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ELEVEN Australia Keep Me Curl Defining Cream 150ml 150ml

4.3 of 95 reviews


4 instalments of $6.24

Or 4 instalments of $6.24 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $6.24

Or 4 instalments of $6.24 with LEARN MORE

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Create a naturally defined curly look with ELEVEN Keep My Curl Defining Cream. This anti-frizz styling cream adds hydration and lightweight hold to curls without the crunch or crispiness of a gel or mousse.

  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

GREAT - 84% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Fine or limp hair
  • Thinning hair
  • Curl control
  • Frizzy hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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ELEVEN Australia Keep Me Curl Defining Cream 150ml

ELEVEN Australia Keep Me Curl Defining Cream 150ml

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ELEVEN Australia Keep Me Curl Defining Cream 150ml Reviews

4.3 of 95 reviews

84% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great Product for a Great Price


Bought for my boyfriend with thick, curly hair. He's extremely happy and has said it's the best curl cream he's used so far. For the price, I'll definitely be repurchasing this!

Most Helpful Criticism



Ok I guess. I have thick, coarse, wavy hair but this didn’t do anything to define my curl pattern. It did ok applying to wet hair and kept a bit of frizz down while blow drying but doesn’t apply to dry hair well at all when refreshing hair and any frizz that comes up during the day. Nice that it’s curly girl method friendly but not quite what I was hoping for.
  1. Great Product for a Great Price


    Bought for my boyfriend with thick, curly hair. He's extremely happy and has said it's the best curl cream he's used so far. For the price, I'll definitely be repurchasing this!
  2. Feels like a cream acts like a mousse


    Having used many other eleven products before and absolutely loving them I had high expectations for the curl cream, however I was rather disappointed. The cream consistency is lovey and I was expecting frizz free wavy, somewhat control natural curls. But what basically happened was once my hair dried it felt crispy and dry as if I had in mousse. Not what I was hoping for.
  3. Not defining enough


    I have wavy and thick hair that gets frizzy after washing. I wanted a product which tames my frizz and gives my waves some definition. I didn't really notice much difference after applying the cream unfortunately.
  4. Great for curls


    this is great for getting my curls to life, works well and holding them too
  5. Good


    This is good, a little sticky but helps maintain my curls
  6. Light weight cream


    Got this a while ago but was waiting to review until I could really figure out a good curl routine and properly judge it. I have quite fine hair and my curls are quite small and I always find they go frizzy. I have been putting this cream in when my hair is pretty wet right out of the shower and letting it air dry and there is no frizz! Having fine hair you also don't want anything weighing it dow...
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  7. Works


    This product is affordable and creates smooth, defined yet soft curls. My issue with it is it contains silicone which I like to avoid.
  8. Eleven does it again!


    The fourth product of eleven that I have tried and loved. I use this after I wash my (curly/frizzy) hair which helps it dry with way less frizz. Also have used this on dry curly hair, I don’t use too much and so far it has not weighed my curls down or made my hair oily- two common results after using these kinds of products. I’m impressed!
  9. Will repurchase


    I got a deluxe sample of this. I have very thick, long, curly, hair. I only repurchase if something is AMAZING. This was great. Will re-order.
  10. A hair treat but lacking hold


    My hairdresser introduced me to this product and I think it's great for those wanting loose effortless waves but I wished it offered more hold for my curls. Smells amazing though and has a lovely lightweight formula
  11. Helped keep my hair wavy


    Helped keep my hair wavy but it did weigh down my fine hair a bit and made it feel flat.
  12. Good product for curly hair


    This product wasn't great in my hair, which is wavy/curly. I didn't find it defined my curls. It did work fantastic in my boyfriends hair which is very curly. Its not stiff or tacky and smells great.
  13. The best curl cream I have ever used...and I have tried so many, for so long!


    I love this product and will be buying it again and again. It feels good, not stiff or tacky, defines the curl and is light enough to keep some volume in my hair.
  14. Love it!


