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Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Syncronised Recovery Complex II 75ml 75ml

4.7 of 107 reviews


4 instalments of $48.75

Or 4 instalments of $48.75 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $48.75

Or 4 instalments of $48.75 with LEARN MORE

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Powerful nighttime renewal for radiant, youthful-looking skin. Instantly adds radiance. Intensely hydrates. Advanced Night Repair significantly reduces the look of key signs of aging.

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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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4.7 of 107 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Favourite serum


Luxury serum that does everything it says it will. I have extremely sensitive skin (eczema and dermatitis, even sometimes on face due to makeup) and feel that this product strikes a perfect balance: it is super hydrating but doesn't clog my pores as so many moisturisers do. Having dry skin, I'm tempted to apply cream at several points throughout the day; but then I break out. Moisturiser may mean supple skin, but it also causes wayward zits. You're essentially choosing between which problem you'd like to experience that week. Advanced Night Repair has been a godsend because I apply it all the time, and only use a sparing amount. Instant nourishment without application of anything too heavy. Recommend always!

Most Helpful Criticism

Will not purchase the full size


This product sometimes makes me itchy, sometimes did what it claimed, won't recommend for sensitive skin.
  1. So luxe


    Received this as a sample size and absolutely love it. It feels sooo luxurious, smooth and nourishing on the skin. Would definitely repurchase if it wasn't quite so expensive!
  2. Favourite serum


    verified purchaser
    Luxury serum that does everything it says it will. I have extremely sensitive skin (eczema and dermatitis, even sometimes on face due to makeup) and feel that this product strikes a perfect balance: it is super hydrating but doesn't clog my pores as so many moisturisers do. Having dry skin, I'm tempted to apply cream at several points throughout the day; but then I break out. Moisturiser may mean ...
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  3. Staple


    I love this- been using for a year and it’s a staple for me! Super hydrating and a go to product
  4. Great quality


    I ordered the 7mL sample to try first because the price is ridiculous for anything bigger. It's quite a thin serum, goes on smooth and is easy to spread so you don't need to use a lot. I've been using it for a few weeks now and I feel my skin texture has improved.
  5. Hg!


    I tried the small version first and immediately got the big one after! It really helps repair my skin and helps to plump and brighten it! Highly recommend!
  6. Good product for plumping


    This plumps my skin very well but it does not do much more
  7. Plump skin


    After using the small version I think upgrading to the big one is definitely worth it!
  8. Will not purchase the full size


    This product sometimes makes me itchy, sometimes did what it claimed, won't recommend for sensitive skin.
  9. Absolute Luxury


    This is the first luxury skincare product I have ever purchased and I will definitely repurchase. It is a high tech, light weight product that packs a punch. It is quite soothing to place on the skin following an exfoliation, it soaks in and plumps up immediately. The next day you wake up and you absolutely GLOW.
    My skin is fairly oily, this is non-comodgenic which was a big plus in my book...
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  10. Great syrum


    Silky texture, absorbs quickly and a little goes a long way. Leaves my skin feeling and looking beautiful. Only downside is the cost.
  11. One of the best serum


    I got the small tried version of this serum, after been using it for 2 weeks, I can see the difference on my skin, the skin look much more improved. Will buy the full size as it worth the money.
  12. Beautiful


    Beautiful serum that I have used on and off for years as it is absolutely beautiful and leaves my skin feeling and looking so lovely
  13. All time favourite


    This serum is beautiful and I use it every night under every other serum and cream I use. I find it really helps penetrate all my other serums deep into my skin and helps them work better.
  14. My most favourite serum


    As pricey as this product is, I am yet to find any other serum that I love as much as this one. It truly does reduce the fine lines around my eyes and leaves my skin feeling smoother than ever. It does last for a long time as you really don't need much at all, and my most favourite part is that it doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy or tacky like some other serums do. This making it perfect for e...
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  15. A little goes a long way


    Super hydrating, you don’t need much product either. In the morning I wake up with such smooth skin after using estee. Pretty pricey, but it’s worth it
  16. Silky smooth


    I love using serums in the evening and received this as a sample, it has a lovely silky texture and it absorbs quickly into my skin not leaving my face feeling oily which I love. It’s definitely a treat $$$ but worth it.
  17. good value


