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A Luxe fragrance is something every woman deserves. There's nothing quite like a spritz of a high-end eau de parfum or eau de toilette: the distinct notes, the lovely packaging, and the long-lasting quality on the skin. A Luxe scent takes your image from 2D to 3D by providing a full sensory experience to you and anyone lucky enough to pass by. Whether you're looking for a perfume to save for special occasions or a new signature scent, we've got plenty of options to help you make exactly the statement you want to make in any situation. Smell is the strongest sense tied to memory, so be sure you make a truly lasting impression.
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Juliette Has a Gun Discovery Box  1 x 4ml, 7 x 1.7ml
Juliette Has A Gun
Juliette Has a Gun Discovery Box 1 x 4ml, 7 x 1.7ml

Last all day

I found that each scent was very rich and unique and could last all day. Moscow Mule and Not a Perfume were my favourites, but there was not a bad one in the bunch, and I have nearly used them all to the end. When they run out, I will be buying full-sized bottles.
Lumira Parfum Arabian Oud EDP
Lumira Parfum Arabian Oud EDP

Beautiful scent

Ive been searching for the perfect woody scent for years....If you like a woody scent this is a must. Smell lasts all day. This will be my new staple fragrance.
Costume National So Nude EDP 30ml
Costume National
Costume National So Nude EDP 30ml

Creamy everyday floral scent

I adore this scent, it is a divine creamy, woody tuberose that is not overpowering. A modern feminine perfume perfect for wearing to the office or on a summer evening.

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