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ELEVEN Smooth Me Now Anti-Frizz Shampoo 300ml

4.5 of 61 reviews


4 instalments of $5.99


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4 instalments of $5.99


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Fight frizz at the source with ELEVEN Smooth Me Now Anti-Frizz Shampoo. Ideal for unruly, thick, coarse or dry hair, this smoothing shampoo cleanses the hair and scalp while targeting two main causes of frizz - damage and dryness.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Australian Made

What customers say

GREAT - 84% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Breakage and split ends
  • Curl control
  • Dull, lacking shine
  • Frizzy hair
  • Oily roots, dry ends

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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Customer Reviews

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4.5 of 61 reviews

84% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Using only this forever!


I have tried so many other shampoo/conditioners (including other Eleven varieties) and this is by far the best I've ever found!

I have fine hair but lots of it - it's somewhere in between curly and straight and would get frizzy and dry, especially at the ends.

This shampoo/conditioner combo has given me 'maybe it's Maybelline' hair for the first time in my life.


Most Helpful Criticism

good cleansing shampoo


This Shampoo would best suit those with African thick curl's. I have blonde, thin frizzy curly hair and was hoping this would help with the frizz but it doesn't help with frizz on my type of curl. It is a heavy shampoo that really cleanses your hair which is good but after air drying, I find it quite drying on my curl type.
  1. Using only this forever!


    I have tried so many other shampoo/conditioners (including other Eleven varieties) and this is by far the best I've ever found!

    I have fine hair but lots of it - it's somewhere in between curly and straight and would get frizzy and dry, especially at the ends.

    This shampoo/conditioner combo has given me 'maybe it's Maybelline' hair for the first time in my life.

  2. Goodbye Frizz


    For years I wore my hair up because I didn't have time to style it in the morning and unless blow dried and straightened, it would go frizzy looking. Since using this shampoo and conditioner, I can just let my hair air dry and it is NOT FRIZZY AT ALL. Amazing!!!
  3. Nice


    Smooths out frizzy hair well. Also helps reduce tangles or knots on hair making it much easy to comb.
  4. Another Eleven fav


    Used a sample of it while on holiday, worked well to tame my naturally curly hair. Did not make hair dry but cleansed well and made hair manageable.
  5. Super Frizz Killer Combo!


    I have wavy, curly hair that I struggle to tame. It is often frizzy and the curls are undefined. This product combined with the conditioner gives my hair the moisture it needs and leaves it fizz free. My hair has improved so much using this shampoo, I actually don't know what I was doing before it. I would definately recommend using the two products combined for best results.
    I also have started using it on my daughter's hair, it is less dry and the knots are greatly reduced as a result. As a bonus she loves the yummy coconutty smell!
  6. Does wonders


    I first purchased the mini sizes to try as I was skeptical but was genuinely surprised by the results, does exactly what it says, keeps my frizzy hair maintained.
  7. Works


    I love eleven products. They really do what the say and they are very gentle on my hair
  8. Wonderful product!


    This product holds all day and makes my hair look amazing!! 10/10 would buy again.
  9. Incredible


    I’ve found it hard to rip this one, it’s so good! I really like how my hair has been feeling and I owe it to this! Fantastic.
  10. Love this!


    I have long brown thick hair, and I am never using another shampoo again :) This makes it so soft and smooth when I dry it. The scent is gorgeous too! I highly recommend this product
  11. Works like magic


    I have quite long fine wavy hair & have never found anything that stops the frizz, until now! This product is amazing, after using with the conditioner & GHD my hair is so silky & smooth even lasts up to a week, truely magical.
  12. good cleansing shampoo


    This Shampoo would best suit those with African thick curl's. I have blonde, thin frizzy curly hair and was hoping this would help with the frizz but it doesn't help with frizz on my type of curl. It is a heavy shampoo that really cleanses your hair which is good but after air drying, I find it quite drying on my curl type.
  13. Tames my thick mane!


    After receiving a sample of this product, I was really surprised at how well it worked for me. I have thick hair and at times, my hair can be a little frizzy. This really seemed to tame my hair and make it much more manageable with fewer fly aways. Even though I do love this product, my hair did get a little greasy after a few days.
  14. Tames hair


    Used a sample of it while on holiday, worked well to tame my naturally curly hair. Did not make hair dry but cleansed well and made hair manageable.
  15. reduces frizz but doesn't reduce volume


    I really like this shampoo and conditioner combo, and it does control the frizz, but buyers need to be aware that it won't necessarily reduce the volume of your hair. If you are wanting to avoid "big" hair, maybe this isn't the product for you. I also like that the shampoo doesn't knot my hair while i'm lathering it.
  16. Changed my hair!


