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elf Daily Brush Cleaner 60ml

3.6 of 58 reviews


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4 instalments of $2.25

Or 4 instalments of $2.25 with LEARN MORE

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elf Daily Brush Cleaner is an anti-bacterial brush cleanser for thorough cleaning in-between makeup applications. It helps to disinfect brushes for a fresh and clean makeup application and to extend the life of your brushes.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

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elf Daily Brush Cleaner Reviews

3.6 of 58 reviews

50% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Quick for when you have little time


I keep a bottle of this on my work desk and now it comes very handy when I have last minute plans to go out after work. I use dark eyeshadows and using this brush and wiping it on a tissue helps to get rid of the colour and bacteria on the brushes.

Most Helpful Criticism



I love elf products, but this one feels pointless. Leaves my brushes smelling AMAZING, but I can't notice a difference in cleanliness at all. I think I want to try the shampoo, though.
  1. Better products out there


    I had to use lots of product and still found it didn't clean my brushes effectively. You can get more effective cleansers (such as the Daiso cleanser, or even normal soap/shampoo) for cheaper!
  2. Alright


    Seems to work okay if you're in a rush, but it's not the most effective compared to other brush cleaners
  3. Not the best


    Doesn't feel like it cleans the brushes and I don't like the smell either.
  4. Ineffective


    verified purchaser
    I love elf products, but this one feels pointless. Leaves my brushes smelling AMAZING, but I can't notice a difference in cleanliness at all. I think I want to try the shampoo, though.
  5. Quick on the go


    It does the job when you’re too lazy to wash your brushes. I like to keep my brushes clean after each application.
  6. Good for daily use


    This brush cleaner is the perfect product to use daily, but of course you would have to do a deep cleanse every 1 to 2 weeks depending on how much you use your brushes. This product is good to have on your make up dress to when you want to change eyeshadow colour but want to use the same brush you can’t use quickly Spray this on and do a quick clean before changing colours. Also by the time you do...
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  7. Brush Cleaner


    I have bought this brush cleanser quite a few times and it never ceases to fail me. Great for on the go brush cleansing in between makeup applications. Highly recommend it
  8. Yep, it can clean brushes folks


    verified purchaser
    Terribly I've never even cleaned my brushes before - then I heard on the podcast it can make your skin dirty and promote breakouts if you don't SOOO as usual sold on another product! It is cheap and does the job!
  9. Does the job


    This brush cleanser does a decent job of cleansing my bushes during the week. I then do a thorough cleanse on weekends. This is an affordable and decent option but it does have a very strong and unpleasant chemical smell
  10. Works well


    It’s nothing special but works well. The smell is citrus and it seems kind to brushed. A good basic cheap staple.
  11. Not my favourite


    Personally I did not like it
  12. Not for me


    This doesn't clean the brushes properly and smells awful.
  13. great for in-between brush cleanses


    awesome spray to stop bacteria from building up on the brushes and getting the bulk of powders from your brushes. drys quite quickly too!
  14. Okay for the price!


    This used to be my go-to until I discovered more intense brush cleaners that also hydrate my brushes. This did an okay job and was better than nothing, but ultimately isn't anything too special. Would recommend if you are someone on a tight budget.
  15. Not so great


    Not the greatest cleaner. I like to use it as a pre-cleaner to get product off before i deep clean it with other products
  16. Eh....


    Not the best brush cleaner! It gets the job done okay but the smell is quite strong. I just love my cinema secrets though, but this one is a friendlier price tag.
  17. Price effective


    For the price it is great & does what it's meant to do. For a deep clean I use baby shampoo, this is for a quick clean before using it on the face each time I do makeup
  18. Quick for when you have little time


    I keep a bottle of this on my work desk and now it comes very handy when I have last minute plans to go out after work. I use dark eyeshadows and using this brush and wiping it on a tissue helps to get rid of the colour and bacteria on the brushes.
  19. Works well.


