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evo the therapist hydrating shampoo 300ml

4.2 of 91 reviews


4 instalments of $8.50

Or 4 instalments of $8.50 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $8.50

Or 4 instalments of $8.50 with LEARN MORE

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a moisturising shampoo to gently cleanse, repair and hydrate colour damaged, dry, coarse, frizzy hair.
  • Cruelty Free

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GREAT - 70% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Breakage and split ends
  • Colour protection
  • Frizzy hair
  • Flaky scalp
  • Product buildup

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Medium
  • Coarse

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evo the therapist hydrating shampoo Reviews

4.2 of 91 reviews

70% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

The cure to revive lockdown hair


During the COVID lockdown in Melbourne, with Zoom calls as my only point of interaction with others, I was not taking care of my hair as well as I should have. Long overdue (8 months to be exact!) for a haircut, my hairdresser tried EVO'S The Therapist on me. Normally my hair tends to get oily on the second day, however, even with exercise everyday making my scalp sweaty, my hair doesn't really get greasy until the third (sometimes even the fourth) day after using EVO. This is probably because it's helped to remove and cleanse some of the product build-ups from the cheaper supermarket brands which I was using in lockdown. Since I have long hair this is a major morning time saver! In combination with the conditioner, there's a genuinely healthier shine and softness to my hair. The smell is light and not overpowering and the bottle looks pretty cute on the shower shelf. While the price may put you off at first, you actually don't need much of the product. I have long, thick hair (almost touching my waist), however, I only need about a teaspoon of both the shampoo and conditioner to get the desired effect. So you can actually make it last quite a while. I also recommend a few drops of Olaplex's NO.7 after using this for extra shine ;)

Most Helpful Criticism

Nothing special


This shampoo is nothing special, has a weird smell as does the matching conditioner. I wouldn't repurchase as there are better on the market.
  1. Odd smell


    Overall I enjoyed this product. I have pretty dry and frizzy hair and this shampoo along with the conditioner helped hydrate my hair. It felt smoother when it dried and it was easier to run a brush through it. I took off a star because of the smell. I don't find it too overpowering, it's just a very odd smell that does stay in your hair for a few days after washing.
  2. Effective product


    This is a really moisturising shampoo which does perform as promised. However I gave this 2 stars because the smell is so overpowering. The strong perfume of this product would prevent me from using it again. A shame as otherwise it is a good product which delivers on its claims.
  3. Good


    Evo hair products have saved my hair! It’s gone from being a dry frizzy mess to actually manageable and now when I style it it actually looks healthy! Personally I found the repair shampoo and conditioner to work much better for me but this product was still good!
  4. The cure to revive lockdown hair


    During the COVID lockdown in Melbourne, with Zoom calls as my only point of interaction with others, I was not taking care of my hair as well as I should have. Long overdue (8 months to be exact!) for a haircut, my hairdresser tried EVO'S The Therapist on me. Normally my hair tends to get oily on the second day, however, even with exercise everyday making my scalp sweaty, my hair doesn't really ge...
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  5. Moisturising


    please get this back in stock. My scalp has been suffering since having my hair bleached. My hair has coped fine but not my scalp. I've had to give up on using blonde shampoo or conditioner until my scalp feels better. This shampoo is so moisturising and has stopped my scalp feeling so dry and itchy. I have fine long hair and it is smoothing and not heavy. It smells nice too. I use it in conjunct...
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  6. Really liked it


    I bought the pack containing the shampoo, conditioner and brush. I have previously been using Eleven and Kevin Murphy shampoo and conditioners. I really liked the shampoo, while you had to use a little more product than you would the KM, it had a pleasant scent, an adequate lather and left my hair clean. I would repurchase
  7. Curly hair must!


    Best shampoo I’ve ever used!! I have naturally super curly hair that I’ve had multiple keratin treatments on & this shampoo definitely does the job without drying out my ends. Smells great too. Will definitely be purchasing again.
  8. Excellent clean without stripping my hair


    I just keep coming back to this one. It cleans really nicely without stripping my hair. I've had success with it when I've washed my hair every day but also when I've gotten down to once a week. I've got fine blonde long hair and often end up with flat or limp hair. Not the case! I've come back to it after trying other fancier products and am really happy. It also stacks up price wise with other s...
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  9. Beautiful salon quality shampoo


    Love this! Bought on recommendation from my hairdresser. It’s a great all round. I wash my hair once a week and double shampoo each time. It feels beautifully nourished and cleaned everytime!
  10. Great shampoo with all the good stuff

