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Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Makeup

Estee Lauder Authentic
  • 1C0 Shell
    1C0 Shell
    1C0 Shell
  • 1C1 Cool Bone
    1C1 Cool Bone
    1C1 Cool Bone
  • 1N1 Ivory Nude
    1N1 Ivory Nude
    1N1 Ivory Nude
  • 1N2 Ecru
    1N2 Ecru
    1N2 Ecru
  • 1W1 Bone
    1W1 Bone
    1W1 Bone
  • 1W2 Sand
    1W2 Sand
    1W2 Sand
  • 2C1 Pure Beige
    2C1 Pure Beige
    2C1 Pure Beige
  • 2C2 Pale Almond
    2C2 Pale Almond
    2C2 Pale Almond
  • 2C3 Fresco
    2C3 Fresco
    2C3 Fresco
  • 2N1 Desert Beige
    2N1 Desert Beige
    2N1 Desert Beige
  • 2W1 Dawn
    2W1 Dawn
    2W1 Dawn
  • 2W2 Rattan
    2W2 Rattan
    2W2 Rattan
  • 3C2 Pebble
    3C2 Pebble
    3C2 Pebble
  • 3N1 Ivory Beige
    3N1 Ivory Beige
    3N1 Ivory Beige
  • 3W1 Tawny
    3W1 Tawny
    3W1 Tawny
  • 3W2 Cashew
    3W2 Cashew
    3W2 Cashew
  • 4C1 Outdoor Beige
    4C1 Outdoor Beige
    4C1 Outdoor Beige
  • 4C3 Softan
    4C3 Softan
    4C3 Softan
  • 4N1 Shell Beige
    4N1 Shell Beige
    4N1 Shell Beige
  • 4N2 Spiced Sand
    4N2 Spiced Sand
    4N2 Spiced Sand
  • 4W1 Honey Bronze
    4W1 Honey Bronze
    4W1 Honey Bronze
  • 5C1 Rich Chestnut
    5C1 Rich Chestnut
    5C1 Rich Chestnut
  • 5N1 Rich Ginger
    5N1 Rich Ginger
    5N1 Rich Ginger
  • 5W1 Bronze
    5W1 Bronze
    5W1 Bronze
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Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Makeup by Estee Lauder


Ensure your flawless complexion lasts all day with Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Makeup.

This best-selling foundation provides maximum coverage to even out skin tone and cover imperfections, whilst feeling comfortable and lightweight on the skin.

Double Wear Makeup has medium, buildable coverage in a semi-matte finish. Fights against heat, humidity and exercise to stay in place all day long.

With 24-hour staying power, you can rest assured that your foundation won’t smudge, oxidise or fade throughout the day, whilst maintaining a natural finish. This is the perfect choice for those who want a flawless complexion and is suitable for all skin types and skin tones with a vast range of natural shades available.

Apply your foundation with a brush or sponge and enjoy effortless blendability from Estée Lauder Double Wear.


Why should I use the Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation? 

  • Full-coverage foundation with a natural semi-matte finish
  • 24-hour staying power through heat and humidity
  • Contains SPF10 to help protect skin
  • Oil-free dermatologist tested
  • Non-acnegenic, won't clog pores
  • Fragrance-free
  • 30ml



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Reviews (65)
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Great for oily skin - 13-03-2018 by

Love this foundation! Always end up coming back to it since it’s so good with my oily skin, definitely recommend!

A foundation that won't clog your pores - 27-02-2018 by

I have used many foundations over the years and this is by far the best. My skin is 100 times better using Estee Lauder it truly is a foundation that lets your skin breathe! A must have!

Not an old lady brand - 25-02-2018 by

I'd always shied away from Estee Lauder, as it's what my mum wore, and that made it seem dated to me. I kept seeing youtubers using it, and took advantage of a 10 day sample from a local counter. Holy wow, such great coverage!

I bought a full bottle from adore beauty, and it took a little to get my application right. For me what works best is a damp beauty blender, and to do one section of my face at a time, because this stuff dries quick.

It's a pricier foundation if you're moving from the 'drugstore' brands, but the bottle lasts ages, and probably even longer if you invest in the pump!

