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elf High Definition Undereye Setting Powder


4 instalments of $2.25


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4 instalments of $2.25


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elf High Definition Undereye Setting Powder is a light-diffusing powder that camouflages fine lines, dark circles and imperfections, perfect for on camera or everyday wear.

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GREAT - 75% recommend

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75% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love it


I love this product. I will continue to repurchase this product and have repurchased. I highly recommend.

Most Helpful Criticism

Ok for the price.


Works well as a light setting powder, not great for baking under the eye and can leave a white cast. Its quite a little container with a small amount of product but for the price its worth a go. Perfect for travel or to keep in handbag for touch ups.
  1. Love it


    I love this product. I will continue to repurchase this product and have repurchased. I highly recommend.
  2. not a fan


    this attaches to only certain parts of the skin and does give a white cask when a photo is taken, not loving it
  3. Great


    This powder works great, only need a small amount. Sets the under eye area all day without looking dry. It's a must have for me.
  4. Honestly amazing


    This product is so good! Such a good price and set everything perfectly
  5. Ok for the price.


    Works well as a light setting powder, not great for baking under the eye and can leave a white cast. Its quite a little container with a small amount of product but for the price its worth a go. Perfect for travel or to keep in handbag for touch ups.
  6. not a fan


    personally do not like it, leaves chunks and a white cast hard to wipe off
  7. Such a Bargain!


    Such a bargain!!! Really fine powder that isn't too drying or noticeable on the skin. Sets concealer really well and brightens the skin (but isn't ashy and doesn't change the colour of your concealer). Winner, winner chicken dinner!
  8. Good setting powder


    Nice and fine, good for setting under the eyes for daywear. and great price for what you get, as always with elf products
  9. Great and soooo cheap


    This is such a great little setting powder at such a cheap price!!! Really comes pretty close to its way more expensive rivals.. great if you want good makeup on the cheap
  10. Great for day wear


    This powder is a go to for me during the day! It does a great job at setting my concealer under my eyes and reduces my creasing significantly!
    HOWEVER, DO NOT use this for flash photography as it has horrible flash back (I learnt the hard way :/ )
    Only other down side is the amount of product you get, there isn’t much product in the size you get which sucks!
  11. beware of flashback


    a really great powder for setting the undereye however be wary of flashback/flash photography
  12. good price


    this is a good dupe for a more expensive product. its so cheap and effective and does not dry me out like other similar products have before
  13. Great for the price


    This is good for the price, sets very well and immediately brightens the eye area. Not the best on the market but for the price really good
  14. LOVEEE


    its out of stock for a reason!! i use this as a dupe to my Huda Beauty setting powder.i find can make a few creases but other then that it loooks really nice on tthe skin and helps keep my concealer in place
  15. Nice for the price


    Fantastic price for the quality. Does a nice job for day to day- general wear however as a lady with more mature skin it should be noted this is sparkly looking. Overall applies nicely though.
  16. Great alternative to high-end powders


    I used this powder all over my face, not just under eye and had great results. It helped my under eye concealer not become creasy after a long day at work and it reduced the amount of oil build-up on the T-zone of my face over the course of the day. The brush that comes in the kit is useful, I found the powder was best applied with a wet sponge.
  17. amazing under eye setting powder


    it works amazingly for such a low price, but it is so small and doesn't have a lot of product as well. so i don't know how i feel about the product amount.
  18. Great bargain


    I used the Laura Mercier brightening under eye powder for years before I found this dupe. It sets concealer perfectly and isn’t too drying, I don’t find it very illuminating but I don’t think any of them are really. Just light reflecting and softening. I’m forty plus with crinkly under eyes so I use a light hand.
  19. Great for non-photography


    If you don't have an event, or not intending your makeup to be photographed, this is a great affordable, separate setting powder for concealer applied under your eyes. Otherwise it tends to have flashback in photos, and has a bit of a light sheen/glitter to it (not completely matte in my opinion).
  20. Not sure..?