    Lisa G

    I love this shampoo and it pairs great with the conditioner. I wish the nozzle was the same as on the conditioner bottle however the product is not too harsh on my hair and gives it a great feel.
  11. Average


    Its ok, however I did not finding it hydrating at all as it claimed it was.
  12. Best shampoo ever


    I have used this shampoo for over a year now and my hair has never been better. It makes my hair feeling soft, shiny and less frizzy. I highly recommended this product if you have thin, straight, coloured hair like me.
  13. Not the best


    Not too drying, however it's a pretty tough one to lather up.. Definitely need to wash my hair twice to get the best result with this one, not sure if I'd repurchase. Nice smell and not too drying though!
  14. Hydration hydration hydration


    I honestly love this shampoo I’ve only just started now actually investing in some nice ones instead of just buying whatever and the supermarket but this has really helped my hair a lot at first I was like meh but over time you can really see a difference. I use to bleach my hair a lot and this has helped restore it
  15. very hydrating


    this is very hydrating, smells great and leaves hair soft
  16. Meh


    To me, this was nothing out of the ordinary, particularly for the price. Didn't do much to make my hair feel super hydrated, and had a weird scent. I usually look for a shampoo that is nicely scented, and this didn't have it, which I would have expected for the price.
  17. Takes a bit of getting used to....


    Full disclaimer, I have a lot of hair and a lot of products just don’t cut the mustard. I received a sample of this and I was excited as I hadn’t tried any evo products but my hairdresser recommended them. I know all of the reviews say not to expect the lathery foaminess of other brands due to the lack of sulphates, parabens etc. but when I put this in my hair, it is literally like washing it wi...
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  18. Quite good


    Was ok but my hair needs more moisture
  19. pretty good


    this is good, but not the best hydrating shampoo. It left my hair a bit oily
  20. Hydrating but smells weird


    I've used this shampoo before and love how gentle and hydrating it is on my dry hair. My ex used to complain about the smell, though (said it smelt like I hadn't washed my hair) and, after re-purchasing it, I totally understand what he meant. It smells kind of like a mild mix of men's deodorant and glue. Super weird. I'm single now so IDGAF about it anymore. My only other complaint is that it...
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  21. Average Shampoo

    Bridget B

    I thought this shampoo was just okay. Because it is is sulphate free (which is not necessarily a bad thing) it was incredibly difficult to spread through my hair and get any kind of lather - which is not the case with all sulphate free shampoos I have used. I also didn't find that it was hydrating at all. It was just a very mild shampoo, but was good for not stripping colour from hair.
  22. pretty good


    this is good, isn't their best shampoo as I am not sure about its smell. It did leave my hair soft though
  23. Hydrating


    Finally hydration for my hair at last. Helped nourish my hair and left it feeling healthy, soft, clean and smooth. Really helps to revive dead hair and smooth ends.
  24. Lovely and creamy


    An excellent shampoo that is great for drier hair or just days when your hair feels dry or dehydrated. This shampoo is lovely, creamy an hydrating, it lathers nicely and does feel very moisturising
  25. Very hydrating


    this is very hydrating, it has a nice different smell to it. Makes my dry hair feel a lot softer
  26. Great product

    Bella J

    Really like this shampoo it smells nice and works well in hydrating my hair when it seems a little dry.
  27. Nothing special


    This shampoo is nothing special, has a weird smell as does the matching conditioner. I wouldn't repurchase as there are better on the market.
  28. Hydrating


    Great at hydrating and making your hair soft. Cleans well and smells absolutely amazing. Love this shampoo
  29. Great to give your a hair a break from blonde shampoo


    I really like to use this shampoo when I've gone a little hard on the blonde shampoo and my hair is dry and stressed out. I give it a wash with this and it feels a bit more relaxed and hydrated. Leaves hair feeling clean and soft. Great for a nice gentle everyday shampoo.
  30. OK but prefer O&M


    Tried this product along with the conditioner. The shampoo felt a little dry and stripped when rinsed and my hair was really dangled. Not too bad but preferred the softer, gentler feeling from o&m products.
  31. Happily surprised!


