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Ella Baché Special Eye Cream 30ml

4.5 of 72 reviews


4 instalments of $19.75

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4 instalments of $19.75

Or 4 instalments of $19.75 with LEARN MORE

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A special, nourishing eye cream that comforts dryness, alleviates dehydration and minimises fine lines.

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SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention
  • Dark Circles
  • Deep Lines
  • Puffiness

Skin Concern:

  • First signs of ageing
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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4.5 of 72 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I received a sample of this product and so far I am loving it. It is very thick and needs to be warmed up in your fingers before application and then it applies really smoothly. I found it fine for day use even on my oily skin. Left my eyes feeling bright. I also love the smell and makes my face smell nice all-day

Most Helpful Criticism

Not quite nature's best friend

Rambling Rose

I received a sample and tried it as my day eye cream, nice scent, thick and rich on a lanolin base, but formulation contains mineral oil and paraben preservatives, which I try to avoid. So disappointed because it's an otherwise effective product but not the best choice if you want a more natural approach to your skincare routine.
  1. Not bad Not great


    I got this as a sample (15mL) and it will definitely last you ages, you only need the smallest amount. I did find that it kind of sits on the skin instead of getting obsorbed - not sure if maybe im not warming it up enough? However i do feel like it definitely leaves me feeling hydrated
  2. Good eye cream to use at night


    I actually like this eye cream. However I wouldn’t use it in the morning as it’s quite thick and takes a while to soak in. It’s great to use at night though, I apply it and it soaks in while I sleep.
  3. Too thick

    Skin care obsessed

    I love the ella bache products but this is one product I have never liked as the consitency is SOOOOO thick that it just sits on the surface of the skin and doesnt absorb, My makeup would slide around and then I found I never used the product as I was unhappy with it.
  4. This eye cream has a temporary plumping effect


    But I don't feel like it's an amazing eye cream in terms of making a change to fine lines. I personally would not purchase
  5. Great


    I received a sample of this product and so far I am loving it. It is very thick and needs to be warmed up in your fingers before application and then it applies really smoothly. I found it fine for day use even on my oily skin. Left my eyes feeling bright. I also love the smell and makes my face smell nice all-day
  6. Amazing


    It has thick consistency and it hydrates as i have dry skin around the eyes and feels softer. helps with discoloration around the eyes too. Amazing product.
  7. decent


    This is a good eye cream, very moisturising and hydrating.
  8. Very thick eyes cream


    I got the try version of this eyes cream, its ok and quite hydrating. However its very heavy and thick cream so only suitable for night time.
  9. Great!


    I love this stuff, I am very dry around the eyes and this really hydrates.
  10. Good moisture base for eye make up


    I received a 15ml gift and I use it before makeup. It moistures under-eye skin so won't be any wrinkles after making up. Just a little bit is enough, very good
  11. firm texture eye cream


    I received this 15ml to try. The texture is quite firm so you need to warm it up on your palm before applying around your eye area. You just need a little bit so it lasts long time.
  12. Not quite nature's best friend

    Rambling Rose

    I received a sample and tried it as my day eye cream, nice scent, thick and rich on a lanolin base, but formulation contains mineral oil and paraben preservatives, which I try to avoid. So disappointed because it's an otherwise effective product but not the best choice if you want a more natural approach to your skincare routine.
  13. So good!


    The spa I go to uses Ella Bache products with their facial treatments and they're so good! I love how rejuvenated and hydrated my eyes feel when they use this eye cream. One day I'll buy the product to use myself at home!
  14. Great product!

    Kelly M

    Was sceptical of this product initially because it seems cheap for a larger size amount but was very pleasantly surprised. The eye cream is thick and nourishing, I will definitely buy this again
  15. Good eye cream


    This is a really good eye cream that smooths our wrinkles and softens my eye area
  16. Hydration at it’s Best


    This is the best eye cream I have used in a long time. It is very rich and creamy but emulsifies does to a smooth consistency. I find it keeps my eye area hydrated all day. A little pot lasts around 3 months with daily use.
  17. The best !