    I really like the packaging on this powder, it is so tiny and cute but practical. I like the consistency of the powder as well, it does set my concealer. However, it has little shimmery/glittery particles in it that looks bit out of place and I did notice some flashback, so not my favourite powder.
  21. Good


    Before this product I was having constant problems with my concealer showing my pores and scrunching up on my face. However this powder completely dissolved my issues, brightening up my eyes and stopping my concealer from ruining my look

  22. Good


    This is an excellent quality under eye powder. I gave the value rating 4 stars instead of 5 (and the overall rating a 4 out of 5) because of the tiny amount / size of pot for the price.
  23. not a fan


    goes all patchy and sticks to parts of my concealer and leaves a white cast
  24. won't be using again


    pointless powder. doesnt set the under-eyes well enough and sticks to certain parts of the skin
  25. Perfect undereye setting powder


    This powder does not crease or move after a whole day. Due to the affordable price, I would recommend everyone tries it out.
  26. Not bad for the price


    My under eyes area are quite dry but this one didn’t give me the dryness like other brands.
  27. Good for price


    Good for price but doesn't do a fantastic job. There is better on the market; I have noticed some flashback before
  28. Average


    I have combination and dry skin. I purchased this as i am quite fussy with under eye powders and have tried a lot. I really wanted to like this as it is such a great price but i didn't think it was that great on my skin. I think it didn't work for me because my skin is so naturally dry and that this would work better for someone with slightly more oily skin. Overall i would recommend this to someone with a different skin type than me.
  29. Disappointing


    Maybe it'd do the job with a different skin type but in my case it just made my under eye area look dry and wrinkled. Tried twice and had to throw it away.
  30. Not great


    This didn't really work well for me. The brush it comes with isn't practical and the power just made my eye wrinkles worse. And when I smiled....oh boy did the wrinkles really show. Nope, won't buy this again.
  31. Im so glad to have found this !!!


    I had a major problem with foundation all of a sudden running into my eyes by the end of the day, no matter how careful I was in applying it not too close to my eyes. It was driving me mad. Having dry skin I was not interested in setting powder but after reading high praise for this tiny pot of powder and for $8 or $9, I decided I had nothing to loose. Oh my word am I a happy camper !! I just tap a small amount into the lid and use the tip of a beauty blender and gently tap all around the eye and down a little across the top of the cheekbone. It goes on white for 2 seconds and then completely melts into the foundation. It instantly sets and as a super bonus it brightens the area as well. After using it for a few weeks someone I know said you're looking extra bright & glowing lately. Its brilliant. Im so happy to have found this.
  32. Not worth it


    It does the job as a setting powder, though it doesnt help hide under eye circles too well. However my main issue is how tiny the packaging is, no sponge/brush fits in the pot so you have to try and tap out enough which is just time consuming.
  33. One of the best in chemist


    As far as chemist/drugstore setting powders go this will have to be one of the best I’ve tried. It’s so finely milled it works well for setting the undereye when used with a fluffy brush. If you are on a budget and can’t afford high end - try this.
  34. So great for an inexpensive product!


    Good value for money! While it perhaps isn’t as long lasting or flawless as other more expensive setting powders, it certainly does a great job for my everyday makeup.
  35. holy grail!


    This is one of my favourite setting powders. It always gives me a flawless finish and it doesn't settle in pores or look chalky on me, it blurs my pores and makes my makeup look "softer". It is so cheap and SO worth every cent
  36. Didn't do anything


    First, this is the smallest jar I have ever seen, my brushes and sponge don't fit it's that small. Sadly it doesn't do anything to my skin either. I normally use RCMA or LM setting powder and thought I would try drugstore but it does nothing. It doesn't brighten or correct. It does go into the skin but that's it. I feel that it doesn't even set my undereye area. I have to use another powder.
    Don't bother with this. I love Elf cos. but this is a miss for me.
  37. just so so


    it is not oil control for my oily eye area. no strong effect on me. not quite useful on me. not a must have.
  38. Doesn’t work for me


    I have hollow shadow under my , not so much dark circles but the appearance of them. This does very little for me. It is a nice product though, might work better for actual dark circles. Good for the price.
  39. little pot of magic


    This is truly a little pot of magic, it is so unique in its formulation because it instantly blurs out all imperfections and does NOT leave a powdery finish. It is also truly transparent because it doesn't leave a white cast on my skin. I would compare this closely with the Laura Mercier powder however this one is a fraction of the price though there is significant variation in quantity.
  40. Awesome little powder!