    I do love this serum, it is number one in my books! This big bottle is by far the best value when I considered the other sizes. And because I use this day AND night I needed something that was the best value for how many MLS I got.
  18. Very soothing


    Great soothing product very gentle and suitable for sensitive skin. I used morning and night and have noticed my skin looking overall healthier. Not much is needed so this large bottle will definitely last a looong time
  19. Love this


    I have used many bottles of advanced night repair. It is hydrating, sinks in quickly and seems to brighten my skin and make me look glowy with less breakouts. Doesn't make my skin greasy.
  20. Redness relief


    I received a sample of this with my last order. I used it for three nights, and on each morning I woke up with reduced redness. However I still need an extra layer of hydration when using this, so I don’t think it’s worth the price tag.
  21. Amazing Serum


    This little beauty is your best friend. The serum that knocks all other serums out of the park. It's amazingly hydrating, sinks into skin straight away and keeps away any dry flaky bits (which I am prone to with combination skin) it can be used in the morning under makeup before your normal moisturizer without making you oily like some other serums. It might seam pricey but you only need the small...
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  22. A great all round serum

    Fiona Lucy

    This is a great little serum that does what it says. It's smoothing, hydrating, fast absorbing, and lightweight. It's great on my combination skin. It is a good all rounder that can be layered with other serums and moisturiser that are more targeted. I use it both morning and night under moisturiser. I reach for it when my skin needs extra support but I'm not sure what. I often try different serum...
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  23. noticeable difference


    I got this product as a travel sized sample with my estee lauder purchase. The sample size lasted a very long time so I can only assume the full sized will also last very long. I don't use this product nightly but whenever I feel my skin is getting dull and looks abit damaged. I always notice a difference after I used it, I also find I get the best results when I pair it with other estee lauder pr...
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  24. My Little Miracle


    Quite simply this is one of the best skin care products I've ever used, my skin looks amazing the next morning after application the night before. Fine lines are softened, my skin tone appears more even, my skin feels smooth to the touch and actually feels more plump too. I love the droplet applicator which stops you from wasting too much as it is quite an expensive product hence why it took me so...
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  25. I want to bathe in This!


    I went through this so quickly because I drenched myself in it!

    My face would feel amazing and my complexion wad brighter when I would use this at night, I would also use it in the morning and under makeup because I loved it so much
  26. Good staple for your skincare wardrobe


    This is a real staple in my nighttime skin are arsenal. I find that if I don't know what my skin 'needs', or if it is feeling fragile, a generous layer of Advanced Night Repair will ensure it looks juicy, refreshed and healthy the next morning. Also a good addition for those wanting to build a routine, but either unsure where to start or wanting only a small selection of products to get the job do...
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    I have just started using this product again after stopping for a year or so. Something I wont do again! After only a couple of nights I had people tell me how good my skin was looking. I had botox a few times in the last couple of year but I dont even think I need to bother with it anymore. My fine lines around my eyes have reduced and my skins is much firmer.A little pricey but definitely worth ...
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  28. Favourite skincare product ever.


    I'm a huge fan of this serum. I have sensitive skin that is neither dry nor oily. It hydrates my face without being oily and soaks straight in so I don't go to bed all sticky. I came in wanting a serum for my daily routine that wouldn't give me any kind of reaction and would leave my face looking plump and glowy. It definitely does what it says. If I had to pick on one thing, it would 100% be the ...
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  29. Lovely stuff


    I would give this five stars except for the price, and the fact that I'm not sure it actually does all that much beyond hydrate and feel nice. That said, I find myself returning to Advanced Night Repair again and again.

    It's not a super "active" or transformative serum full of AHAs/BHAs or other dramatic ingredients. But when your skin is feeling a bit dry and blah, it is incredibly ...
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  30. A lovely serum


    I use this every night on cleansed skin under my moisturiser and have done for years. Every time I stop using it (for some reason or another) I always notice that my skin is not quite as fresh-looking.