    This is honestly the best eye cream . It’s amazingly smooth and creamy and keeps your eye area very well hydrated. Very nice .
    Use morning and night for best results . You only use a tiny amount so it lasts ages .
  18. Very good eye cream


    I got this eye cream as the gift and loving it. The cream look quite thick at first but when you apply it on, it just melted and spread easily. Very hydrated.
  19. my new go to eye cream


    I love this thick luxurious eye cream. After trying many brands I have finally found my favourite - thank you Adore (I receive a free sample size) with a previous order and will be repurchasing! Only downside is that it’s in a jar but a little goes a long way.
  20. moisturisers but super sticky and thick


    If you like sticky and thick consistency with the smell of sunscreen that doesnt melt into your skin then this is for you. if not, steer clear.
    I am a loyal fan of ella bache salons and products. First product ive actually disliked. reallly not for me.
  21. The best eye cream


    I used to use this in my 20's. I stopped for years and was just buying eye creams from the supermarket and found I was always comparing them to this one as they never lived up to this Ella Baché one. I then finally decided to go back to it and I am so glad I did. It's the best eye cream I've used. I believe this eye cream is why I have very minimal lines around my eyes now.
  22. Beautiful and thick


    I think this cream might be a hit and miss for others as it is extremely thick so it might not suit everyone’s skin
    I love that I only need to use a small amount and it has spread all around the eye around.
    I personally like the smell of the eye cream.
    I only use this at night time as I find my makeup doesn’t sit very well when I have used this because of the oil content
  23. Happy with this!!


    Fantastic brand!! I’m lovin this and use it everyday, very very happy!
  24. Very Hydrating


    This is a really thick cream and you have to dab it on rather than rub it in but it is incredibly moisturising. I have noticed a reduction in the visibility of very fine lines. I haven't used it under makeup yet but I imagine I would have to use it very sparingly if I did.
  25. Fresh look


    Gives me a fresh look and very hydrated under my eyes I wear it on makeup free days to give it a chance to really soak in and gives my tired eyed a renewed look
  26. Top notch


    I highly recommend this eye cream it is rich and nourishing but I can still use it in the mornings under make up if I give it a minute to sink in. Tried many others over 20 years but still keep coming back to this one
  27. Best eye cream!


    I’ve been using this eye cream for many years. It’s very rich and nourishing. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to keep their eye area supple and young looking.
  28. So luxurious


    This is wonderful. It feels so lovely, really thick and moisturising. I use it every night. I don't think you could use it in the morning - it's really thick - but for night time it's perfect. I really think I can see difference in my under eye area.
  29. Super hydrating!


    This cream has been a god send to my dry eyes. This rich cream keeps them moisterised alllll day. You only need a tiny bit so this pot will last me ages!
  30. Be gone bags!


    This eye cream is the bees knees, super hydrating but soaks in nicely. I usually use before bed but sometimes after a night shift I will put on in the morning and just helps reduce them tired baggy eyes!
  31. super moisturising...


    Sadly I am getting older and I’ve got some crows feet and dry skin. I have to say that since using this eye cream my eye area is looking more youthful and moisturised… I actually look like I’ve been getting lots of rest and sleep. The crème has a lovely texture and scent and I will certainly continue using the crème through autumn and winter.
  32. Looooove this!


    I find this eye creme to be absolutely superb! It is so hydrating and really does what it says it will. I received a sample tube of it and then on my very next order purchased the full size. I adore the smell and find it very comforting and similar to the good old jars of Ponds cleanser, in fact I'd probably buy it just for the smell. But I don't have to as it's such a great product.
  33. Thick and luscious


    I LOVE. This product. It’s so much thicker than other eye creams I have used and I really feel like it is helping with the fine lines in my eye area. My skin is dry so this makes me much more comfortable thru the day
  34. Lux eye cream


    This cream is so beautiful and a little bit goes the distance.
    I'm guessing the tub will last quite a while and I'm not skimping on it.

