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evo haze styling powder 50ml

4.9 of 24 reviews


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4 instalments of $8.50


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a styling powder to add volume and texture when hair is suffering from the flop.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

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SUPERIOR - 100% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Fine or limp hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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4.9 of 24 reviews

100% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love this product!


Great product for fine, limp, straight hair like mine. I have a short, straight haircut and find this powder gives me real volume and texture at the roots. A little bit goes a long way in adding texture and style too so it's lasts a long time - good value for money.
  1. Love this product!


    Great product for fine, limp, straight hair like mine. I have a short, straight haircut and find this powder gives me real volume and texture at the roots. A little bit goes a long way in adding texture and style too so it's lasts a long time - good value for money.
  2. Loved it!


    Does exactly what it says it does, creates epic volume on my sad flat hair! Would recommend this to friends and a little goes a long way!
  3. Lifesaver!


    I have absolutely no volume in my fine straight hair... until I use this. To have a full effect I put in a soft curl (which usually falls out and goes flat very quickly), and just use a little bit, as it goes a long way. Not only does my hair still have volume, but the curl is still intact too. I love this product!
  4. Much better alternative to dry shampoo


    I have fine, long hair and I normally use hairspray throughout the day to try and lift my roots. This product does a much better job of this and I hardly need to use any. It’s also a better alternative to dry shampoo. Even though it goes on as a white powder it becomes translucent when rubbed into hair and isn’t chalky at all.
  5. Perfect product


    My hair is fine but there is alot of it. I have tried many styling powders and they have left it feeling tacky and limp, and before you say it... I do use a minimal amount. BUT then I try Evo its a winner on so many layers
  6. Whohaaa!!


    On first try I wasn't expecting more than a little body in my limp thin hair.
    But this shampoo is brilliant.
    After all the great reviews, thought I'd leave out all the styling products before I blow dried to really see what this product can do
    Boy was I taken to another level. Needless to say I think I can throw out all the root lift and hair thickening products. Adds body without weight, would recommend.
  7. It's everything I never knew I always wanted


    What a fantastic product. It does exactly what it claims to - great volume and style. I made my best friend convert too :)
  8. Love love love


    This product is fantastic! It's a game-changer when my hair needs a lift!
  9. Everyone needs this styling product


    Just yes. Haze is awesome. It gives my hair style, volume and texture. I love it and would recommend it to any of my girlfriends.
  10. My hair thanks you, Haze!

    Hair Addict

    Haze is my go-to hair product. I love the brand evo and this addition to my hair routine has not let me down yet.
    It gives me effortless cool-girl hair without (much) effort. Haze makes styling my hair easy. It's a reliable product and I highly recommend it. If you need added volume, this is your product.
  11. All kinds of yes


    Give me volume, give me style, give me Haze.
    I have lots of hair but it's thin so I need some support giving it some life sometimes. Haze gives my hair texture and volume and I love it.
  12. Amazing volume


    Great product for when my hairs looking flat and fine. A little goes a long way. Easy to style with however does need washing out after a day!
  13. Can't live without it - flat hair be gone!


    Every time my hair isn't behaving like I want it to, I simply go straight to Haze and it saves me every time. I use it for every occasion. If my hair is too flat after a wash, if my hair has lost it's bounce after a day or two, if my ponytail is looking a little lust-less. It doesn't just add volume to the roots of your hair. I use at the base of a ponytail or topknot.
  14. true love


    this is a lifesaver for fine, limp hair, for sure. when my day 2 hair has lost all of its blow dry bounce after sleeping on it, this is the revival i need. i love that this is small and convenient, because i can toss it in my bag and fix any limpness throughout the day. the obvious use for this is for root lift, but this also really amps up my ponytail and makes it look perky and cute when i apply it to the topmost part of my pony. perfection.
  15. Such a great styling tool


    My hairdresser friend recommended this product to me. I have to say it's such a great product to style your hair with.

    I normally use it to give my hair some volume at the roots, but I've been okaying around with it a bit and I've recently discovered it's really great for a messy ponytail or messy bun as well!

    It's a really fun product if you enjoy styling your hair and experimenting.
  16. Amazing


    If you love big hair - this product is for you. I’ve tried literally every hair powder, but this one is BY FAR the best. Put it on your roots and tease - and wow!
  17. Great product would highly recommend


    I purchased this product as it was recommended by the Adore Beauty product specialist, and I couldn’t be more happy with it.
    I have very thin fine hair and I needed something to give me volume but that didn’t leave a white powdery mark on my scalp, like some other products of the same kind have done. I also wanted something that didn’t require a lot of work to blend it into my hair.
    This product blends quickly and easily into the hair and doesn’t leave any white residue.
    Yes the container is small but you only need a tiny amount and so it will still last a while and provides the volume I need.
  18. Get this in your life!

    Beauty Obsessed

    I'm always one for experimenting and trying new product. This one is a delight! I sometimes suffer from those bad hair days where I can't seem to do anything with my hair. evo Haze has is that key ingredient that I've been missing to save my hair!

    I absolutely love it! It's a great tool to have on standby when you're hair just isn't doing what you want it to do.

    Thanks evo! You've saved me again.
  19. Works

    Beauty Bee

    The texturising and volumising powder works, there's no doubt about it! It gives flat ordinary hair, volume AND texture. I've just come to realise that I don't like these kinds of product. They make my roots sticky and feel dirty. This dislike is probably a personal preference, as I'm not sure you can get away from this side effect. Delivers on it's promise - it's just not for me.
  20. Flat hair be gone!


    I love all evo products and was so happy when I tried this. I'm trying to was my hair no more than twice a week. At the end if my week when my hair is looking blah and close to needing a was- I just add a bit of this and it looks alive agin and I can get away with another day or two before washing. Love this!
  21. Cannot live without this


    Love, love, love this product. I don't know how, but it manages to turn freshly washed whispy flat flop into robust style-able hair. Use on my fringe to get it to sit right. and apply to roots to make it full of body.
  22. This works!


    I've got fine hair and and have been searching for a product which adds volume, can be applied to dry hair between blow drys, and doesn't have a strong fragrance or leave my hair feeling too sticky/stiff/powdery. I've only just received this product, but it seems to tick all my boxes. It comes in a small container, but you need such a small amount that I imagine it will last well (and is great for travel). I got this as part of a promotion, but I will definitely purchase in the future. Thank you Adore Beauty for excellent service, as always!
  23. This product delivers.


    One word. AMAZING. I absolutely love this product.
    This odourless powder gives my fine lifeless hair volume at the root I didn't know I could achieve, not to mention also acting as a dry shampoo, giving my hair an extra day or two.
    I don't even feel the need to set it with hairspray anymore, I just shake some powder at the root, work it in and off I go. It blends in effortlessly & you can't even tell it's there, a problem I have had with dry shampoos in the past. The fact that this is odourless & in powder form, is a definate win with me, I can't stand the smell of most dry shampoos.
    Give this a try, a little goes a long way,
    Again, love this product.
  24. Anonymous

    I have straight, ultra-fine hair and have never found a styling product that works for me - until this! Evo haze styling powder is the holy grail!! It gives instant volume and texture, holds all day long, and has properties similar to a dry shampoo, so I can go a few days in between washes and still sport a decent do. It's the ultimate product for lazy stylists (I don't own a dryer or straightener)and bedheads. I recommended it to my mum who has heavy, lifeless hair and she loves it just as much. I was surprised by the size of the bottle (I thought I'd been sent a sample), but only the tiniest amount is needed, so it lasts forever. The only fault I can find with the product is that it doesn't have a fragrance... but really, who cares? Stock up!
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