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Map of the Heart DISCOVERY SET
Map Of The Heart
Map of the Heart DISCOVERY SET

Interesting set, bag is nice

The fragrance discovery set was definitely an interesting experience. While I have yet to decide whether to purchase any of the full bottles, I found that v2 and v5-7 in particular were quite unique (compared to most designer fragrances available today) - some of them are still in the "not sure if I love it or hate it" catergory. I wasn't too impressed with v3 (nit was more generic compared to the...
Goldfield & Banks Deluxe Discovery Set
Goldfield and Banks
Goldfield & Banks Deluxe Discovery Set

Perfect gift!

I love the idea of being able to try all the scents before a big purchase. Moss is my favourite - very fresh. I get compliments every time I wear one of these scents, there's a really sense of seasons to all of them. It would be perfect for as a gift for a perfume lover!
HERMETICA EDP Discovery Kit 13 x 1.5ml
HERMETICA EDP Discovery Kit 13 x 1.5ml

Best perfume discovery set I’ve ever tried!

I got this discovery set as a free gift with purchase some time ago and I still get excited when telling people about it! One spray leaves a lasting scent for the day. Each fragrance is unique and beautifully different for everyone based on the ph of your skin. The descriptions - wow! I can’t even explain how much I loved reading the booklet. 100% worth trying...and since I can’t decide on a singl...