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elf Mechanical Eyelash Curler

4.3 of 158 reviews


4 instalments of $1.50

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4 instalments of $1.50

Or 4 instalments of $1.50 with LEARN MORE

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elf Mechanical Eyelash Curler is an innovative eyelash curler that has a special curved design which angles to suit all eye shapes
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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elf Mechanical Eyelash Curler Reviews

4.3 of 158 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love This


So cheap and works amazingly!

Most Helpful Criticism

Works well


Does a decent job considering the price, its not the best but it definitely works
  1. Love This


    So cheap and works amazingly!
  2. cheap and does the job


    this eyelash curler is cheap but curls effectively. works just as well as my more expensive options
  3. Good


    I don't use a curler often at all which is why I got something cheap. I don't get amazing results but good enough and it does what I need
  4. Temporary Fix..


    I bought mine from another store, and it did not last long. The curl itself is nice, but it cuts into the rubber piece really quickly and ends up crimping the lash, if it doesn’t get pulled out, that is...
  5. I mean, for $6!


    It's the best eyelash curler you can get! It works exactly as you'd expect, and $6 is a bargain. I will say, the only downside is that the silicon rubber pads have fallen out more times than I can count, and so I've had to replace it faster than necessary just because I lost the pads.
  6. Cheap and useful!


    This is a very well priced product that definitely does its job! Easy to use and decent quality
  7. great


    this is good, cheap and does the job!
  8. Great for price!


    Works well for price, manual application needs a few squeezes but works well to lift lashes.
  9. Staple product


    This is a must and really curls my lashes
  10. great


    This is a great eyelash curler.Its great for the price. it doesn't pull my lashes. it great
  11. Good for the price but is average


    A great price for what it does. The shape is not excellent and I find more difficult to use compared to others I have used in the past.
  12. Great price point


    This definitely works and at such an affordable price. You can’t go wrong, curls lashes nicely.
  13. Cant go wrong


    Great product for a great price - can't believe i went years without one of these - what a staple
  14. Definitely Recommend


    This eyelash curler works well and is sold at an affordable price point. I would highly recommend this product :)
  15. Worth it!


    For the price, this definitely gets the job done. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that just wants to get natural looking curls in under 10 seconds.
  16. Couldn't as for anything better!


    Great price, and great eyelash curling! I honestly couldn't ask for anything better in an eyelash curler. It never pinches my eyes and the curls last for hours!
  17. Does the job


    Basic no frills curler but great value
  18. Great choice


    This makes my lashes curl up and stay curled
  19. like it


    This gives my straight lashes a curl to it that lasts
  20. recommend


    Very close to the shape of the eyelashes, easy to use.
  21. Affordable


    Affordable and does its job, curls lashes. Also comes with replacement pads.
  22. Good value


    Great value for money, does the job
  23. Perfect shape


    This is a great product from elf, cheap as well. Works as described.
  24. Does the job


    Its not the shi***do curler, but it still captures my eye shape (elongated short monolid)
  25. Good eyelash curler


    It is affordable and does a good job! Recommend this product!
  26. Flimsy


    I'm not sure if mine is damaged but the curler doesnt spring back when I press down (my past eye lash curlers will spring back). It also doesnt curl the either side of my eye lashes and only curled the middle ones because when I try to get to the side it pinches my eye lids.
  27. Good and affordable


    Eyelash curlers are such a staple product to have, and these are an affordable, good option. It works super well for the price.
  28. Ok


    The curler is not very curved, it's actually pretty straight. But great price point so worth a try to see if it works for your eye shape
  29. pretty decent


    Does a decent job and for the price i can not complain i do however have naturally curled lashed and this just enhances the curl
  30. gets the job done


    great price point, does everything it needs to
  31. Affordable


    Does it's job to curl lashes but not the best I've used. Sometimes it doesn't catch all my lashes and so i'd have 1 or 2 random pieces in the middle that aren't curled. Overall it's not bad and affordable
  32. Works for monolids/asian eyes


    I have asian eyes and while other curlers pinch my eyes, these don't at all! They also fit my eyes just fine. I have had this curler for about 2 years and it is still going strong! (Did have to replace the pad though but it came with the original purchase)
  33. good product


    very good basic curler, great to have as an addition to my beauty collection
  34. Does the job!


