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Face Halo PRO - 3 Pack 3 pack

4.7 of 257 reviews


4 instalments of $7.50

Or 4 instalments of $7.50 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $7.50

Or 4 instalments of $7.50 with LEARN MORE

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Make light work of heavy makeup with Face Halo PRO. This reusable microfiber pad easily removes makeup with only water, replacing up to 500 traditional makeup wipes.

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SUPERIOR - 95% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Face Halo PRO - 3 Pack Reviews

4.7 of 257 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I love the Face Halos they are able to take off all my makeup so easily! I love the fact that through using these I am helping reduce my waste as they are reusable! I also prefer the black colour as I like to use these to take off my thick facemasks that may have stained the white ones. They last a really long time

Most Helpful Criticism



Initially i loved this product! Removes my make-up with ease and no additional remover needed. However after about a week of use the soft texture you start with when the product is new does not last, which results in the product not working as it should. Washing does not help. Overall the price is quite high for a microfiber you can get for a fraction of the price for a larger reusable makeup removing pad at Kmart.
  1. Love


    I love the Face Halos they are able to take off all my makeup so easily! I love the fact that through using these I am helping reduce my waste as they are reusable! I also prefer the black colour as I like to use these to take off my thick facemasks that may have stained the white ones. They last a really long time
  2. A beauty staple


    verified purchaser
    How did we all live before owning this? Seriously! Gone are the days of panda eyes right down to my jaw trying to take makeup off

    I also find this great for wiping off Aspect Illuminating polish, any clay face mask, and also using to touch up stray mascara left around my eyes after application, especially after sneezing
  3. love love love


    i love the black face halos, im been slowly transitioning to using less single use products and these are great for removing makeup they are gentle on the skin and one face halo is all i need to remove a full face of makeup
  4. The best clean


    I love Face Halo, I used to only own one so would use it for a few days to a week without washing properly (would just hand wash with soap each night). If you are wanting this to properly clean your face then please buy the three pack - use this for two days morning and night MAX, for a clean and bacteria free clean of your face. There is no point cleaning your face with a dirty cloth. Hand washin...
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  5. great and soft


    verified purchaser
    its great to remove makeyp with as a first cleanse, and always follow up with a double cleanse using a cleanser. its really soft and feels great on the skin. removes makeup nicely and i also use it to remove face mask
  6. Great for taking off skincare!


    I have had these for a while and haven’t really worn makeup since then so I can’t speak to their makeup remover qualities but they are perfect for taking off cleanser and masks. They are so incredibly soft and it takes an accidental amount of too much pressure for them to make my skin red like face towels. They’re easy to wash and keep clean too. Just put them in a lingerie bag (or the bag it come...
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  7. innovative and convenient


    lovely and eco friendly way to remove makeup! although i prefer to use a cleansing balm i like to use these for removing arm swatches ☺️ hold up well in the wash
  8. Average


    Initially i loved this product! Removes my make-up with ease and no additional remover needed. However after about a week of use the soft texture you start with when the product is new does not last, which results in the product not working as it should. Washing does not help. Overall the price is quite high for a microfiber you can get for a fraction of the price for a larger reusable makeup remo...
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  9. sustainable and effective


    This takes my makeup off gently and does a good job.
  10. Love these


    These are the best! They are easy to wash and clean! Would definitely buy again and highly recommend
  11. Good


    Like this concept of reusable. Great for saving the environment & gets the job done. Get rid of all my makeup:)
  12. favourite makeup remover


    love how quick these take off my makeup, much better than makeup wipes and any micellar water I've ever used!
  13. Love!


