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Face Halo PRO - 3 Pack 3 pack

4.6 of 95 reviews


4 instalments of $7.50


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4 instalments of $7.50


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Skin Concern:

  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Face Halo PRO - 3 Pack

Face Halo PRO - 3 Pack

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4.6 of 95 reviews

94% recommend this product

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I am loving these. So easy to use, does not irritate my face. Easily removes make up and easy to clean.

Most Helpful Criticism

White face halo better


This product takes makeup off well, however I prefer the white version so you can see your mascara and know when you’re finished
  1. Great


    I am loving these. So easy to use, does not irritate my face. Easily removes make up and easy to clean.
  2. White face halo better


    This product takes makeup off well, however I prefer the white version so you can see your mascara and know when you’re finished
  3. Reusable


    Easy to remove makeup with these, may be a bit too exfoliating on dry skin. Love the black shade as it doesn't stain so bad.
  4. Awesome


    amazing at removing makeup, even heavy eye makeup, easy to wash and best part is it's good for the environment
  5. Great!!


    So awesome! Removes all my makeup and really great for the environment. Really happy with this!
  6. Must have product


    I couldn’t be without these anymore, I use them every day with water to wash my face/remove makeup and soak them with cleanser when I have heavier makeup on. Great price and great for the environment as you just stick them in the wash and re use them!
  7. Amazing!


    Love these! I have had the white ones in the past but these ones are great in the sense it doesn't get that stained faded colour after awhile, takes off makeup great maybe slightly harsh on the eyes but if you put on some oil cleanser (or gel) its a dream.
  8. recommended


    Bought this after seeing the good reviews. Being using a micro fibre cloth for a couple of years, but this was instantly so much easier to use. Soft around the eye areas and easy to take my eye makeup off. Highly recommended. Love that it comes in black too and you don't see the black mascara on the pads.

  9. Just ok - muslin cloths better


    Was hoping for much more. These do take off a bit of makeup, but they definitely don't take it all off unless I use a cleanser all over my face first. I wear a very light layer of The Ordinary Serum foundation, so nothing heavy. I've tried numerous ways of using them - just with water, on a wet face, on a dry face, in the shower, etc. and they only work with cleanser applied. They are lovely and soft, and I love that I can wash them and recycle them, but they aren't as effective at cleansing as a muslin cloth in my experience. At $10 each they also feel kind of expensive given that they are small and they just work as any muslin cloth does (aka you need cleanser on the skin first!!).
  10. amazing


    Very well priced for such an effective product, will be repurchasing! Product removes all my makeup very well and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry after using
  11. Surprised


    I was super surprised after trying these. I thought that they would be effective but I didn't expect them to be as good as they are. Super impressed. Love that the black covers the makeup.
  12. Amazing


    I am amazed at how good these are! I wear a fairly heavy full face of makeup daily and use this to firstly remove my makeup, then to remove my cleanser, I’ve found since using it my skin isn’t feeling as congested, and afterward when I tone I have barely any makeup/debris coming off. I highly recommend these!
  13. Better than wipes


    Way better and less harsh than using make up wipes and not to mention, so much better for managing waste!
  14. A must have


    Such a great eco-friendly makeup remover. I love how I don't have to use any other product with it and my make up comes right off. So easy to clean as well.
  15. Removes makeup


    I soak these in micellar water and it helps remove makeup well while physically exfoliating my skin. Love how the material is black so it doesn't look so dirty.
  16. these are amazing


    Very well priced for such an effective product, will be repurchasing! They've lasted me ages!
  17. Smart product


    I admit I am not the best at monitoring my contribution to the waste problem but I am making small changes.

    These are a great product. I find them suitable enough for you sensitive skin - I was worried they might be a tag rough but they aren't super soft either.

    I personally find they remove my make-up without much effort and tugging of the skin.

    The only "flaw" is I don't think they wash up that well when you put through the washing machine but it doesn't seem to effect their use - they just don't look as fluffy and soft.
  18. The best!


