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Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme + Cell Power Creme 50ml

4.6 of 75 reviews


4 instalments of $33.50

Or 4 instalments of $33.50 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $33.50

Or 4 instalments of $33.50 with LEARN MORE

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A revitalising moisturiser ideal for mature skin. Targets loss of firmness, lines, wrinkles, dullness and dehydration.

What customers say

GREAT - 85% recommend

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  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Questions & Answers

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Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme + Cell Power Creme 50ml

Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme + Cell Power Creme 50ml

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Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme + Cell Power Creme 50ml Reviews

4.6 of 75 reviews

85% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love this


This leaves my skin looking firmer

Most Helpful Criticism



I have never purchased the full sized product but have a whole tonne of the deluxe samples. I'm not entirely sure if I see a difference in regards to anti-ageing but this definitely hydrates during the cold weather days.
  1. Made me breakout


    A heavier creme than I am used to. I noticed it broke out alot while using.
  2. Moisturising


    I love how this cream turns to a gel feeling when applied to my face. It’s easy to spread and absorbs nicely. My skin feels very moisturised after using this and gives it a healthy glow. I haven’t however noticed any firming of reduced lines
  3. Love this


    This leaves my skin looking firmer
  4. Good


    Helps with hydration and gives a luminous glow.
  5. Great product.


    I love this cream, that you can use day or night. It's fairly rich , leaving your skin feel fresh feeling all day.
  6. Hydrating but not oily


    I received a sample of this and was quite impressed. It is rich and hydrating, but sinks in and does not leave a greasy residue. I think this could be used instead of a primer. It leaves your skin perfectly soft and plump. I did, however, find the smell very overpowering.
  7. Best finisher


    after i complete my advanced night repair routine, i slap this on at the end and there is no better combination of skincare products for my skin. Winner all the way.
  8. Best moisturiser for dry skin


    It is a very nice moisturiser, smells great and helps with dry skin a lot.
  9. rich and anti-aging


    Rich moisturiser, nice smell, helps with fine lines, anti-aging and lifting.
  10. Amazing on my skin


    I usually never spend this much on a moisturiser but it has worked a treat on my skin! Using it twice a day this tub lasted me 3 months. I have quite dehydrated and pigmented skin, it has corrected my colour and hydrated my skin. It didn't leave an oily residue and has a really nice scent, not overpowering for night time. The only downside is the price, it is a lot to pay and I think there are oth...
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  11. Beautiful scent


    I received a 15ml sample of this product with other purchase. I love the scent and quite thick consistency. It was very pleasant to apply and my skin felt soft and smelled nice. Little jar lasted much longer then expected. My skin felt hydrated and I didn’t have to reapply during the day which I do sometimes with other brands. I am not sure about long term results as only used a sample. The price ...
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  12. Good


    I have oily skin so I was very sceptic to use this but I found the best way is to massage this at night into the skin in circles and it absorbs into the skin nicely and gives a healthy glow over time.
  13. Luxurious


    I have been using this for awhile now. I generally just wear it at night as it is quite heavy and prefer a lighter option for daytime.
    Very hydrating and no reactions for my sensitve skin.
  14. Super luxe!


    Beautiful moisturiser, a little heavy for my preferences but great as a night cream. Feels super luxe on my combination skin and is very soothing.
  15. A bit heavy for me


    Personally, i found this moisturiser a bit greasy to apply. It settled into my skin fairly quickly though and felt better after a few minutes. It might be better for more mature or dehydrated skin. I quite like it as a night moisturiser though.
  16. Wow. Texture!

    Aesthetic Investor

    I have only just tried this cream tonight.
    I used it. Over my ANR. Everything from the texture to the small to the absorbtion is spectacular.
    I am very fussy with my moisturisers. This definitely ticks all the boxes. Although not a a cosmecuetical, this is perfect for a pamper and when to just want to feel luxurious.
    I will wait for another GWP and I'll be purchasing. Or maybe ...
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  17. Super nourishing!


    I received a deluxe sample of this when I bought an Estee Lauder perfume and my goodness, what a treat! I'd only use it at night because it is a thick, hydrating creme. After use, I wake up in the morning with plump, moisturised skin. Definitely recommend using on both the face and decolletage.
  18. Lovely and creamy


    A very nice cream that you can use day or night. It's fairly rich on application, but soaks in well, leaving your skin glowing and fresh feeling all day.
  19. Love it ! Great !