    I was hesitant to spend the money on it but now I know how much use I'll get I'm definitely sold.
  35. Great hydrating eye cream


    This is a great eye cream. It has a very think texture so it helps to rub it slightly in your fingers to help it 'melt' before applying it. I only use it at night as it takes quite a long time to sink in fully. You only need a tiny bit as it is so thick so it is actually really good value for the amount of product you get.
  36. Great Foundation, Excellent Coverage


    Rich and thick eye cream, but I wish it was fragrance free. I'm not a huge fan of the scent, but the eye cream works and it's incredibly moisturising.
  37. Really unimpressed


    I received a sample of this and really didn't like it. The ingredients mean it's a glorified lip balm - it was so thick and rich, some serious danger of causing congestion or millia
  38. Beautifully moisturising


    I received a deluxe sample of this and really enjoy using it! I use it as my day Eye Cream and love how moisturised it leaves my under eye area. It sits beautifully under makeup and when I tap my eye area during the day I can still feel it’s moisturising properties without it interfering with makeup longevity or balling up. I have crepey skin under my eyes and while it hasn’t made a noticeable dif...
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  39. I received this cream as a GWP. Have been looking for an intensely moisturizing eye cream for years!!!! It hydrates well,


    I received this cream as a GWP. Have been looking for an intensely moisturizing eye cream for years. I have mature age skin and my under eye just "drank" this cream. A real little gem.
  40. Wow!


    I received this eye cream as a gift with purchase and wow ... it honestly is the best eye cream I have ever used . Thick, creamy and spreads around the delicate eye area beautifully.
    You only need a tiny bit so it’s great value .
    Beautiful eye cream . Results are immediate in terms of hydration around the eye area !
  41. Great for winter


    I received this eye cream as a GWP. It is super thick and hydrating...perfect for winter!
  42. Nice product, terrible fragrance


    This product has a great, thick consistency which really soaks into the skin. My issue is I cannot get past the smell. To me it smells like nappy rash cream which is really offputting!
    If they changed the scent I would re-purchase.
  43. Effective but better suited to mature skin


    I received a sample of this eye cream with my last order and have used it daily since. I am in my early 30s and noticed more dark circles and little lines creeping in so maintaining moisture and collagen in this area is important to me. While it definitely keeps the eye area hydrated this cream is so thick it was like applying putty to my eyes. It is definitely far too thick for younger skin and i...
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  44. Nice step in beauty routine


    I like the feeling and look of my skin after applying this along with my moisturizer, I feel refreshed and dewy. I was expecting it to smell better but it’s not an unpleasant smell it just has a bit of a generic old person cream smell. That being said it is very hydrating. I wouldn’t say it has helped my eye creases but it does give the feeling of more youthful skin because of the moisture. It is ...
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  45. Too thick


    I had this applied during a facial and although it left
    My eye area nice and smooth I think it might be a little too heavy for a younger audience.
    I have given this to my mother who was really impressed with this so I suggest trying before you buy.
  46. Excellent toning, firming product


    I love this product, as soon as I apply it under my eyes and forehead I instantly feel my skin firming. It’s light, great coverage with just a pea size amount and smells amazing. Best eye cream product.
  47. Super Hydrating


    Never used at eye cream until my sister suggested this and I honestly with this cream a little goes such a long way! It’s so hydrating and nourishing and my under eyes are no longing dull looking but instead they look refreshed! Would certainly recommend, well worth the money!
  48. Why didn’t I find this product sooner?


    I decided to try this eye cream after reading the reviews online, and I’m so glad I did!

    I’ve been using it morning and night for a week now.
    It’s thick consistency is perfect for my skin, but is quickly absorbed and I’ve definitely noticed a difference is the bags under my eyes and fine lines only a week after using it! My makeup sits better/lasts longer too.
  49. One of my favourite eye creams


    I have tried a few eye creams and this would definitely rate one of my top picks and would definitely repurchase this one.
    Although the price is more expensive than other brands because of how thick it is, you only need a small amount as a little goes a long way so you get at least 6 months out of a jar.
    I would recommend this for more of a Mature client who likes the feel of a heavi...
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  50. Nourishing!


    This products gets an A+ from me. I get very dry under my eyes but i am also sensitive to products in that area. I have found a lot of under eye creams really irritate under my eyes but this product feels so gentle yet so very nourishing! its very thick in texture so you seriously only need the tiniest amount. It may seem a little pricey but it will last a very long time so really you're getting b...
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  51. Best eye protection you can find


    I started using this product in 1991 and have never stopped. People are always commenting that I have no lines around my eyes (yep, that’s no lines at all) even though I will be 50 this year. I put this down 100% to Ella Bache Special Eye Creme which I have used religiously every day for over 26 years. It does make your mascara slide off, so if I use it during the day I only pat it under my eye...
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  52. Only eye cream I will use


    This is the only eye cream I have liked. It replenishes the eye area and is safe to use.
  53. Very Nourishing


    I do love this eye cream as it’s extremely nourishing on the eye area. I only use it at night. When I wake up in the morning my eye area is hydrated and I look well rested.
  54. Simply amazing eye cream!