    Affordable and does what it needs to do! Hardy and has lasted me years.
  35. Pretty good


    I got this as I needed a new one and this was cheap. It actually turned out to be very good and better than my previous one that was like triple the price.
    It's not the best on the market but it does the job for me
  36. Average eyelash curler


    I found this did the job but pinched my eyelids a little. I have deepset small eyes so have found other curlers fit my eye shape better.
  37. Good for the price


    This is a great price, although I'm struggling to see big results compared to other curlers I've used in the past. Haven't used one in years though so maybe my lashes are just less responsive! Definitely doesn't push or pull your eyelashes, though and is a sturdy device, so no major complaints.
  38. Great product


    Great product for the price. Easy to use. Effectively curls lashes.
  39. worth it


    It's cheap and does its job well !
  40. Affordable


    Great eyelash curler for in between my lash lift appointments. Does its job and is a good price.
  41. Excellent for its price


    If you're looking for something cheap and reliable, this is the product for you. I expected it to be a temporary replacement for another eyelash curler I lost, but it ended up being my go-to for 5 years (I'd keep it in my purse). It's not the best on the market, so still keep your eye out for others. But overall, I would absolutely recommend this product.
  42. Does the job!


    Absolutely affordable and does the job! I've got small lashes and it curls perfectly without any hassles!
  43. Really good


    Curls my lashes really well. For the price it is really good.
  44. Does the job


    I have always had to use an eyelash curler when using mascara but unfortunately my usual one broke so decided for only $6 I would try this one. Can't really go wrong, does the job especially for that price. I found it was a bit tougher on my lashes than my previous one and i spend a bit more time perfecting the curl. Would recommend nonetheless. not worth spending big $$$ on an eyelash curler.
  45. Works fine


    Works just as well as more expensive curlers at a much more affordable price
  46. Great for the price


    I get great results with this eye lash curler once I go over the eye a few times. I honestly cannot tell much difference between the $40 curler to the $6 curler. Definitely value for money
  47. Great


    Just does what it's supposed to. Curls lashes well without pinching or pulling lashes. No need to buy expensive or high end curlers when this one exists.
  48. Eyelash Curler


    So far so good, no issues with this curler, very comfortable and no pinching. Would recommend if you're looking for a nice curler, uses silicone instead of rubber so very unlikely it will cut your lashes when it wears.
  49. great stuff


    affordable and works so well! really curls the lashes without giving it that weird crease some curlers give.
  50. Pretty good


    For the price I find it quite decent, a great curler and it does show the result I see a difference when using it quite happy !
  51. Great


    Was a great eyelash curler, but after I would say about a month of use the rubber piece cracked through the middle making it not effective. Thankfully there is a spare!
  52. Does a good job


    This eyelash curler is one of my favourites and is very affordable. I use it almost every day and it makes my lashes look AMAZING. There is no need to buy an expensive eyelash curler when there's this simple one that is super easy to use.
  53. Does the job


    It's a $6 eyelash curler and it feels and works like a $6 eyelash curler. Gets the job done and doesn't break the bank. A bit flimsy but can't complain for the price.
  54. elf


    does the job, very affordable. curls my lashes very well without any pinching/ sharp edges.
  55. Amazing


    Its great
  56. Not for me


    I bought this Elf Eyelash Curler to be my spare one and live permanently in my travel makeup bag, but I did not like it at all.
    You could just feel how cheap it was just by holding it. The shape of it did not wrap around my eyes so it felt like it was straightening my inner lashes but not at either end of my eye.
    It was that bad that I threw it in the bin that same day!
    I've b...
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  57. Great for price

    Bridget L

    Really straightforward, easy to use and excellent for the price. I've used it almost everyday for about 8 months without issue.
  58. does the job


    good cheap curler that does the job, not sure how long it'll last though
  59. Value for money


    Great eyelash curler that gets the job done for a great price
  60. Excellent value


    I don’t often use a curler so wanted a cheap one, this is really good if you just use it now and then
  61. Cheap and simple


    Does the trick! Nothing fancy but it's reliable


    I have used many different curlers and this one is by far the best value for money!
  63. Works well


    Does a decent job considering the price, its not the best but it definitely works
  64. Not the best


    This is an okay eye curler. Does the job but not the best.
  65. Can’t go wrong at this price!

    Elle H

    You really can’t beat value for money with this one! Happy with my purchase!
  66. really cheap and does what you need


    really cheap and does what you need, curls your lashes and doesn't pull on them
  67. Afforable


    Great eyelash curler for the price!
  68. Good curler

    Verity S

    Works well and super affordable! I curl then apply mascara then curl again and I really like the affect.
  69. Eyelash Envy


    Love, love, love this eyelash curler, not only is it super affordable but it doesn’t catch onto your eyelashes. Will always reach for this over any of my other eyelash curlers.
  70. So good


    Such a good and inexpensive product. Curls my lashes easily.
  71. Amazing eyelashes good price.


