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elf Baked Highlighter

4.2 of 77 reviews


4 instalments of $3.00

Or 4 instalments of $3.00 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $3.00

Or 4 instalments of $3.00 with LEARN MORE

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elf Baked Highlighter creates a radiant glow with a sheer wash of shimmering color.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

GREAT - 79% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+


  • Sheer

Finish - Powders:

  • Full shimmer
  • Slight shimmer

Finish - Foundation:

  • Full shimmer
  • Slight shimmer

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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elf Baked Highlighter Reviews

4.2 of 77 reviews

79% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

I love it


This is my favorite elf product. Pigmented, looks great, doesn't fade and it is really inexpensive.

Most Helpful Criticism



Read great reviews and thought I give it a try. However, this highlighter is very subtle, a bit too subtle for my liking with a little shimmer. So if you like a natural look this is probably for you.
  1. Nice glow


    Bought the Apricot Glow shade. Easy to apply. Good pigmentation. Leaves a nice glow. A little sparkle. Colour is very versatile. I usually apply on the upper cheek bone, and then follow with a baked blush. But this highlighter alone could just be applied, as the apricot glow leaves a nice subtle colour on the cheek. Overall, great value.
  2. Great for the price!


    Really pretty highlighter for the price! Find I need to scrape off the top layer to get the proper pigment out though.
  3. Satisfactory


    Read great reviews and thought I give it a try. However, this highlighter is very subtle, a bit too subtle for my liking with a little shimmer. So if you like a natural look this is probably for you.
  4. Great highlighter


    This is a great highlighter for it's price. I purchased it in the shade moonlight pearls. I especially like this for the inner corners of my eyes. Packaging feels a bit cheap (but it is - we get what we pay for). My only complaint is that I have owned two of these and both times the plastic lid has broken off which is quite annoying.
  5. I love it


    This is my favorite elf product. Pigmented, looks great, doesn't fade and it is really inexpensive.
  6. Great for everyday wear


    Great highlighter for the price, and comes in a few different colours to mix and match
  7. AMAZING!!!


    Such a pretty highlighter, plus it's super affordable!
  8. so cute


    such a nice gold colour, and looks very natural and flattering on the skin. its quite pigmented, and for the price you can't go wrong
  9. Shine bright


    I’ve got a few different shades and love them! I find for better results using the end of my brush and taking the top layer off a bit gives much better results. Amazing price too
  10. WOW what a highlighter


    Such a beautiful highlighter! The shades are gorgeous and the formula is beautiful. I love how it looks on the skin.
  11. Not bad


    Gives a subtle glow and lasts good amount of time. not bad for the price.
  12. Needs more than one swipe


    Purchased this due to the look of the pigmentation but you do have to go back over a few times to get that real shine some people love. Good for the price and for people wanting to try highlighter.
  13. that glow


    leaves a lovely glow on your face but you can also build it up a bit too
  14. Bright, beaming, shining, gleaming.


    This is one of my favorite highlighters! It lasts all day long, even without a setting spray. it's really easy to pick up with a face brush. I've worn this highlighter on long travel days and gotten compliments when I was sure it must have worn off by then. Easy to use and I don't need to blend it much because it's just the right amount of shimmer over my foundation Definitely recommend.
  15. Amazing


    Apricot glow looks beautiful and applies nicely as well. Pigmented and subtle that is buildable. Lasts throughout the day as well.
  16. Disappointed in the pigment


    I'm super sad about this as I had high hopes, but I didn't get much payoff from the pigment. I bought the moonlight and am still considering testing the apricot as the reviews are great!
  17. Looooove!!!!


    Apricot glow! Omg it is stunning. Really blendable coverage, leaves a really nice illuminating glow on my cheeks & other areas. Love it!!!keen to try the other shades!
  18. Gorgeous


    Bought "Apricot Glow" and love it. Beautiful shade and lightweight texture that gives your skin a subtle glow and you can build it up to a more intense highlight. It's so affordable too. Worth purchasing!
  19. Disappointed


    I was sad I didn't love this product. I struggled to get any pigment/pay off, even though in the pan it looks like it would be highly pigmented. Bit of a shame because there is some beautiful shades. Bit chalk-y too.
  20. Get what you pay for


    It looks cute when you swatch it on your hand, but it has no staying power or pigment when put on the face. It is a nice colour.
  21. Great daily option


    I use the moonlight shade and find it a really nice, affordable daily option for highlighting.
    I'd love for it to be a little more pigmented but if I spray my brush with some face spray before dipping it in the highlighter, I get decent results, especially at such a good price.