    I have neglected my eyes for too long! simply because I have not found any cream which I like. I have sensitive pale skin and don’t like heavy creams. This Special eye cream is worth every penny. I love the smell. You literally only need a tiny dot for each eye and blends so easily. I do the circle spread with my fingers and then pat lightly. For me I only use at night for best results. My eyes fe...
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  55. Lovely eye cream


    Great eye cream. It's lovely and rich and works wonderful. Great for dry skin
  56. Good product


    After reading so many good reviews I decided to give it a try. The first time use was in winter and I found the cream hardened and not easy to pick up from the bottle. Now the weather is getting warmer the product become softer and easier to apply. It is a very rich cream. I start to like using it more.
  57. Perfect eye cream that lasts ages


    I read all of the excellent reviews so thought I better try it! It provides the perfect eye cream for your eyes. It has a sticky like texture however it does provide a dry creased eye with what it needs! I am starting to get fine lines under my eyes at the age of 25 and this product is great for the extra hydration that your eyes need as you age.
  58. Game changer


    This arrived a week ago and is a total game changer. My previous eye creams didn’t seem to do the trick. But this one... well... it is rich (almost sticky, like creamed honey) and leaves my eye area feeling nourished and nurtured. It absorbs well so can be followed with make up but keeps the moisture all day and night. Totally love it. Can’t believe I lived without it!!
  59. Forever a classic


    Special Eye Creme has been around for decades. An EB consultant once told me it was developed by Ella Bache herself. It is a very thick consistency and a little goes a long long way. It is very moisturising without being greasy. A container of this creme lasts me about 9-12 months and I use it as both an eye cream and a lip cream. I have long used it on my eyes at least once a day but during this ...
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  60. So hydrating


    This is my go to eye cream when I feel the skin under my eyes is looking especially crepey and dry. I use this overnight as a mask and my skin looks plump and hydrated the next morning. Highly recommend!
  61. Nothing compares


    I regret using other eye creams and wish I had stuck with this. Well now its the only eye cream I buy. It is fantastic for my dry skin. I love the consistency too! Always have this, and Creme Jojoba. Yes it comes in a pot, but all my skincare is heavily sanitized.
  62. The Best


    I love this product. I often use it over a lighter eyecream and it acts as an occlusive but you don't have to. The skin around my eyes doesn't feel protected without it. A cream you can use for a lifetime.
  63. Best eye cream


    This product is definitely top ten of all eye creams and believe me I buy all the expensive products! I have lots of comments on my skin. I’ve been using this particular eye cream since I was 22. I’m now 49 and I have no eye wrinkles. Over the years I have bought more expensive products thinking they might be better but they are clearly not! Do yourself a favour and buy this. It lasts a long long ...
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  64. Moisturizing and lasts for ages


    Around my eyes has been super dry this winter. I bought this eye cream and haven’t been disappointed. When you first dab a tiny amount on it feels like it will be greasy but it quickly absorbs. I use it morning and night. Loving it!
  65. Love this product


    Cannot be without in Especially when travelling
  66. Best eye cream


    best moisturiser for eyes and can also be used as lip moisturiser
  67. Perfect


    Exactly what I was after; super moisturising and easily absorbed. The pot will last a long time too. Highly recommended
  68. I didn't realise how much I was missing!!

    Elle (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I'm not big into eye creams. It's probably due to a combination of laziness and not knowing which product to try. I was given a sample of the Ella Baché Special Eye Crème and I decided to give it a go.

    I didn't know what I was missing until I used this product! The rich formula is thicker than I expected, but it means a little goes a long way. It melts into my skin, and within three ...
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  69. Don't run out! You will be sorry!


    Travelling around Australia and as a mature female I dote on my Very special eye Cream! It doesn't remove wrinkles however it does keep your eye area hydrated and moist. Even though the little pot of wonderment lasts forever I did run out and disaster! I tried to replace it with anything in the outback! Don't bother! No comparison! The best $79 ever spent
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