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Freeze Frame Liposlim by FreezeFrame

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Help banish cellulite forever. Freeze Frame Liposlim contains a unique built-in tri-ball massager that helps massage away lumps and bumps. This innovative applicator helps increase the effectiveness of this powerful formula and increasing microcirculation to assist the break down of stubborn unwanted fat cells.


Freeze Frame Liposlim is an instant cellulite eraser that smooths and tones the skin in minutes! It is also proven to reduce cellulite, smooth dimples and slim body contours in just 6 weeks. You wont just look smoother - it will look like you've melted centimetres away from your butt, thighs and stomach.


Freeze Frame Liposlim is a breakthrough treatment, clinically proven to reduce cellulite's appearance in 10 minutes of application, with long-term reduction in visible fat pockets.


Twist the dual - action massage roller to the ON position.

Squeeze the tube to release lotion onto the rollers and roll in a firm, circular motion across targeted cellulite affected areas, or areas you would like to spot reduce.

Smoothes and slims buttocks, thighs, stomach, spare tyres, knees and upper arms. Use twice daily for best results.

Switch to OFF position when not in use.

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