Great coverage but a bit dry - 21-02-2018 by

Ever seen those ads where girls come out of the ocean flawless?
They were probably wearing this...

This product has great coverage and is long lasting but I felt that it's a bit drying, I end up soaking myself in mist and hydrating sprays to maintain a fresh face.

Fave foundation ever! - 21-02-2018 by

The best foundation I've tried, blends well, is buildable, colour is a perfect match to my skin. Excellent coverage without looking cakey. Lasts all day too - definitely as good as all the reviews say it is!

AMAZING COVERAGE! Great for oily or acne prone skin! - 20-02-2018 by

This foundation is amazing and I would highly recommend it to friends! It gives you a full natural coverage and is the perfect foundation for oily or acne prone skin!

Can't deny that it lasts - 20-02-2018 by

It's high coverage and it stays, but it is thick so would I recommend using a translucent superfine powder with it to reduce the chance of it looking cakey. I use a rice based powder with it and I'm totally satisfied with the finish. The only thing I don't like about this foundation is that it starts to thicken once you get about halfway through it, combined with a glass bottle makes it hard to get the last of it out. I have a lot of discoloration and redness and after using this I would honestly feel mortified to wear anything else to work because this is all I've tried that will cover it and stay put.

Can't fault it - 19-02-2018 by

I have fair blemish prone skin with an uneven tone. This foundation is one of my HG products. I live in a hot humid climate and have an active job and it just sits in place!

To have it look like skin it's all in the application! I wet a beauty blender (real techniques brand) with the skindinavia bridal setting spray then use that to press the foundation into my skin, consider it glued down! Let it dry, then finish with double wear powder for maximum coverage. I've done a 16 hour shift and came out the otherside looking alright!

Love - 19-02-2018 by

This is my fav foundation, I try others but I always come back to this. I have oily skin and this lasts perfectly through the day.

Great for those with acne or congested skin. - 16-02-2018 by

A great oil free / full coverage foundation for those with acne or suffering with congested skin.

Full coverage, stay-all-day foundation - 14-02-2018 by

This is an excellent full coverage foundation that lasts all day (with setting powder)
I do have to be careful with the amount I use because it can look very cakey if applied liberally. I do not like the bottle for this reason. It is very easy to pour too much out.

Difficult to find a formula to rival this one!

My current staple - 14-02-2018 by

It took a trial of two other colours til I found the best shade for me. It was worth the wait. I would give it 4.5 star. The finish isn’t the most perfect and luminous but it gives a great coverage for pigmentation and redness. The lasting power however redeems this completely and currently won’t use anything else in the qld humidity.
Paired with Laura Mercier powder and a setting spray this won’t budge

Perfect for my aged skin - 06-02-2018 by

Great coverage and lasts through doing a doubler at work. Its light and doesn't highlight my wrinkles. I've tried countless foundations, some of which I really love, but this one feels gorgeous on, not drying and has the stay power !

Best foundation out there! - 23-01-2018 by

I have been using this product for around 2 to 3 years, I have tried others in between, new ones and every time I come back to this one, it goes on smoothly, and does stay on all day with out a smudge! lasts through sweat and tears. It always looks flawless.

Best makeup I have ever used! - 23-01-2018 by

I have been using this makeup for the last year and it is the best foundation I have ever used. I have very oily skin and work in a variety of environments throughout the day, so I really give it a run for its money! I use it with the Estee Lauder The Mattifier Primer and I only have to blot with a tissue every now and again during the day. I apply with a dense foundation brush and then a light dusting of Double Wear powder...the best!

Great for oily skin - 17-01-2018 by

This foundation is amazing! Its very long wearing and i find it doesn't cake up on my skin. I have oily skin and this foundation lasts me the full day. It does slightly oxidise on me but it has an amazing finish and is very full coverage.

Amazing Coverage and Longwear - 17-01-2018 by

This is hands down the greatest foundation I have ever used. I have been using it for 1 year now and can safely say that 1. It covers all of my acne scarring and I NEVER need extra concealer and 2. I think my skin has improved from using it.
I work long hours and this stays put until I get home (i.e. midnight). I am terrible and always touch my face without thinking though, so sometimes I do powder my nose, but that is about it.
I wish the price would stop rising though!