    Using this product has helped reduce my frizzy when my hair air dries. It also smells amazing! Only a small amount required and no crunch effect on my hair
  15. Love love love!


    I have curly frizzy hair - which gets even worse in summer. Using this when my hair is wet allows it to dry curly without the frizz! Really love it
  16. Great product


    I got this as a free gift with my order. I have frizzy hair and i have noticed when i use this product after washing my hair, it dries A LOT better than before and its defiantly not as frizzy. Im still using the size given to me, but is something i would buy when i run out for sure! Smells so nice too.
  17. smells great, makes a difference


    This product smells great and I feel it really makes a difference in my hair to hold my curls a bit more. Its very light so there's no crunch and looks very natural
  18. Embrace the curls


    This is my new go to hair product to embrace my curls! Only downside is that too much can make my hair a bit hard, but nowhere near as hard as regular mousse.
  19. It's ok....


    Not a big fan of this stuff.
    It's heavily perfumed and I didn't find it moisturizing at all. It did help keep the curl in my hair but I found it made my hair feel quite heavy and oily, even once my hair was all dry.
  20. Good value for money


    I only apply it on wet hair 2 times a week. Curls remain light and airy. A small quantity is enough. The texture is creamy and slightly perfumed. Nice natural result without frizz.
  21. Brilliant styling product


    Does a great job helping my hair curl up. I regularly use on wet hair and scrunch. Love that this doesn't make my hair crunchy, oily and as a bonus, the product size lasts really well.
  22. amazing


    amazing cream adds hydration and-lightweight curl defining
  23. Best curl cream


    This is the best curl cream I've tried, holds my curls well without going crunchy and controls frizz!
  24. Good for wavy hair


    Does the job in defining loose waves (either natural or via curling wand) and doesn't make the waves crunchy or sticky which is good
  25. Look no further...


    I have been on the hunt for a curl defining cream for years... one that would define my curls and hydrate them without the sticky feeling. Look no further... if that is what you are after, this product provides! It smells like lollies and makes my hair feel so soft (I also love the price point).
  26. Great product


    Love using this after I wash my hair to enhance my natural waves!
  27. Great product


    Love using this after I wash my hair to enhance my natural waves!
  28. Makes my hair dry


    I have high hopes for this product when I received it as a part of Adore Beauty goodie bag. I am always in search for a good product to define my curl and this just doesn't make the cut. I only used it once and I found it to be drying and does not do anything to define my curls. Definitely a miss.
  29. Nice


    Made my curls look super healthy. Recommended by my hair stylist
  30. New user, but love it


    I got this as a deluxe sample. I love it. I put in some hair oil first. Then a nice squeeze of this. The smell is great. Im not sure it lingers in the hair though. My curls are super soft and hydrated for a few days. I will purchase the full size.
  31. Dry and scraggly curls


    I purchased this after reading the reviews, and was pretty disappointed. The smell is not to my liking and I find that it dries on the hair with an odd texture, the hold is average. My curls feel dry and dehydrated, they do not look like they have moisture - this cream also weighs down volume.
    My curls look unhealthy after trying this product. I have tried on a few occasions, trying to mak...
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  32. great with fine frizzy hair

    Miss T

    I have short fine hair which can be frizzy.. or just fall flat

    this is my third day of using and my hair looks great - i wouldnt say it gives you curl but it does make hair look like its in great condition and helps with the wash and go process
  33. Perfect for holding curls


    I run this through my damp hair as one of the last steps and it's literally amazing! It holds my hair so well and gives me so much volume without weighing it down or making it crunchy.
  34. Great product for its price


    Its a nice product that holds in frizz and slightly improves curls and its a HUGE bottle so great value.
  35. Very good


    I have a method down pat for this product - wash hair, towel dry, add this product, put hair up and sleep over night, in the morning when you take your hair out the product holds the curl from overnight and keeps all day, its absolutely beautiful!
  36. Good


    I love masking my hair in this after I shampoo and condition. It's a great finisher to my hair treatments
  37. Really nice but not long lasting


    This product i really like, it smells great and gives my hair nice extra tamed curls when i air dry it, however it doesn't last overnight and whenever i sleep on it the curls disappear and hair seems straighter than before! So its a good product for first day use!
  38. Great styling product

    Jess M

    This cream works really well at enhancing my wavy/curly hair. It works even better when mixed with the Eleven miracle treatment cream.
  39. Ok...