    I doesn't have any noticeable effects like helping fine lines or pigment etc but I always notice how much better/calm my skin looks in the morning. I have sensitive skin prone to rosac...
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  31. Amazing on your skin


    This is amazing as part of my night time ritual. Absorbs into my skin quickly, leaving it feel silky soft the next day. Non-greasy formula means it's not leaving marks on my pillow cases like other brands. My skin is a mix, very dry sections and then some oily sections, works well for all areas. Highly recommend!
  32. amazing serum


    This feels so lovely on the skin, hydrating, non-oily, skins in so well. My complexion is bright, soft and plump the next day. Definitely worth trying!
  33. Great for everyone!


    I have tried heaps of serums but this one is definitely the best value for money!! It is great because it treats sooo many skin concerns literally anyone can use it.
    For my skin it has dramatically helped my scaring and redness, as well as the elasticity in my skin and its texture! It looks much smoother and brighter and it doesn’t irritate my breakouts either :)
    It doesnt feel oily ...
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  34. magic in a bottle


    I can not recommend this enough for ANYONE with skin issues such as fine lines, dryness, dark spots, texture etc It is literally such a unique serum i have repurchased this despite the crazy price because it is so worth it. I used it for less than a week before noticing results, my skin appeared more supple and soft, dark spots were slowly but surely going away and my skin just looked so youthful ...
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  35. Estée Lauder Advanced night repair


    This products give me supple,soft, glowing skin in the morning when I applied it to sleep.It hydrates and help to lessen or heals any minor scars, redness,dry patches ,sun burn and any sensitive parts on the face.Definitely worth the money
  36. Nice serum


    I have combination oily skin and have been using this serum for a couple of months. It has a pleasant scent and is easy to apply. It doesn't irritate my skin. I don't know if it is having a huge impact on my skin but I enjoy using it and would consider repurchasing.
  37. Best all rounder


    This is an amazing serum for an all round overnight treatment. It is definately goodness in a bottle!
    The texture is beautifullly light, with a light scent, which is really quite calming.
    After applying, skin instantly feels refreshed and nourished. Waking up in the morning, skin looks glowing, and feels nourished, and ready to go for the day :-). I look forward to what the results are...
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  38. Game changer


    I love this oil - it’s super quick absorbing and goes under your night moisturizer. Do not fear as this has a zero chance of leaving you oily and is even recommended to be used UNDER a moisturizer.
    I’ve been using it for 2 months and wake up to glowing and youthful skin. I was always apprehensive about wearing things on my face through the night as I believe the skin should be allowed to bre...
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  39. Amazing


    I bought this as I had started to notice some wrinkles and it’s made such a huge difference within just a month!
  40. Excellent


    I love this product, it’s one of my favourites by Estée Lauder. Absorbed so well into my skin, and leaves it looking refreshed the next morning, I can definitely see an improvement.
  41. Amazing.


    I don't think I will ever go without this product. I use it morning and night and it is part of my routine all year round. I am a beauty therapist by trade and even though I shy away from beauty brands as opposed to cosmeceuticals, this is a staple in my routine. I also add vitamin c ascorbic acid to it in the AM and I love that it absorbs right in! Try it! You won't regret it!
  42. Best Serum!


    Love this serum! It is so hydrating from my skin and he is worth every cent!
  43. Worth the money


    Amazing serum, I mix this serum with Vitamin C powder and in the morning my skin looks like it has been airbrushed. Amazing product and worth the money.
  44. Best hydration shot


    This makes my skin so plump and radiant. I use it in the morning when my skin looks lacklustre and always add a couple of drops to my foundation (along with BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid in Opal) as it really helps to make my makeup melt into my skin and look more natural. I can't do without it!
  45. Pretty Good


    I've used this serum for a bit over a month now. Haven't seen any noticeable changes, but my skin feels softer. Smells great. I feel that for the price point, it didn't work for my skin type as well as I would have liked.
  46. Awesome product!


