Fake Bake Skin Smoothie Oil

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Fake Bake Skin Smoothie Oil by Fake Bake


A self-tanning must-have! This special dry-oil spray has three good reasons to be called SKIN SMOOTHIE:
• Spray on elbows, feet, hands, knees and then towel dry. Enables self-tanners to "smooth" over these areas.
• When applying the Fake Bake self-tanning lotion or mousse, spray Skin Smoothie on paper towel and gently wipe any area that has an excessive amount of self-tanning product. This will "smooth" out tanning products on dry areas.
• Use dry-oil spray for full body hydration. Unique dry-oil texture absorbs quickly, leaving the skin "smooth" with a silky glow.

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- 22-06-2010 by

My only previous experience with body oils was a cheap, pharmacy type brand, which just left me greasy and oily. It's a completely different story with this Fake Bake dry oil! I love the spray function, and I find a little bit goes a long way! I have used it both to smooth rough skin (knees, elbows, ankles) before fake tanning, and it worked wonderfully for this purpose, and this winter I am also using as an added moisture boost to my parched arms and legs. I spray a little of this on, let it sink in, then follow up with my usual body lotion. Not only is it giving me soft and well hydrated skin, but it really does leave my skin so smooth too! I find especially in winter, the skin on my legs can get a bit rough and bumpy, and this little gem has completely eliminated it! The scent is also lovely - slightly fruity (passionfruity), yet not overwhelming or sickly sweet. I received my bottle as a GWP, but I will absolutely be purchasing this little baby again and again!

- 02-11-2009 by

Everyone should have this! Light dry-oil leaves a gorgeous sheen with no greasiness your skin will look so beautiful. It contains hydrating and soothing ingredients as well as antioxidants. A very very light fruity scent. You can use it all year round as a moisturizer and as an after sun treatment as well as for help with applying fake tan. Must have!

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