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Foreo The Luna 2 – Combination Skin

4.8 of 12 reviews


$69.75 x 4

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$69.75 x 4

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Sensitivity and redness
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Foreo The Luna 2 – Combination Skin

Foreo The Luna 2 – Combination Skin

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4.8 of 12 reviews

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Most Helpful Positive

Smoother skin
I have been using this product for about a week now. It came highly recommended to me by a few friends, and it definitely has not disappointed. I have naturally quite dry skin but have spouts of oiliness throughout the month, so I went with the combination brush. My skin is feeling so smooth and I feel that I'm not wasting my products as much as what I was when I was using my hands. Definitely recommend.

Most Helpful Criticism

This is good if you’re looking to gently exfoliate your face but without using scrubs.
  1. Smoother skin

    I have been using this product for about a week now. It came highly recommended to me by a few friends, and it definitely has not disappointed. I have naturally quite dry skin but have spouts of oiliness throughout the month, so I went with the combination brush. My skin is feeling so smooth and I feel that I'm not wasting my products as much as what I was when I was using my hands. Definitely recommend.
  2. Worth the investment

    This is my new fav beauty tool!
    Since using, my skin is and remains smoother than its ever been.
    I was worried about splashing the cash on a product like this but since using I have never looked back. I recommend it to all my beauty obsessed friends
  3. Thumbs up!

    My main skin issue is the pores on and around my nose - they are large and often visibly full of gunk - and I was looking for something to help cleanse! I have a glycolic cleanser which was a good start - but still not getting all the gunk out of my pores. So I've pared the Skinstitut glycolic cleanser with this and now I'm starting to see progress! I'll only use this at night, and now I'm starting to see progress after a week. It's also very easy to clean and lasts up to 70 charges.
  4. Ok

    This is good if you’re looking to gently exfoliate your face but without using scrubs.
  5. A good investment

    I have had my Foreo for over two years now and I still love it. I use it with the Foreo day/night cleansers and it always leaves my skin feeling soft and very clean particularly around my oily tzone. I love the massage function and always use this on areas prone to wrinkles. As other reviewers have noted it’s so easy to clean, you don’t need to repurchase replacement brush heads like other products and the battery life is ridiculously good! I’ve only changed it a few times since purchasing!
  6. Love this!

    Your skin will feel so silky smooth after washing with this. Such a gentle exfoliant and because it is made of silicon it doesn’t get very dirty and is easy to clean if it does. The battery is also amazing. I haven’t had to charge it in 6 months. The massage function is also super relaxing.
  7. game changer

    I can't live without this, it's changed my skincare game forever. I had been on the fence over getting this or the clarisonic but I'm so glad I went with this one! It's so easy to keep clean and to use, no hassle at all and I've definitely noticed a change in my skin!
  8. A must have for deep cleansing without the hassle of buying brushes and havkng to be charging all the time!

    After looking at other cleansing tools I decided on the Foreo Luna 2 and I am glad I did! First given other tools need replacement heads my research led me to the Foreo technology as being not only more gentle on the skin but the silicone design also ensures that the device is always clean - and your not filling up landfill every three months with having to change a brush head and you have the option of using it as an anti aging device, all pluses in my book! One of the biggest issues for anyone wanting to use a cleansing device is that it is counterproductive if you’re wondering if the device is really clean when you go to use it. No one wants to be putting bacteria back on to the skin and while brush cleansing tools use nylon the Foreo uses medical grade silicone and it is so easy to clean I just use s bit of Dr Bronner’s as I use that as a body wash. I feel knowing that the device is easy to clean and drys quickly therefore not attracting bacteria was a huge issue in choosing the Foreo.

    While it may be comparing apples and oranges between using the Foreo and brush style cleansing tools the Foreo offers I think it is decently priced and while I didn’t want to compare it would appear everyone compares the Foreo to the Clarisonic. I can’t really say anything about the Clarisonic as I have never used one but given the top of the range model is $500 and brushes are almost $40 a pop every 3 months it starts to become an expensive device and while there are other cheaper brush tool options out there such as the Clinique one I do feel that what swayed me to the Foreo in the end after years of debating about cleansing tools was that the Foreo offers a device that doesn't need brush replacements which become not only expensive but also an environmental concern with the amount of landfill it uses. I love beauty but for me this was a huge reason in picking the Foreo I also think that in the long term any brush tool that is using nylon bristles could possibly do more damage to the skin. I have read some reviews that for example if you use the Clarisonic the best brush regardless of skin type is the cashmere as it is more gentle to the skin but again what if they run out or decide to stop making them?