    Only started using this about a month or 2 ago and I'm in love. It has noticeably evened out my skin tone and gives my skin more clarity. It doesn't really smell like anything and it absorbs into the skin quite quickly which is good. It goes perfectly under my moisturiser. (Josie Maran Argan Oil Face Butter)
  47. Great product that is worth the money


    I was sceptical before purchasing this product but it definitely lives up to its hype. For the first few weeks, I didn’t notice much differece but with continued use, my skin looked so healthy, firm, radiant and glowing in the morning. I do not yet have any major ageing/wrinkle concerns but this has really improved my skin texture and elasticity. This product is quite expensive but all you need is...
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  48. Nice product

    Ms Zig

    I have received this as a sample a few times and I like how it makes my skin soft but I haven’t seen any major difference in my skin
  49. Must have


    This product plumps my skin and it feels so hydrated afterwards! I even use this on my sunburns during the summer and it hydrates it so much that I don't even peel! I also have super dry patches behind my ears and I started putting this on it and its gone! its honestly a miracle product


    I've been using this product on and off for years and love it! It's light, absorbs easily and helps with hydration, ageing and uneven skin tone. Worth every dollar!
  51. My no.1 skincare product


    This is one item I will never stop using. I have average / normal skin, however getting general signs of aging (dark spots, blemishes, dull skin and the like). Since using this product, it has improved my skin pigmentation and overall glow. It does exactly what it promises. Very reliable!!
  52. Hydrated and Glowing Skin


    This serum lives up to its hype! I use it every day and night before applying my moisturiser and love the texture of it and how it makes my skin feel. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for more hydrating and glowing skin!
  53. Wow converted!


    All i can say is wow! I love this product - everyday is a good skin day! It plumps, hydrates and evens out my skin tone. I started receiving compliments on my skin almost straight after i started use! It is expensive but it works.
  54. Skin Glows


    I love this! After the first week I already saw a difference in my skin. I have sensitive skin and can use this nightly with no problem. My skin tone is more even and overall more bright
  55. A good all rounder


    It's a very good all rounder serum. I have dry/sensitive skin which always feels refreshed and smooth after using. You can definitely tell that it's packed full of goodies, it feels quite active on the skin. I probably won't rush to buy another bottle when this one is empty, but I think it will be a product that I purchase again down the track.
  56. Worth the Hype


    Honestly made such a drastic change on my skin. A little bit about my skin type: I'm Southeast Asian, meaning that I'm prone to getting hyperpigmentation, especially whenever I get acne scars. I've had the worst hormonal breakouts ever since I turned into an adult, and it was so bad that my mother had kept asking me to see a dermatologist, but I really wanted to give these things one last shot bef...
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  57. THE BEST thing since sliced bread


    Yes it is expensive, yes it seems like an extravagant purchase... but YES you do need it!! The best serum i have ever used. Got it as a gift last Christmas and have used every last drop from the bottle. I get comments quite regularly that I don't look my age and I am 1000% crediting that to this little bottle of angels tears. So worth the $$$ and I will definitely be purchasing myself another bott...
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  58. You HAVE to buy this


    This stuff is the serum of my dreams. My skin is combination and prone to looking a bit uneven, and after using this for the past 4 months it is looking SO much clearer and even. I wouldn't dream of using anything else!
  59. A good night serum


    This serum works well for aging skin and is an easy step in my night time routine. it absorbs well and leaves my skin feeling amazing in the morning. The only draw back is the price however a little goes a long way therefore the bottle is worth it!
  60. Magic serum!


    Amazing serum that lives up to the hype! It really works and leaves skin plump and hydrated with each use!
  61. hydrating but expensive


    I received this in a sample and found it hydrating for the skin, however I think there are more products out there that do the same thing at a cheaper price point.
  62. Wasn't for me


    I’ll be honest and say this didn’t do much for me besides hydration and slight plumping of dehydration fine lines. No discredit to the product, it was lovely to use but just wasn’t heavy hitting enough for me since I already incorporate vitamin C, AHAs/BHAs and retinol in my routines. This might work better for someone who doesn’t use a lot of targeted actives.
  63. Good product but too expensive


    I think this product is definitely good and has benefits for the skin, however I am sure there are other serums around (especially these days) which do the same thing for a cheaper price tag. I have oil-prone skin, especially in my T-Zone and my skin concerns are pigmentation and ageing. This product does make your skin feel more hydrated and the best results were when I applied it at night. There...
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  64. Cult classic


    I understand why this has been around for a very long time. It makes your skin feel soft at night and hydrated in the morning. This is a must add to your nighttime routine. Every woman should have this.
  65. Best serum ever


    I always get this as a freebie. Goodness it is GOOD! I LOVE IT! Fades my acne scars and makes my fine lines vanish. It's amazing
  66. Thoughtful sample but wouldn't invest