    I've been using these for the past couple months and they do the job but could be better
  14. Amazing


    These are amazing! Takes a few seconds to remove make up, dirt and the days residue off the skin! They are also very easy to clean and take care of
  15. Good to Have But Not Essential


    face halo's are usefull to have but can be a bit tricky to use. they're not super flexible so getting your inner eye area is a bit difficult, and they also tend to pick up glittery partcles from eye shadows and move them around your face.
    im glad that i have them though, they're great for micellar water! You can rinse and dry them on a window sill after use, but make sure you wash them in t...
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  16. Worth buying


    I love that they are black, I have a white one from another brand and I feel like I need to throw it away. I don't know how products can claim to be makeup-removing without any sort of product as I feel it promotes unhealthy skincare habits. I use this to put on and take off facial cleansers. it feels like it is so much better for the skin, and so much more effective, than just hands or a face was...
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  17. Fantastic makeup remover


    This is a truly fantastic makeup remover. You only need water to remove all your makeup. They last forever and are environmentally friendly too.
  18. They take off everything, just add water!


    I was super sceptical of the Instagram adds taking off a full face of make up in a swipe... but they are literally that good! Warm water is all you need. I also use them to take off my face masks, makes life so much easier... no more water all over my top and sink. The black is great, but I have to remember to wash them often as you cant visibly see how dirty they are.
  19. Perfect for heavy makeup.


    These things work! They're SO good at taking off that layer of makeup that you'd normally waste a ton of your cleanser trying to get off (and end up smearing all over your face instead). You still need to cleanse afterwards, but you're really just cleansing the smallest remnants of product off and creating a squeaky clean base for your nighttime routine. Love Face Halo!
  20. Work Perfectly!


    My two daughters and I use these Face Halo's daily! They remove all traces of makeup as a first cleanse with just adding water and then do a second cleanse with face cleanser. Love the black ones as you cant see them getting filthy dirty. Use them every night and then just throw them in the washing machine with the towels. Perfect Makeup Remover!
  21. All you need!


    I love these facepads! Erases makeup super well and i like to add a little bit of micellar water when im removing eye makup so im not rubbing as hard. I had the original face halo but some were pretty badly stained from lipstick and mascara - not a problem with the black ones! they are also softer than the originals
  22. Love a good microfibre!


    This takes off makeup, even lash glue, so gently and quickly, with just water! I simple microfibre is all you need! Having said that, i found them hard to wash and felt they were never truly clean, so you'll have to take care of them.
  23. Skin Care essential


    I love these, I use them every day to remove make up, facemasks and to apply toner. I have to wash them very regularly but they work so well.
  24. Great!

    Sarah P

    Face Halo is so easy to use, I love that you don’t have to use any product besides water. Ive also found its such a good option for lash extensions as you only have to use water and the halo on them.
  25. Probably not worth it.


    I liked this product a lot but I found that they didn't wash well and even after months of use they were still making it hard to cleanse the smaller areas of my face. If they were thinner, softer and more flexible they'd get 5 stars. They clean my face removing most of my makeup and they are machine washable but for $30 they are not a savey product.
  26. So easy!


    These are small enough to carry everywhere, and are a great way for reducing waste from disposable makeup wipes! Really recommend
  27. Love these!


    love these, so much better for the environment than using disposable ones or wipes! took off one star though because i do need to cleanse afterwards to get the last little bit of makeup off but definitely recommend everyone to have some in their bathroom!
  28. Good


    Its good to remove make up but bit mess .. i like my 20 dollar makeup remover face clothes which works same but quit easy to vlean afterwards ... nice product but bit pricey
  29. High quality and good for the environment.


    I absolutely love face halos. They not only remove makeup and cleanse the skin efficiently but they are also great for the environment. I use both the black and the white halos, i mostly use the black to remove makeup as they don't look stained after many uses, while i use the white to cleanse when i don't have makeup on. I have had mine for ages, when cared for properly they last so long.
  30. Cant go wrong


    This is a great product to remove makeup, doesn't have me pulling on my skin and removes everything effectively. Very convenient and easy to use. Will NEVER use damaging makeup wipes again.
  31. amazing


    I am never going back to cotton rounds. What an effective and sustainable way of removing make up.
  32. Looks cool and is cool


    This item is very nice - it removes make up very swiftly and is super easy to clean, just an all around quality item.
  33. LOVE the real technique sponges!