    This shampoo, along with its accompanying conditioner have definitely made a difference in my hair! When I used to let it dry naturally it would firstly take hours and hours to dry (my hair is quite thick) and would remain quite frizzy and fluffy with my natural waves just looking a bit blegh and not very nice. Since switching to this line, my hair somehow takes quicker to dry, is noticeably less frizzy, more flat and my natural waves dry so much nicer. I haven’t even bothered to straighten it like I usually would because it looks so good naturally now. Can’t see myself using anything else. Would definitely recommend trying it!
  17. Not "Anti-Frizz"


    I have thick and wavy hair that I wear straightened so always open to trying shampoos that promise "anti-frizz". Unfortunately this shampoo was the opposite and made my hair heavy and dry with frizz. Given I am in a humid climate, but it felt like my hair would tangle whenever I touched it. Luckily it was a sample as I wouldn't use again.
  18. Love love love!


    I use this shampoo in rotation with the keep my blonde purple shampoo. It makes my hair feel so soft and healthy paired with the conditioner. I had to use another brand when staying at a friends and I woke up with hair that was greasy and felt like straw! I’ve re purchased this numerous times now! I can’t live without it.
  19. Love the smell, but not ideal for my hair type


    I have thick hair and have been getting full heads of foils for most of my adult years. I also like to wear my hair straightened and smooth.
    I received a set of the Eleven Smooth Me Now shampoo and conditioner in the sample size. I have used it for the last two washes in my hair and sadly- Although I LOVE the smell of this product and the fact that they are cruelty-free- they just didn’t sit well in my hair. They are probably better suited to thin hair as I found they gave my hair more volume (which I definitely don’t want already having quite thick hair!). I did find that my hair felt softer though. Also interestingly, I found that a little of their product goes a long way too. And seriously- that smell is Devine! All in all, great shampoo, but sadly I just don’t have the right hair for it!
  20. Amazing smell


    I bought this shampoo on a whim not expecting much from it, I just needed a shampoo to replace my old one. To my surprise, this worked super well for my hair. My hair felt softer and tangle free not to mention the smell of this is delicious. It smells of coconut, very sweet but not overpowering.
  21. Wow


    So I got a sample of this with my other eleven hair products I bought and I am obsessed with this product, I am thick and frizzy hair and this actually helped with the frize and same time hydrated my colour hair. Amazing !!
  22. Love Love Love!


    Love this shampoo. Has a distinct smell to it which I love, plus it really does work. I am on my second bottle and I can't imagine ever buying anything else from now on.
  23. Love!!


    Love this! Got it in my order as a sample and my hair felt amazing and so soft! Will be purchasing bigger bottles now :)
  24. Does what it says!


    I love the whole Eleven range so I tried this and was not dissapointed. Leaves hair feeling sleek and soft!
  25. works wonders


    i love the shampoo and conditioner combo, they make my hair soft and smelling nice. I would reccomend the combo to any one with thick and long hair like mine
  26. Go to for hot (humid) summers


    Humidity isn't necessarily a girls best friend especially when you're a fan of dead straight hair!

    After battling Australian summers and getting home looking like a hot mess I decided to make a change. Over time my hair had become more fragile with heat styling and my other products weren't up top the challenge of taming my hair.

    I switched over to ELEVEN'S Anti Frizz range just as the weather heated up and saw an improvement in the health of my hair. I also saw that even after humid evenings out I wasn't forced to put my hair into a top knot all the time. My style stayed smooth and frizz free!

    Like all ELEVEN products this one has a fantastic scent and doesn't weigh my hair down.
  27. Not bad


    This shampoo is good value when compared to other brands I have used but nothing special. It is gentle on hair and doesn't leave it dry but I haven't noticed a reduction in frizz.
  28. Anti-fade


    I'm not sure if this actually does anything for my thick, frizz-prone hair, but it does not strip your hair of colour, is fade/colour-safe and not irritating even for sensitive scalps which is good! There is also not a strong fragrance with this, would overall definitely recommend trying out


    This has got to be my favourite shampoo hands down!!!! It makes my hair feel soft and knot free for days. Definitely give it a try!
  30. good


    This shampoo is so good, definitely one of my favourites. It smells sooo good and does what it says, my hair usually goes pretty frizzy but not when I use this paired with the conditioner. There's not much to say else to say, it's just awesome and if you have frizzy hair you need this in your life. For even better results use the miracle hair treatment as well and you will me amazed at how smooth and nice your hair is.
  31. Can’t live without


    This shampoo has been a lifesaver! I have extremely curly course hair and miracles happen with this shampoo and conditioner! My hair is left with less frizz and more manageable. The price point is great too!
  32. 100% amazing


    Such a difference this has brought to my hair

    I've always not wanted to spend this much on shampoo but its definitely changed my mind because of the results

    Don't use buy it self get the conditioner as well.
  33. Smoother and softer hair!


