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Ella Baché Special Eye Cream Ella Baché Special Eye Cream
Ella Baché Special Eye Cream

Best eye cream

This product is definitely top ten of all eye creams and believe me I buy all the expensive products! I have lots of comments on my skin. I’ve been using this particular eye cream since I was 22. I’m now 49 and I have no eye wrinkles. Over the years I have bought more expensive products thinking they might be better but they are clearly not! Do yourself a favour and buy this. It lasts a long long ...
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Ella Baché Firming Neck CreamElla Baché Firming Neck Cream
Ella Baché Firming Neck Cream

Star product

I have been using this product for the past 25 years. It has a delightful smell and you only need a little to go a long way. People always comment on my skin and are surprised by my age when I tell them. I think it’s the Ella Bache products. I’ve tried many many others but always come back to this particular staple. Do yourself a favour and try it!!
Ella Baché Special Eye Cream Ella Baché Special Eye Cream
Ella Baché Special Eye Cream

Moisturizing and lasts for ages

Around my eyes has been super dry this winter. I bought this eye cream and haven’t been disappointed. When you first dab a tiny amount on it feels like it will be greasy but it quickly absorbs. I use it morning and night. Loving it!
Ella Baché Sunguard SPF 40Ella Baché Sunguard SPF 40
Ella Baché Sunguard SPF 40

great under foundation

I use this in summer under my foundation (NARS sheer glow) and it sits perfectly on top, the sunscreen doesn't give my face a white sheen or cause oiliness.
Ella Baché Special Eye Cream Ella Baché Special Eye Cream
Ella Baché Special Eye Cream

Love this product

Cannot be without in Especially when travelling
Ella Baché Sunguard SPF 40Ella Baché Sunguard SPF 40
Ella Baché Sunguard SPF 40

Great SPF

I’ve used this product for years. I use to under the foundation as a sunblock. It’s has great coverage and could be used on its on. I use it to cover Roscea as well. Thanks Bache.
Ella Baché Intensive Balancing LotionElla Baché Intensive Balancing Lotion
Ella Baché Intensive Balancing Lotion

Good and reliable product

I use this on my combination skin - it has not caused any drying or breakouts and does seem to help with clearing any spots. It is a watery product you can use a cotton pad to apply. It is quickly absorbed and makeup sits well over this product. I would recommend it to anyone with combination to slightly oily or problematic skin.
Ella Baché Intense Recovery CreamElla Baché Intense Recovery Cream
Ella Baché Intense Recovery Cream

A really rich repairing cream

I purchased this to help with some dry patches on my skin from the cold weather (I have combination skin, prone to occasional breakouts and also dry patches at times). If you're going to use it under makeup use it sparingly or you will look too shiny. Aside from adding much needed moisture to my skin, this cream has antibacterial properties and didn't break me out. It has been a lifesaver and clea...
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Ella Baché Breakout Treatment CreamElla Baché Breakout Treatment Cream
Ella Baché Breakout Treatment Cream

Good spot treatment

I have combination skin with the occasional breakout. This product helps the healing time of my breakouts and it doesn't dry out my skin. I use it under makeup or as a spot treatment at night. It is a thick white consistency and you don't need to use a lot (especially if you will be applying makeup on top). Makeup actually sits well over this surprisingly.
Ella Baché Energising Cream MaskElla Baché Energising Cream Mask
Ella Baché Energising Cream Mask

Gorgeous Skin

This masque is so beautiful on the skin. It helps to clear and make your face feel fresh. I love applying it prior to the weekend to make my skin look and feel clear.
Ella Baché Rinse-Off Softening Cream CleanserElla Baché Rinse-Off Softening Cream Cleanser
Ella Baché Rinse-Off Softening Cream Cleanser

Great everyday cleanser

I have combination skin and this cleanser was great, I took it with me travelling through winter in Europe and my skin did not dry out at all. It is gentle on skin but you still get that clean skin feeling.
Ella Baché Hydra Hyaluronic Cellular SerumElla Baché Hydra Hyaluronic Cellular Serum
Ella Baché Hydra Hyaluronic Cellular Serum


I was skeptical of this serum at first but immediately noticed a difference in my skin texture and how easily makeup applied after using it. Would definitely buy again,but it is a "splurge" given the price tag.
A good addition to any skin care routine
Ella Baché Eye and Lip CleanserElla Baché Eye and Lip Cleanser
Ella Baché Eye and Lip Cleanser

Original and best

This is very much an old-school product which still works better than most new fangled makeup removers. For a start, it contains mineral oil, lanolin and those evil parabens. Yet it also works! Frankly, I would much rather use a eye cleanser that contains Vaseline (petrolatum) and coconut oil over one with a million pointless and irritating citrus oils added. All of the current trendy crop of soli...
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Ella Baché Purifying Tomate EmulsionElla Baché Purifying Tomate Emulsion
Ella Baché Purifying Tomate Emulsion

Great at balancing

I am a skin therapist and got onto Ella Bache years ago through my training. I have always found this moisturizer fantastic for a combination skin that has been stripped in the past and needs some TLC to get the ph balance back in the skin.
I have slightly oily skin and still use this during the day,m however its down side is it has no sunscreen protection which is so important.
It i...
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