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FOREO The Luna Mini 2 - Available in 5 Shades

4.5 of 34 reviews


4 instalments of $54.75

Or 4 instalments of $54.75 with LEARN MORE

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      4 instalments of $54.75

      Or 4 instalments of $54.75 with LEARN MORE

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      Commit to cleaner, more luminous skin. The Foreo Luna Mini 2 is an enhanced face cleansing device with T-Sonic™ capabilities with eight adjustable intensities. Your cleansing experience is more thorough, and more customisable than ever.



      What customers say

      SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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      • Teens
      • 20s
      • 30s
      • 40s
      • 50+

      Eye Concern:

      • Age Prevention

      Skin Concern:

      • Wrinkles and loss of firmness
      • Sensitivity and redness
      • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
      • Oiliness and shine
      • First signs of ageing
      • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
      • Acne, breakouts and blackheads

      Skin Type:

      • Oily
      • Normal to oily
      • Normal to dry
      • Dry

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      FOREO The Luna Mini 2 - Available in 5 Shades

      FOREO The Luna Mini 2 - Available in 5 Shades

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      FOREO The Luna Mini 2 - Available in 5 Shades Reviews

      4.5 of 34 reviews

      91% recommend this product

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      Most Helpful Positive

      Sensitive Skin's BFF


      I have pretty sensitive skin- so while I don't use this everyday - I use it about 2-3 times a week to help get a deeper cleanse of the skin and I love the results so much. I've owned my FOREO Luna Mini 2 for nearly 2 years now and it's still going strong - the battery life is AMAZING I swear I almost never have to charge it - no complaints here!

      Most Helpful Criticism

      Great product - but worth the price?


      this product is great to use a few times a week for a deeper cleanse. I also own the claisonic and think the clarisonic does more for my skin for the price.
      1. Sensitive Skin's BFF


        I have pretty sensitive skin- so while I don't use this everyday - I use it about 2-3 times a week to help get a deeper cleanse of the skin and I love the results so much. I've owned my FOREO Luna Mini 2 for nearly 2 years now and it's still going strong - the battery life is AMAZING I swear I almost never have to charge it - no complaints here!
      2. Great but pricey


        I really like this product, I think it provides a deeper clean than using your hands or a face cloth, and the timer features makes me more mindful of cleaning each area of my face properly (it pulses every 15 seconds and then pulses twice at one minute).
        I bought a Foreo because of rave reviews but there seems to be many other similar products on the market which do the same thing for a muc...
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      3. Essential part of my routine


        I will be honest, I wasn't sure if I needed this in my routine..... I only got it because it came free with my UFO which I knew that I needed in my life. Ever since I got it I have used it twice a day. It is such a great cleanser and it has been so great for the pores on my nose. I hav extreme scaring on my nose from my open pores and this has decreased the amount of junk that gets stuck in my p...
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      4. Everyday Staple (except during breakouts!)


        I've never used a Clarisonic or anything else so I can't say how this compares but it was a game changer for me compared to just using my hands when cleansing. Using the Foreo really gives a deep clean and gently exfoliates at the same time. When I was on holidays and didn't have it with me I did notice a little more texture than usual.
        I will say that I wouldn't recommend this to anyone wi...
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      5. Converted from Clarisonic!!


        I used to religiously use the Clarisonic brush to clean my face but now that i have this new tool - its been over a year since i became a convert!! I love that it rechargeable and the long LONG battery life. I love the clean feeling i get after using this on my face, and decolletage and well any part of my body! Also love that it has customizable settings and levels for strength required or level ...
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      6. Love it!


        Have been using this for close to a year now and it really does wonders for the complexion. I use it every other night when I am cleansing my face. It leaves my skin smooth and free from dead cells. My skin looks and feels younger and brighter. It is easy to use and clean, much more hygienic than sponges and synthetic scrubs. Great investment!
      7. An integral step to my cleansing routine


        I like that it makes my cleansing routine feel like a pampering experience. I actually look forward to it every morning and night. It is much faster to use and very easy to rinse off and dry. I also like that I don’t have to keep paying for brushes. I use a gel cleanser so it does not matter if I put it directly on the Luna or my face. It does not vibrate hard. You control that by how hard you p...
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      8. Healthier Looking Skin!


        I have been using the Luna Mini 2 for 6 months and I love it. It leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed and looking much healthier. Realistically... no, it did not instantly clear my breakouts and I am not left with flawless clear skin, but it has helped to reduce and I feel much more confident. I use this morning and night and am very happy with the results. I charged it before the first use ...
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      9. Practical


        My friend pushed me into buying this one and I have never been happier with a skincare product. It has only needed to be charged once and 3 months later after 1-2 uses a day it still is going!!!! the bristles are soft but strong enough to get rid of all the dirt and dead skin. Leaves my face feeling soft and clean. I actually get excited to wash my face everyday which seemed like a chore before.
      10. Clean and refreshed


        The Foreo is the perfect cleansing tool! Its gentle though thoroughly cleanses my skin leaving it squeaky clean and smooth. Love the fact its hygienic, the charge lasts forever and I will never have to replace a brush head again as needed with the Clarisonic!

      11. Love

        Kylie Q

        Love the mini. Great little cleansing tool. Lasts a long time on charge, cleans well, and it's easy to keep clean.
      12. Worth the price tag


        I love my Foreo, I've had it for about 2 years now before that I used a Clarisonic. Foreo is great because you rarely have to charge it, I do maybe two or 3 times a year and it literally lasts forever. I love using a cleansing tool, it makes my skin really feel clean and fresh and has made a difference with the texture of my skin and I don't break out as much. This also exfoliates and helps with m...
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      13. Good, but worth the investment?


