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Eye Of Horus Dual Brow Perfect 2g + 2.5ml

4.6 of 61 reviews


4 instalments of $9.75

Or 4 instalments of $9.75 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $9.75

Or 4 instalments of $9.75 with LEARN MORE

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Eye Of Horus Dual Brow Perfect is a 2-in -1 product to tame and define your brows. Dual Brow Perfect is known for its angled chiseled wax stick to provide an instant sharp blunt brow shape with the boldest of colour and the gel Mascara grooms brow hair in place.

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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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Eye Of Horus Dual Brow Perfect Reviews

4.6 of 61 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

great eyebrow pencil


so great !! the colour suits my hair colour (ash blonde) great and is able to build on as much as needed if i did want darker brows
very natural results which i love!!!

Most Helpful Criticism



Easy to use and good colour match but it's a generic brow pencil that is overpriced. There are brow pencils from affordable brands which give similar results.
  1. Good colour match


    Easy to use, goes on smoothly, good colour match for dark brows. Loved the stay-in-place gel but got used up alot faster than the brow pencil.
  2. great eyebrow pencil


    so great !! the colour suits my hair colour (ash blonde) great and is able to build on as much as needed if i did want darker brows
    very natural results which i love!!!
  3. Cherry on top


    The sculpturing pencil is easy to use, you can create a natural feathery look or build up the brow for a more dramatic look. The gel mascara part keeps it in place and stays on throughout the day.
    Truely defines my eyes and gives me a youthful appearance. Winning!
  4. Great but wasteful


    verified purchaser
    I love how this applies. It looks amazing on my brows, and the gel keeps my brows in place all day. However, it just keep breaking, little bits flaked off every time I used it which meant so much was wasted and it didn't last long. I won't repurchase
  5. love this product


    verified purchaser
    love this product and the face that two different textures are offered - can really do a light subtle layer or can build up for bolder brows. Great formula
  6. makes my brows look amazing


    lve how it is not too pigmented and the colour matches perfectly to my brows. i get so many compliments when i use this product
  7. Easy and natural look


    verified purchaser
    This product is so easy to use, especially with the gel. It give you a nice natural colour and the gel holds the brows in place. I found a little brush through helps as well.
  8. so-so


    Easy to use and good colour match but it's a generic brow pencil that is overpriced. There are brow pencils from affordable brands which give similar results.
  9. Not bad


    Not a bad product and it is smudge proof but there are better products out there.
  10. I might have found my brow solution


    verified purchaser
    I dont know how it does it, the pencil gives a perfect fill giving the natural look (no redness) and gel keeps all in place... if you have unruly yet scattered brows, you will enjoy this product.
    And i love it is all in one, easy for travel.
    Highly recommend it
  11. It’s ok


    The product itself is a nice formula, I just found it wasn’t light enough for me (I’m blonde) and there are only 3 shade options too.
    The brush in the gel section is slightly too big, I like a much smaller brush so the product doesn’t go around my brows when applying it.
  12. Beautiful, natural brows


    This is such a great brow product! I have fine, blonde brows, and it’s the perfect product for enhancing and sculpting them whilst maintaining a natural look. I find other brow products super intense, and I love how this one can be used to create the look I want - natural or more bold and enhanced brows. The contour pencil is so easy to use to maintain the brow shape, and the gel isn’t gluggy or t...
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  13. Game changer


    This product is amazing! Such a good price and my brows sit in place allllll day!
  14. Great two in one!


    Bought this on a whim and was super worried about the Husk ash/blonde colour being too light, but it’s the perfect colour for my fair complexion and hair. The colour is neutral and doesn’t throw any warm shades which usually make brow pencil very obvious - it is virtually undetectable. The accompanying gel is super strong hold too - literally holidays all day and into the night!
  15. great brow product


    Great product! I love that it has the brow pencil and the gel. Perfect for my dark brows and really convent
  16. High quality brow product


    I've been looking for the right brow product for a while and this one is the best so far. It is so easy to apply and blends well into your eyebrow. I purchased it with the brow define pencil and would recommend getting both to really define the brow, particularly if you are looking to fill gaps and lengthen the brow like I did!
  17. Best brow product I’ve used


    I absolutely love this product. I’ve tried lots of different brow products at different price points, and this is by far my favourite ever.
    It makes my patchy brows look full and lasts all day. Love the combo of the crayon and the gel.
  18. Great, zero transfer onto lids!


    I love a mascara more on the bold side like bad girl bang by benefit but I found it was constantly transferring to my lids/brow bone after a few hours as I can be quite oily.
    After applied, this mascara dries down completely while still giving me nice, bold and lifted lashes!
    Another thing I love about it is how easy it washes off just with cleanser and water. There's no such thing as...
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  19. Great value


    Tried so many brow products now and always come back to this one. It’s a great size and apples seamlessly!
  20. Good Find!