    Overall, I'd recommend for a great daily option, but perhaps a high end highlighter would be more su...
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  22. Affordable but too glittery


    I love that this highlight is super pigmented and affordable but sometimes it does look like a glitter bomb has exploded on my face
  23. Cute everyday highlight


    Super affordable everyday highlight, I like the moonlight shade for my fair skin and have bought it several times as a gift too. Noticible but subtle and not overly cakey or chalky, just really nice.
  24. Affordable


    This product is a good price and provides enough of a glow without looking like a glitter bomb. This is great for your every day look if not wanting to go over the top with highlight.
  25. Just like a high end highlighter


    It’s like I’m using a MAC highlighter, except for a fraction of the cost. Feels amazing on my skin too, not chalky at all
  26. cute and affordable


    super cute glow for a really great price
  27. Apricot Glow is perfect for summer


    I got the colour Apricot Glow for a nice summer look. It does take some time to get more colour on your brush but I think that works in your favour so you don’t over do it with the highlighter. Apricot glow is perfect summer and not too over the top
  28. affordable subtle glow


    love this for a natural glow, suitable for everyday wear as it is not too over the top and shimmery, very affordable too!
  29. Ok if you have small makeup budget


    I didn't love this product I found it was really hard to get much product on my brush. It left a very light shimmer was a bit cakey. But if you only have a small makeup budget it would be OK for some.
  30. dry


    formula is extremely dry and the highlighter has a spray over which once scraped off makes it semi decent.
  31. Looks really nice in pan but poor transfer to skin


    I purchased this highlighter as it had been compared to Mac Soft and Gentle. It looked really nice in the pan. Although, I found overall it had really poor transfer to the skin and looked super chunky and cakey. Would no recommend. Although what can you really expect for the price.
  32. Pretty Subtle


    Moonlight Glow is such a beautiful colour! Like a lot of people say you need to scrape off the top first but after that it has a really beautiful subtle glow that makes your skin look healthy and vibrant. Really would reccomend for people just starting out or wanting a nice, subtle but beautiful and noticeable glow!
  33. okay


    It’s a really nice color and I was excited to try it. The problem is that I have to basically scrape product off in order to get a little payoff.
  34. A beautiful natural highlight


    This highlighter is not too shimmery/glittery, proving an almost glossy natural glow. It needs the top part to be scraped off, because it is baked.
  35. ok


    Let me get this straight these are not high end. You get what you paid for. Elf is cheap and their products are hit or miss. You do have to wet the brush first and when you do you get a beautiful shimmer. Don't even try with a big soft dry brush if you use a big brush I can't stress this enough wet the brush
  36. Nice subtle highlight


    I bought this is Moonlight and it’s good if you want a nice, every day highlighter that doesn’t look too obvious or metallic. I only use it dry with a small highlighting brush but I believe you can use it wet to get a slightly more intense result. I actually love the fact that it is subtle as you can build the colour up slowly so you have more control with regards to how glowy you want to be. I wo...
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  37. Beautiful


    I love this highlighter! I use almost all the elf products as they are so adorable and still luxurious! This is a nice subtle highlighter very pretty
  38. Not convinced although beautiful shimmer


    I am struggling to like this product - I got the apricot colour and it comes out quite orange. It’s very pigmented so when I use my fingers to highlight its sometimes hard to blend. I prefer a looser powder to highlight so unsure I would buy this product again.
  39. Subtle Glow


    This highlighter is surprisingly beautiful. It gives a subtle glow and it’s not too glittery. Top of the product can be a little hard but scraping with a spoolie fixes that.
  40. Subtle


    This is a cheap and subtle highlight so if you like to blind with your glow this is not for you. You need to scrape the top off to use this (use a spoolie for ease) but afterwards it is great for natural or school makeup looks. I bought the shade apricot glow and it looks lovely on my pale skin tone.
  41. Pretty


    Good baked highlighter but had to scrape with the bottom of my brush to get the product
  42. Great product!!!


