Foreo Luna 2 – Men's Skin + Pre-Shave

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Foreo Luna 2 – Men's Skin + Pre-Shave by FOREO

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Go beyond standard cleansing. Personalised to men's needs, Foreo Luna 2 – Men's Skin + Pre-Shave is a cult-classic cleansing device that helps prevents the signs of ageing, while preparing the skin for a close shave.


Foreo Luna 2 – Men's Skin + Pre-Shave is now available with four specialized brush types for a tailor-made skin care experience, for real results. Maintaining your skin is a 2-minute indulgence, your skin is left looking luminous and refined.  Unlock your youthfulness, for longer. 


Foreo Luna 2 – Men's Skin + Pre-Shave is a next-generation facial cleansing brush that uses up to twice the T-Sonic Power to draw away makeup residue and pollution from the day. With consistent use, your skincare routine is enhanced, with active ingredients having more of an effect than ever.


This double-sided device uses lower frequency pulses to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Foreo Luna 2 – Men's Skin + Pre-Shave leaves the skin looking firmer and more lifted.


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100% converted! - 23-08-2017 by

I was sceptical at first but after trying this for a while I’m definitely convinced. I’m usually pretty rough on my face when I cleanse or exfoliate using my hands, I think I do it too hard but kind of can’t break the habit. This stops me from doing that. I also think it’s just generally doing a better job than I could do myself. The timer makes me take the time to get around to each part of my face properly and something in the way it vibrates makes it feel like my face just looks and feels better than after doing a routine with my hands. On top of that, it’s also kind of relaxing, like a face massage. Can’t speak highly enough of this thing nor do I feel like I could ever go back to doing things the way I did before.

Highly Reccomend - 19-07-2017 by

I have been using the Foreo luna 2 for the last two weeks with the foreo Cleanser in combination with the Dermalogica’s Superfoliant during my evening shower and can honestly say my skin has never felt better. I have a medium complexion and work outside where I am exposed to sweat/dirt and tend to get oily skin and have issues with congestion and am prone to getting a build up of blackheads across my nose. Since using the Foreo I have noticed a marked improvement in my overall skin's smoothness, my skin feels much less oily and more balanced, and the blackhead buildup I was used to is now almost non-existent. I would highly recommend this product and couldn’t be happier with the results it has achieved.

Interesting - 18-07-2017 by

I’ve only just begun using this cleansing device with my Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser. So far, I’ve noticed it feels quite gentle and not abrasive as I had imagined. My skin feels smoother than before. A great tool to use before I shave, as I like to be clean shaven every day and I think this product helps to exfoliate. I’m keen to keep using this to see what long term results it has.

Sleek and stylish - 16-07-2017 by

As a tradie, my skin often picks up a lot of dirt throughout the day, which leads to congestion. Since using the Foreo, I have noticed a significant improvement with my skin - I'm experiencing less breakouts and less blackheads. I keep this in the shower, it and looks and feels masculine, and is really quick and easy to use. My skin is normal to combination, however I feel this would suit all skin types. I like the convenience of only needing to charge this twice a year. I highly recommend this device.

Loved it! Really helped to prep for shaving. - 15-07-2017 by

My morning skin/hair care routine is very important to me. I am totally unable function throughout the day if I don't go through each and every step. Of particular importance to me is the shaving step. I am not one of those masculine men who can rock a beard, I don't think I could even grow half a beard. So to avoid looking like 14 year old I make sure to shave daily. That's where the Foreo Luna 2 had impressed me.
The Luna 2 does a surprisingly great job at exfoliating and massaging my skin, which has made shaving noticeably more comfortable. At the same time it isn't too rough on my rather sensitive skin. I have been using it daily with several different cleansers over the last couple of weeks, and I have not yet had a single problem.

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