    Been on the lookout for a good brush cleaner, it effectively washes all the remaining makeup out, & the brush feels pretty clean after use, just wish the bottle was bigger. But good product overall.
  20. Ok


    Good to use in between washes but not enough for a thorough cleanse
  21. Wouldn’t repurchase


    Product cleans brushes ok, what puts me off repurchasing is the strong smell - almost like cheap perfume.
  22. Seen better brush cleaners


    Don’t think I would purchase again. So many better brush cleaners out there that work a lot better than this.
  23. Not bad for the price.


    Took this overseas with me to keep my brushes semi clean. Not amazing but for the price I can't complain.
  24. Good for in between cleans


    Doesn’t thoroughly clean brushes, but it’s good for in between proper cleans. Doesn’t damage my natural hair brushes which is a bonus
  25. Better options around.


    Purchased this brush cleaner to use in between deep cleans, doesn't really remove makeup from the brushes. Smells okay but it's very strong.
  26. Great product to have handy on your make up table


    Super efficient product.
    Spray on your brush then dry on a piece of paper towel or microfiber cloth,

    Great if you want to reuse eye shadow brushes with a different color or even blush brushes.

    Really effective when you don't have the time to do a complete wash.

    Also good for sanitizing when getting ready with friends.
  27. Hygienic


    Good to keep brushes germ free but not enough for a thorough cleanse
  28. Wouldn't purchase again


    I wouldn't purchase this makeup brush cleaner again. I gave it a go because it was cheap but for a couple dollars more I got the cinema secrets one which worked 100 times better. I will stick to that brand now. This one just simply didn't clean my brushes. I tried a few times with different brushes and hardly any makeup residue came off it just stayed on the brushes.
  29. No


    Little bit disappointing. Had to use an extreme amount of the product just to clean one brush (Kind of clean) - The scent was okay but the product didn't work well.
  30. Its a no.....

    Court K

    I usually love proving to people that you can get cheap products that work just as well as the expensive. Not this one. Hardly cleans at all..... I barely got any makeup off my brushes at all. Would NOT recommend.
  31. Great


    I love this brush cleaner! It's a good price and works well! Let me tell you I'm super happy that they've changed the color of the packaging because multiple times, I sprayed it on my face as setting spray since the bottles look the same and were the same color.
  32. Spend the extra to get better quality


    I thought this product would be okay because I really love the ELF brand brushes. Was a bit of a disappointment - didn't clean my brushes at all. In fact actually had to buy another brush cleaner to clean the brushes that I had already tried to clean twice over with this cleaner. Theres similar brush cleaners on this site like the 'Cinema Secrets' or 'Designer Brand' that clean really well and are...
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  33. dont love it


    This product sprays kind of strong, so I feel that half of it goes elsewhere instead of fully on the brush. I don’t mind the fragrance, however it is pretty strong. I don’t feel like it cleans my brushes that well either. For the price its fine, but I don’t think I will repurchase.
  34. Great for the price


    I was happy with the result.
    It’s a cheap brush cleaner, and did an okay job of cleaning my brushes.
    I wasn’t disappointed. I was happy with the result.
  35. Didn't clean very well


    Was very basic and didn't clean well.
  36. Love


    Alright for the price, not perfect at cleaning the brushes.
  37. Disappointing.....


    I didnt have high expectations for this brush cleaner because it was so cheap....but next time I wont waste my time. Smell wasnt too bad but it was the tiniest little bottle and the product itself couldn't clean even the smallest amount of makeup of my brushes. I tried so many brushes and even used it with makeup wipes, clothes and water and on dry and nothing. Much better products around the same...
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  38. Very good for the price


    I like to spray this on my brushes after I've used them and then wipe over a baby wipe for in between cleans. Definitely recommend doing it after you've finished applying your make up and not before so the alcohol smell goes away and you're not putting it on your face. Works well for when you just don't have time to properly clean them and has definitely been helping with my breakouts as my brushe...
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  39. It Goes Alright


    It's not the best but, honestly, for the price - I'm happy enough with it. It does the job in between doing big deep cleanses.
  40. does the job but not great


    I'd recommend this cleaner if you use a lot of make up and don't have the time to clean your brushes daily. It is definitely better than not cleaning your brushes at all. But it doesn't get all the make up off.
  41. Don’t waste your time