    This is definitely slightly more expensive, but worth it for the great quality! I feel like I have new skin!
  20. Heaven in a jar


    Now I've only had sample sizes of this moisturiser but this is something else. I swear to you my face looked luminous and dewy from the moment I put it on. This is a great investment, yes it's pricy but I really think it's worth it.
  21. Hydrates


    I have never purchased the full sized product but have a whole tonne of the deluxe samples. I'm not entirely sure if I see a difference in regards to anti-ageing but this definitely hydrates during the cold weather days.
  22. My mother’s fave!


    My mum tried a sample size of this and raves about it so I bought the full size for her. The texture and smell is very luxurious and her skin looks nice and glowy after!
  23. Amazing


    An EL consultant recommended this moisturiser to me and I am now onto my second jar. I LOVE it. You can almost feel the moisture being locked in without leaving a heavy or gluggy feel. Definitely makes my double wear foundation sit better on my skin.
  24. Powerful


    A bit pricey but powerful. My skin feels so fresh, less lines and even skin tone. Thank you
  25. Love it


    An important factor is the amazing smell, I look so forward to using it everyday! Extremely hydrating, definitely recommend!
  26. New skin!


    This is definitely slightly more expensive, but worth it for the great quality! I feel like I have new skin!
  27. my mom's fav


    i bought it for mom and she said it is amazing!!! i also tried and i found it somestimes works really well but sometimes i felt a bit itchy so i will not recommend it for sensitive person.
  28. Amazing moisturiser


    This is such a nice moisturiser - I have sensitive skin and don’t have any troubles with this product. Also a little bit of cream goes a long way!
  29. Worth the price tag!


    This moisturiser is amazing! I've made the mistake buying a cheaper Estee Lauder moisturiser to try out, it was ok but not as good as this one.

    I'm at the point in my life bewteen adult acne (due to hormones) trying not to look old with wrinkles and my skin being sensitive to everything lately. I use this day and night, it keeps my face nice and moisturised during the day without my ...
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  30. really recommend


    Been a favourite of mine for a while! The hydration with this is beyond insane!
  31. Gorgeous moisturiser


    This is a beautiful moisturiser. It has a rich luxurious texture and smells divine. I have mature age normal to dry skin and I took this moisturiser on a recent international flight in my carry on luggage and applied it several times during the flight. It kept my skin soft and hydrated.
  32. Incredible


    This stuff is incredible. My lines are gone...I cant believe it! I also use this after slight sunburn so my skin doesnt get damaged and it works everytime!
  33. Smoothe skin


    This cream makes my skin feel smooth but other than that I haven’t noticed any other changes. It is a nice light weight nourishing cream but I have tried others I prefer better
  34. Powerful


    Thick powerful cream that my skin just drinks up. Very nurturing and hydrating. I use overnight and wake up with healthy looking skin. Love this.
  35. Rich and moisturising


    I found this cream really rich and moisturising, I didn’t notice a difference on my skin but I’m probably not in the age group this is targeted for. It does feel very nice though and didn’t break me out
  36. Excellent moisturizer


    I have received a few small 5 ml jar of these in gift packs. Every morning when I wake up my skin looks amazing. It feels a bit gluggy at first when you put it on, but that feeling goes away quickly. Once I am no longer a full time student, I will buy this for sure!
  37. Not a fan


    I received this product as a sample. I have slightly dry mature skin and this cream made my skin feel soft. It’s a thick heavy cream which I love however I found this cream to be somewhat sticky and it did not spread well. I will not purchase it as a full sized product.
  38. Not too heavy for oily skin


    I have mature but oily skin so I was worried this would be too rich and heavy for me but it isn't. It has a rich and luxurious feel and I use it sparingly but even a tiny amount has such a dramatic effect on my skin - it feels instantly softer and plumped up. I use it only at night so it has plenty of time to be absorbed before I apply makeup. I love the smell but if you're sensitive to or don'...
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  39. Love it!


    I absolutely adore this cream. I have classic combination skin, sometimes oily, sometimes dry, and I ALWAYS require a thick face cream. The light, gel like textures just don't cut it for me, so this cream is the best! Thick and creamy, without being heavy once you put it on. My skin feels super soft and hydrated after every use.
  40. Beautiful, rich cream! Really ticks every box!


