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elf Makeup Mist & Set Clear

3.8 of 70 reviews


4 instalments of $2.25

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4 instalments of $2.25

Or 4 instalments of $2.25 with LEARN MORE

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Change your makeup game. Keep your makeup staying in place all day with a radiance boosting invisible hold, with elf Makeup Mist & Set Clear.
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GOOD - 57% recommend

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elf Makeup Mist & Set Clear Reviews

3.8 of 70 reviews

57% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great Value


Great value for the price. Does a good job. at helping to hold my makeup in place without the high price point.

Most Helpful Criticism

Did not enjoy this


I am not a fan of this. I usually love elf but this one is a miss for me. The spray is too wet, the smell is a little off and it doesn't feel like it does anything for the wear of my makeup.
  1. Great Value


    Great value for the price. Does a good job. at helping to hold my makeup in place without the high price point.
  2. Affordable setting mist


    I have tried few cheap to expensive setting sprays before but ELF's setting spray is good if you're looking for something cheap but works well!
  3. Excellent dupe!


    I use this for everything, for makeup setting, to increase the vibrancy of my eyeshadows and to decrease powderness on my face, it smells pleasant and despite my sensitive skin I’m never had a bad reaction.
  4. Did not enjoy this


    I am not a fan of this. I usually love elf but this one is a miss for me. The spray is too wet, the smell is a little off and it doesn't feel like it does anything for the wear of my makeup.
  5. too fragranced


    i wanted an affordable setting spray and i know elf has some good products but this was toooo strongly fragranced i couldnt use it.
  6. Great basic set


    Set ps makeup very well, price point is brilliant, no need for expensive setting spray, this is great!
  7. Just ok


    The spray works ok as a setting spray - it doesn't hold product in place any longer but helps meld makeup together and give a more natural, hydrated look. However the spray nozzle is so useless you end up showered with product rather than sprayed with a fine mist! If you're using this, have a spare spray bottle to decant into so you can actually use the product as intended.
  8. Okay and affordable


    This product works well for a little while but definitely not as long lasting as other products in the market. Great price though.
  9. Good


    I like this product however I feel like it wears off after a few hours. It hold my makeup in place for about 2-4 hours, which isn’t alot, so you would have to re spray.
  10. It's OK product


    It's an OK product from elf. When I bought mine the pump did not work properly and too much product came out of it and ruined my makeup. I stopped using setting sprays after that thinking it would spoil my makeup again. I found it little drying for my skin. So personally I did not like it.
  11. Setting Spray


    PRO: If your looking for a cheap setting spray this one is pretty great. It makes my make-up last all day.
    Con: has a funny smell when your first spray (but is gone when it dries) & the mist is sometimes a bit uneven.
  12. Great product!


    I really like this setting spray, I use it everyday and it seems to keep my makeup in tact.
  13. There's better


    This is a fine finishing spray. It helps an over powdered face look more skin like but doesn't help my makeup stay in place any longer. I have not and will not repurchase.
  14. Fairly good setting spray


    Pretty good for everyday use.
  15. elf Makeup Mist & Set Clear


    I purchased this as I was in need of a setting spray to keep my eye makeup on place & heard many good reviews from beauty YouTubers so thought it’d be a good buy. The result: it definitely was! This was the first spray I’d used before so wasn’t sure how effective it’d be but it did the trick, keeping my eye makeup & brows in place for majority of the day.
  16. Give it a try


    I use this for my every day setting spray for work. Tried this year's ago and wasn't a fan of the smell but recently was recommended to give it another go. Smell has improved and it does a great job keeping my makeup on through work
  17. keeps my makeup set


    this keeps my makeup set all day
  18. I'm a fan


    Great price, great product.
  19. Average but good as a cheapie


    I find it sets foundation well but doesn’t appear to improve longevity of makeup. The smell is awful but at that price I don’t care. I think it’s a good reliable cheapie.

  20. Pretty good!


    I'm a fan of this. It's affordable and does what it says. Doesn't feel too heavy and smells nice!
  21. Sets make up.


    I love setting sprays and usually aim for a dewy look. This doesn’t achieve that if you are using a lot of powders and it also has a weird smell I don’t love. Still a good general make up setter.
  22. Love it


    Really great!