        This is a great product that leaves my face beautifully clean and smooth, but I don’t bother with it if you don’t already have a pretty sound skincare routine. It’s not going to work miracles and be life changing for your skin alone. I do love that I only have to charge it a few times a year - so convenient.
      14. Never cleanse without this again!


        This product has completely changes my skin. I always felt like I could never get a deep cleanse without irritating my skin until I found this device. Using this gives me such a deep, invigorating cleanse without making my skin red or irritating. It's also so sanitary and easy to use/upkeep.
      15. The best


        Does a great job at getting rid of makeup. Deep cleanse!! Thank god I found this brand!
      16. Great all-round cleanser


        This is a great all-rounder cleanser. It has multiple settings and washes clean easily after use. The different sized nodes on the surface make cleaning super easy and it deep cleans pores. The shape make it easy to manoeuvre around the nose and under eyes. Great product.
      17. Worth The Investment


        As soon as I started using the Foreo it improved my skin so much. It helped any texture issues I had, less breakouts and my blackheads on my nose have improved a lot since using it. It makes my skin feel so clean and soft. I love how gentle it is as well!
      18. worth it!


        I've been using my foreo for over 6 months and my breakouts have gone down so much! my chin used to be covered in bumps and this has helped me reduce them. so happy with this purchase. At first I was hesitant about the price point but this has become an everyday staple for me!
      19. Worth the money spent


        A great little non-abrasive scrub and massager that's easy to use, to clean, to dry and carry around. I use it every other day in the evenings and it leaves my skin smooth and I feel it increases blood circulation as well. Well worth the money spent.
      20. favorite skin care tool


        I have been using my Luna mini for about 3 months now and can honestly say it was worth the price. My skin feels so clean and soft after using it! Love it!
      21. Love it


        I'm a little surprised to see some that this product doesn't have a higher rating on this website. I absolutely love it!
        I have combination skin with dry patches and some congestion, particularly around the chin. I've found using the Foreo Luna Mini 2 twice a day has greatly improved my skin - it's smoother, clearer and much more even. Having the gentle exfoliation morning and night definite...
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      22. I love my Foreo!


        I love this product. I've wanted it for a year or so now, and finally got one as a gift for Christmas. It leaves my skin squeaky clean and soft to touch. My skin also looks a lot more glowy and clear, especially on my cheeks where I've had dullness in the past!
      23. Great product


        I really enjoy using the Luna Mini. I feel as though my skin looks more fresh and clean than if I just manually wash my skin. The only problem I have is the shape of the product ..... i find it annoying to hold although after use everyday have gotten used to it. I think a brush style piece of equipment would have been more practical to get into the corner or the nose and around the lip. Having sai...
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      24. I love it


        I love how it makes your skin feel afterwards. I have oily skin and unfortunately I am breaking out easily. I haven’t used it long enough to say it helped clear my skin but at the moment the way my skin feels post cleanse is just delightful especially after I have applied my moisturiser. The only negative I have at is it’s price. Why so expensive for a skin cleansing device? One star lost for the ...
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      25. Easy to clean


        I do like this product because the silicone is easy to keep clean and you don't need to replace any brush heads. However, I do think the clarisonic is more effective for exfoliating. This is good for daily cleansing if you have more sensitive skin and the clarisonic is too abrasive to use so often.
      26. Great product - but worth the price?


        this product is great to use a few times a week for a deeper cleanse. I also own the claisonic and think the clarisonic does more for my skin for the price.
      27. Great cleanser


        I think the mini is a great skin cleanser. I like that it actually feels like it’s cneaning your skin unlike some other brands. I wish I saw more results in my skin though and felt that it was more than just a great cleanser. I have convo skin but it’s nit super oily so perhaps I chose the wrong skin option going with the normal device. It’s still a good product
      28. Must use everyday


        I personally love my Luna mini - I spent a lot of time researching if it was worth purchasing this in the mini or full size, or even another brand.

        I do not regret buying this one bit! More than one person commented on my skin after I added it to my routine. I feel that it reduces the congestion and cleans really well around the nose and lips/chin.

        Bonus points for the b...
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      29. It's okay but not amazing


        I've had a couple of these - initially bought a limited edition blue sea version, and had TWO that were faulty. Both were replaced by Foreo under warranty, and I now have the light pink. Apparently a common issue - battery turning on by itself and draining, but then not able to recharge. In saying that, the third pink one I haven't had an issue yet (knock on wood), but I also feel using more th...
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      30. Great product!


        I've been using the Foreo Mini for about 12 months, and my skin has never been softer or smoother. I have Oily to Combination skin with the occasional bad breakouts, and this has helped minimise my breakouts and increase the smoothness of my skin overall. I use it morning and night with a foaming cleanser This is the perfect size, super compact and I've only charged it twice in 12 months. Definite...
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      31. Good to supplement skincare routine


        i've been using my foreo for just over a month now and am already seeing results! I love how compact it is, perfect for travelling, and super user friendly. The silicone is perfect for sensitive skin but still gives a deep cleanse!
      32. Good buy


        Wasn’t sure whether to get this or the bigger one. Glad I got this. It’s compact, easy to use, gentle on the skin but still has different zones depending on the depth of cleanse you want. I’d recommend it.
      33. Overpriced hype


        I didn't notice any significant improvement in my skin when I was using this daily. If anything I think it was irritating my skin slightly. I just use this for physical exfoliation 1-2 times a week now. Feels nice and refreshing after using it and you do feel like you are getting a good deep cleanse. The charge lasts for ages, several months or more. Other than that don't waste your money, not wor...
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      34. Refreshes, cleanses and exfoliates


        I've had my Foreo Mini for a while now and it still works like new barely needs charging. It makes me skin feel softer and limits the blackheads around my T-zone. I don't use it everyday but I'm definitely happy I have it to use when I need.
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