    I was looking for a brow pencil that wasnt going to cost me an arm and a leg. This was a goody! I really love the clear gel that comes with it, game changer.
  21. Great duo


    This is a great product, I love both the pencil and the gel. My tip would be to wipe, wipe (and wipe again!) excess gel from the applicator back into the bottle before applying, as you really don't need much. Will repurchase.
  22. Pretty Brows


    This really is brow perfect, the colour was perfect for my brows and has given me ease of enhancing and giving the illusion they are somewhat thicker than they actually are
  23. Perfect pair


    I have been using this brow product for a while and was devo when I ran out of the gel before the pencil, it makes all of the difference. I just re ordered Nile as I’ve dyed my hair darker. I wish the gel side had more product or if you could buy it seperate, it’s slightly tinted and not clear.
  24. Effortless brows


    The easiest brow duo I have ever used. So easy to build bushy brows or keep it simple. Will repurchase again and again.
  25. Perfect product


    I love this brow product, it lasts all day and can create those brushstrokes or a more fuller coloured in brow. I get compliments all the time about how good my brows look
  26. An excellent Brow Product


    For starters, it's well priced for a brow product, which is great. The colour range is good, and it holds brows in place for a sustained period of time without having to do too many touch-ups.
  27. keeps it simple


    This is an easy one to throw on in the spur of a moment or when you are meeting people first thing in the morning and dont want to wear makeup or you'd like to just keep the brows in place at the gym. Also so helpful when you want to put them up place before a brow mascara etc..
  28. Maybe not for beginners


    Im not that great with eyebrow products i will admit.
    I am used to a powder so this is a bit harder to get a natural look but i do like the spoolie end with clear product to shape your brows.

    This product is not that long lasting either so i do carry it around for touch ups. It can rub together a bit and collect at the base of hair but again maybe thats my newbieskills.
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  29. For full brows


    Easy to use and dries pretty quick, this really helps me to get full brows, if I'm going for that look.
  30. Excellent hold & colour


    I love the colour of this product, perfect for a natural yet defined look. The hold of the brow gel is phenomenal - personally a little too much for day to day wear but for going out every brow hair stays in place!
  31. love


    I love this product!! It makes my brows sit in place all day! Soo good !
  32. Dupe for Smashbox Brow Tech To Go


    My favourite eyebrow product ran out and I didn't want to spend $40+ on it again so decided to try this product. The Dynasty shade is pretty much the same as the Brunette shade in Smashbox Brow Tech To Go. Same performance. The bristles on the wand are a little bit further apart than the Smashbox one so I find I have to run my finger over my brows after applying the gel. Really great product!
  33. Amazing product


    Defines brows easily, excellent for a rookie at makeup like me!
  34. Great Colour Match!


    This matched my eyebrows perfectly, I have dark blond hair with slightly darker eyebrows so it's hard to find an eyebrow colour that is dark blond but not a brown, (which sometimes makes my brows look too overdrawn). The gel also worked really well (it's not coloured, which I though it was when I purchased it) but it works really well to hold it all in place without making my eyebrows super stiff....
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  35. Eyebrow pencil


    I absolutely love this product because it is so easy to apply
  36. Eyebrow pencil


    I absolutely love this product because it is so easy to apply
  37. Perfect brows


    I have been searching and spending for so long and finally I have found the PERFECT product! I absolutely love this! Doesn’t need a lot to create that definition and the gel doesn’t make the brow go hard but keeps them in place. LOVE LOVE LOVE
  38. Good Value


    I have very patchy eyebrows as I overpluck them due to hairs which grow directly downwards. The colour is not as opaque as I would like and the pencil has broken within a few uses, but overall it applies very easily and the final look is good. As I have patches I need to fill these areas in with another darker pencil but for others, I'm sure this duo would be perfect. I would still consider buying...
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  39. Nice and easy to use,


    This was my first real eyebrow specific product and I was excited to try it out!

    The pencil end was easy to use and shape my brows and the gel brush did a great job of keeping them in place.

    After a while the pencil part became gritty and less smooth to use and the first few uses with the brush end had far too much product on and they felt a little too gelled down!
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  40. Miracle Product


    My eyebrows were badly damaged due to laser treatment and other brow products won't stay because my skin is also very oily. I found this product to be long lasting and richly pigmented. a hand bag must have.
  41. Like it


    It's my first ever brow product - don't really know how it compares with other products but so far it seems to be fairly easy to use for a newbie to make up - easy to apply and fill in my brows. Small tube/stick but seems like it will last for a while! Not to fund of the wand on the other end as it didn't do much for me.
  42. ULTIMATE brow product


    This is the ULTIMATE brow product. It delivers on price, performance and quality.
    I have blonde, ashy hair - the husk (ash blonde) colour is the perfect match for my complexion, without being too dark or too light.
    I have in the past found it really difficult to find a brow product which delivers on both ends - not only is the colour of the pencil perfect but the brow gel is amazing a...
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  43. Easy Product


    Good eyebrow pencil, gel will keep your brows in place all day.
  44. rubbish


    I ordered this product - it was really dry - the product actually gel out of the tube when I opened it and when I tested the broken part it was dry and really poor pigment - won't waste my money again and you get MINIMAL PRODUCT
  45. One of the best brow pencils!