    I wouldn’t waste your time on this brush cleaner. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and tried it a couple times before I reviewed. It’s really disspointing and doesn’t clean one bit of makeup off my brushes at all. I tried it on my brushes multiple times with wet cloth, dry cloth and both didn’t take any makeup off the brushes. I’ve tried the designer brand one on adore and it’s cheap and amazing...
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  42. Good for travel only


    I was a little disappointing with this brush cleaner. I use the ELF brushes and they're great.This didnt clean well at all I had to use so much of the product. Probably would only ever use it as a travel brush cleaner in between uses because its so tiny. Smells good but doesn't make up for it not actually cleaning well. I recommend getting the DESIGNED BRANDS brush cleaner if you're looking for a ...
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  43. Disappointing


    I dont really like the idea of spending a fortune to clean my makeup brushes so ive been trying a few of the cheaper alternatives lately. This one didn't work at all cleaning wise. Was a small bottle too. The smell was a lot nicer than most cleansers but it hardly took any of the makeup off the brush.
  44. Doesn't clean well


    Probably will not purchase again - didn't clean my brushes very well. Was a really small amount of product too.
  45. Unsure/Okay product


    I expected a lot more from this brush cleaner (Even though its cheap) because the ELF brushes are such good quality and price but this was a let down. To start with the bottle is TINY its more of a 'travel' size brush cleaner - I have to say it would be great for travelling if you dont want to take a big bottle of brush cleaner. It doesn't clean very well - I had to use maybe 6-8 sprays just to ge...
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  46. Its just alcohol


    Im sure you could buy a bottle of rubbing alcohol and get more product for better value. It doesn't clean brushes very well, i highly recommend the Cinema Secrets brush cleaner, so worth the money!!
  47. useless, go to daiso and get the puff and sponge


    Useless cleaner, spray is handy I will say but just not potent to deep clean brushes. I only deep clean so completely useless a product for me
  48. In-between deep cleans


    I use this spray for in-between cleans (you're never going to get your brushes looking as-new with just a spray). As it is antibacterial, it's perfect for those days when you realise you haven't washed your brushes and don't want to spread germs. I spray, wipe with a cloth or makeup pad, and use the brush straight away.
  49. Works well


    Smells Devine, cleans my foundation brush very well with a bit of water, will repurchase again! Wish it came in a bigger bottle but it's great for the price.
  50. works but isnt that great


    smells ok but the bottle is frustrating to use. hasnt caused me to breakout and is gentle on my brushes but doesnt really clean my darker shades and thick concealer brushes as well as other soaps do
  51. Good for the price


    I find this brush cleaner to be a pretty good product for the price. It has never damaged the bristles on my brushes, it smells nice, and cleans them pretty well. One downside is the amount you have to use to properly clean the brushes. If you are looking for a cheap brush cleaner, it is worth it.
  52. Affordable brush cleanser


    This is a very good affordable brush shampoo from ELF. I like to keep my makeup brushes as clean as possible so when I saw this & the price I just had to try it.

    This is a mild cleansing fluid & I find it soaps up quite like a shower gel or mild shampoo. It gets quite foamy. The cleansing fluid is easy to wash through the brushes & doesn't damage the bristles or shape. The product doe...
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  53. Smells


    This brush cleaner is amazing!! For $9 you can't go wrong
  54. Okay cleaner


    It has a kinda strong but nice scent, but I haven't found it cleans very well, just so so.
  55. cheap but good!


    for the price it is you really cant go wrong, would recommend to all to at least try!
  56. Good


    Less harsh than using soap to strip off makeup residue, and smells fine. Recommend if you are after a cheap brush cleaner that gets the job done. It doesn't strip the makeup completely off, but enough to make it work for the price.
  57. Works but it smells


    It's useful in washing my brushes between applications, however, it smells really bad and the scent lingers for quite a while.
  58. Smells sooo good


    This brush cleaner is amazing!! For $9 you can't go wrong, it smells so good and works so well. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is lazy when it comes to cleaning their brushes!
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