    great cleansing tool! Great for on the go! Been using them for a long time. Love the black ones, as they don't look so dirty and easy to clean
  34. Environmentally Friendly


    I love these! They remove my makeup so easily but so gently. They are easy to clean and so great for the environment. They have now replaces makeup wipes for me forever!
  35. environmentally friendly


    This is very gentle and takes makeup off effectively
  36. Great for foundation


    This product works really well to remove make-up. Even when I wear full coverage foundation, setting powder and a strong setting spray, this product somehow manages to remove it all with only water! My only concern would be that sometimes it is unable to remove my waterproof mascara.
  37. its okay


    I do find these soft, but I don't think it does what it claims to do which is removes all your makeup with just water. What I like to do is by using an oil Cleanser first on my skin and then wet the halo and then go through my skin with it and I find that this does a much better job and I do really like it for this purpose. I just don't find the claim that it can removes all of your makeup with ju...
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  38. very effective


    I think this is a wonderful and environmentally friendly way to remove makeup! Very happy with it!
  39. Sustainable


    Personally I use this product as a reusable wipe but is incredible, so gentle on the skin and much much better than cotton pads highly recommend, this product is so so worth it!
  40. Holy Grail!


    I use these almost everyday to remove my makeup and apply toner. I would definitely use a micellar water or cleanser with it to remove makeup otherwise it doesn't get as much off. It's replaced my cotton pads to apply toner as well. They come out good as new when I chuck it in a wash load, and the environmental impact is amazing.
  41. Face halo


    My favourite for removing makeup or even buffing out tan. The black means that it doesn't stain terribly and the fibres and soft yet exfoliating
  42. Bye Wipe Hello Halo

    Belle With Love

    I use the face halo daily to remove my makeup & my goodness they are so much better for my skin than a wipe. You don't need any product & I love that they are so gentle. I've tried many similar products & the face halo is superior than any other.
  43. Bye Wipes

    Belle With Love

    I use the face halo to remove my makeup daily & my goodness they are so much better for my skin than a wipe,
  44. Love, love, love.


    I own NINE of these sponges (2 packs bought on my own, 1 was a gift) and I do highly rate them, however one reason I took half a star off was that you can buy similar products that are just as effective at a better price but that's not to say these are not AMAZING - the reason I have so many is because I like to use a new cloth daily - it's effective in removing the bulk of make up before I come i...
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  45. Good exfoliator for sensitive skin


    I don't wear much makeup, so can't really tell how well they take off makeup, but I like to use these on my face in the morning instead of cleansing. They are gentle and I feel like they gently exfoliate.
  46. A must have


    Dont know where to start - so effective at removing all makeup, great for applying cleansers and washing your face, eco friendly, soft on skin, provides gentle exfoliation, great for redness prone skin, last forever, easy to wash.

    Do yourself a favor though and definitely get the black - the white version can get a bit discoloured over time and look icky - probably come good with some...
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  47. The best for you and the enviroment!


    These are great! I have every set of these now. Love them. I use it everyday to remove my cleanser and my makeup or even a face mask. And they are the best! I gift these to everyone because i love them so much! And they are great for eyelash extensions too! Super soft and luxe!
  48. Love Love Love!


    So happy I bought this product (and colour too). Removed my lipstick and waterproof mascara without product. I did have to scrub my eyes a little firmer for the mascara to come off but surprised it worked at all really.
  49. lifesaver


    there is nothing that I dread more than taking off my makeup. its a dread that is enough to deter me from wearing it at all. Facehalo really changed the game. Gone are the days of blinding yourself by splashing water in your face while its pouring down your sleeve and more ends up on the floor than your face. FaceHalo replaces those pesky cotton pads that you would need 50 of to just take off half...
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  50. Love the sustainable aspect