    This Estee Lauder product is the best I have ever tried from their entire range! Beautiful & rich cream! Ticks every box!
  41. Really lovely


    I loved this product!!! The smell is beautiful and my face felt beautiful after using it.
  42. Think I will buy the full sized product


    I have dry combination skin and got this with a gift with purchase. It’s very thick when you apply it, I’m not a fan of the scent but it makes my skin look so refreshed in the morning! It doesn’t cause me to break out and it moisturises without making me feel oily. Really liking this as a night time moisturiser, I pair it with Advanced Night Repair.
  43. Sumptuous Skin


    I received this product in an Estée Lauder promotional gift. This creme makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. It's very lightly scented which is good for me as I have perfume sensitivities. It does feel heavy on the fingertips but is readily absorbed into the skin. A little also goes a long LONG way!

    I've combination/oily skin and it didn't leave residue or leave my pores feel clogg...
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  44. not suitable for acne prone skin


    I love most of the products from Estee lauder but not particularly this one. This caused me break out in 24 hrs . I can guarantee that it was from this one as I don't think it is suitable for oily skin even though the theory says good to moisturize your oily skin but this one is bit too much oily for acne prone skin. So, I will not buy this one,but the green detox night cream is awesome.
  45. Loved this!


    This is quite a thick moisturiser but gosh, my skin loves it! It soaks in quickly and leave my skin so soft and smooth.

    I received a generous sample size of this cream that I use mainly in the evenings after my other serums and my skin has responded wonderfully.

    My skins left extremely hydrated and does exactly what I want a moisturiser to do. Although the price point i...
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  46. Very luxurious


    I received a sample of this and it's a very luxurious creme that soaks in beautifully. I just don't think I'd be purchasing the full-sized product because of the price.
  47. It’s ok but the multi-effect resilience kills it by far, so glad I purchased the one for my skin


    I wanted this after reading its reviews however it was sold out in the gift pack set so I went for the multi-effect resilience and received a 5ml sample of this in a goody pack and found it made my skin oily and I don’t suffer from oily skin plus I had reddish blemishes around my forehead and nose area as I have sensitive skin during the dry season. Maybe I should’ve given it another go but anythi...
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  48. Amazing


    Excellent cream, quite a thick cream but absorbed into skin well, my skin just drinks it up and I’ve noticed a big improvement in face and neck
  49. Best moisturiser out there but too pricey


    4 stars cos of the price. Otherwise it feels and smells gorgeous and helps with fine lines. I use nightly with serum
  50. Good product


    It’s really a good product and very suitable for dry skin. I won’t feel dry when I wake up, especially in winter and It’s good for recovery for skin. But it’s too expensive!
  51. Beautiful


    I love this. It feels like a cream but when I start rubbing it into my skin it feels like gel. It’s so weird! But I love it. My skin is smooth and glowy.
  52. great for overnight


    ive been using this at night and have found waking up that my skin is silky smooth and glowing, absolutely love
  53. great for overnight


    ive been using this at night and have found waking up that my skin is silky smooth and glowing, absolutely love
  54. Better skin


    I love the estee lauder anti ageing products especially this one. This really reveals beautiful skin and is worth the price
  55. A tub of luxe!


    Expensive but a little goes a long way! I prefer to use this product at night after a serum. My skin feels incredibly soft and smooth to the touch and looks amazing too! Absorbs beautifully with no oily residue. Highly recommend.
  56. Worth every dollar


    This is an incredible cream that actually does what it claims! My skin looked so much better after a short time of using this as a sample! Love it
  57. Radiating effect


    This is lovely, it definitely makes my face look more vibrant and radiant when I wear this! I have oily/combo skin and I like wearing this, its not too heavy and I only wear it quite lightly because it is quite thick in the jar so I only need a little bit and it spreads very easily. It smells great too and doesn't irritate any of my breakouts!
  58. Great moisturizer


    I love this very hydrating and I even noticed my fine lines soften also made my skin very soft.But it's too expensive for me to buy it very often
  59. Nourished, hydrated skin!