    I often avoid moisturising shampoos because my hair can get oily, but I really liked this! Super hydrating and gave my hair body. The smell is also divine. My hair did get oily a bit quicker though, so I’m going to stick with my Evo Gluttony shampoo. Would reccomend!
  32. Great all-rounder


    I like trying different shampoos, but I always find myself coming back to this Evo one. It cleans my hair really well, without feeling stripped or dry. Smells great too, would recommend.
  33. Love the smell


    Lovely and hydrating and both my partner and I love the smell of this!
  34. Ok but nothing special


    I received a sample of this shampoo together with the conditioner. While I found it ok to use I wasn't wowed enough by it to consider buying it. I found it to be rather bland smelling and while it did hydrate my hair I feel it could have been more moisturising.
  35. Excellent conditioner!


    I have coarse, thick hair and this thick consistency conditioner really works well on my hair. It's super moisturising and my hair needs as much as it can get!
  36. Yes!


    I received a sample of this and it’s a yes from me! Super Hydrating on my coloured hair and it’s a really reasonable price point for something so effective!
  37. nah


    I received this as a sample and was looking forward to using it. I really wanted to like this because i have used other great evo products, but i did not like it. It did not really feel like it worked for my hair type - .curly oily roots dry ends, straightened daily. My scalp felt itchy whilst using this and I really did not like the smell either.
  38. Thick and heavy


    It's a right product, but I am not repurchasing, I found it hard to completely remove it from my hair, thus leaving an oily sensation. It might be that it is quite thick and heavy and not right for my very thin hair type.
  39. Good but I won't be abandoning my Eleven products anytime soon


    Received this and the conditioner as freebies. I like the smell of the shampoo but found it incredibly hard to lather. As I have a lot of hair this made spreading the shampoo around the hair difficult. Overall, my hair actually felt flat after my shower and a bit lifeless (with eleven products my hair is thick and wavy). Overall, ok but I will not be buying the product
  40. Gentle and effective


    I received a sample of this product in a recent goodie bag, and found it to be really gentle but effective in cleansing my hair and scalp. It lathers really easily and has a pleasant smell. When used with the conditioner, it really helped smooth out my dry, frizzy ends, My hair looked shinier, felt a lot healthier and was also a bit easier to manage.
  41. Not a fan


    Did not like the smell of this, very plain and unappetizing.
    My hair hadn't been washed in about four days prior to using this, so there was a bit of build up in my hair.
    I shampooed twice and when my hair dried it was still super greasy and felt very unpleasant.
    This product may be good for people with normal or dry scalps, it is very lightweight.
  42. Awesome


    I got this as a sample and loved it. I’ll definitely be repurchasing this one! Made my hair feel soft and silky, even hubby commented
  43. Does the job but the scent was a little much


    I used the shampoo in conjunction with the conditioner.

    I found it was hydrating for my dry, curly hair, and was effective at cleaning the hair thoroughly.

    The only downside was the smell, after I'd washed and straightened my hair it still smelt as though I'd sprayed some type of perfume on myself. It was a noticeable smell to others too, which isn't ideal if you're pla...
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  44. Hair felt straw like


    Didn't really clean or hydrate my hair and it felt straw like after using.
  45. Worth a try


    I got samples of this and was hooked after the first use. Very gentle, doesn't irritate my sensitive scalp, smells nice and cleans really well without stripping.

    *I had frizzy hair with oily roots and dry mids and ends but now it has normalised and is quite smooth from root to tip.
  46. Hydrated my frizzy hair


    I received this as a free sample and used it on my dry brittle hair. It left my hair feeling hydrated and a lot smoother than usual. Would purchase again!
  47. OK


    This product was OK - I noticed it made my hair a bit brittle. Was expecting abit more from this product for the price.
  48. Fab shampoo


    This shampoo lathers up and cleans nicely without ever leaving my hair dry. It does have quite a strong (but pleasant) scent. Pairs nicely with the matching conditioner.
  49. Wow


    I got this as a sample with my olaplex purchase!! It is the best ever most hydrating shampoo I have ever used and will be purchasing no other product for my hair than Evo
  50. Great shampoo


    I use all of the evo hydrating products. It lasts a long time for the bottle size and with double washing. Great smell too
  51. Best ever


    I’ve tried every high end shampoo under the sun and this is the best ever. I have dry hair that’s coloured and heat styled but it also goes greasy quickly. This shampoo is amazing and also seems to let me stretch out the washing. I tried something else much more expensive and quickly went back to this.
  52. Smells great and very hydrating


    My hair is so shiny and silky after using this product. It smells so nice and a little goes a long way. My new favourite shampoo!
  53. Coloured hair


    I am of Asian background and dyed my hair blonde. This product is great if your hair needs that extra treatment.
  54. Not for my hair


    I have chemically straightened hair and decided to switch from the S+C I was using for around 2 years and had to go back to it after using EVO.
    My hair just never was able to get into a lather and did not clean my hair at all.
    I washed it one morning and went into work and my good friend told me my hair looked like I hadn't washed it for a week... very embarrassing.
    Such a sham...
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  55. Left hair a dry, tangled mess!