    Despite all of the positive reviews, I was dubious prior to buying this. I was thoroughly impressed though - it took my makeup off with ease and makes my skin feel clean.
    A quick note, be careful of the amount of pressure you use- I had a couple of whiteheads and I accidentally popped them whilst using Face Halo.
  51. Does what it says


    Removes makeup wonderfully. I personally only use it for eye makeup as I don't care for the texture of it on my face.
  52. Green alternative to makeup wipes


    These reusable makeup pads should be in everyone's makeup kit. They're a great replacement for damaging single use makeup removers and since they come in black they don't get stained with makeup. Makeup comes off really easily with these and would recommend them to everyone
  53. Every day product


    My friends put me on this after letting me know that I shouldn’t use face wipes everyday, I’m so glad i did, im saving money and the environment
  54. Love!


    I have been using these every morning, instead of using a cleanser and find it super quick and easy to cleanse. I was them after every use and just alternate between the 3 in the packet.
    Such a great little investment!
  55. Amazing!


    I brought these as a bit of a splurge and there's no buyers regret here! They're really good quality and give my face an excellent clean. No more buying single use corten wipes. I chuck them in the wash with my towels and they come out good as new! Highly recommend.
  56. Great for the lazy gal


    I actually hate getting my face wet and washing my face. Face Hero has been a gamechanger. It's so easy and you don't even need any cleansing product. I used to swear by wipes and cotton pads with bioderma, but this is even faster, effective and more environmentally friendly. Also super handy for a weekend away. Love that they come in a pack of three, which I rotate and pop in the wash every week....
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  57. Sustainable


    I like these for their environmental benefits, they’re less wasteful. However, it just doesn’t do the full job from a skincare perspective. It’s a good starting point to wipe away makeup but the pad gets fully dirty quickly and it just doesn’t take everything away. I always have to go over it with micellar water and a cleanser, so it doesn’t save me any time. The black ones look nicer than the whi...
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  58. RATE!


    I loveeee these so much! So easy to remove make up and I also use them to apply my toner at the end of the day as well. I purchased the black ones so that they didn't discolour and they are so easy to clean. Also a more eco-friendly alternative to cotton wipes!
  59. LOVE!


    I have used other brands and they are ok but these are next level. I have been using them for ages and finally bought some more and they just don't disappoint! The only thing I can't stand is the little tag but honestly, it's not worth complaining about. Definitely recommend!
  60. Soft and gentle


    Pretty basic concept but fantastic results. I use to wash off my make up and my cleanser, soft and removes basically everything in one swipe or circular motion. Easy upkeep and smaller than a facewasher for better storage.
  61. Not that great


    I bought these because everyone I knew raved about them and said they were great + I wanted to minimize my waste as I used to use makeup wipes every day.
    These are okay for getting foundation off with a little water, however I find they're not soft enough/flexible enough to get into my eye area and I found that they left a strange residue on my skin which I don't like.

    I'll be...
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  62. eco-friendly


    A good alternative to make up wipes/pads, it's very gentle on the skin yet takes all your make up off very easy to use


    These are the absolute best! They remove my eye make up so easily with only a bit of water! I also use it to apply cleanser to my face. They're super gentle and reusable which it great for the environment not having to constantly use disposable wipes. Plus they're owned by Chloe morello who i love ! Every girl seriously needs these!
  64. Face halo


    Love that these are black unlike the originals so they don't show up makeup stains. I love that these are gentle but still able to get my eye makeup off.
  65. So soft on my face


    This is the second time I've purchased face halo. I bought one a few weeks ago to see if I liked them after seeing the hype online - and I loved it. I use them to remove my cleanser (not just use with water to take my makeup off like they recommend). Oh my goodness, it feels so soft on my face and removes the cleanser without being rough on my skin like my old face washers can be
  66. much better than the white ones


    I much prefer these black Face Halo's to the original white ones. I find they are 'fluffier' and have more of a buffing effect.

    Further, they don't look as dirty as the white ones with time (which stain, no matter how many times you wash it). I still do discard the black Face Halo every month to two months, as I do not like to use it repeatedly for hygienic reasons.