    YOU HAVE TO SCRAPE THE TOP OFF!! Besides the minor adjustment of the product by scraping it, its so good! It gives off a natural/pretty blinding highlight depending on how much you apply. its 100% worth the price!
  43. A subtle glow


    I read the reviews saying this highlighter needed to have the surface scraped off before using, so I dutifully followed the advice however I still feel this highlighter is too subtle. It isn't glittery, which is perfect for me. I use this when I want low key makeup.
  44. Its ok!


    i bought this highlighter as it is cheap. It is a lovely colour but i needed to apply alot for it to show. I dont use it as much as i would like to.
  45. Awesome for the price


    Stunning colours. Great value for what you get. Really affordable.
  46. Not as good as I thought it would be


    I was so excited to try my highlighter because I’d read all the reviews but I find the pigment isn’t strong enough and gives more of a shimmer than a glow.
  47. Moonlight Pearl = amazing


    I love this highlighter in moonlight pearl, definitely recommend! I'm fairly pale and my skin type is dry. I like that it's buildable but perfect for a more natural look.
  48. nice!


    This is great for the price! I like the colour range too
  49. Amazing


    These are wonderful, these are better than some high end highlighters I've tried!
  50. Apricot WOAH


    I have been DYING for an orange basedhighlight, I have deep tan (golden warm undertone) skin so i KNOW it was a shade that was going to be flattering on me. Once you "break" in this highlight, and dig underneath the initial layer of shimmer...then it is a beautiful understated warm highlight.
  51. Not the best


    The formula is dry and very hard to use at first. You have to scrape off the first layer to actually be able to use the product. But a reasonable highlighter for its price.
  52. Amazing for the price


    This is one of my favourite baked highlighters, especially given the price! Pink diamonds is my favourite shade. Super pigmented without looking too cheap-sparkly. Just the right amount of sheen!


    This is literally the best highlighter i own and it is also the cheapest! It is so amazing! the highlight can be natural if you want it or absolutely blinding. The only thing is that you have to scrape off the first layer of product to access the real pigment because the top layer has NO colour payoff. I have it in moonlight pearls and it is so beautiful with an almost transparent sheen. I love it...
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  54. Great value for money!


    I originally bought this highlighter because I could not justify spending $50+ on this kind of product. Compared to other highlighters I've tried that have a very glittery and almost fake look to them, this one provides just the right amount of glimmer and you can apply as little or as much as you want in order to get the desired look. The shade Moonlight Pearl is perfect for people with fair skin...
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  55. Amazing Highlighter


    I use the colour moonlight glow and it’s beautiful. It can built up to be more intense but I use it everyday to give me skin some glow!
  56. Good value for money


    Affordable high lighter which will last for ages.
  57. All glow without the glitter


    I love this highlighter in the shade Moonlight Pearls. It is a beautiful fair/light skin friendly highlighter with a slight pink shift. You can really build the pigmentation up until it is blinding without chalkiness but it makes a very natural lit-from-within glow if you use a light hand.
  58. moonlight pearls


    i got this in the shade moonlight pearls and its beautiful for fair skin. its definitely one you need to work with at first by scraping the topmost layer off, but it does reveal a really beaming nighttime glow. i love this on the inner corner too. can be built up for more wow, or applied sheer for a daytime look.
  59. Pretty!


    This is nice for a little bit of shimmer! I'm not a highlighter expert so I bought this just to try as it was a good price. I liked the colour and the bit of glow it gave me. You could get a lot of uses out of it but unfortunately the lid broke in my bag and made a complete mess. Other then that- give it a try!
  60. 4/5 bc you have to scratch off the top layer first


    Such a cute product, just scratch off the top layer, and use some misting or setting spray to make your brush wet beforehand and it applies beautifully. Works best of the nose and eye area, way better than some of the drugstore ones Ive tried before.
  61. Lovely Highlighter!