    Similar to another recent review, I wanted to love this product but it didn't do much for my skin. It didn't leave my face feeling hydrated or soft, I had to also apply moisturiser on top. A bit disappointed but as I only used a sample that came with my purchase, maybe I need to give it more of a chance by actually investing in the product. Based on the price and the effectiveness of the products ...
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  67. Lovely product


    Have only been using this product for a short while and have already noticed a difference to my skin. It feels so soft and hydrated. A little on the expensive side but definitely worth it.
  68. Wanted to love it


    I purchased this from my sisters recommendation who swears by it for dry sensitive skin. I applied each night but never saw or felt a noticeable difference. It wasn't overly hydrating on contact, quite light, so I would need to add a cream on top.
  69. Amazing product


    I have tried many serums but always return to this. Great for fine lines and early signs of ageing. My skin looks brighter only after a few days is using! Acne scars reduced. Definitely worth the price tag. Highly recommended!!
  70. Works amazingly for acne prone skin


    I have sensitive and acne prone skin, was worried when I purchased this serum since it’s the first product I got from Estee Lauder. The serum really amazed me! My skin improved overnight, my acnes quickly healed and my skin is healthier. Would definitely repurchase.
  71. So moisturising for my winter skin!


    I received this as a sample and really enjoyed using it.
    It made my skin feel instantly refreshed and when using it combined with a liquid exfoliator (I use The Ordinary & Alpha ones), my skin felt amazing the next day. I will be buying some of this once my tax back hits my account!
  72. Very hydrating


    I've tried a sample of this and mistakenly used it as an eye serum, I could notice a difference in a short amount of time. It reduced my fine lines and smoothed out my under eyes.
  73. Hydrating. Quickly Absorbed. Brighter & Fresher Skin


    This product is one that is a constant favourite amongst friends and the internet, took me a while to finally try it myself and now I'm kicking myself I didn't try it sooner. As someone in my 20s I'm not too worried about wrinkles at this stage, but I do have combination skin and breakout from time to time. I find that after cleansing and toning sometimes just putting on the Night Repair serum is ...
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  74. not sure


    I do really like this product, it feels really nice on my skin but I'm not too sure if it does anything and I've been using it for a while.
  75. Will repurchase


    This serum has been a welcomed addition to my skin care routine. I have dry and dehydrated but otherwise normal skin. Not only does it feel satisfying to apply, it has made my skin look noticeably smoother and healthier. I am finding I don't reach for bioré pore strips anymore because it is smoothing the texture that I was getting around my nose and chin.
  76. Great Product


    I received a sample of this product with a recent order and OMG i love it. I have combination skin so hydration is a tricky topic for me, obviously my skin still needs adequate hydration but i also need to be careful it doesn't cause a breakout. This product leaves my skin soft, supple and hydrated but never clogs my pores or causes breakouts, my skin is bright and fresh and complexion even and sm...
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  77. Unsure


    This product feels and smells nice but I'm not sure how well it actually works. I used a whole bottle of this product and didn't really notice to look or feel of my skin. It did feel more moisturised when I put it on but that was about it. But dispointing for the price tag
  78. The best serum Ive ever used


    This is easily one of the best serums Ive ever used, it genuinely makes a different to the texture and complexion of your skin.
  79. Skin Food


    This product is so beautiful. A little expensive but you definitely get what you pay for! If you have tired, dry dull skin a couple of uses of this product and it will start to look refreshed and smooth. I have troubled skin areas and this is one of my favorite products to use! This is the secret to a beautifying beauty sleep.
  80. absorbs well


    I used this product for a couple of months, noticed a slight change in the way my skin felt. It dries really quickly so you dont feel like you have oil on your face, but you have to get it around your face quite fast. Didnt think it did much for my skin other than the texture of it!
  81. There is a reason this is a bestseller!


