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It's called Fake Bake, but there's nothing fake about looking this fabulous. Found in celebrity bathrooms all over the world, Fake Bake Self-Tanning Lotion reigns as the most natural-looking tan under the sun (except, of course, it's not under the sun). Fake Bake has been voted the best self-tanner in the United Kingdom by Women's Cosmetic Guide - not to mention all the stars that ask their makeup artists to keep them in supply!

The Fake Bake recipe for a perfect tan: Gloves + Guide = Gorgeous Glow. Designed for easy, goof-proof application, Fake Bake has a built-in colour guide - a dark temporary colour that lets you see exactly where you're applying the product. No pale patches, no streaks, no dark spots.

Apply Fake Bake with gloves at night, shower off the colour guide in the morning, and show off your flawless Fake Bake tan. One of the best fake tans on the market.

Fake Bake

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Prepare Your Skin

Exfoliate! Drier areas will pick up colour making your tan uneven, choose a hydrating exfoliator and concentrate on areas that are prone to dryness such as elbows and knees. For expert application:


1. Protect your hands! You want to avoid tan on the palms of your hands for an extended period of time as this will stain the skin. Try using a mitt to protect your hands from staining.

2. Use long sweep motions to apply, for a smooth even finish.

3. Be thorough, make sure you check awkward areas such as back of the legs and arms to make sure you have applied your product evenly, better yet get a friend to help!

4. To enhance your tan keep your skin moisturised and try using a tan enhancer specifically chosen to maintain your bronzed look. TryFake Bake Skin Smoothie Oil.

Which shade is for me?

Light to medium skin tones
To achieve a natural tan, think 'my skin tone but better' with Fake Bake Original Self Tanning Lotion€. Adding a slight warmth to the skin without going overboard will allow your natural skin tone to shine, whilst adding a bit of depth and radiance.


Medium to dark skin tones
Now, you’re probably pretty tanned already but if you want to take it one step further you can turn to Fake Bake Xtreme Self-Tanning Gel! Choose a shade and formula that suits you. Try a subtle tone to add glow to the skin, or an extra deep tone for a super bronzed look.


The top tanner and bronzing tips from Kate Morris (Adore Beauty founder and CEO)
"Fake Bake Flawless is my absolute favourite. I go through a couple of bottles of Fake Bake Flawless each summer – all you need is two coats for a gorgeous, natural bronze. Tan at night for best results, as you can use a stronger tinted product. Avoid scrubs, like sea salt, before tanning as they can leave grains or a film on your skin. Do your face with a cream cleanser, remembering to wipe the hairline and eyebrows with a tissue afterwards."

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