    Excellent great priced highlighter! I do feel that it gets a little hard on the top layer, but as some of the other reviews say, once you get past that top layer its lovely.
  62. Affordable pigmented highlighter


    Very budget friendly highlighter that is highly pigmented once you scrape the surface of the product. This is comparable to very high end highlighters like those from Hourglass.
    I'm 43 with oily to combination skin that is fair to medium.
  63. Love Moonlight Pearl!


    I was confused when first using this product due to the lack of pigment, but found when I scraped the surface and then tried using it - it was beautiful! It is a lovely, affordable highlighter that doesn't accentuate my textured skin. I found that it was buildable - and could be blinding. So pretty.
  64. Just scrape the top for more pigment


    I love this highlighter, its a great price you just have to scrape off the top layer
  65. :)


    I got the pink diamonds colour. I have a cool undertone so this colour matched me very nicely.
    i'm not a massive make up user but i found this nice subtle for me and not over the top.
    i didn't remove the baked powder on top though.
  66. Pretty Shimmer


    This highlighter is really pretty, comes in different colours/shades and lasts forever! I've had it for at least 10 months and it doesn't even look like I've put a dent in it. The only issues I have with this product is that the packaging is a bit flimsy and it broke in my makeup bag (just the lid) and it's kind of chunky instead of a fine pressed powder. This only bothers me because I have large ...
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  67. Nice glowy highlight


    Thanks to the other reviewers suggesting to scratch off the top surface to get to the good stuff, I didn’t have to go through the frustration of getting no pay-off from this lovely highlighter beneath its irritating crust. Gives a lovely glow that isn’t too blinding and works well in the daytime. Melts into the skin beautifully once you set your face with a good spritz of setting spray too :)
  68. moonlight pearl


    Sorry but this product emphasized all my imperfections, looks totally cakey when you try to build it up
  69. I finally found it!


    The first time I bought this was from the e.l.f store in NYC in 'Pink Diamonds' and I have been looking for this highlighter in Australia ever since, so I am stoked Adore Beauty stocks it! My skin can get oily sometimes, more combo skin and finding a nice, subtle highlighter for everyday wear is difficult to find. This highlighter is subtle, but just the right amount of subtle. Love it!
  70. Nice subtle glow


    I love this hilighter! I am not a fan of strong glittery hilighters, so I love the subtle natural look this gives. The colour is beautiful. Remember to scape off the top layer of this before using it!
  71. Foolproof illumination


    I love this product. It’s foolproof. I love makeup, but would definitely describe myself as a novice. This product gives a perfect, subtle highlight everytime.
  72. Buildable formula.


    I really like this highlighter because it is subtle. You have to build it up to get that "blinding highlight" Which I appreciate, because I don't want look like a Neapolitan ice cream during the day.

    Works well with my combination skin, no complaints!
  73. great for the price


    I love this highlighter, its a great price you just have to scrape off the top layer to get it super pigmented
  74. Great, subtle shimmer


    Goes on super easy. Nice and light and not overly 'fake' Really love the slight shimmer as well. And for that price you really cant go wrong. Love ELF and the fact that they are cruelty free. Great highlighter, will defs buy again.
  75. Subtle but buildable


    When I first swatched this with my finger it had almost no payoff and I was disappointed. After watching a review online I found you have to scratched the surface off with your nail/brush/knife etc to find the true product. Once I did that it was a nice everyday glow. It wasn't "blinding" on me but it is buildable if you're looking for more.
  76. A glow that lasts all day!

    Tamara (Adore Beauty Staff)

    My entire calisthenics team wore this elf Baked Highlighter for a 6 hour competition. It lasted all day and the glow looked amazing on stage. An amazingly effective product at a great price!
  77. Elf have done it again...

    Vanessa (staff)

    At first, I wasn't too sure if they highlighter was giving the glow that I was expecting.

    After experimenting with this product I soon realised that there is a light film on the top layer. I scratched it down very gently with a knife, and the glow that it produced was phenomenal!
    Forget about paying up to $70 for a high-end highlighter, when you can get the same results with t...
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