    Ok I guess. I have thick, coarse, wavy hair but this didn’t do anything to define my curl pattern. It did ok applying to wet hair and kept a bit of frizz down while blow drying but doesn’t apply to dry hair well at all when refreshing hair and any frizz that comes up during the day. Nice that it’s curly girl method friendly but not quite what I was hoping for.
  40. Best curl cream ever!


    This cream holds my curls like a dream. I scrunch it through my waves in the morning and it lasts all day.
  41. Frizz-less curls with no crunch


    Would recommend. I'm always switching between products when they stop working so well, but I'm hopeful with this one.
  42. Hair curler


    I was originally introduced to this product by my hair dresser and someone on a love chat and it smells and works so well
  43. Great styling cream


    this product is great and has amazing staying power! Usually my curls will only stay in for a few hours (max maybe 6) and this can push it out for at least 24 hours with a good hold still!
  44. Love it!


    I received this as a bonus from my stylist who is helping me regain my wavy/curly hair. I just bought my second tube from adore. My favourite way to use it is to mix it with my leave-in conditioner and top it off with a curl cream that has a bit more hold. Though this doesn’t have a massive amount of hold, I’ve been getting great initial clumping before I go through with the rest of my styling pro...
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  45. Nice and smooth


    I got this as a gift with purchase and love it. I have wavy-curly hair that gets very frizzy with humidity and this helps tame the frizz if I apply it when my hair is wet and then air dry. I'm not sure it helps too much with definition but definitely a product I will be purchasing when I run out of my gift tube!
  46. My Curls are back


    This product has resurrected by curls. I have fine curly hair and this product is my go to for beautiful defined curls. I receive compliments all the time about my curls since using this product. It is not sticky nor heavy and leaves my hair smelling quite lovely. I would recommend this product to those who are wanting to bring defined curls back from frizz.

  47. Nice product


    I have a natural wave in my hair that I wanted to add some definition to (not frizz). As I use eleven hair products already I decided to give this a try after looking into quite a lot of other brands. I'm happy I chose to try it as it leaves a nice soft feel on my hair (no crunchiness!) and the natural wave/soft curls sit very nicely.
  48. Not for me


    I really wanted to LOVE this product after reading all the amazing reviews. I have wavy to curly hair and was looking for something to tame the frizz and define my curls. I wash and blow dry my hair almost everyday. I tried it with air drying and blow drying and both times did not see any difference, my hair just looked limp and frizzy. I even put more on after my blow dry and still no difference....
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  49. very good


    very good at defining my curl and stopping my hair from getting frizzy
  50. Love


    I gave this to my sister and she loves it! Her naturally curly hair has never looked better.
  51. Defines curls


    This cream works really well to define the curls.
  52. A very effective curly product!


    I find a lot of curly products actually tend to get in the way of curly hair but this product is really effective at keep my curls together (rather than a mess of frizz), without weighing them down or making them feel crispy. Would definitely recommend this product.
  53. Fantastic anti frizz cream


    Absorbs easily into hair and stops the frizz. I really love this product and will buy again
  54. Decent hold


    I use quite a generous amount and it has pretty good hold and helps with the frizz.
  55. Nice but not perfect


    I’m still in the fence regarding this curl defining cream. It does give a really nice curl to my long, fine hair, but it doesn’t seem to hold for very long at all. By the end of some days I’ve been left with flat frizz!
  56. not for waves


    I have natural waves but this doesn't make them more wavy. I think you actually need curly hair, otherwise mine looked the same
  57. Didn’t help my curls


    I have curly hair and would love a product that would keep my curls in. This product didn’t hold any of my curls in at all.
  58. Great Hold


