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elf Hydrating Face Primerelf Hydrating Face Primer
elf Cosmetics
elf Hydrating Face Primer


I think the jury might be out on this one for me.. I had heard good things about this primer so purchased a bottle, because at $16, why not?
Well, the pump bottle works fine, and the primer goes on nice and smooth.
But the smell! The smell is just not sitting right for me. Granted once you have laid your foundation on top you can't smell it anymore. But I find applying it is off putti...
elf Lock on Liner & Brow Creamelf Lock on Liner & Brow Cream
elf Cosmetics
elf Lock on Liner & Brow Cream

I love this! So affordable!!

I use this as my daily brow cream - I love it! For me, it feels like a dupe of a particular high-end brow pomade. Glides on so easily with a lot of pigment, super easy to clean up too. A fantastic brow cream for an amazing price, lasts forever! Mine did dry up before I used all of it, I was able to resurrect it with a little face oil.
elf Bronzer Palette - Bronze Beautyelf Bronzer Palette - Bronze Beauty
elf Cosmetics
elf Bronzer Palette - Bronze Beauty

Cheap in price but not in quality.

I really into this bronzer pallette since it works with my Asian skin tone well.

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