    Where have I been hiding? Can’t brliebe I’ve been using make up wipes for this long, and I still need to cleanse etc. with this everything is removed in seconds!!! Love it. But really happy I bought the black ones. Life saver
  19. Amazing and eco-friendly


    Love my face halos - one pack will last you for ages (potentially for years!) saving on using makeup wipes. They get rid of my makeup quickly and gently and are super easy to look after.
  20. love this


    Removes make up so well, very nice and gentle! Would recommend to anyone
  21. environmentally friendly and works = great product


    30$ for a pack of 3, I think is such a great price considering how many uses you get with them, compared to the price of some makeup wipes on the market! I love that they are black so they dont stain as much ! I also love that they are so great for the environment and so gentle on the skin!
  22. reducing waste


    These Halo face reusable makeup remover pads are really good for removing makeup and cleaning the face. They are great because they are sustainable and reduce waste. I would recommend investing in these.
  23. Good


    I like using this wet on my face when I am feeling lazy with taking my makeup off with an oil cleanser instead. It does take off most of my makeup so I like that
  24. Game Changer


    Face Halo is super effective at removing makeup. So much easier than face wipes or cotton rounds. I can use my face wash/face masks and use Face Halo to rinse off as well. I don't find them rough, and they have stayed soft even with daily use and washes. I spot wash with my sponge cleanser or gentle soap. This gets all the residue out and then hang to dry. Chuck in wash once a week. I also use them to spot clean my brushes and I've found that really effective too. They are a a tiny bit tuggy on the eye but if you press and hold for a second it all comes off. Even my tubular and waterproof mascaras. Love the black colour, it doesn't show up the foundation!
  25. Eco friendly


    I love my face halos for taking off oil and balm cleansers, removing make up (even waterproof!!) Cleaning makeup off my hands after applying. Plus no need for cotton pads anymore so great for the environment! Win win win win win!
  26. Best face cleaning cloth


    How have I not used this before. So very good. I love how easy they are to clean and how good they work. Fantastic.
  27. Game changer


    I use this as part of a double cleanse routine where I’ll use it to wipe most of my oil cleanser and makeup, and then use my cream cleanser, which is slightly different from how it’s recommended to be used. Super soft, eco-friendly, easy to wash, and not extremely expensive.
  28. Eco-friendly switch


    This does exactly what it says and does it well. I use it to remove make-up before cleansing, and it is very effective and gentle. I no longer use single-use cotton rounds so its also a great switch for the environment.
  29. Eco Friendly & Works Too


    This does exactly what it says it will do and all without harming the environment. Easy to clean and takes makeup off with ease
  30. Game changer


    So good!! I haven’t looked back since trying the original face halo’s and I’m so glad they brought them out in black since the white ones look very dirty even after putting them in the washing machine. These are amazing at taking off makeup and so gentle on the skin. Definitely recommend
  31. Soft and saves time


    I personally hate the texture of makeup wipes and also feel a little guilty using 2-3 wipes every night to get my makeup off. They also seem to irritate my skin a little. This was a gift sent from heaven its sooooo soft and fluffy and with a little water and sometimes ill add cleanser it takes away all my makeup, eye makeup and all.
  32. The best makeup remover


    I absolutely LOVE face halo pro because it removes all of my stubborn makeup even with warm water. The pro is easier to clean than the original face-halo and doesn't stain because it is black. Love that I can pop them in the washing machine once a week.
  33. Welcome to my fave list!


    I purchased these with the intention of being more enviro conscious since I go through a tonne of wipes everyday. What I didn’t consider is by using this product I don’t need to double cleanse to take my make up off, so halving cleanser use as well!
  34. Amazing


    I purchased these because I wanted to become more eco friendly and they are amazing. So easy to use and reuse and they do remove my makeup well!
  35. eco friendly helper


    I was very happy to purchase something that is better for the environment than wipes and reduces the amount of makeup remover products I buy.

    This product is great to start off with removing make up at the end of the day and does most of the work but I follow up by removing eye make up with micellar water and using a small bit of cleanser afterwards to break down the residue (sunscreen) that water can't really break down off my skin.
  36. saves so much money


    love that you can clean and reuse these. they really get in deep and clean out the makeup from your pores. prefer the pro versions as there darker than the white ones so you cant really see stains or anything
  37. great to use with other products


    For me, these don't work well on their own at removing all of my makeup but I absolutely love using them with a micellar water. I also use a cleanser after I've removed my makeup with the face halo. It's a part of my beauty routine that I love and I love that they're more sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  38. Great Alternative for Sensitive Skin


    My sensitive skin can't handle makeup wipes - even sensitive wipes, so these were a great alternative. And helps minimise waste! Rinse off after each use and reuse. Doesn't leave my skin feeling dry and flaky.
  39. Awesome!