    The great thing about this brand is you only need to use the product once to see your hair begin to change and this was definitely me experience when using the shampoo and conditioner together. A small amount of shampoo will work up a decent lather so you won’t burn through this product. My hair is dry and damaged and this shampoo helps to smooth out the frizz caused by my heat products. Another win by eleven and I definitely recommend!
  34. Yes


    I love this stuff. It leaves my hair feeling light and soft Deffinatly takes my frizz
  35. Love it!


    I received a heap of Eleven products in a gift pack I received last bday. These product packages look so clean fresh and modern. Not over the top but attractive. The size of the bottles is pretty standard and bottle is thin and narrow for easy shower caddy storage. Upon inspection the product itself is a white coconut scented shampoo. Foams well and does clean the hair well. I found the shampoo to feel really hydrating and cleans the hair without feeling squeaky clean - feels very nourished. The shampoo cleans the hair well and does produce REAL anti frizz and hair taming benefits when used in conjunction with this range
  36. Okay product


    I have oily roots and dry ends and my hair is very curly and frizzy, my hair is not colour treated but I have a long hair dyeing/bleaching history and have been trying to get healthy natural hair. I found this the shampoo made my hair softer than the conditioner and a little goes a long way. My hair softer, healthier and shinier but this product did nothing for my frizz. Overall I probably wont repurchase but I'm excited to try other products from this brand.
  37. Great for frizz


    This is awesome for frizz, but I didn’t feel like it was a hydrating as I wanted. Would be great for curly, unruly hair. Works well with the hydrate my hair conditioner.
  38. Does help frizz, but...


    This smells lovely and subtle, and does help with frizz, but I won't repurchase. I have a lot of long, untreated hair which can be unruly, and while this with the conditioner did combat the wiry frizz on top of my hair, somehow it also made my hair 'fluffy', with no shape or nice body.
  39. Don't waste your money!


    I received this shampoo and matching conditioner in the mail today. So, washed my hair in full belief that this product would work.

    After towel drying my hair, I felt that my hair was very dry, even though I used a lot of conditioner.

    I then moved onto blow dry my hair. And, the verdict is,... this product does diddly twat. I still have my frizzy hair. Not even an improvement seen.
  40. Great shampoo


    Love this shampoo, I have thick, curly, wavy, fizzy hair but no volume - a past hair dresser put me into this product and I haven’t looked back, this shampoo gives me no fizz and lots of volume and kepts the colour of my have really well, well worth the money
  41. I’ve finally found the product I’ve needed all my life!


    I have extremely curly hair and have always struggled with frizz. Shampoo has only ever seemed to make the problem worse and I’ve always had to plan ahead when I can wash my hair so that I don’t go out in public when my frizz is at its worst. The Eleven products were recommended to me by a family member and after a few months of putting it off, I finally decided to give it a go (with not much hope). My curls are SO much nicer and my hair now looks it’s best once I’ve washed it rather than a few days afterwards (which is crazy for me!!). My hair feels soft and smooth. I have more volume in my curls and I’ve had so many compliments since I started using Eleven. I feel so much more confident to wear my hair out and show off my curls now. Highly recommend!!! I also really appreciate that you don’t need to use heaps of the product to have clean hair which will be such a money saver in the long run.
  42. Okay product


    This shampoo works well to clean my fine frizzy limp hair but I found it abit too heavy after purchasing my 2nd bottle.
  43. Anti frizz - yes


    It did reduce my frizz (I have very thick frizzy hair) and smells delish!
    However it gave me serious dandruff and my scalp started to hurt after 2 washes.
    Such a shame
  44. Very happy


    I have very very thick frizzy hair this product smells divine reduces large amount not all the frizz and leaves hair very soft Would recommend
  45. Completely worth it