    A m...
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  67. Effective and environmentally friendly


    If you don’t have a 2020 resolution, may I suggest no more cleansing wipes and making sure to properly cleanse your face at night?

    I love my face halos. I use them at night to remove my oil cleanser and I use them in the morning in the shower with just water for a gentle wipe.

    I throw them in the wash once or twice a week and In the dryer and they come up like new every t...
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  68. Soft


    This takes my makeup off really well. It is also easy to use and gentle when I am tired late at night
  69. Great!!


    I recently purchased this for the first time, and I now use this every morning (instead of my face cleanser), and I love it! Also so great for removing makeup with having to rub your skin too much.
  70. Super handy


    I usually double cleanse with a balm but these are great to have on hand for those nights when I'm feeling really lazy. Also great for taking off face masks. So easy to use and worth it in the long run as I won't have to purchase makeup wipes ever again!
  71. My skin's best friend


    LOVE these. My sensitive skin loves them, my bank account loves them. I like to think of them as those Enyo cleaning wipes that were big a few years back, but for your face. As someone who is (or at least likes to try to be) mindful of sustainability and waste, the reusable option obviously ticked a lot of boxes. As someone who travels a lot, that also ticks a lot of boxes. But mostly.. THEY WORK...
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  72. Difficult to use and smells


    I have bought 2 packets of the 3 pack as I thought the first pack I bought was faulty. All 3 started to smell after using them for a while, even after ensuring they're drying in a well-ventilated area. It was OK at removing my makeup although I found I had to rub with quite a lot of pressure to get my mascara off.
  73. Best Face Cleaner


    If you have not used Face Halo you are missing out. I have been using Face Halo since they launched and I honestly think they are the best natural product to remove all your make up and dirt within seconds.
    So easy to use and to clean I stock up on these all the time, I just love them.
  74. great face tool


    this is really great to remove makeup at the end of the day, i like to use a oil cleanser to melt off my makeup first then i go over with the face halo, this really helps to remove any excess products. i also use thos to remove any face mask as it does such a good job ratrher than keep splashing my face with water for ages.
    If anyone has eyelash extenstion this is so so great as you can go ...
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  75. A Great Alternative to Facial Wipes & Cotton Pads


    Who would have thought that just water and a microfibre product would be enough to remove even the heaviest of makeup? The Face Halo is super effective and gentle at removing my eye makeup. I would go so far as to say that it is better than makeup removing wipes and micellar water. And best of all, I love that I am reducing my impact on the environment by not having to use wipes that aren't biodeg...
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  76. Love my face halo


    I have been using the face halo's ever since they came out and I cannot remove my makeup without them. I love that they came out in a black version too!
  77. Removes make up


    this does remove your make up and is a great alternative to single use wipes. I would still go over with a face wash to make sure all make up is off.
  78. Love


    Absolutely in love with Face halo! At first I thought they seemed pricey for what they are, but now that I actually have them I would never go back. You save so much money not having to buy packs upon packs of makeup wipes or cotton pads/micellar water, so in my opinion it's definitely worth the investment. They are super easy to clean, not to mention so much better for the environment!
  79. Environmental friendly


    Such a brilliant purchase! Very environmental friendly product, great size great price, definitely keeping buying them !
  80. Amazing product


    This is a really great product. Gets all your makeup off, leaving your face totally clean. I usually cleanse afterwards but you could definitely get away with using it on its own (I do when I'm feeling lazy). It's great not having to buy makeup remover, and these last ages. Only downside is they can get a bit of a damp smell because they're a little hard to dry out. But I just make sure I use them...
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  81. Saves so many wipes!