    This cream feels so deluxe! I use it every night over the Advanced Night Repair & Perfectionist serum and wake up to amazingly soft, less dehydrated skin. My fine lines have dramatically improved. I love the thick texture for winter - I haven’t used it during the day so can’t comment on how it sits under makeup but it’s luxurious to use. Smells great, and a little goes a long way. My New HG night ...
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  60. You'll notice a difference if it's appropriate for your skin


    I would recommend this to the right friend, take into consideration of your skin type and would your wanting from a creme and make sure it's appropriate before purchase.
    I have purchased this product in the past then moved onto other things over the years, I received this from adore beauty as a sample and suddenly remembered of the results I got for the price, which I think is very reasonab...
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  61. Nice product


    Nice product, but expensive I have had cheaper moisturizers have the same effect.
  62. Would definitely recommend


    This is a great product. It's worth every cent, and yes, it is expensive, but you get what you pay for. It's very thick, but absorbs beautifully. My skin looks firmer and brighter and the smell is lovely.
  63. Beautiful smooth night cream


    I was given this as a sample and I love it! It has such a luxurious smooth texture, almost like a balm, but soaks into the skin beautifully. No residue. Works perfectly with the Estee Lauder Pro-Lift serum.
  64. Lovely scent


    Received this a sample. Quite a heavy moisturiser, thick texture but absorbs quite quickly into skin. Probably better for winter or night time use. Has a lovely scent. Quite expensive though!
  65. amazing creme


    I received a sample of this creme and it is incredible. It is the most perfect texture and it smells divine.It is very pricey for a moisturiser, but definitely planning to save up and purchase this one.
  66. great for aged skin


    it smells so incredible and it gets absorbed in the skin as soon as applied. i have wrinkles on my face and i feel it is kind of smoothing them out because my skin has started to feel very soft.
  67. OK moisturiser


    I received this as a sample. It is OK as a moisturiser but because of the exorbitant price I would not consider purchasing it.
  68. Hydrating and smooth.


    I received this as a sample and it is a really nice cream. Different to others ive used but still very hydrating and such a smooth texture.
  69. Lovely cream

    Ms zig

    I received a sample of this and really liked how it felt. I it’s quite hydrating and made my makeup look really nice
  70. Worth the money


    Received a sample of this. I have combination skin. This product is just amazing! It kept my skin hydrated and looking healthy under makeup during the day. I applied it on top of the E.L. Advance Night repair serum at night and my skin just looked amazingly hydrated and plumper in the morning. Will definitely save up to purchase this pricy product.
  71. $$$$ but worth it!


    I received a sample of this when I purchased the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum and fell in love! It left my skin feeling extremely hydrated without feeling heavy. Each time I used this product I woke up the next morning with glowy and hydrated skin. Absolutely love this product and can't wait to purchase the full size!
  72. It's so thick and smells nice.. great!


    I'm 30 and currently have dry patches of skin and I am amazed at how thick and smooth this product is on my skin. It feels great on my sensitive skin and smells florally and expensive. It is expensive but if you can afford it as your night cream I would recommend it.
  73. Beautiful moisturiser


    Love this moisturiser. I received this as a sample, but will definitely purchase the full size. Fairly thick moisturiser, perfect for the eye area. Feels lovely on the skin. I use this at night only, as it would be too moisturising for my oily skin throughout the day.
  74. Luxurious


    I apply this moisturiser every night before bed and it leaves my skin nice and soft.
    Quite expensive though, so use sparingly!
  75. Terrific Moisturiser


    I apply a light layer morning and night and it absorbs quickly. The smell is very nice and my skin looks smoother and plumper.
  76. Beautiful moisturiser if you are wanting to splurge


    I am in my early 30's and have a normal skin type. I LOVE Estee Lauder creams. This particular cream is hydrating and leaves your skin feeling beautifully soft. It is a great product, however has a high price tag. If you are feeling like splurge it is definitely worth it :).


    This moisturizer has been life changing for my dry skin. It goes on like silk and has turned my blotchy skin to perfection! I can no longer see my pores, and feel confident with no makeup. It has truly done wonders. It is pricey but absolutely worth the cost.
  78. Lovely


    I find Estee Lauder's range of moisturisers a bit confusing, but very good overall. I probably wouldn't have bought this if it hadn't come in a GWP bag, and would have assumed this would be too rich for my skin. Instead, I find it to be a lovely moisturiser for winter and not too heavy at all. Nice.
  79. Super hydrating


    I received a generous sample of this in a promotion. I use this at night with the Advanced Night Repair serum and the combination is so hydrating. The consistency is thick but does not feel heavy. You’ll wake up with super moisturized skin in the morning which is great especially in winter.
    Only con is the price so would recommend trying a sample first before you buy.
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