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Estée Lauder Double Wear Zero-Smudge Lengthening Mascara

4.4 of 53 reviews


4 instalments of $13.50

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4 instalments of $13.50

Or 4 instalments of $13.50 with LEARN MORE

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15-hour staying power. Long lashes that last. Zero smudge.

  • Sulphate Free

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GREAT - 83% recommend

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Estée Lauder Double Wear Zero-Smudge Lengthening Mascara Reviews

4.4 of 53 reviews

83% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

No smudge!


What a relief to finally find a mascara that doesn’t smudge! I’ve tried many brands that claim the same thing and don’t deliver. I think I’ll repurchase this forever.

Most Helpful Criticism

great mascara but stings my eyes


This mascara looks great on the lashes, but if i happen to get some water in my eyes during the day (even a single teardrop will do it) it dissolves and stings my eyes so bad i have to rush to take it off my eyes otherwise i end up literally not being able to see until i take it off. i have to remember to carry makeup remover and pads with me when using it.
  1. Don


    I have bought this mascara twice and both times found that the mixture got very thick over time and ended up sticking my lashes together in a very unnatural way. Wouldn't recommend this one.
  2. great mascara but stings my eyes


    This mascara looks great on the lashes, but if i happen to get some water in my eyes during the day (even a single teardrop will do it) it dissolves and stings my eyes so bad i have to rush to take it off my eyes otherwise i end up literally not being able to see until i take it off. i have to remember to carry makeup remover and pads with me when using it.
  3. No smudge!


    What a relief to finally find a mascara that doesn’t smudge! I’ve tried many brands that claim the same thing and don’t deliver. I think I’ll repurchase this forever.
  4. Beautiful upon application but smudges


    This mascara is gorgeous when you first put it on, but as the day goes on, it drops and smudges quite a bit. There are better mascaras out there.
  5. Holy grail mascara!


    Love love love this mascara! I’ve always struggled to find a mascara that doesn’t flake or smudge under my eyes and finally found this! The brush is small enough to get the small lashes. The formula separates and lengthens and can be built up. I do one layer for a no makeup look and multiple layers for a more dramatic effect.
  6. Best Ever


    The only mascara I've ever used that truly is smudge proof. I had been trying to find a mascara which doesn't smudge for about ten years. I'm not sure why my mascara always moves down under my eyes but this is the only mascara which stays in place! I love it.
  7. Amazing for sparse and short lashes


    After looking at reviews for the best mascara for short and sparse lashes - this is definitely it. After applying 3-5 coats my lashes looked so long, dark, and lightweight. Highly recommend this for those with short lashes!
  8. Fantastic!


    I love all of Estée Lauder mascara's but this has to be my favourite! Seperates lashes without being lumpy and makes them look super long! I alway get compliments with this one.
  9. Very nice mascara


    This is a very nice lengthening mascara! Been using it for years. It is pricey but very very nice.
  10. dry


    Mascara was almost dried out when I bought it. Super dry with clumps in it :(
  11. 100% does not smudge


    This definitely doesn't smudge, but the downside to that is it's a lot harder than a normal mascara to take off. Not as hard as waterproof, but it doesn't slide off in the shower like most normal mascaras. It isn't as great at lengthening or thickening as other mascaras, but it doesn't clump, so it's pretty good if you want a more natural look, or for your under eye lashes.
  12. Great


    Love this mascara. It stays put all day and never smudges or runs. Makes lashes look long as well.
  13. nice mascara

    Chele Pagno

    This is a fairly basic mascara for lengthening and defining lashes. Not great for volume, but it works well if you want a fairly natural looking result with your lashes. It also does not smudge, which is great! I have natural very long lashes so this mascara works really good for me.
  14. Amazing


    This delivers what it claims. It is not clumpy, smudge free and lengthens my lashes. It has lasted me on 40 degree day without any smudges from sweating, humidity and sun.
  15. Great mascara but does smudge!


