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Nothing is more beautiful than healthy, shiny, well-groomed hair. Help give your hair a sleek finish with quality evo hairbrushes.

For regular grooming of long or coarse hair, the bradford pin bristle brush is the perfect choice. This brush has a soft rubber pad, boar bristles, and ionic pins to help distribute natural oils throughout the hair and reduce frizz. Polish thick, wavy, or curly hair with the bruce bristle radial brush. This natural-bristle full round brush is the perfect smoothing and volumising tool for blow-drying. If you're looking to dry and style hair fast, the hank ceramic radial brush will have you ready to go in a snap. Its ceramic-coated metal barrel is vented to allow heat and air to circulate.

Each sturdy evo hairbrush has a smooth wood handle with an easy-grip finish. The brand's brushes are available in paddle, radial, pin, and teasing models to suit any hair type or style.
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evo Roy Wide-Tooth Detangling Comb

I have fine, thin hair and brushes and plastic combs seems to stretch and... read more >>

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