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Fake Bake Xtreme Self-Tanning Gel

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Fake Bake Xtreme Self-Tanning Gel by Fake Bake

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Take your tan to the deepest, darkest level with the patent-pending, fast-acting Fake Bake Xtreme Self-Tanning Gel formula. The maximum-strength concentrate smooths easily over the skin like a gel, to give you the fastest, most "Xtreme" tan from a bottle.


To Apply: Best applied in the evening, to clean dry skin (we recommend exfoliating first with Fake Bake Body Polish, and then applying Fake Bake Skin Smoothie dry oil to elbows, knees, hands and feet). Using gloves, apply Fake Bake Xtreme Self-Tanning Gel to the entire body & face, lightly glazing over elbows and knees. (Tip: Use a make-up sponge for the face, hands, & feet.) Although it won’t stain, to avoid colour on your sheets, allow a few minutes for it to dry. Then, with a dry cloth, lightly rub off the dry excess colour guide that is on your skin. The following morning: you will see the colour guide rinse away while showering, but your gorgeous new tan will remain – apply some Fake Bake Skin Smoothie to seal the moisture in to your tan. Repeat application of self-tanner several nights in a row to build up your tan to the desired level.
Following Weeks: Apply 1-2 times weekly for maintenance or as desired. Use Fake Bake Body Polish once or twice a week. After showering in the morning, always apply Skin Smoothie dry-oil spray on wet skin and gently pat dry with a towel. This makes for a smooth appearance and extends the life of your new tan!

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Fabulous! - 04-11-2012 by

Wow! Loved this. I had used the regular Fake Bake several years ago, but have just tried this out and it is definitely a superior product. It dries quickly, doesn't leave the usual fake-tan awful smell, and the colour is oh-so-amazing. Highly recommend.

- 18-11-2008 by

I was initially a bit scared at how black this gel is,but it gives a fantastic brown result after just one application!There was very very minor streaking but I feel this was my application and not the product.The pump is great as it dispenses small amounts which go a long way,Just be quick as it dries very fast,which is a plus in my book.It didn't stain my pj's or sheets and the smell was not strong or overpowering.I love the result!The colour is just perfect!!

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