    I warm mine up with my hair dryer and it always leaves my mascara looking super long and curled.
  72. So cheap and so good


    This little guy is handy to keep in your go to cosmetic bag. It curls well leaving eyelashes looking cute and long
  73. fab little gadget!


    Have always wanted to try an eyelash curler and this one has the goods and the price! Makes my lashes look amazing!
  74. Gives a nice curl!


    There's honestly not too much to say about this product. It does what it is designed to do. Gives my eyelashes a nice curl, which makes mascara look SO much better. Good price as well.
  75. Does the job well!


    Gives an awesome curl! I can’t believe how cheap this is great value for money! It really makes a difference using this lash curler before mascara!
  76. Bad


    This does not curl my lashes at all. I guess you do get what you pay for with this product.
  77. great price


    i honestly dont find too much of a difference between eyelash curlers so this is great for its price. just make sure that you change over the pads when they start to indent too much
  78. Love it!


    Great price and does exactly what it needs to do!
  79. Great


    Does exactly what I need it to do. Great for the price. Probably wouldn't bother buying a more expensive brand personally as this is suitable for my needs.
  80. Does the job


    Don’t waste extra money on other brands when this is cheap as chips and does an excellent job
  81. Wonderful


    Love this curler and just so cost-effective. does a wonderful job for the price
  82. Fab


    Just so affordable and does a great job. Cost effective and I don't find it any different to the expensive curlers
  83. Love


    I love using this and I have had this about three years. Works great.
  84. Does the job with a fraction of the price


    I don’t understand why people would spend over $25 for an eyelash curler when this does the job. My curl holds ALL day. I love it.
  85. Spend more money!


    I think with curlers you have to spend a bit of money, this isn’t the worst out there but by far not the best!
  86. Perfect and affordable


    This is the only lash curler I have and it does a perfect job of curling my lashes. And it's so cheap!! Definitely recommend
  87. Great


    I have been using this for six years now and love it. The only downfall is that since I have many lashes, the lashes at the end of my eyes do not get in the lash curler and remain straight
  88. Affordable and does the job

    Chanelle j

    Great price. I've had mine for ages. Curled the lash nice. Does exactly what it's suppose to.
  89. Does the job


    I bought this a while back since I somehow managed to misplace the curler I was using. I didn't really expect much from this product but it wasn't half bad, I actually prefer it over many curlers that are more expensive in price but it definitely isn't the best curler out there. I suggest giving this a go if your a beginner in makeup, on a budget or even just misplaced your one like me :))
  90. Curls nice


    Curls lashes and doesn't catch on them.
  91. Perfect affordable eye lash curler


    I have had this curler for a couple of months now and it has been the best one I have purchased, super affordable and gives a great curl!!!
  92. Great tool


    I recently bought this and I love it. I've never owned an eyelash curler before because I thought it was a gimmick but I was very pleasantly surprised. It fits my eye shape and length perfectly and curls every lash. It makes my lashes look longer and much more dramatic. It's very well made and high quality and now it's a staple in my everyday routine.
  93. Great product at a great price


    This curler is just as good if not better than the more pricey ones out there. Does the job and really brightens the eye area by lifting the lashes. At this price, it's a no brainer.
  94. Good tool for great price


    Good eyelash curler that does the job and is a great price
  95. Awesome


    I have been using these curlers since I was 14 and I get really nice curls all the time
  96. Good eyelash curler


  97. better than the expensive ones


    Lashes dont get caught and pulled, super easy to clean and an amazing price, it is better than the more expensive ones
  98. Didn't like it.


    I love elf usually,I was trying out the curler after losing mine a while ago, I found it's crooked, so one side doesn't even close on the lashes. I tried using it, but I wasn't a fan. Probably wouldn't buy again, I feel like elf can be a little hit and miss sometimes.
  99. So gentle on lashes!


    This eyelash curler is everything and more you could ever ask for in a curler! It curls the lashes beautifully and they actually stay there all day! It doesn’t tug on the lashes and is very gentle on them! Definitely recommend to everyone!
  100. Its ok


    I have troubles getting this edges of my lashes into the curler without pinching the skin at the front of my eyes. Doesn't work for me. But I have this problem with all lash curlers.
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