    I've got, and love, other EVO products and was very excited to try the shampoo. This shampoo really struggles to produce a lather, and once it's finally washed out my slightly dry hair was left feeling like straw, suffered a huge amount of breakage (seriously, had to clean hair out of the drain every time I washed my hair???), and no amount of conditioner or hair masks/treatment seemed to smooth i...
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  56. Lovely


    This is a pretty good shampoo. I find it cleans my hair so so well and gives it a soft bounce! Bonus - it smells amazing
  57. Great!


    It's a great-smelling shampoo that does the job! Cleans without stripping the hair and the ingredients are quite nice too! I have damaged, bleached hair and I feel like it's adding hydration that regular shampoo tends to strip away. However, it doesn't leave the hair feeling oily or "unclean", even with added hydration.
  58. My favourite


    Leaves my hair bouncy, clean and moisturised with a great coconut scent
  59. Didn't work for my hair


    I have thin, fragile hair and hoped this would work well for me, unfortunately it didn't! I use some other Evo products that I really like but I found that you really have to work to lather this up properly (maybe I just haven't lathered it enough) but it just really didn't clean my hair well at all and left the hair at my scalp feeling greasy - I had this same result after multiple uses.
  60. Best Shampoo for dry hair


    I looove these products. I have a bunch of Evo hair products and they are perfect for my dry, blonde hair. The 70% moisture and 30% protein is perfect, doesn't weigh my hair down but keeps it healthy. The pump means you don't use too much. It lasts ages and has no SLS so is super nourishing for your hair!
  61. Evo hydrating shampoo


    Great shampoo for coloured dry hair and then I use the the great hydrator Mask for my conditioner twice a week and my hair stays so soft
  62. Evo


    I was excited to try this after using my sample evo hydrating mask, however was left feeling a little disappointed. It’s definitely not as hydrating as the mask and doesn’t lather much. Hair left feeling clean but not moisturised. The quotes on their bottles are epic thou
  63. Evo Shampoo


    This shampoo is amazing. Leaves my hair feeling super soft and smelling amazing.
  64. Pretty good


    This is a pretty good shampoo. I find it cleans my hair so so well.
  65. Good, but not amazing


    The Evo Hydrator Moisture Mask has long time been one of my holy grail products so I was excited to try out the hydrating shampoo and conditioner from the same line.

    Unfortunately this isn't made of the same amazing treatment. I found it didn't lather much and my hair came out clean but nothing special. I prefer the Evo Ritual Salvation shampoo over this one.
  66. It’s a bit hit and miss


    I think this would be good for more regular hair washing types, I only wash mine about once a week and for the first two days my hair was really lovely, although maybe on the dryer side for a hydrating shampoo. After that the oils got out of control and I had to wash my hair all over again but if you wash on a two to three day cycle you’d probably be ok.
  67. Gentle


    Such a gentle but very good shampoo. Love
  68. Not buying again


    I like other EVO products so wanted to give their shampoo and conditioner a try. I have blonde, highlighted hair and thought the hydrating shampoo would be a good option. My hair is quite fine and I found this shampoo left it feeling limp and frizzy. I also didn't really like the strong scent it has. Will be reverting back to my O&M shampoo.
  69. Only for those not sensitve to fragrance


    I have fine Caucasian hair. While this product is a decent shampoo that performs well, it does set off my symptoms (headaches) to the fragrance. It's a nice smell, however it makes me feel sick.

    *Please note it's likely I have multiple chemical sensitivity and some products will do this to me.
  70. Such a good product!


