rejoice

We all know blondes need some extra TLC when it comes to their hair. The ELEVEN Blonde Trio is a blonde hair care gift set that helps them every step of the way, with a full routine designed to keep blonde hair bright and hydrated. This pack comes with the ELEVEN Keep My Colour Blonde Shampoo, Keep My Colour Treatment Blonde and a mini Refresh and Hydrate Fragrance Spray. The first two formulas work to cleanse, tone and hydrate the hair, while the mini spray works as a conditioning dry shampoo treatment that helps to extend the time between each wash. This trio keeps brass at bay and maintains those shiny blonde locks all year round.

Blonde babes everywhere rejoice

A set of travel sized minis is the perfect way to trial out a new brand… and this is a brand they are going to want to try, believe me. The VIRTUE Recovery Discovery Kit comes with mini formulas of their VIRTUE Recovery Shampoo, Conditioner and Restorative Treatment Masks. These are all staff favourite formulas we can’t stop raving about for a reason. The caramel-vanilla scent paired with their sulphate free formula that leaves the hair so shiny and soft has convinced me to personally go ahead and buy the full sized products. But, if you have someone in your life who needs a bit of convincing, this is the way to go.

Hair that shines brighter than a Christmas ornament

Help them shine bright this season with the KEVIN.MURPHY Shine Bright Gift Pack. This trio contains full sized products, including the HYDRATE.ME WASH, HYDRATE.ME RINSE, and YOUNG.AGAIN Immortelle Infused Treatment Oil. This lust worthy treatment pack is destined for those with dull, dry and dehydrated hair that could do with some extra vitality. There’s no looking past these stand out formulas that deliver while also being eco-friendly, Australian made and cruelty-free. So, if those are boxes that need ticking this Christmas, then this hair care pack is your best bet.

Hair that shines brighter than a Christmas ornament

Upgrade their boring old hair dryer to one that is actually cool and most importantly, pink. The Parlux Alyon 2250W in Pink is not only one of the best looking hair dryers we have, it’s also one of the most impressive and powerful. This advanced, high performance hair dryer uses ionic technology, optimised heat settings and a K-Advance Plus motor to effectively dry hair without overheating it. It’s an iconic styling tool, that we’re certain any hair care lover is going to want to see under the Christmas tree.

Miracle masking holy grail hair pack

This Kérastase hair products gift set is truly a blessing in a box. We recommend the Kérastase NUTRITIVE MASQUE HOLIDAY PACK as a gift for anyone with dry, thick, unruly hair that needs the miracle of hydration. This full-sized set comes with their Kérastase Nutritive Irisome Bain Satin 2 Shampoo, Kérastase Nutritive Masquintense Irisome (for thick hair), and the Kérastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique Treatment. It’s a set that helps you cleanse, deeply condition and protect your hair from styling. These are real holy grail products that will make a difference in hair manageability and softness. The perfect gift for your loved one or a well deserved treat for yourself!

Miracle masking holy grail hair pack
It’s all about the gift of gold
It’s all about the gift of gold

This year, give them a gift with a golden touch like this limited edition Cloud Nine The Gift of Gold 3.0. It’s a value packed set, which comes with a Cloud Nine Wide Iron, Bag and a metal water bottle, perfect for staying hydrated on the go. This high tech styling tool is an ideal gift for anyone about to emerge from their winter hibernation with long flowing locks that could probably do with a little bit of maintenance. Plus, it’s state-of-the-art design means you won’t be damaging your hair too much with smart temperature controls and heat settings. Although, that doesn’t mean to say heat protectant isn’t everything...

Knock their socks off this Christmas with the straightener to end all straighteners. Yes, it’s a bit of a bougie purchase, but when it comes to the Dyson Corrale Set you’re paying for a top of the line product that excels when it comes to innovation. Set apart by its intelligent heat control, wireless functionality and flexible plates, further value is added to this already outstanding straightener with the inclusion of a travel pouch, magnetic 360° charging cable, charging dock, detangling comb and paddle brush in this set. It’s everything you need for travel and creating endless and easy hairstyles.

Give the gift of luxury
Give the gift of luxury

Oribe is a brand that is about as bougie as it gets, but when it comes to formula and packaging, you can easily explain the price tag. The Oribe Gold Lust Collection Box comes with their Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo, Conditioner and Nourishing Hair Oil (travel size). These luxurious formulas are lightweight, nourishing and give the hair a high shine gloss she’s sure to lust over. This is one of those hair gift sets for her that is sure to make all her friends extremely jealous this Christmas. I know I would be *hint hint*.

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Need a Recap? Here's Our Fave Christmas Hair Gift Packs Are Ridiculously Cute (and Great Value)

Whether you're looking for a hair dryer gift or that perfect Kérastase hair product gift set, one of these hair care gifts is sure to be a much-loved favourite this Christmas.

    • ELEVEN Blonde Trio
    • KEVIN.MURPHY Shine Bright
    • Cloud Nine The Gift of Gold 3.0 - The Wide Iron
    • Oribe Gold Lust Collection Set
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