    I wasn’t sure about this as I am heavily reliant on wipes however any toner and one of these takes everything off. I wash mine in a delicates bag and they dry so quick. Love these.
  82. Zero Waste Alternative to Traditional Makeup Removal


    I LOVE the concept of these pads that they are able to take my makeup off without having to use 10 cotton pads and micellar water, and they would probably work well for someone who wears minimal makeup. However, for more glam looks they don't cut it. I don't use these at all for my eyes because it would be far too much rubbing for my skin, but to get the bulk of my makeup removed before I go in wi...
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  83. Best thing since sliced bread


    I've used and loved the white ones before but they can get quite dirty very quickly (esp as i wear full coverage makeup).
    I use this in the shower and it gently and easily removes all my face and eye makeup with no need for pesky oils. I finish off with a gentle cleanser and voila.
    Helps keep my skin clean and prevent breakouts
  84. Squeeky Clean


    Love this product my skin feels squeeky clean after, removes makeup easily. I just pop these in the washing machine and reuse. Excellent product, excellent quality
  85. Surprising results


    I was skeptical of how well the face halo would work with just water, but it constantly amazes me how it so easily leaves my skin free from makeup after each day. I started with the white ones, but much prefer the black as my mascara would leave marks and look dirty no matter how well I washed them. I prefer to use warm water or use them whilst I shower. So easy and much more environmentally frien...
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  86. amazing


    great for the environment, gentle on my sensitive skin and amazing to remove even stubborn eye makeup
  87. Worked wonders


    Such a simple product to use. I didn’t think it would work as well as it did and thought it would create a mess while cleaning my face. The pad itself holds a decent amount of water without dripping everywhere. It really broke down the makeup on my face and completely removed it (including mascara) after going over my face twice with it. It was very quick and you don’t need any face wash on it. It...
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  88. #1


    Can’t fault these. I use for makeup removal, face mask removal and even eyelash and eyebrow tint removal.
  89. Love this so much!


    I love how this cleans makeup really well!
  90. Love these face halo's


    The face halo are so so great! They remove makeup so well and I really like how sustainable they are and so easy to clean. They remove makeup so well! Black is also so great because they stay looking quite clean
  91. Waste Not


    I was looking for a less wasteful alternative to my cotton throw away makeup remover wipes, and these are fantastic! Rotate the three so the other one can dry completely. Removes makeup gently and less waste. win win!
  92. Nice and sustainable..


    I purchased these on a whim, and have been pretty impressed with the performance of the pads. They remove makeup well, and can be washed pretty easily. I like the black colour, as it fares better than the white long term, but it is a little hard to see what is coming off. I can't really fault this product, but I've given it four stars as there are similar products which offer better value for mone...
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  93. Love it!


    Such a great reusable product. I double cleanse and I find that this is great for taking off most of my make up before I double cleanse and when I'm done my face is super clean.
  94. Game Changer!


    Can’t get enough of face halo ! Makes my face feel so clean whether it’s after a full day of make up or a sweaty gym session ! Environmentally friendly and no harsh chemicals !
  95. Makeup off in minutes


    Actual time saver! I love how simple these are and that all is needed is water. You dont have to rub too hard to get eye make up off and they last a good 3-4 months! They make late nights easy when coming home and not having to use heaps of wipes to remove makeup is such a bonus. Love, love, love and will be repurchasing
  96. Love the face halo!


    I love my face halo and have been using them for about a year now! I love the new black ones, they don't look as dirty at the white ones so I love that
  97. So far so good

    Face halo reusable wipes

    I purchased these to try and eliminate the disposable wipes I had been using and have been impressed so far. With just water they do manage to lift a fair amount of makeup. I find that I still need to wash my face properly afterwards, but it certainly does a good job in removing most of the surface layer of makeup.
  98. Great for removing makeup


    I already own the white version & these are great for removing makeup. They are a bit difficult to dry so I wouldn't recommend them when travelling.
  99. Super handy makeup remover


    They are a little expensive but definitely happy with the face halo's. They really do help remove makeup! As others have mentioned they do take a little to dry, so worth rotating the three. Eye makeup still needs help but that is expected when only using water. I tend to use a combination of washing my face with cleanser and the face halo and have lovely clean skin at the end without exhaustive wi...
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