    I wish I had splurged and bought this sooner. It is amazing. I have combination skin that is prone to the odd hormonal breakout, and this miracle serum is actually brightening and evening out my skin tone as well tackling the breakouts. I love wearing this under makeup for a smooth, hydrated finish.
  82. Lightweight serum


    This is a lovely lightweight serum from Estee Lauder and is revered by many beauties. There is a dropper that controls the amount of product used so that there's no wastage. This serum applies like a dream and is instantly absorbed by my dry skin. There is a somewhat chemical smell to this serum which I was not really a fan of but I'm convinced to stick with this in the long haul due to the miracl...
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  83. Great Night Serum


    This is a great serum and a little goes a long way! It is hydrating and works wonders on my dry, acne prone skin. Love it and highly recommend!!
  84. Only one I use for night


    This is the only one I use for night. It's so lightweight and absorbs very well.

    My skin glows the next morning and looks fresh.
  85. Worth every penny


    This is an amazing night serum. A little goes a long way and it makes my skin feel instantly smooth. Waking up in the morning my skin feels plump and nourished- it's like an overnight multivitamin for the skin. Great for my dry skin but its light enough that oily skin would like it too!
  86. fantatic serum


    I would highly recommend this serum. My skin has been amazing since I have started using this every night for the last month. I have very sensitive skin, and am dubious about purchasing new product, but I was recommended this and thought I would try it. It is worth every dollar spent! My skin is glowing. Will purchase again when this runs out!
  87. A Lovely Serum


    This is a great serum. It is light, is absorbed into the skin quickly and filled with lots of radiant goodies. I have dry/sensitive skin, and although it has a scent/perfume in the formula (I normally always have to buy unscented), it does not irritate or redden my skin at all. If you can afford the hefty price tag, and wanting to reduce or slow the signs of ageing, then this is the serum for you.
  88. Very hydrating ,great serum


    This is really great serum, I noticed my skin is so look dewy,healthy so plum moisturise my skin ,love it worth of money will definitely buy again
  89. Wonderful worth the money

    Sean Young

    After trying so many affordable serums I decided to buy this very well known serum to give my skin a better treatment.
    And I made a right decision, while not every branded and high end serum are worth their price , this one is really great for my skin. I fine my fine line in forehead and under eye corner is reduced, hydrating my skin and smoothing the surface.
    In the end rather than ...
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  90. Perfect all-rounder


    This is my go-to serum, and I have tried many. Perfect if you are concerned about early signs of ageing, it addresses hydration, fine lines and pigmentation. A little goes a long way so good bang for your buck too.

    I use after a chemical exfoliant and before a moisturiser and get visible results the next morning.
  91. Hydrating


    This is lovely serum, I can see how it will appeal to most.
    My skin feels smooth and soft. I haven't noticed a reduction in my fine lines and other signs of aging, but I don't really expect much from skincare. It works well in keeping my skin looking and feeling healthy.
    The bottle is elegant, the packaging is easy to use.
    I think this is a lovely serum and you can't go wrong wit...
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  92. Wake up to soft skin


    I have received this serum as a sample a few times now, and I love it. The serum soaks right in to the skin, and my skin feels soft and refreshed in the morning. This one is a little too expensive for me, but one for the Wishlist!
  93. Wow!


    This is hands down the best serum I have ever used. When I use it at night my skin is soft and hydrated in the morning. I tried another serum for a few weeks and noticed the difference, I will be sticking with this product from now on. Although its intended for night use, I also use it in the morning under makeup and it is amazing for that too.
  94. Great serum


    Exceptionally soothing and restorative, I notice a visible improvement in my skin after using this at night. A little goes a long way so the price is justified. The lack of fragrance meant that unlike most other serums this didn't irritate my sensitive skin.
    I think you still need to use a moisturiser on top of this though, because on it's own it doesn't quite pack enough hydrating punch. Gr...
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  95. Fantastic serum


    My favourite serum! A little sticky when first applied, but sinks in quickly for a nice finish. Can be applied under makeup and at night.
  96. A life saver


    My mum got me onto this product. She’s 52 with no wrinkles what so ever. She has used Estée Lauder products for most of her adult life.
    This is a very worthwhile investment. Your skin will thank you later!!
  97. Life changer


    This is an amazing serum!! Sinks in beautifuly and skin looks plum and dewy in the morning!
  98. Lovely night serum


    I was given this for my birthday and I love it. I rotate my skincare and when my pigmentation plays up I use this nightly and notice a big difference. Also notice it helps with fine lines and wake up looking more refreshed. This...then moisturiser on top and perfect for night time
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