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Visible Difference Authentic
Bring spa-inspired skincare into the comfort of your home with the Visible Difference line from Elizabeth Arden.

The Visible Difference line of products makes your daily skincare regimen easy, regardless of your skin type. Whether your complexion is dry, oily or a combination of both, there is an Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference cream, lotion, cleanser, eye treatment, toner and masque to gently care for your skin.

If your skin tends towards being dry or dehydrated, the Visible Difference Gentle Hydrating regimen is perfect for you. Creamy Gentle Hydrating Cleanser is formulated to clean thoroughly without drying. At night, boost your skin's natural repair cycle with ultra-rich Gentle Hydrating Night Cream. Oily skin needs oil-free products to help balance skin and clear pores. The Visible Difference line for oily skin is designed to give your skin a shine-free, healthy-looking glow.

All of the products in the Visible Difference line are formulated to clean gently and give your skin the moisture it craves.
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Visible Difference

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