Best Foundation Ever - 15-01-2018 by

Holy grail of liquid foundation. Works amazingly to cover imperfections - manages to not look cakey - and stays on all day. I will never wear another foundation again :)

Great foundation - 08-01-2018 by

Love it works great with my oily and acne prone skin
All my friends have brought it now because
I couldn't stop raving about it!
It makes your skin flawless and can't handle aussie heat!

Great foundation for long days - 27-12-2017 by

This isn't an everyday foundation for me (as a stay at home mum), but the best option for events etc I've yet come across. My face looks 'just-done' at the end of a long day with this on. The finish is very matte and the smell is very 'makeup' - I think a lot of makeup artists use this so it reminds me of having my makeup done for weddings etc. I do wish it came with a pump - having to buy one separately is very annoying - but overall I'm thrilled with the product and will repurchase!

Great foundation! - 19-12-2017 by

I have been using this foundation for around a year and am still in love! Colour is great (desert beige) for my complexion and it lasts all day! Sometimes I set with powder but it still looks great if I choose not to. Would definitely recommend.

Not too bad - 12-12-2017 by

This foundation has its ups and downs for me. I love that it definitly is long wearing and still stays perfect the next day and doesnt rub off onto your clothes or hands. But it is very dry and goes flakey looking on my nose :( if i didnt have to reapply on my nose halfway through the day i would say this is the best foundation i have!

Excellent Holy Grail Foundation - 16-11-2017 by

I switched to this foundation after using Nars sheer glow. I thought that there was no way this would be as good as Nars, especially given the big price difference. Boy was I wrong! The color is perfect for my skin tone (I use 5W1 Bronze) and it lasts all day without rubbing off. Perfect for someone like me who needs makeup up to last through the work day and evening. I have combination skin and this foundation works well with it, it isn't too heavy and doesn't make me break out. This is now the only foundation i use !

great cover a little bit goes a long way - 14-11-2017 by

im so glad i chose this foundation. I have rosacea and when i received this i used just the tiniest amount like a small fingertip to test if the colour i chose was right and it completely covered the whole side of my face and my redness and strangely enough the itchiness stopped on that one side of my face that i tested it on..and it lasted til i wanted to go to bed without oiliness or patchiness. Very impressed

Really stays all day - 14-11-2017 by

With oily skin this is the only foundation that is still on my face by 5pm. It is very full coverage and gives you a flawless look. I love it.

Hands down best foundation - 14-11-2017 by

This is such an amazing foundation, it feels beautiful on the skin, isn’t cankey and it stays on all day. LOVE IT

Best foundation - 13-11-2017 by

I have 17 foundations in my collection and I always come back to this one. I love the coverage, the matte finish, the feel and the longevity. Absolutely love it

Best foundation - 13-11-2017 by

I've searched for a long time for a good foundation and this is by far the best! I used to wear it every day but have now cut back to wearing it just on weekends. It has great coverage but doesn't look casket. It lasts all day, doesn't smudge off. It's basically perfect. I have oily/combination skin.

Perfect - 30-10-2017 by

I never write reviews but I just had to share my love for this product. Ive searched for years to find a full coverage foundation that a)stays in place, b) doesn’t add to the shine of my already oily skin, c) doesn’t feel caked on. This foundation gives the most flawless airbrushed look and keeps near perfect even during the most humid days in Queensland.
I normally buy two different colours, one for when I’m tanned and one for when I’m not. I can’t recommend this enough to anyone ! Take the plunge if you’re looking for quality, the price is so worth it.

Amazing!! - 24-10-2017 by

Love this foundation, so happy ive taken the plunge to spend a little more then usual, it stays on all day with the laura mercier translucent and napolean primer,
I used the shade finder tool to find the right colour and it was spot on

The only thing I find is it gets streaky with my foundation brush so i go over it with a damp beauty blender to create a flawless finish
Thanks a mill x

The best foundation! - 23-10-2017 by

I have been using this foundation for years and absolutely love it! I have light, combination skin and use 2N1 Desert Beige. When I wear this foundation I always get comments on how lovely and clear my skin and makeup looks. It gives excellent, non-cakey coverage that beautifully blends into my skin. My skin can get some oily spots, however, the foundation stays put all day and doesn't slide off in the hot climate I live in. The coverage is buildable so when my skin is clear I apply a small amount with my fingertips, but if I want a night / more dramatic look I simply apply with a brush or sponge and build up cover! I don't even need to use a concealer. This doesn't clog my pores at all! I will be using and recommending this foundation for years to come!