    Normally I LOVE elf products for their affordable prices and competitive formulas... this product isn't one of them :( the fragrance is offensive and I don't think it really did much in terms of setting my makeup. The spray is inconsistent so you can end up with large droplets of mist on your face. I probably won't throw it in the bin but will likely only use it to wet brushes before dipping into ...
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  24. Not too bad


    This setting spray is okay. It slightly prolongs the longevity of my makeup, but nothing really worth using. I find the mist spray is a little too inconsistent, and the smell is quite strong. Okay for someone looking for an affordable option, but otherwise I probably wouldn't recommend this product as it is mediocre.
  25. Not bad


    Not bad for the price and sets my makeup without making my skin dry.
  26. Good Setting Spray


    Its a cheap price and I've found it to not irritate my skin or effect my makeup.
  27. Good setting spray


    Not a bad setting spray actually, it seemed to set my makeup nicely & I found I wasn’t as oily half way through the day, pleasant smell. No irritation. Overall a good product.
  28. Average for the price


    The spray could be lighter and not so uneven. I wasn't a fan of the smell either but the only good thing is that it is affordable. However, I didn't find any differences with how my makeup in terms of longevity. There are definitely better alternatives out there but I guess everyone's skin is different.
  29. okay for the price


    not the best setting spray iv'e ever used and not a fan of the smell but its affordable, sprays nicely and is refreshing
  30. Don’t find it lasts a lot longer


    While this spray doesn’t dry my skin out too much it doesn’t really seem like it makes my makeup last much longer at all, maybe an extra hour but it hardly seems worth it.
  31. Not bad for the money


    For the money this isn't a bad product. Helps makeup last a bit longer than without it
  32. Ok


    I have not tried many other mists but I do not think this made any difference to my makeup.
  33. Not the best


    Smells kind of strange and I have to reapply way too often. It's refreshing at least, but definitely doesn't do much to keep my makeup looking good.
  34. Didn’t seem to do anything


    I’ve used this product a few times. Didn’t seem to do anything. Didn’t hold my makeup on longer or set things nicely. It was a light mist and was refreshing but that’s about it.
  35. In the middle on this one


    I live in the wet tropics and during the summer wet season with extremely high humidity I’ll try anything that professes to set one’s makeup. This goes on well and didn’t feel thick or sticky nor did it dry out my skin but, under extreme humidity it didn’t work well. It worked a little better during the dry season but I’m thinking it’s suited to use in a cooler climate, won’t be purchasing again.
  36. I don't think it really did much


    I don't think it did much.
    It didn't take powderyness away and it didn't keep make up on for longer than normal.

    Better setting sprays on the market for similar price ranges.

    I did reuse the spray bottle to hold water to dampen brushes or beauty blenders as I liked the spray amount.

  37. Decent quality for price


    Not the best on the market but good for its price. Mist could be a bit lighter and it smells a bit weird but it last well through out the day. Wouldn't recommend for big events or hot weather
  38. its ok


    Its really nothing exceptional, after four hours, my makeup still ran a little bit but i'll still keep using it because its cheap. I dont notice feeling anything on my skin which is good, but at the same time Im not entirely sure if it does anything. I dont usually wear a setting spray so I guess it doesnt really matter to me lol. If you wear a lot of heavy makeup, I would reccommend a stronger se...
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  39. good but not great


    I bought this and I can't say that it does anything so special in comparison on the competing market, but not bad.
  40. doesn't do anything


    I bought this spray because it is affordable and has a lot of good reviews, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to do much for me. I have oily skin and my make up seems to last the same amount of time with or without the spray.
  41. not a fan


    doesn't really do anything but most setting spray don't besides the urban decay ones
  42. No lasting power


    It does a nice job of adding hydration to the skin and settling powders however does not add any longevity or durability to makeup. Works well in the way that Mac fix+ does, but don't recommend if you're looking for a fixing spray.
  43. great for a newbie to makeup


    this would be great to start off with if you've never used a setting spray before, but as for someone who is very into makeup, i don't see this being repurchased, my makeup wasn't set all throughout the day. wasn't exactly the results i was hoping for, and the smell of the product isn't very inviting.
  44. Great


    Out of all the setting sprays I’ve used this is by far my favourite, I work in a high paced environment & can feel when my make up starts to shift but I’ve noticed with this that, that doesn’t happen at all, would purchase again!
  45. Hmmm


    I used the product and found that nothing really happened, my highlight and glitter lids popped a bit more but my face powders didn't really blend together and my makeup did not last longer at all. For the price its ok but its not a setting spray.
  46. Good price


    Good to spritz on makeup or on brush to make eye shadow a darker pigment. Great price.
  47. Eh


    I tried this setting spray and I really didn't notice anything different, my makeup lasted the same amount of time as if I hadn't used it. But I guess for the price its not bad.
  48. Really good but STINKY


    I have tried so many setting sprays, including most of the high end ones, and this is actually one of the best! I would say it's in the top 4 that I've tried. I have oily mature skin and I definitely find that it helps to control shine & increase longevity of my make up. However, the smell is really bad! Like, dirty socks bad... I have to spray it & then hold my breath for 20 seconds! However, I w...
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  49. Best setting spray


    I have combination/dry skin. I have tried lots of setting sprays of various prices. None of them were amazing. This one works really really well, especially considering the price. In terms of value for money, this is definitely it, hence why I personally give it five stars. Recommended by me!
  50. good!