    I'm in two minds about this product, because there are elements I love (the giant, sturdy brush and also the formula is the PERFECT consistency- not too thick or thin) and it applies like a dream, however it is absolutely not zero-smudge, unfortunately it smudges quite a bit, which is not a problem I generally have with mascaras. I also have dry skin and imagine the smudging would be worse with oi...
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  16. Long time fave


    Great mascara that's super long-lasting and always clump free! Easy to apply and looks amazing
  17. Great Mascara


    This mascara is amazing because it lengthens all my lashes and doesnt clump up or dry my lashes !
  18. Best mascara


    Best mascara ever invented!
    This is the only mascara that doesnt give me panda eyes & thick lashes!
  19. Only mascara which does not smudge on me


    I have extremely oily skin and nearly all waterproof mascaras that I have tried end up smudging and giving me panda eyes. However, this mascara does not smudge on me. I hate how expensive it is as mascaras are replaced so often but it really is good.
  20. Doesn’t smudge


    I get watery eyes sometimes which causes most mascara to run! This mascara doesn’t run when this happens and it also doesn’t end up smudging along my waterline throughout the day. I find the curl also lasts throughout the day and this really creates volume for my sparse lashes.
  21. Long beautiful lashes


    Really adds length and volume to my lashes I really love this one
  22. Best Ever


    I have oily skin, tried plenty of mascaras over the years. Just purchased this (being a recent convert to double wear foundation) and it actually stayed on all day. First time ever. Thank you!
  23. Best tubing mascara on the market


    If you have oily eyes and find the mascaras tend to smudge on you throughout the day (including the waterproof ones), this is the mascara for you. I find this gives me more volume than the Kevyn Aucoin tubing mascara but there’s definitely an art to applying it to get the volume payoff — less product on the wand is more. Best part is it washes off fuss free in the shower with no panda eyes. This i...
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  24. Really nice


    This mascara is really nice and suitable for night. It gives my lashes length and volume without clumping. Not too dramatic but better for going out then everyday use
  25. does not smudge at all


    OMG this mascara literally does not go anywhere! I rub my eyes all the time and this is what I love this mascara, it does notes smudge!! even after wearing it on a 12 hour shift at work, it does not move or flake off when I rub my eyes. Definitely worth every dollar
  26. The Best


    I have been using this mascara for years! It is fabulous. It never smudges or flakes or drops. I’m not sure why some have found it smudges, but this is a definite no budge mascara. I even swim with it when I’m on holiday. But the tubing easily washes off; no special cleanser required. I wouldn’t say that it has the greatest lengthening or volume attributes, but it is a standout as far as staying ...
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  27. Nice


    A nice mascara that seems to lengthen, separate and define my lashes. I have used a few tubes over the years but now have other favourites.
  28. Delivers on what it claims


    Love love and more love. It lengthens and doesn't smudge at all. I left it on overnight and i had zero smudge the next day. This is the one I've been searching for all my life!
  29. Smudges


    I received this as a free sample and would not purchase this. I find that this smudges quite easily, which is a big no no for me.
  30. Doesn't smudge


    I bought several tubing mascaras in search of my holy grail. This one was ok. It stayed in place, but didn't do much for the appearance of my lashes.
  31. best non smudge mascara


    This mascara literally DOES NOT SMUDGE or move throughout the day. I wear this every day religiously and I will not buy another mascara, I wear this on my top and bottom lashes and never ever has it transferred or smudged throughout the day even after 12+ hours of wear. It doesn't give much volume but that doesn't bother me.
  32. does not smudge


    The product description literally says it all - ZERO SMUDGE
    This mascara does not move, once you put it on your lashes it takes a few seconds and it dries, doesn't matter if your lashes touch your eyelids. Throughout the day I rub my eyes and it doesn't smudge it is great. It is warm water soluble though so very easy to remove in the shower, it almost flakes off !
  33. Good mascara


    Great mascara, but not worth the price unfortunately. It smudges quite alot through the day, and by the end of the day it looks like I'm not wearing any mascara.
  34. Overrated and overpriced


    Nothing about this is amazing. It dried quickly, it doesn't go on smoothly, it doesn't even do an amazing job as a mascara, and is REALLY overpriced. Get a cheapie mascara, they are as good if not better, for a fraction of the price.
  35. #1 mascara


    Great mascara!! If you ever get panda eyes then it ends here, this mascara DOES NOT SMUDGE OR TRANSFER

    It is warm water soluble so easy to remove in the shower but not easy to move during a long day at work sweating etc.
    great lengthening effect and it seperates the lashes just enough so they dont look clumpy but you still get a little bit of volume.
  36. My favourite mascara


    I have been using this mascara for a number of years now and will not use any other. I was always predisposed to smudging under my eyes from mascara, until I tried Estée Lauder Zero Smudge. No smudging any more.
  37. Loves to it’s name!