    I always had difficulties with undereye setting powders, but I love this one from elf. I think it makes my undereye area look airbrushed, and definitely makes it look brighter. It sets concealer well, and is quite affordable. Only downside is the size of the pot, but worth trying!


    I had just about given up on under eye setting powder and was about to resign myself to a lifetime of dark circles when I decided to give this a try. WOW! I can't believe this little pot of magic. The powder is affordable, stays on all day and totally conceals without creasing. I love the little brush that's included as it's perfect and just the right size to sweep along the eye crease. My only wish is that the pot was slightly larger as it can get fiddly when I'm in a rush to get to work. Other than that - perfection.
  42. Love it


    I have purchased 4 or 5 high end under eye setting powders and this one is a quarter of the price and just as good. Don't use too much or you get dry undereyes
  43. Good for the price


    I love this for the price, you only need the tiniest little bit otherwise it's a little bit cakey and drying.
  44. Great quality cheap product


    Works well, I normally use a product worth $45 but this does the job just as well, if not better. So have now swapped brands.

    Does not crease and only need a tiny bit, will be purchasing again.
  45. Very impressed


    I have very dry skin and could never get my concealer to sit right all day. Did some reading and people had suggested an under eye setting powder. I thought I would start cheaper to see how it went and wow! I am so so impressed and it makes a huge difference and lasts ALL day! I can’t believe how cheap this little beauty is. Will definitely be buying again.
  46. Cheap, cheerful and effective


    I generally am leery of under-eye powders as they can settle in the tiniest of creases and make even women in their early twenties look prematurely older, and I don't have the energy for all the layering, beating and baking of facefuls of base that are the trend at present. I'm one of those who likes my base to just even things out, but look like it's still my human skin, perfected.
    But I do hate the way my concealer starts to slide around, when the mercury rises, and the price was right, so I gave this little pot of finely-milled white powder a try; figuring I could pass it on to a friend if I disliked it, and honestly, I would probably have spent more on lunch that day.
    And now, I am a convert.
    Applied with the included brush and a very light hand, swept up along the under-eye crease towards the outer point, it invisibly blurs that crease out while setting the pigment underneath beautifully. I give it an *extremely* light dusting with a big, fluffy brush over the rest of my undereye area, and it keeps my concealer in place all day long. I have noticed that it *does* start to settle and cause the pigment to start caking/separating towards the evening, but really, if you're complaining about that effect from a $12 product after a full day of wear, then you're the one being unreasonable.
    This little pot does everything it claims to, and is an absolute steal at the price.
    A new essential in my kit.
  47. Affordable under eye setting powder


    This setting powder works really well with the elf concealers to diminish colour under the eyes. For me, this powder lasts about 8 hours, which is enough to get me through a work day without looking like a panda bear!
  48. Great


    Cute little container and brush, i like that it has a grating to control how much comes out and you dont need hardly any to do t he job! I personally use a beauty blender to apply with :)
  49. Cheap, Cheerful, Effective


    I have been loving this cheap and cheerful under eye setting powder! After struggling with banana powders and other setting products as they always showed creases. This little pot is a miracle worker - it doesn't leave a white cast, sets concealer perfectly with no creases and lasts all day. I've had most success applying it with a beauty blender. You won't regret this bargain purchase.
  50. Great product


    I have purchased 4 or 5 high end under eye setting powders and this one is a quarter of the price and just as good. if you use too much is can make your concealer a little cakey but just the smallest amount on the brush does wonders.
  51. Reasonably perfect


    Cons to this product is of course the packaging, small, messy and annoying.
    However it dried perfectly under my eyes, did not leave any residue and is does the job at a perfect price!
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