    These work so well. So much better for the environment and I always use these!
  40. Great Wipe alternative


    Love using this instead of makeup wipes or cotton pads. I actually don't need any product to remove all my makeup. Have washed and re-used multiple time. Perfect solution for travel when you don't want to bring too many products.
  41. Great, but i will also go in with a micellar wipe right at the end to ensure all the oils and pigment have been stripped.


    I love the black ones more, the perfectionist in me can never get all the brown foundation pigment off of the white face halo's. This pro face halo is a lot more inconspicuous and works the same.
  42. Takes off my makeup easily


    This easily takes off all my makeup at the end of a long day.
  43. Amazing!


    Honestly this is a game changer for me. It removes all of makeup so easily and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or red afterwards like makeup wipes always do. Also love that they are reusable and more environmentally friendly than makeup wipes!
  44. Stop buying micellar water and get Face Halo


    I closely follow a few dermatologists on social media and one thing they all say is how harsh micellar water is for our skin. I use face halo after lathering up my face with the Cerave hydrating cleanser and it takes off everything from my face, even my waterproof mascara that's otherwise quite hard to remove. Does not need any force or scrubbing and saves you so much money in the long term. I love
  45. Worth the money


    Much much better quality than the cheap ones you can buy from department stores. These last so much longer and i found they do a much better job at cleansing the skin. Love that they come in black now!
  46. Changed my whole routine


    Im so glad I purchased these, they have really made my skincare routine so much easier and quicker. I have been using them for 4 months now and they are still in good condition after being used and washed daily.
  47. amazing!!!


    These are so good!! I have sensitive skin and wear a lot of makeup and these are great!!! I use them after i cleanse to make sure I have removed everything from my face! or as a quick clean in the morning with just water!!
  48. a great product!


    ive been using make up wipes for as long as i can remember which is not great for the environment. the face halo is very effective at removing my make up without drying out my skin. all you need is plain water which is another great advantage!! I would recommend to anyone with normal/oily skin as it may dry out your skin and cause it get a tiny bit flaky if you have dry skin.
  49. Great so far


    I’ve been wanting to purchase these for a while now, I am finding them great for removing my make up however I’ve noticed a funny smell when using it the next day ( I am cleaning them after each use).
    I’m now making sure they have the chance to air dry which has helped so far.
  50. Fantastic


    Fantastic product that works with just water and no chemicals
  51. TIme and Money Saver!


    A Hero Face wipe, while helping the environment being re usable, it feels amazing on your skin and so worth the purchase. Have ordered so many for my friends for presents too. I'll never go back to make up wipes.
  52. Great product!


    Love that these are environmentally friendly and reusable! I prefer the original white ones as I like to be able to see how dirty they are. Still really good though
  53. Environmentally friendly


    Trying to make some sustainable swaps and these are a great product to use instead of make up wipes and 100s of cotton pads
  54. Removing makeup is no longer a chore


    I find removing my makeup so annoying and time consuming, especially around the eyes. This product works wonders and is quick to use - a definite must for those who wear makeup daily. They go in with the other washing and come out fresh and ready for use again - no more flannels for me :)
  55. Saves time and money


    These are great for cleaning off heavy makeup.
    My skin feels healthier because there aren’t any harsh chemicals involved in these compared to makeup wipes.
    They’re gentle on the skin and easy to use.
    I am saving so much money compared to when I was buying makeup wipes.
    They clean easily and last for ages.
  56. Great product


    These halo pads do a great job of removing make-up. I find that I still need to cleanse afterwards but will not need to use make-up remover wipes any more.
  57. Hell Yes!


