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There’s no doubt about it, big, bouncy, and curly locks are the envy of many. However, to get those enviable runway curls, those rocking natural curls do need to give their hair a little tender, love, and care to ensure its a frizz-free zone. The hair care experts at evo have created an abundance of styling products, treatments, and tools to control and care for curls and smooth frizz-prone hair.


Evo stay far away from marketing gimmicks, imaginary technology, and over-hyped ingredients, instead creating effective and salon-standard formulations which do exactly what they claim to.


The evo liquid rollers curl balm is a great place to start when it comes to building your hair care collection for curly hair. This unique styling balm effortlessly holds curls together, creating a stunning shape and ample definition. It also helps to prevent and smooth frizz and flyaways. Use alongside the evo whip it good styling mousse which helps add definition and texture to achievable salon-finish curls.


To keep frizz at bay from the very start of your routine, we recommend the evo mane tamer smoothing shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo cleanses, smooths, and strengthens hair while the conditioner adds softness and shine. Finish with the evo easy tiger smoothing balm for a sleek and frizz-free look.


As well as styling products and treatments, evo offer a range of different brushes and combs for curly and unruly hair. The evo roy wide-tooth detangling comb is the perfect comb for tackling curls whilst the evo pete ionic paddle brush is ideal for smoothing out frizz-prone hair.

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evo easy tiger smoothing balm 200mlevo easy tiger smoothing balm 200ml
evo easy tiger smoothing balm 200ml


Hairdressers suggested this for unruly curls and even the standard frizz on humid days and it works a treat! The product doesn’t build up or feel heavy in my hair at all. Great for neat curls, sleek pony tails and everything in between.
evo icon welder heat protection mist 200mlevo icon welder heat protection mist 200ml
evo icon welder heat protection mist 200ml


I straighten my hair everyday and see less damage when using this
evo pete ionic paddle brushevo pete ionic paddle brush
evo pete ionic paddle brush


i love this paddle brush! such a great size and doesnt get stuck in your hair! perfect for every day styling