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elf Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powderelf Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder
elf Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder

Glittery colours

Ok for the price but does leave you very glittery. I’d rather spend a bit more and get something better
elf Poreless Face Primerelf Poreless Face Primer
elf Poreless Face Primer

Not Poreless Putty for sure.

I bought this after seeing a review on the Elf Poreless Putty primer. This product is not similar. For the price point it’s fantastic but not what the putty primer was hyped to be. It actually left my skin quite oily but foundation did lay down okay. I’m not sure about this one. It may be different for each person?
elf Beautifully Bare Blushelf Beautifully Bare Blush
elf Beautifully Bare Blush

Natural beauty

This blush is pretty for a very natural look.
It is not overly pigmented, but definitely buildable. A great option if you are looking for a cheaper blush that still gives off a pretty look.
elf Lip Plumping Glosself Lip Plumping Gloss
elf Lip Plumping Gloss

Great dupe for Too Faced

The champagne glam is a fantastic dupe for the Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme, same mutildimension shimmer that gives the effect of the lips appearing fuller, the plumpness is only really temporary though like with most of these lip glosses.
elf Lip Exfoliatorelf Lip Exfoliator
elf Lip Exfoliator


The way it's packaged is really practically and makes it so much easier to use than a pot scrub. I appreciate how convenient it is and it does a pretty good job.
elf Lip Plumping Glosself Lip Plumping Gloss
elf Lip Plumping Gloss

Such great quality and price!

I love! It’s so affordable and does what high end lip plumping gloss’ do!
elf Moisturising Lipstickelf Moisturising Lipstick
elf Moisturising Lipstick


This is a great colour that lasts all day although it can be a bit drying
elf Beautifully Bare Lipstickelf Beautifully Bare Lipstick
elf Beautifully Bare Lipstick

Looks good

I use a lip balm and then go over my lips with this lipstick. Lasts all day and love the colour
elf Eyeshadow "C" Brushelf Eyeshadow "C" Brush
elf Eyeshadow "C" Brush


Does the job and great price. Longevity... time will tell.
elf Selfie Ready Powder Blurring Brushelf Selfie Ready Powder Blurring Brush
elf Selfie Ready Powder Blurring Brush


This is a magic wand for those with remedial makeup skills like myself. Anyone can get a beautiful finish with this brush! Best beauty purchase I’ve made in years.
elf Matte Lip Colorelf Matte Lip Color
elf Matte Lip Color

Great value, cute packaging

I really like these lip colours for the price! They stay well and are not dry at all. I have Natural and Wine. I really like Wine and think it is suitable for all skin tones. Doesn't bleed and layers nicely. Natural is a bit chalky compared to the other colours I have but good for lightening other colours. Will purchase more!
elf Makeup Remover Cleansing Clothself Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths
elf Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths

great price!

these wipes are so cheap which is honestly amazing! they get all my makeup off with one wipe and they don't dry my skin out at all!
elf Selfie Ready Powder Blurring Brushelf Selfie Ready Powder Blurring Brush
elf Selfie Ready Powder Blurring Brush

Super Soft

Love this brush, I use it to buff in my foundation stick for a flawless, natural look. It's super soft and doesn't lose any hairs, best makeup brush I've bought in years!
elf Blemish Control Primer - Clearelf Blemish Control Primer - Clear
elf Blemish Control Primer - Clear

It's good as a primer

It's a good primer and it acts as a pretty good base but I can't say it makes much of a difference to my acne.
elf Illuminating Mist & Setelf Illuminating Mist & Set
elf Illuminating Mist & Set

Pretty good

I like this one a lot more than their other mist & set. I think it does a decent job keeping my makeup in place.
elf Blending Sponge Baby Pinkelf Blending Sponge Baby Pink
elf Blending Sponge Baby Pink

Not bad

It's the kind of sponge that you really need to squeeze under the water to get going but it does a good job and it doesn't absorb any more product than your average sponge does.
Elf Shadow Lock Eyelid PrimerElf Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer
Elf Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer

Good stuff

I don't see much of a difference but my eyeshadow doesn't fade or smudge so I give it a win.
elf Ultimate Blending Brushelf Ultimate Blending Brush
elf Ultimate Blending Brush

A good brush

It's soft and it blends out really well. I usually use it for blush.