    Anyone that does not have these, is out of their mind. If you wear make-up, its great. No need for harsh products to remove makeup. Literally as it says, just water. and I don't have to scrub at my skin either. So good! And they are reusable. What more can you want?!
  58. Soft on face


    These Halo's really surprised me. I was skeptical at first but have since realized how much of a great product they are. So soft and easy to take off my makeup at night. I also find them great for taking off facials. Easy to hand wash or put in the actual washing machine to clean.
  59. Does what is says!


    I absolutely love this!! it removes everything on my face even liquid lipsticks that do not budge for normal makeup removers. only downside is have to wash it regularly.
  60. Game Changer


    I bought these primarily to use when I’m travelling, but I was so surprised at how well they worked that I now use them nightly. If I’m wearing a full face, I wipe away surface makeup with micellar water, then use one of these to really clean away any remaining makeup and grime. Love!
  61. Works well, great for the environment!


    My main reason for buying these was to reduce my use of makeup wipes and cotton pads and I can definitely do that using these! They have been effective at taking off both daily makeup and heavier makeup after nights out. The only issue I've had is that they can be a bit drying for your skin as they soak up everything so make sure you moisturise afterwards.
  62. not what i expected


    i thought these would be great, saving more money and not using makeup wipes. but i find i still need to use something after ive used these. especially on my eyes. I was told by a friend to try it with warm to hot water, it helped a little more but sure enough id get the toner out with a makeup pad and id still have product on my face and eyelashes after numerous wipe overs and rinses.
    they are great for travelling i must admit but im disappointed they dont take it all of like they state
  63. Good substitute for makeup wipes


    Purchased because I was concerned about how many makeup wipes and cotton rounds I go through. I wasn't quite expecting them to look like a round piece of carpet about the size of my palm and it seemed to take a long time to dry when I washed them before using them. They do a good job at removing makeup and are surprisingly soft. I use a bit of cleanser on them instead of just water alone. I rotate between all three during the week and throw them in the washing machine on the weekend and have been happy with this system so far.
  64. Handy


    Really soft makeup remover. Handy to take on holidays or in my travel bag when im away from home. Gets off all makeup easy. I love that it comes in a 3 pack so that while im using one I can put the other two in the washing machine. I do like that the black doesn't stain but I also really like the white ones because you can see where your makeup is still coming off.
  65. Great and super sustainable!!


    I actually think these do an awesome job at removing makeup, although they can tug the skin a little which can be annoying. They are great for the environment compared to wipes! And $30 is worth it compared to how much money you’d spend overall on one use wipes. Great product, keep up the awesome work!
  66. Great make up remover


    I really like these to get my make up off as my first cleanse. You need to make sure they are wet enough and be gentle and patient with removing your eye make up - it will come off.
  67. Where has this been all my life?!


    Wow! I am ashamed to admit I am lazy when it comes to washing my face before bed! Well the Face Halo has changed that for me! It makes washing my face super easy and leaves my skin feeling buffed and fresh!
  68. Soft on skin


    These are much softer on my skin and doesn't feel as abrasive as a normal face-washer. I have sensitive skin and the face halo removes all my make up, whilst keeping my skin protected and calm. I do need to follow up with eye make up remover, as it's tricky under the eyes, but overall my skin is thanking me for the softness of these Face Halos.
  69. still need makeup remover


    This is useful if you want something with texture to wash your face with, but ultimately on its own won't work - you need eye make up remover for sure.
  70. So easy!!!


    I’ve been using make up wipes and felt bad for all the environmental waste so this product eases my conscience and also makes it SO easy to take my make up off when I get home from.
    Highly recommended
  71. Makes life so much easier


    I use my halo for removing skin care products rather than makeup as I don't wear it and I am so in love, it makes the removal process and items to wash up so much easier. I gave one to my sister and she absolutely loves it, saves her so much time when taking off her makeup.
  72. So Good!


    These are absolutely amazing! They remove even the most stubborn make up. Plus, they are re-usable which is amazing.
  73. Underwhelming


    I purchased these with high hopes, but I was a bit disappointed. I found it was quite difficult to remove my mascara with them
  74. Game Changer, too easy


    I'm really bad at removing my makeup at night, so this is a game changer for me. It literally takes me 5 minutes with no mess and my skin feels really clean and soft afterwards. It also means I have been consistent in using my serums etc in the evening and my skin is 100% better. I still do a double cleanse in the shower in the morning to make sure my skin is fully cleansed before applying makeup again.
  75. Soft material


    Cant live without this now, amazing! The material is so soft on the skin and easily takes off ALL makeup (even eye makeup)
  76. Amazing!