Perfect coverage, buildable, blendable, silky, heavenly foundation! Seriously cannot recommend this more. This bottle is priced so well for how effective it is. It covers, conceals, feels amazing, stays on through moisture and extreme heat and I don't feel all clogged up. Colour is perfect.. Buy it...

Still my holy grail foundation - 10-10-2017 by

I honestly try nearly every new foundation that is released, as part of my job, this is the one in my vanity at home and it has been there for over 10 years
Great foundation and coverage for my oily skin
Give this a try if you have not already, it may be your holy ghrail too!

Summer foundation - 04-10-2017 by

Great foundation, stays on very well in hot humid days. Buildable coverage is great and doesn’t feel too heavy either!

Flawless! - 03-10-2017 by

This is my go-to foundation when I need my makeup to last all night. It does not budge, it does not settle in my fine lines or creases and it is easily blendable. It photographs wonderfully, such a lovely matte finish. Definitely on the pricier side for a foundation but well worth the money.

Won’t budge or smudge - 02-10-2017 by

I used to use this foundation religiously for days when I wanted my makeup to last all day long and achieve medium/full coverage flawless skin. It is a very heavy duty foundation and does not move until you take it off with makeup remover at night, whenever I use it I never bring any makeup along with me to touch up. It never broke me out either! I have combination skin type and I find this foundation looks lovely on my skin when it is very well prepped with skincare and a good primer. I like to apply it with a sponge as it sheers the foundation out and pushes it into the skin, this foundation never emphasises my dry patches, pores and so forth. The texture of it is very liquidy compared to other foundations I’ve tried so it never feels heavy or thick on the skin at all. The only issue I have with this foundation is that it sets and dries quite quickly so I have to work fast with cream bronzers or it looks patchy/blotchy. However I no longer wear this foundation on its own as I like to mix it with other favourite lighter coverage foundations to achieve a satin more natural finish but still have double wear’s long wearing qualities.

great coverage - 27-09-2017 by

I used to adore this foundation when I had quite alot of acne. It was great for covering spots and scars and works well with Estee lauders liquid foundation. However, I tend to not be reaching for it as much now that my skin has cleared as it feels a bit thick on and the chemically smell of the foundation was a little off-putting.
Furthermore, I had to settle for a shade that was a little orange for my skin as I could not find a perfect shade match for my Asian cool yellow skin tone.
However, I still believe this is a really good foundation, it looks beautiful on the skin. great coverage for those who need it and definitely looks better than alot of other foundations I have tried.

Love - 20-09-2017 by

I have not found a foundation that I like better. Nothing beats the coverage and finish of this. It's full coverage and dries to a beautiful semi matte finish. I can find a colour to match me when I'm natural as well as fake tanned so definitely a winner for me.

ADORE this foundation! - 20-09-2017 by

Always struggled to find a good foundation for oily skin and then I found this baby! It is most definitely full coverage and even after a long 12 hour day it is absolutely flawless and requires no touch up. It even covered the bags under my eyes with no need for concealer. *Keep in mind it does contain SPF can cause flashback in photographs but a light dusting of a good powder over the top can minimize that (napoleon perdis camera finish look G4 golden sand is a good one). Absolute holy grail - highly recommend.

I always come back to this product - 28-08-2017 by

I love this foundation so much. It is long wear, and can be used as a full coverage, or blended out with a damp beauty blender for a natural coverage too. The colour you put on is what stays all day, and that is so important to me. I am sick of buying expensive foundations, loving them when I put it on in the morning, and seeing an oxidized mess by midday.
I have combination skin, and this product works well over all of it. Best applied with a beauty blender.