    I know the Clarisonic depending on which model you buy have different uses such as brushes for different parts of the body, foundation application etc but in end for me I just couldn’t see myself using any of these ‘ad on’s’ and for me the ease of the Foreo is what makes me know that it will easily slot into my skincare routine as I am going to be cleansing my skin anyway and while I am keen on checking out the Iris at this stage I like the results I’ve already started to see from using the anti aging mode.

    The Foreo is it not only provides deep cleansing with the choice of 12 cleansing speeds and beeps when you need to change zones it takes two minutes! No matter if you wear makeup you should be wearing sunscreen everyday no matter what time of year it is and this just leaves my skin feeling so clean and refreshed without feeling harsh.

    People often complain they don’t have time to spend time using something like this but even if you’re only cleaning your skin with your hands and a cloth you stilll need do it and by using the Foreo you get the bonus of deep cleansing without damaging the skin as I do think nylon bristles are cause long term damage to the skin. If your someone who like me has a shower before bed then this is perfect for you as you can do this in the shower!

    I always believe that a properly cleanserd skin is so important to your skin care routine. You can buy the most expensive serums and creams but if your skin is ‘dirty’ you’re wasting your time, your just putting them over skin that is blocked with embedded product, dead skin cells and pollution. I am a fan of professional peels and chemical exfoliating but the Foreo just helps prepare the skin for your everyday regular skincare regime. I don’t feel the need to use ithe Foreo twice a day but given the gentler settings on this device I think if you did it would be fine. As I like to clean and out my skincare on before bed I don’t feel the need to clean my skin like this twice but again it’s a personal preference and maybe down the track I will use it twice a day.

    I also love the ‘anti ageing side’ I have always looked after my skin and professional peels and facial are the most I have done in terms of outside help but as I have gotten older also due to stress I have developed the dreaded ‘11’’s’ between the eyes and while I am still new to using this device since using this setting while I put my eye cream and serum and I find it is helping to relax the muscles on my face particularly in this region. As I have been under quite a bit of stress this year I often catch myself frowning and this exasperates the ‘11’s’ as when you get older you loose the ability for your skin to bounce back. I have heard some people say thie anti aging part of the Foreo is a waste of time and some reviewers are saying their only in their twenties and therefore too young to worry about it - well news flash - our skin stops producing collagen as young as 22. If you have time to sit in front of the tv and given it takes 1 minute you have time to use this setting! When I was 22 there was none of this technology available and I was lucky my mother always encouraged me to look after my skin and if you have this device I would say no matter what age you are if you want to at least try and prevent wrinkles in the future then it can’t hurt. A lot of Asian woman use daily massage as a part of their everyday skincare routine and it makes so much sense and the fact that this takes a minute to do then why not give it a go!

    Basically, If you want to give your skin a good clean without worrying if it is going to be to harsh but prepare your skin for your skincare products,; not have to worry if your device is clean; not worry or need to remember to buy brushes and most of all worry about having to charge your device every few days as the Foreo pretty much stays charged for I believe 6 months on just one charge and also want to give your skin a quick effective massage every night and not have to fork out at least $100 a year on top of the cost of which ever brush device you choose then this is for you!

  9. Loveeee it!

    I love this! It really helps to wash my skin and make it feel soft. I stopped using it for a period of time(because I got lazy) and my skin was rough and broke out when I did that. Now I’m on a great routine with washing my face each morning and night with this beauty and it makes such a big difference. Only thing is it don’t know if it really helps with the wrinkles? Oh and some people thought it was something else.... if you know what I’m saying.
  10. Must have tool

    I am loving the Luna 2 for combination skin. After the first use my skin felt softer and cleaner than ever before! It just cleans the skin so well. You can literally see the difference, as well as feel it. I use it every night and depending on time I'll use in the morning. However, I make time to use the anti aging side twice a day.
    You definitely need this product if you are serious about skin care.
  11. Revolutionary

    I have been using the Foreo luna 2 for the last two weeks with the foreo Cleanser in combination with the dermalogica’s superfoliant during my evening shower and can honestly say my skin has never felt better. I have a medium complexion and work outside where I am exposed to sweat/dirt and tend to get oily skin, have issues with congestion and am prone to getting a build up of blackheads across my nose. Since using the Foreo I have noticed a marked improvement in my overall skins smoothness, my skin feels much less oily and more balanced, and the blackhead buildup I was used to is now almost non-existant. I would highly recommend this product and couldn’t be happier with the results it has achieved.
  12. Awesome!

    I have only used it twice but the feel on my skin is quite impressive! Not sure how the anti ageing works but hopefully it's doing something. only negative is it's hard to use on the nose.
    I think it really gets the skin clean and scrubs off dead skin and I am pretty shocked at how well it worked. Worth the money to use at home on a daily basics.
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