    I have very sensitive skin and thin brittle hair and this product is amazing!
    My skin doesn't react to it at all!
    My dad even started using it on he's beard because most conditioners make hes face itchy when he uses them on he's beard but not this one!
  71. Love at first lather


    I've been using this shampoo for about 6 weeks now and highly recommend it. I have fine dry waist-length coloured hair which is prone to frizziness. It does a great job of cleansing the hair and scalp without making it feel stripped. The smell is beautiful but not overpowering. Recommend combining it with the matching conditioner.
  72. Love


    I love evo products as they have no sulphates or parabens. This shampoo is amazing, i find i do not need to use much for it to cleanse my scalp well and restore my hair back to silky smooth. The scent is also lovely & not too intense. The bottle is a good size and has lasted me a good couple of months :)
  73. Love


    This smells amazing and so worth the price love it
  74. Does the job


    Leaves my hair conditioned, doesn't leave me itchy.
  75. Thick dull hair


    I normally can get away with not styling my long bob length hair. After loving the therapist mask I thought I would try the shampoo and conditioner. What a regret. The shampoo hardly lathers and the conditioner could be better off used not in conjunction with this. My hair feels oily after max 2 days and I always end up using styling products to give my hair some life.
  76. Average Shampoo


    This shampoo is well priced but perhaps not quite right for my highlighted dry hair. It cleans well but i did not find it particularly hydrating. I think it would suit normal hair very well though as it did a beautiful job in my daughters natural hair.
  77. Great sulphate free option


    Recently switched from traditional shampoo to a shampoo bar which was leaving my hair limp, greasy, and waxy. Without wanting to go back to sulphate and paraben heavy shampoos I tried this evo one. I am smitten!!! Leaves my hair feeling clean but not stripped, light but not fluffy/frizzy. Will definitely be repurchasing.
  78. Liquid gold


    This shampoo has been amazing for my fine, dry curly hair. It leaves my hair feeling clean without drying it out. I use it with the conditioner and combined they're amazing.
  79. Smoother and manageable


    After years of colouring, my hair was quite dry. Evo therapist shampoo definitely created a smoother look when blowdrying
  80. Good hydrating shampoo


    My dry, lightened hair feels easier to manage after using this shampoo and it is moisterising
  81. Soft silky and beautifully scented


    My hairdresser used this on me and I was hooked. I love this shampoo. It makes my hair soft, silky and nourished.
    Only need a small amount for it to foam up. Beautifully scented too!
  82. Great Shampoo


    I love this shampoo, I've been using it for about a month now and my hair is a lot softer and shinier and also less frizzy. You don't need to use a lot either so it will last ages.
  83. Gentle and nourishing


    This shampoo is wonderful for dry, coloured hair. Especially when used along with the conditioner. Smells divine and always leaves my hair soft and silky smooth.
  84. Not effective for oily hair and dandruff


    I was provided a free sample and I know this product isn’t specifically for oily hair or dandruff, so obviously it isn’t going to address these issues completely - but it really didn’t make my hair look or feel clean. I needed to use heaps of product to feel that my hair was clean. Love the packaging and the smell is nice though.
  85. The best shampoo I’ve ever used


    I’m yet to find a product that compares to this shampoo in terms of just how soft, silky and nourished my hair feels after every use. A little goes a long way too, with a nice foam, plus it smells divine!
  86. Gorgeous!


    So hydrating and smoothing. My hair is quite dry and wild, and this has totally tamed it! It is now so soft and smooth, and so much easier to brush and style. Love!
  87. Love it

    Ms Zig

    I was looking for a new shampoo and was excited when I received this sample love it made my hair nice and soft highly recommend.
  88. name says it all


    this is the most hydrating shampoo i have ever used. I dont normally find after rinsing out shampoo that my hair feels silky but normally more stiff after rinsing this product my hair is silky smooth and this is even before applying the conditioner! highly recommend for dry/coloured hair
  89. Quality product


    Love EVO products. Great hair care, lasts longer at a reasonable price❤️
  90. Excellent Hydration


    I have dry hair so Evo The Therapist Hydrating Shampoo is exactly what I was looking for. This shampoo leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth. It's excellent hydration.
  91. Love this, but not enough lather!


    I love this range and in particular, "the therapist" range, but i find that this shampoo doesn't really lather enough. I would pair the conditioner from this with the eleven brand hydrating shampoo (also on adore beauty) but still enjoy the smell
  92. Dream shampoo.


    I first tried this as a gift with purchase, and oh my god I'm in love. It's so light and dreamy, super soothing to irritated scalps. I've repurchased again and again, 100% my favourite shampoo yet.
  93. Lives up to the hype


    Product is as good as they say. Leaves my stressed hair feeling soft without weighing it down. Would not go back to using anything else.
  94. My favorite shampoo!


    This shampoo is amazing! I find most moisturising shampoos leave my hair greasy after use, but this one definitely doesn't! After using this product my hair is always feels perfectly clean and I am guaranteed to have a good hair day after washing with this! I use it with the matching conditioner and occasionally the treatment for the best results. I couldn't recommend it more highly!
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