    Couldn't believe how good these would work until I tried them -- so great! Very happy with my purchase. Removed make-up super quick with lovely material.
  77. Great!


    I have been trying to reduce my wastage and love that these are reusable and recyclable so I no longer need to use makeup wipes. I have had no issues removing my makeup with these (still need to remove eyeliner/mascara separately but that's to be expected). The quality feels great also.
  78. Improved!


    I love the original face halo but they stained easily which make these ones such an improvement!
  79. Amazing & Unbelievable


    I was a bit sceptical about the claim that I could remove all make-up with water and the Face Halo pad. First night wet the pad, held over eye area for a few seconds then starting using on my face, turned it over and cleansed eyes - totally removed every bit of foundation, blush, concealer, eye-shadow, mascara, brow powder and lipstick. Absolutely amazing. Highly recommend and will purchase again.
  80. obsessed with these


    I had been using and loving the original face halos for ages then decided to try the pro and I love it. its just as good as the original but I find it a bit thicker and feels more plush like a really lovely towel on my face. face haloes remove all my makeup so gently and quickly and are super easy to clean after each use. each one lasts me probably 9 months or so and they are so environmentally friendly. regular makeup remover wipes that you use once and throw away take over 100 years to degrade but face haloes would probably degrade within a few months so no bad landfill.
  81. Easy, Effective & Environmentally Friendly!


    Love this product- it is so easy to use, doesn't iritate the skin, does a great job and is eco friendly!
  82. Great


    Love this just as much as the white in fact might like this a little more cause it's much easier to clean.
  83. Amazing!


    I love the Face Halo Pro - removes makeup and sunscreen residue so quickly (and is also great to remove and correct part of your makeup if you make a mistake without disturbing the rest of your makeup). I rinse out with a gentle cleanser after each use and pop in the wash about once a week. It's so much quicker than other makeup removal and because you can wash each Face Halo (3 in a pack) 200 times, 1 pack should keep you going for years! Love that it's more environmentally friendly too.
  84. Love this! Removes all my makeup!


    I purchased this without having used the original one so I wasn’t sure what to expect! Well my expectations have definitely been met. It removes all my heavy makeup on the days that I work and makes my job super easy when I don’t want to spend forever in the bathroom struggling to get all my makeup off. Will be a lifelong user of these!
  85. very good


    these are just as nice as the original but i prefer the original so i can see how clean they are actually are make sue i get rid of all exxcess makeup and wash them properly
  86. Better than the original


    These are awesome! Definately easier and better than the original but maybe that's because its harder to see the gunk.
  87. Easy to use and environmentally friendly to boot


    No joke, these work just with water, even full, waterproof foundation and mascara! Plus you are reducing the environmental impact of facewipes and cotton pads! Great invention!
  88. Actually works and great for the environment!


    This product is a win win. It actually gets your make up off with just water! And is great for the environment as you can re-use so many times! Just chuck in the washing machine and you're good to go! I am recommending this to all my friends.
  89. Great Sustainable Removal Option


    Often "pro" versions of product provide nothing different beyond a darker colour to hide more dramatic makeup stains (like red lipstick) - not this one. The Face Halo Pro is thicker, slightly more astringent and firmer than it's original counterparts. I'd definitely recommend the pro version for removing heavier make-up and the original for light daily makeup removal.
  90. Face Halo - where have you been all my life?

    Elle (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I'm always looking for quick and efficient ways to remove my make up. You can imagine my disappointment when my skin became utterly allergic to face wipes. Even after one use, my skin instantly becomes red, irritated and puffy (*insert sad face here).

    Enter Face Halo.

    It's as if the beauty gods answered my prayers. An easy, one-step way to remove my makeup,(even that long-wearing, smokey eye that I occasional sport to the right occasion). It's like a magic wand that purifies my skin in a few simple swipes. I add a little of my favourite Bioderma Sensibio Micelle Solution, and boom, makeup removal has never been so easy!

    Highly recommend adding this treasure to your skincare trove.
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