    I really love this mascara. I’ve always had a issue with my mascara flaking onto my undereyes and I would have to carry a q tip everywhere! It really doesn’t smudge at all and the brush is very delicate and precise. I wouldn’t recommend if you have short lashes as it’s not great for length but volume is amazing. I usually apply a lighter mascara at the beggining just to build my lashes, and double...
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  38. 5 Stars Isn't Enough


    Whenever i am doing a full face of glam makeup this mascara saves the day. It is superb! Non clumpy and easily buildable it creates long lashes to cause lash envy everytime!
  39. My HG Mascara


    I love this mascara and always stock up on it when I find it for a good price or in duty free. It's true to it's name and the ONLY mascara that does not give me panda eyes.
  40. Great


    This is a great mascara that lasts all day and does not appear too thick
  41. Wasn't impressed


    While this mascara is true to it's name (it doesn't smudge or flake), it did nothing for my lashes. don't feel it added much volume or length to my lashes. It wasn't much better than not wearing mascara at all. And for the price, rather not wear it at all.
  42. Amazing


    This mascara is amazing. It’s a tubular mascara so it doesn’t smudge and comes off with water in the shower. It really lengthens and separates my lashes. The first time I wore it my friend commented that it looked like I had fake lashes on. There are a few lacklustre reviews below however I found that this mascara to be perfect for me!
  43. I struggled to get this product off


    This mascara truly lives up to the zero-smudge in it's name. At the end of the day when I was trying to remove this product with makeup remover, I struggled to remove all of it. I found that in the morning I could still see some of the product left on my eyelashes.
  44. My favourite mascara


    It's my favourite mascara for everyday life, makes my lashes look good and natural all day long. Not heaviness, no smudge. Just perfect
  45. little disappointing


    I got this as i had previously gotten the double wear mascara in this brand as a sample.I loved it so much i thought Id try this one. Its great in the sense that it doesn't smudge of leave big black marks under your eyes, but felt the volume wasn't as great as other products i had tried before. A little disappointing if anything but still great for every day wear maybe not night time if you want s...
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  46. good for adding volume


    Really like this mascara for defining and adding volume. Not the best if you want a dramatic effect but really good for a natural everyday look. love the formula. doesn't smudge yet wipes off easily with make up remover.


    Best mascara if you struggle with smudging. it isnt waterproof but stays on all day and then comes off easily when you want it off. makes your lashes so nice a long
  48. Not enough for me


    I have short straight lashes so this did not do enough for me and seemed to be so overpriced, considering how many great cheaper mascaras there are.
    The mascara is fine, it coats the lashes evenly and adds definition, but not much else. I would use this for normal days where I don't wear much makeup.
    It doesn't smudge, which is great.
    I like how it applied very cleanly and precis...
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  49. Doesn't smudge or come off during the day


    This is a great mascara, I didn't get my regular 'panda eyes' throughout the day!
  50. Mascara that is water, sweat, sleep resistant!!!


    This mascara is my holy grail and it feels like I have tried every mascara there is and every other mascara smudges under my eyes and above... i have the first world problem of long lashes! I have done everything in this mascara and not once have i come out with panda eyes or having to constantly get rid of black marks throughout the day. so if you are having trouble finding a mascara that doesn...
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  51. The best mascara in the world. Period.


    I've tried them all. This is the best that exists now. Period.

    No black smudges and it removes like silicon, no messy panda eyes. Once it's on, it stays on!

    Don't be fooled by the benefit hype, this is worth the couple of extra dollars.
  52. The ultimate mascara!!!


    I have been struggling to find a mascara that doesn't smudge for ages and now I have finally found the perfect one!! It comfortably stays on ALL day with no smudging or irradiation. Worth the price, so happy I decided to give this a go.
  53. The only mascara I will buy


    I brought this mascara late last year and I will not be changing again. I absolutely love it. There are no clumps, it applies smoothly and I never have panda eyes. If I go to gym during lunch or after work I don't need to worry about my mascara running - this stuff doesn't go anywhere! I've recommended it to my friends and family and they all love it too.
  54. amazing results


    i haven't purchased this mascara for some time now so when i got my order i used my mascara straight away.
    the results are truly instant. no clumping, longer lashes, and no smudges under my eyes.
    i do a lot of exercise and in the heat i only put mascara on and this is by far worth the money. no running of mascara and stays on, doesn't flake or look terrible by the end of the day.
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