Go to foundation - 18-08-2017 by

Best full coverage Long wearing foundation I've tried. Never seperates on my skin and colour match is perfect

Smells like paint - 04-08-2017 by

This really doesn't have a nice smell, as you're applying it you start to wonder what you're really putting on your face as it smells like paint. Besides the smell, the colour match is great, it applies nicely but it does cling to any dry areas. So by the end of the day you end up with extra dry looking patches. Other than that, it's an overall good foundation, just unfortunately not the one I immediately reach for.

HG foundation - 28-07-2017 by

This stuff is honestly so good. I am loyal to my Mac Face and Body and I was put off trying Double Wear for a while because I'd heard it was very high coverage, matte and cakey which is the opposite of what I like (natural, dewy, smooth finish), but I was given a sample (which was matched perfectly, rare for me) and was converted straight away. It isn't a total matte finish, it's very natural. If it looks cakey on you, your skin may be dry or you might need to try some new ways of applying it. It went on beautifully and can be sheered out very thin. It lasts the whole day and even looks better after a few hours wear when it has settled into your skin.

Just a few cons: it doesn't have a pump (but you can buy one for $10 from Mac that fits), and it dries quickly so you need to be somewhat skilful when applying.

Overall a lovely foundation, I will definitely be buying this again.

Absolutely In Love - 27-07-2017 by

I love love love this foundation! It has excellent, buildable coverage with a lovely semi-matte finish. I usually have combination skin and my t-zone gets oily very quickly. I find that with a primer this foundation lasts allllllllll day! And even without a primer or setting powder, it still holds up pretty well. I also find that I don't need to layer with much concealer, so my skin looks and feels lighter. And it's great that it has a bit of SPF.

New favourite - 25-07-2017 by

This foundation is great. It has great coverage and a nice demi matte finish. It can be built up, but can also be made to look quite skin like with some effort. The only issue I've had with it is it emphasizes some dryness on my skin, but this is only noticeable up close, and doesn't bother me too much.

Not That Great - 24-07-2017 by

This is a very popular foundation, however, I don’t think it’s that great.
I don’t like how fast it dries. Other products claim to be long wearing, and not all of them set too quick.
It’s looked too cakey on my skin too many times.
I also didn’t find it to be that high coverage, despite the fact people tend to say “it’s so full coverage”.

The one I keep coming back to! - 23-07-2017 by

I have used this foundation for the better part of 15 years. I've tried others but I always come back to this. It has excellent coverage and is buildable, so if I need extra coverage around my nose or chin where I tend to get redness, I just dab a bit more on and gently blend it in with a brush or fingers. It blends so well and is never patchy. It lasts all day (I top it with a light dusting of translucent powder). It's great to wear to work but I also wear it on weekends too because, why not?! It's the best foundation out there for my combination skin. I've never been able to find a replacement that does the job as well as this. And a bottle of this lasts ages. I usually get about 10-12 months out of mine depending on how much you use. Easily the best foundation out there.

Cannot fault this foundation! - 17-07-2017 by

I've loved many foundations over the years, but this one has stuck. I'm currently buying my fifth bottle, and normally I switch foundations whenever I need a new one. Defiantly worth trying, I highly recommend this product!!!

SATISFACTION - 11-07-2017 by


Best foundation - 09-07-2017 by

i have been using this foundation for a while nothing else compares, highly recommend. i have oily/combination skin i also have scarring and its amazing on my skin.

Overall i wont change foundations never found anything as good :) :)

Nothing compares! - 05-06-2017 by

I am yet to discover a foundation as good as this, so far nothing has come close!

Definitely worth the price and a little goes a long way. I have dry-combination skin and this applies beautifully especially in addition with the Estée Lauder primers.

This foundation does not budge, I can apply it in the morning and it will stay in place until I shower in the evening. I apply it using a damp beauty blender and it does not have a cakey appearance at all. Love love love!

Worth buying! - 02-06-2017 by

This is an absolute winner - it's a versatile foundation, can be applied for full coverage or you can apply a small amount of product for a lighter look. I have oily skin and do apply a light dusting of Laura Mercier Translucent powder (for insurance) and it lasts all day, it never looks greasy, dry or flat. They key is to prime the skin and work quickly in application as it does set fast.