    I used to have to use so much hair spray and often wore my hair up because of how frizzy it was, this conditioner is perfect! Can wear my hair naturally without all the frizz. And smells amazing!
  46. Nice smell


    I started using this shampoo in winter when it was raining constantly (along with the Eleven anti-frizz conditioner and curl enhancer). I have quite long, curly hair and I still had frizz. When it's sunny and the humidity is low it works well but so would any shampoo on my hair. I probably wouldn't buy it again.
  47. Thick Wavy Hair


    I have thick wavy hair and i find it hard a lot of the time to tame my frizz but this is one of the products that i have found that actually helps! love this Shampoo
  48. Soft hair


    I use this alongside the conditioner and it certainly makes my hair feel softer.
    It hasn't stripped the colour from my hair and I particularly like this brands ethos of vegan free and free of nasty chemicals. I'm not 100% convinced that it is totally frizz free but it might be better if i had thinner hair (thick dry-ish hair thats prone to frizz). I'll still continue to use it but if there was a better product out there I would switch.
  49. Frizz Tamer!


    I have naturally curly, thick and frizz prone hair. My hair is also slightly damaged as I have it dyed blonde every 8 weeks. This product helps to eliminate almost all of my frizz, it also cuts down my drying time.
    The product smells great and suds very well meaning I don't need to use much product at all!
    I bought this product to condition and eliminate my frizz and it has definitely been a great help.
    I would recommend this to friends and family and I will continue to keep buying this product and the conditioner is equally as good.
  50. The best I have used


    As a hairdresser I have used many shampoos over the years. Initially the hair after shampooing doesn’t feel amazing but combined with the antifrizz conditioner it instantly makes your hair feel amazing. I use it on my daughters long and at times knotty hair and as soon as you run a brush with the conditioner through the knots come out so easily highly recommend
  51. Smells like summer


    I have Dandruff probe hair and discovered this product after a salon visit. Initially the smell won me over, a beautiful scent including coconut it just reminded me of tropical holidays. After buying myself I can say it is the best shampoo I have ever used on my hair. Would recommend!
  52. Great Shampoo for Dry Hair


    This shampoo is the holy grail of anti frizz shampoo. If you have coarse or frizzy hair, please use this shampoo! It leaves your hair so sleek and shiny while ensuring a deep clean and no dryness after washing. A little tip, don't use this shampoo if you tend to get oily hair as it will weigh your hair down and make it harder to style. It works best on dry coarse hair that needs managing.
  53. Love love love


    I absolutely love this product n the conditioner
    I have very thick wavey hair n it does wonders in my hair i use a few of elevens products love em
  54. Quite good


    I find this does work, and my hair feels clean if I use minimal amounts and ensure I don't leave any product in my hair. It can however weigh your hair down and feel greasy if you don't take the time to wash it thoroughly.
  55. Love it!


    I have used so many ranges of shampoos and conditioners all high end salon brands. This tops them all it smells amazing, makes your hair feel amazing and is extremely well priced. I have gotten so many of my friends onto this product and every person sings it’s praise.
  56. probably better for wavy hair, not the best for curly hair


    works better than cheap shampoos you get from coles/priceline but im sure there's better things on the market. For the price you pay, it's decent. It can be used on many different hair textures (i use it on curly hair but it's just as suitable for wavy/straight hair). I wouldn't say its the BEST shampoo for curly hair because it has sulfates but it's a good starter and has reduced my frizz a bit.
  57. Lovely product!


    I really like this shampoo. I have wavy, frizzy hair that’s dry on the ends. Not only does this product help control the frizz, but my hair is soft and shiny. My ends haven’t been dry since I started using this range. Would definitely re-purchase.
  58. Your curls are going to love it


    I have very frizzy curly hair and it gets very dry, and hard to manage. I’ve tried hundreds of products for the frizziness. And this has been the best product by far it controls the frizziness and easy to define my curls. I recommend it to all curly haired girls out there you won’t be disappointed
  59. Perfect for coarse hair


    This is the perfect product for my thick coarse hair! My hair is so much smoother and manageable since I've started using it and I haven't found another shampoo that delivers the same results.
  60. Love love love this


    I HAVe dry lifeless frizzy hair and this has given me beautiful locks! I love it, I prefer this compared to the hydrate one as I have frizzy hair, however I do love both!
  61. Very happy with this shampoo


    I have pretty boofy dry looking hair. Hagrid like if just blow dried and I genuinely believe this product has helped and even cut down some drying time. My hair feels soft and is more manageable. I cant wait to get the conditioner and try them together.
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