    cheap and does it's job!
  51. Great, cheap everyday product


    Pleasantly surprised by this; keeps my makeup looking fresh all day and is great for the price!
  52. Can't complain


    I think for the low price this isn't a bad setting spray. It doesn't leave any residue on my skin and definitely improves the longevity of my makeup. Though I haven't tried many setting sprays so don't have much to compare to.
  53. Great setting power


    This mist helps my make up stay on all day with no annoying side effects!
  54. Ok


    This isn't the best setting spray out there, even on the cheaper end of things- the nyx setting spray and maybelline one are much better, but this does the job. I think it does help the weartime of makeup and it helps soak powder into the cream products which is good.
  55. 4 star for the smell


    I use this as my every day setting spray and it does the trick. I have no problems with oil and don't need to touch up through the day. I wouldn't use this for a big day or night but it is an excellent alternative for daily wear. Nice that I feel like my skin can still breathe through it
  56. didn't work for me


    I have fairly oily skin and was hoping that this would help my makeup last longer without getting that oily sheen and it slipping off. I've tried it under foundation, over foundation, under powder, over powder and both before and after make up and haven't found its made any difference unfortunately. Would love to find a product that actually works for me as I've tried a bunch now to no avail.
  57. Average product but does it's job at a great price


    I have oily / combination acne-prone skin and use this spray daily following full coverage foundation application.
    The spray does it's job and keeps my makeup somewhat in place but I do find myself needing touch ups by midafternoon anyway so doesn't last super long.
    I am not very fond of the smell but it has a pretty clean ingredient list with some kickass skincare ingredients that are...
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  58. Good and affordable!


    This is a good setting spray for the price! I feel it helps my makeup last longer compared to the days I don't use it. I have oily skin, which still starts to shine by the end of the day but the spray definitely gives me more time before that happens!
  59. Decent setting spray


    I have no complaints about this setting spray. I find when I use it my makeup lasts a lot longer than without it. I start to get a little bit oily throughout the day, but not enough for it to make my makeup look any different. Good product for a good price.
  60. it was alright


    smells a bit funky. packaging a bit flimsy, had to transfer it into a spray bottle. did the job though (i think). if you're new to the setting spray game, it's not bad. if you have been through skindinavia and gerard cosmetics, this won't please you. maybe good for just days at work or something.
  61. Happy customer


    I have oily skin and have found that my foundation sweats through by noon. Was looking for an affordable setting spray to stop my make up separating especially the T zone. This definitely did the job. Very happy. May actually try the matte version
  62. Okay


    This is great. Works well even in warmer weather and it doesn't make your your face feel sticky
  63. Not sure...


    Not sure how I feel about this one...I read really good reviews about it here and on other websites about how it makes makeup look less powdery. It does smell a bit funny when it first goes on. I haven't had any problems with the spray bottle. Not really sure how effective this is but was pretty cheap so don't mind too much.
  64. Great value


    Cheap and does what it claims.
  65. LOVE IT


    I keep this gem in my handbag - I love spraying it throughout the day for a dewy, fresh look.
    It's also an essential item for when I'm travelling.
  66. It's okay


    I don't think this sets my make up well at all. But I do love this to keep in my hand bag and spray it on to freshen up my makeup during the day!
  67. No noticeable difference


    Not a winner for my combo skin with oily T zone. Perhaps an initial 'setting' effect but it didn't last. There are others for marginally more $ that are more effective.
  68. Unsure


    I bought this mist reading all the great reviews. I have used it a good 10 or so times but haven't really noticed the difference in my makeup when using without than with. It doesn't leave me greasy when sprayed on or ruin my makeup but doesn't keep makeup looking fresh at the end of the day. Unsure if I would purchase this product again..
  69. Works a treat.


    This is great. Works well even in warmer weather and it doesn't make your your face feel sticky.
  70. Cheap and effective


    As someone who prefers my makeup to look dewy and natural, I abhor setting powder. For that reason, fixing spray is my best friend, if I don't want my makeup melting off my face come midday, and elf's is the best bargain I've ever found; it costs peanuts, and locks product beautifully.
    As lovely as the luxury brands like Urban Decay and Skindinavia are, I will always come back to this littl...
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  71. Excellent setting spray


    make my make up stay in place, love it!!!!
  72. Best dupe for fix+


    I gave up on Mac fix + after I realised that tested on animals. This is the best, most affordable substitute! And it is 1/4 of the price!

    I use this for my shimmer shadows and to set my face. Works well with my combination skin and I plan to always have one in my makeup draw.
  73. Perfection


    I prefer this setting spray to the Urban Decay All Nighter and the Skindinavia Bridal Finishing Spray. It's alcohol free so isn't as drying as other sprays, gives your makeup a beautiful finish and makes it last for hours. It has a very fine mist and the size (60mL) makes it portable. It is insanely cheap and an amazing setting spray!
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