    Effortlessly fills in my brows with only one or two strokes. It's similar to Benefits goof proof in its shape and application, but is much more affordable. Plus it comes with a mini mascara on the other end! Very happy, will be purchasing it again!
  46. love a 2 in 1!


    the gel is the highlight for me here, not too shiny, not too crispy, and it adds a hint of extra colour. the pencil isn't my cup of tea. probably great for someone who already has plenty of hairs, or wants a structured brow. but unfortunately i can't create the fluffy brows of my dreams with this.
  47. Great brow pencil


    Really like this brow enhancer! Love the fact that it’s two in one with the pencil and the gel. The pencil is the perfect consistency and doesn’t create a heavy, unnatural colour like so many pencils seem to. The gel applies very wet but once you get the hang of how to use it it’s great as it keep unruly hairs in place all day long. I would buy this again and recommend it to everyone!
  48. Perfect brows with ease? Yes please!


    I have tried a lot of eyebrow products over the years (from powders, to pomades and pencils) searching for a product that will help me get flawless brows without too much time or effort. I decided to give this pencil a try after reading many positive reviews, and they were all spot on. This is the best brow product I have ever owned!

    The consistency of the pencil is not too hard but n...
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  49. Handbag Musthave


    I love this product for keeping in my band bag for any touch ups. The gel/brush side keeps all hairs in place all day (even during surgery) and the colour side naturally fills in the brows. It's slim and light enough to keep on you at all times.
  50. I LOVE THIS!


    Really easy to use and looks great for filling in my brows. I have patches from a bad waxing job a few years ago and you can hardly tell with this product! The gel is really good too.
  51. Works wonders!


    I've just started using this dual brow pencil and gel and it works wonders on my brows - the pencil is shaped nicely, glides on perfectly, the gel on the other hand contains a hint of colour and keeps my thick brows tamed. Love it!
  52. Love it!


    As a serial eyebrow pencil user, I was skeptical about this product. Boy is this a game changer! The shape of the crayon is hard to get use to at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's awesome! Love the brow gel and the fact that this is a 2 n 1, perfect for girls who don't have huge makeup bags!
  53. Good, easy brow product


    This is a dual product that really helps to save time. On one side you have the retractable brow crayon, and while the triangular shape is not my favourite for doing my brows, the consistency is good, not too soft or too hard. It enables you to fill in patchy areas with the thicker section and define with the thinner side. What I find though is it doesn't give me as defined a look as you can get w...
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  54. Quick and easy polished brows


    Love this product from Eye of Horus! I have this in Nile and was a bit worried it'd be a red brown but it's the perfect cool brown which my brows look natural with my dark hair.
    Easy to use with the angled brush. The formula is buildable, which I like, so I can go dramatic for evenings or a little lighter for daytime whilst still filling in the sparse areas. The gel spoolie helps define the ...
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  55. SO easy to use!

    Shannon (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Ever since big brows have been in, I've been erring more towards buying products that make my mornings quick and easy. I really like using things that allow for precision - which this does anyway - but what I really want is something that just gets the job done asap.

    The angled, waxy crayon allows you to fill in your brows quickly and easily, and is a good size is you have any larger ...
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  56. Goof proof


    Love this product, it’s a quick and easy way to fill in your brows, leaving you with a natural polished look that lasts all day. The colour dynasty is a good match for my dark blonde brows. Much easier to use than other pencils or pomade products.
  57. Totally in LOVE


    This dual brow define perfect is the bees knees.
    It is my favourite EOH product. My brows are quite light and patchy so this product is perfect to help me achieve very natural looking brows. If you haven't tried this particular product do yourself a favour and try this product! I always keep one in reserve as I can not live without it!
  58. Amazing brows


    I don't usually write reviews but this product has made such an impression on me I just had to tell everyone about it. I'm not a person who wears make up everyday but when I do this is used without failure. I just love the colour range and how it improves my look. I feel much better when I use it. I'm addicted. Thanks so much Eye of Horus I'm just in love with the incredible product.
  59. 100% in love with this product


    I would not leave the house without doing my eyebrows with the Dual Brown Perfect. Easy to use and makes your brows look thick and amazing, helps with the shape and saves me paying to get them tinted. I get so many compliments about my brows I now give this product to my friends and sisters for birthday presents.
  60. The perfect duo


    I absolutely love this dual brow product. As a blonde, the crayon adds the perfect bit of extra colour which blends to look completely natural. Using the mascara end to complete the look is the perfect way to keep my eyebrows on fleek all day long. LOVE!
  61. Eyebrow of Horus


    Woweee! My eye brows have been on fleek lately - thanks to this fantastic product. It glides through my brows without any issues, the pigment is popping and no need for a sharpener!
    On the other end, it has a clear brow - which is perfect for anyone with unruly brows. I honestly, don't think I'll be using any other brow product, anytime soon!
  62. Best Duo Brow in the market


    I have tried alot of brow products lately and this one is the winner!
    I have ashy brown brows with they are a bit patchy in places.
    The crayon formula is different - it has moringa oil in it which means it is very soft, gives a natural soft shine like your hair has.
    The correct is perfect and has a great shade range.
    The other end which is a mascara keeps the brows in place...
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