evo fabuloso light beige colour intensifying conditioner

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evo fabuloso light beige colour intensifying conditioner by evo

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Maintain and extend the life of your colour treated hair with evo fabuloso instensifying conditioner.

evo fabuloso light beige colour intensifying conditioner is a colour enhancing conditioner that provides an instant hair colour combined with a super nourishing treatment to repair, condition, add shine, instantly tone and intensify hair colour.

evo fabuloso light beige colour intensifying conditioner is suitable for dull, dry, colour-treated blonde to very blonde hair to acheive a light beige tone.

This ammonia free peroxide free formula is gentle on both the scalp and hair whilst offering a surge of moisture for softer, more nourished and shiny hair in 3 minutes.

Is there anything evo fabuloso can't do for dull, dry, colour treated hair? Probably not.

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Evo strikes again! - 08-05-2018 by

I haven’t met an Evo product I didn’t love. And this is no exception. It was easy to apply, infused a subtle hint of colour/tone (which was all I wanted), complementing my ash blonde highlights. It has left my hair smooth and frizz-free for every wash since (I’m a self confessed frequent washer) and can’t wait to use it again tomorrow (a week since I first applied it). I’m tempted to try the platinum version to kick start my blonde highlights from time-to-time.

nice product - 02-10-2017 by

I normally use the platinum version of this (which I love) so was glad to try this beige version and compare. Both leave hair in great condition, and on me both suppress red tones. The platinum one leaves my hair lighter, but I think the beige one will be great for when most of the toner has washed out, and you are left with just bleached hair. So both good for me!

Best! - 14-12-2016 by

I usually use a platinum blonde conditioner but decided to grow my hair out (which is a dark blonde colour). After using this it looks like it is professionally done ombre. perfect toning of both my platinum blonde and dark blonde hair! i did notice it goes pink/reddish if I use it too often. But absolutely love it

Terrible colour - 30-12-2015 by

The product itself is great, works well and leaves your hair super soft.

The colour however, is not light beige! I was surprised to see the colour out of the bottle was a purplish brown, I used it on my light blonde hair and ended up with a reddish colour. Very disappointing.

Nice product, just need to find the right shade for me - 11-07-2014 by

I have processed blonde hair which is kind of a cream blonde shade and just wanted to lighten it slightly but didn't want to use my regular purple toner. I really wanted there to be a review of this product when i purchased it as i wasn't sure which colour to get. The result I got was more of a really really light brown shade over my blonde hair, not what i was going for, but it didn't look bad at all. It lasted about a week or two. My hair was nice and soft after i used it, which was a plus! Next time i will just get the platinum, as I think that may be the one I should have originally purchased. Everyones hair is different, so i'd suggest giving this product, in whatever colour you're looking for, a go!

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