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elf High Definition Powder

4.3 of 44 reviews


4 instalments of $4.01


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4 instalments of $4.01


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elf High Definition Powder is a loose setting powder that creates a soft focus effect to the skin.
  • Sulphate Free

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GREAT - 84% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+


  • Sheer

Finish - Powders:

  • Matte

Finish - Foundation:

  • Matte

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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4.3 of 44 reviews

84% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

set to go!


This product has saved my makeup game. I apply it lightly all over my face in the morning and when I hit the gym at 5pm - my make up is still there!!! It’s so lightweight and soft, doesn’t clump and dissolves/sets your makeup perfectly. I can’t live without it now.

Most Helpful Criticism

flashback central


an alright powder for setting the face. super finely milled and really bad flashback so would avoid for flash photography
  1. Value for money


    This product sets my makeup well and controls shine on my oily forehead for hours. I do find that you need to spend a bit of time blending it or it can look a little white. As others have said this product is not suitable for flash photography but overall I think it’s great value for money.
  2. set to go!


    This product has saved my makeup game. I apply it lightly all over my face in the morning and when I hit the gym at 5pm - my make up is still there!!! It’s so lightweight and soft, doesn’t clump and dissolves/sets your makeup perfectly. I can’t live without it now.
  3. Better than high end product


    I have dry skin so I don't often use powder. However when i do this powder is so fine and great on my skin. it doesn't clog my pores settles nicely once applied with a powder brush. For me its better than high end product I've used in the past.
  4. Great everyday product.


    A really nice powder for everyday setting and baking. Light weight and very finely milled. It does have flash back when using flash photography. Affordable for an everyday translucent powder.
  5. flashback central


    an alright powder for setting the face. super finely milled and really bad flashback so would avoid for flash photography
  6. Ok for the price


    This is good for the price however the container is very messy, product gets everywhere. Powder itself is very light and translucent
  7. Great!


    Very fine powder, doesn’t create flashback and is great for baking! Also doesn’t have a strong smell which is a win in my book
  8. Very fine


    Finely milled so it’s got a nice consistency, didn’t notice any flashback. It’s really soft on the skin, it’s affordable. Really nice to bake in also!
  9. Affordable


    I have purchased countless brands of translucent powders over the years, each one promising to stretch out the longevity of my makeup and stop it creasing etc.. The majority do what they claim and the Elf translucent powder is no exception.

    Don’t think that because it’s cheaper than the others that it doesn’t do the same...it’s perfect. It’s a nice fine powder.

    I do allow it to “bake” for a minimum of 5 minutes, before lightly dusting it off. It comes with a pad for application but I prefer to use my blending sponge.

    They’ve changed the packaging from the square container to a round one, but the packaging states that the product amount is still the same..so I’m not too fussed.

    Highly recommend.
  10. Great setting powder


    Very nice, so fine and leaves skin super smooth. I don’t get white flashback with this one as I have with others.
    Can get a little messy in the packaging unfortunately
  11. Not bad


    This is good for a cheap powder. It’s very silky and fine and goes on translucent
  12. Sets well, but gives flashback


    This powder works to set and bake under eyes, however if you have dry skin, this will probably leave your skin feeling very crusty. This powder also gives you flashback!
  13. flashback


    I bought this as a beginner with high hopes. I'd been warned about the dangers of flashback and knew that the moment I put this on, I had to take a picture with flash. I was SHOCKED at how white and powdery I looked, and I even took a second photo after brushing away the powder as much as I could. Do NOT wear this if you are going out to a party with flash photos.
  14. I’ve repurchased this countless times


    I have combination skin that’s also a bit sensitive and this does a great job of setting my makeup and giving my skin a smoother look that lasts much longer than if I don’t use it. I use this every day after my powder foundation (I use a BB cream instead of liquid foundation) and before bronzer, blush and highlighter (although I’ve used it after these steps too and that was fine). You only need to use a small amount and you won’t see a noticeable difference straight away but after an hour or so, my skin, which normally gets a bit oily, still looks fresh and there is a noticeable reduction in oil. Also someone mentioned in a review below that you get less product in the new packaging but this isn’t true. It even says on the box that they’ve replaced the boxy container with a much better and slimmer one but there is the same amount of product.
  15. Amazing


    This high def powder is a lovely quality and glides on perfectly to give an amazing finish . Highly recommend.
  16. So smooth and silky!


    This makes my face so smooth... it's like silky and feels so fresh! I used the pad that's included a few times but found that it would pick up the foundation I had put on my face so instead of using the pad, I just swipe the powder with a brush. I love that the turning lid thing inside, allows you to easily control the amount that comes through the holes. It's such a great product and I highly recommend it.