Good foundation, bad shade names - 30-05-2017 by

This foundation does exactly what is says, which is great. However I ordered the shade 'Cool Bone' which sounds not warm, considering the 'cool' bit. It's bright orange and I can't wear it. I really dislike misleading shade names and pictures, if you're looking for a real cool shade, do not get 'Cool Bone', it's pure orange.

AHMAZING! - 21-04-2017 by

I loved this foundation. No wonder it is a cult classic. As for the quick service and wonderful delivery time I will definitely be recommending Adorebeauty to my makeup loving friends. It would be great if they bought more brands in on this. All in all great!

Doesn't budge but watch out for breakouts!! - 17-04-2017 by

I've been using this foundation for about 6 months now and while it is definitely one of my favourites, I have slightly sensitive/acne prone skin and whenever I use this I break out quite a bit, so I only use it when I reeeally wanna look nice.

That being said, I wore this to a day concert in 45 degree heat and when I came home 7 hours later I looked the EXACT SAME as when I left despite feeling like a sweaty mess, so I'd say it's def worth it.

LASTS ALL DAY!!!! - 10-03-2017 by

This foundation is amazing! I finish a 12 hour today and my foundation is still flawlessl (i do set with Laura Mercier powder also) I also have found in the past by the end of the day i am slightly oily whereas with this foundation i'm not.

The only thing i don't like about it is rather heavy (full coverage) and therefore it is quite drying. I personally also prefer a more dewy look with foundations.

I will continue to use this foundation for the time being as nothing quite lasts as soon as this one does which is a big plus for me.

It's the oily girls foundation - 08-02-2017 by

I have an oil slick on my face and makeup likes to slide of it within a couple of hours. Double wear is brilliant. It has a nice coverage, its buildable, it sets nicely and keeps the oilies away for the longest of time on my skin. Smells like paint though and has no pump but small things compared to the results!

Will be repurchasing ! - 27-01-2017 by

So I was skeptical of this highly acclaimed foundation at first, mostly because of the price. I've been buying foundations every few months trying to find one that works for me and putting off buying a high end one because of the cost factor. When I realised I could have purchased Estee Lauder double wear twice with the money I'd spent on lesser products, I realised it was time to take that leap. Boy am I glad I did! This foundation is amazing! It covers my redness and uneven skin tone with ease and despite looking like the wrong colour on my swatch, on my face it's almost perfect. I am so thrilled to have this in my collection and I will definitely stick with this brand in the future. For once, the hype was right!

True to its name! - 05-01-2017 by

This is the longest lasting foundation I have ever used! It lasted a solid 16 hours without touch up. Worth the money.
It gives great coverage (would be even better if I didn't get a shade too light!) but does need a setting powder. Without it was very tacky..but once set felt weightless and looked flawless.
Will be buying this again!

Perfect in Hot Tropics! - 05-11-2016 by

Only foundation that stays on well, ALL day in sweaty, humid climate in Northern Territory. Hair never stays in place here but this double wear foundation does. Easy to touch up during the day if necessary, easy to wash off with most cleaners.

Best foundation for oily skin! - 19-10-2016 by

I bought this randomly not doing much research but I was so impressed. I get a really really oily t-zone throughout the day, and most foundations melt off on me. This foundation is the only foundation I have ever tried that stays dry on my face throughout the whole day. It's not super matte either, I would say it's a more demi matte finish. It has high coverage, but I don't find it heavy or uncomfortable.

I'm usually good at finding the right shade for me from swatches online, however this foundation made it kind of difficult. I would definitely get it matched.

Love it! - 03-08-2016 by

I've been using this products for years now and it has never let me down. It's long lasting and provides great cover for my pigmented skin. I have recommended this products to friends and they are still using it today.

Best Foundation - 05-07-2016 by

Ever since I bought this foundation I've never used another. 5 stars for double wear. 5 stars for adore beauty as well, thanks for my samples and Tim tam! ❤️

Good product for combination skin - 02-03-2016 by

I liked this foundation i have combo skin and it lasted really well all day indoors. Does not react well when hot outside, it melts off quite easily on me and went patchy. Feels very sticky before being set with powder and setting spray but i would buy this again

great foundationn - 12-02-2016 by

finally found the perfect foundation im currently purchasing my second bottle :)

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