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If no nonsense hair care is what you’re after, then look no further than evo, the hair care experts who simply create effective and accessible products without marketing gimmicks and impossible claims. Featuring an extensive range of hair care products for a variety of hair types and hair concerns, evo have an array of products developed specifically for boosting volume in lacklustre locks. With every step covered from washing to styling to refreshing, evo will transform your limp and lifeless tresses into a big and bouncy ‘do enviable of many.


Start your hair care routine with the evo gluttony shampoo and bride of gluttony conditioner. Whilst a heavy washing routine will weigh down fine and thin hair, this powerful duo will not only lock in body to keep hair feeling light but will actively boost each hair cuticle with protein and film formers for volumised hair from the get-go. Providing protection against environmental aggressors, the shampoo and conditioner will also help to strengthen weak hair which is prone to breakage.


For extra body and lift, we recommend spritzing the evo root canal base support spray onto your wet or damp locks to boost volume at the roots and increase hair texture. Alternatively, try the evo shape vixen volumising lotion, a weightless lotion which locks lift in throughout the day and makes hair easier to manage and style.


Evo offer various styling aids to finish off the look and refresh your tresses throughout the day. The evo haze styling powder is a lightweight invisible powder which adds instant volume and texture to hair with a gorgeous mattified finish, perfect for oily scalps. For the ultimate pick-me-up throughout the day, we recommend the evo water killer dry shampoo which will manage oil production and keep hair looking clean and fresh.

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Recent reviews on Volume products

evo water killer dry shampoo 200mlevo water killer dry shampoo 200ml
evo water killer dry shampoo 200ml

Helped my hair health a lot

This has helped my hair be much healthier as I haven’t been needing to wash it nearly as much! Really loving this!
evo haze styling powder pump 50mlevo haze styling powder pump 50ml
evo haze styling powder pump 50ml

Extends the time between washes

I have recently started using the Evo Haze styling powder on my long, thick hair, particularly concentrating on the roots, in order to extend the time between washes and maintain volume. I usually apply a small amount after blow drying. I have been pleased with the results and in combination with Evo water killer, I’ve managed to extend the time between washes to 5 days, while still keeping my hair looking fresh. This is one of my favourite Evo products.
evo tyler boar bristle teasing brushevo tyler boar bristle teasing brush
evo tyler boar bristle teasing brush

Works great

Really love this brush for teasing my hair close to the hair line. Works great with my fine hair. Would recommend
evo gluttony volume shampoo 300mlevo gluttony volume shampoo 300ml
evo gluttony volume shampoo 300ml

A little drying, but definitely thickening

My hair was visibly thicker after using this shampoo for a week and a half. I think my hair may have gotten a little dryer on the ends as the bride of gluttony conditioner doesn't seem to provide as much mosturisation (I assume to avoid weighing down hair). It was also a little fluffier than usual, but not frizzy which I can definitely appreciate. The ingredients list is a plus! Definitely give it a go if you're in the market for something new!