    At the time of writing this (Dec 2018) the picture above of this product has a squarish lid - this is NOT the product you will receive. I ordered this and got a re-vamped item with a totally round lid - which is WAY SMALLER. I took a comparison photo but there is no facility on this review page to post it - but you will definitely get much less product. NOT HAPPY. I feel ripped off.
  18. Good alternative to Laura Mercier


    I bought this on a whim to see if the hype was real and it so is! I actually prefer it for setting the undereyes than the LM Secret Brightening powder, and it’s really cheap. A little goes a long way.
  19. Works Well


    Super cheap and works very well under my eyes to prevent creasing. Doesn't help with my oily combo skin so I don't generally set my face with this. It looks great on my pale skin but when my tan friend borrowed some she needed to buff it a little with her own powder as it looked a little pasty on her skin tone.
  20. Already Recommended to most friends


    Having combination skin being really oily on my Tzone and dry on my cheeks. This product helped set my face soooo well during the day and lasting all night. Super affordable and allowing now sweat to melt my makeup off.
  21. Good but doesnt last long


    This is a really good powder especially at its price!! the downfall is that it doesn't last very long and after a few hours my face is oily again and I need to re apply it.
  22. Sets my under eyes better than anything!


    So far this is the only setting product I have tried that has kept my under eyes set for hours, they normally crease and look yuck straight away and I’m so happy I took a chance on this product! Sets my whole face just as well too. Smooth
  23. SO GOOD!


    I have combination/dry skin. I purchased this because I was after a cheaper setting powder and I was blown away! This works really really well and makes my skin look absolutely flawless. This setting powder makes my makeup last all day and is also really good for baking under the eyes. Honestly cannot recommend this enough.
  24. Great value


    For the price, this is actually a great powder for baking. It does not leave a white cast and leaves a really nice finish on the skin. Highly recommend it.
  25. Great for the price point


    I have combination skin and the product works well for the price! If you're prone to dry spots try not to apply too much product as it can be drying. Sets the face well and is good for any oily areas. Would absolutely recommend given the price.
  26. One of the best


    For such a cheap powder this really packs a punch. Great for setting makeup and toning down a shiny face.


    I love to bake with this powder! it is so SMOOTH and makes your skin looks airbrushed and flawless. It is pretty finely milled and very cheap compared to other raved about loose translucent powders
  28. Great value


    A good price-point if you're clumsy like me and accidentally tip out a lot! The product works, but I'm going back to pressed setting powders.
  29. Really good


    This powder is great and was my go to before the RCMA No Colour Powder. So finely milled and really good for toning down powder face products when you've been a bit too heavy handed. It is also excellent for setting the under eye area and a little goes a long way.
  30. flashback


    not sure how other people have had such a great experience but i found it had flashback and didnt set my makeup on my oily skin. might just be me as i have very oily skin but i personally dont recommend this
  31. Excellent Powder


    Excellent powder especially for the price. Finely milled, so melts into the skin. No flashback in photos. A+++
  32. Comparable to the Laura Mercier powder


    This is a really fine translucent powder, so it works perfectly for baking and preventing under eye creases.
    I have heard someone compare it to the Laura Mercier powder and I totally agree. This is amazing quality for the price.
    I have combination skin, and usually use this on top of Too Faced foundation and it works beautifully - does not leave a cakey look or that slight white tinge you get with some powders.
  33. Perfect for baking


    This is a fantastic powder which lives up to all of it's claims and more. It is also incredibly affordable. The powder does leave a very slight white cast which is easily managed by setting spray and it amazing at blurring out skin imperfections.
  34. Great setting powder at a reasonable price


    I love elf products and have used the under eye setting powder for ages. This is a thicker grain powder but works great for everyday use. Doesn't seem to have flashback either which is a plus.
  35. amazing for the price - better than you expect


    i used to use this everyday, especially when i was very fair. now i use it in place of my laura mercier powder if im not down to use the good stuff. it is like velvet! make sure you dust off properly though or flashback will get you
  36. Amazing!


    I have oily skin and this stuff leaves my face looking soft & matte for the whole day.

    It's so reasonably priced too! Definitely one I would recommend for the Makeup bag!
  37. Soft


    This leaves my skin feeling so soft unfortunately I get some flash back
  38. Great


    Left my skin nice and soft and also matte, don't leave without it!
  39. Okay for beginners


    I love how silky my face felt after application, it was good for setting my foundation but not for baking!
  40. No comparison


    I haven't used loose setting powder before as I've never really felt the need to however since having children, my skin type has changed dramatically. I am now oily in places I didn't realise I ever would be!

    As I have no comparison in terms of using loose powder to judge this by, I cannot confidently say it's better than 'brand name'. I do have to say that it's pretty decent for the price. I have used compact powders before that have left me looking chalky and ghost like - this definitely does not do that! I'm able to dust it on without having any sort of powdery residue.

    I'd recommend if you're on a budget and need something to matify your makeup and give it staying power. It's not high end but it does the job pretty well!
  41. Cheap substitute

    Ai Lin

    This powder did it job but not too great because it didn’t last for too long. Also the product’s design is a bit funny so you’d get too much powder out the first time you used it.
  42. As good as high end products


    This is a great setting powder, so soft and silky. It leaves my pores looking smaller and I don't look chalky. Will definitely try it again.
  43. Wow!


    This product is amazing it can compete with the high end brands, I’ve got the Laura Mercier power and this elf powder i think is way better is feels like silk, it matifys it’s so finally milled and the price is unbeatable I love it
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