    This product is great to hold in the curls, especially for my thick hair.
  59. It’s ok


    It has a nice texture and smells great but it doesn’t hold my curls in place.
  60. Great product


    My hairdresser recommended this product as I have very curly hair. It perfectly sets my curls for either down or wearing up in a pony. The curls are soft and not crunchy which is exactly what I wanted. Even happier that it’s an Australian product. I was nervous about trying a new product but I’m glad I did. Very happy
  61. Ok but not the best


    I have very frizzy, curly hair and am constantly on the hunt for the perfect product that will take my locks. I purchase this after hearing great reviews but unfortunately it’s not the one for me. My hair looked great upon application but it didn’t take long for the frizz to return. Will continue my hunt for the perfect cream.
  62. this is great


    I have wavy,curly sometimes straight hair depending on the weather and humidity here in QLD and i have found this to be a great product. It leaves my hair nicely curly and holds the curl well. It smells great and lasts well. I would definitely buy this again :)
  63. Finally something that works!


    I’ve been searching for YEARS for a product like this. My hair is naturally very curly and is coloured (lightened) so gets dry and frizzy. This cream smooths curls while being super light and leaving no residue. It smells incredible and is excellent value for money. I’m so happy I’ve found this!
  64. Great staying power


    this product is great and has amazing staying power! Usually my curls will only stay in for a few hours (max maybe 6) and this can push it out for at least 24 hours with a good hold still!
  65. Great hold!


    This product is great to hold in the curls, especially for my thick hair.
  66. Under delivered


    This product didn’t real do much to assist the definition of my curls on its own without the assistance of a curl defining spray (which I find more effective). The texture is nice as is the price, but I wouldn’t buy it again.
  67. Great product


    Great for separating sections of hair and having a definitive curl look. I was after a product that would give me that look of defining curl,not the frizzy fluff I’ve had.
  68. this curling cream is the cream of the gods


    this curling cream gives the curls definition without looking wet, greasy and crunch. it gives them enough bounce that people want to pull on the curls asking if they're real!
    only use a small amount or you'll burn a hole in your wallet and combine it with the miracle hair treatment and you've got yourself a winner!
  69. Definition without crunch!


    This styling cream holds curl without any crunch, which is exactly what it says on the bottle. Depending on the weather (especially the humidity) my curls need extra hold and a product to specifically tame fly-aways as this product is too thick to put near my roots.
  70. Smells amazing - nice and light on my hair.


    Works pretty well on my coarse, frizzy curls, but needs to be used in conjunction with other products to get the full benefits. It smells divine and there’s no crunch when it dries, but just isn’t quite enough to manage my hair on its own. Definitely going to stick with it and see if I can find the right regime for my extreme hair.
  71. Learning curve!


    I think I was over zealous using this at first and found my hair still had the crunchy feel to it. I have recently started putting it only on the ends of my hair, with much better results. It's one of the best curl creams I have used, but my advise would to make sure you use it sparingly.
  72. ELEVEN Keep My Curl Defining Cream


    I bought this for my daughter to control some of her waves....great product does what he say's...use a small amount though...:)
  73. Smooths out your hair


    Even though I apply this through my hair after styling, I find that the best use of this for me is in managing my baby hairs! I only need a bit each time and the tube will last me a long time which is great
  74. Great


    I have naturally curly hair and this product is great for that beach wave look. Doesn’t leave hair crunchy or feeling dry. Great value for money
  75. Good


    - Does not make your hair feel crunchy or heavy after use
    - Leave hair soft to touch and feels like you have no product in it
    - Eliminates all frizz! - truly and amazing product
  76. I didn't know my hair could look like this til now!


    I bought this product on a whim in all honesty not expecting much from it. I have wavy hair that can be extremely frizzy and knots easily, I usually never wear my hair naturally due to it never acheiving a look that would be presentable. I got this product mainly due to the good reviews and the price and I am so happy I did. It smells really nice it's a strong scent but not overpowering, when appl...
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  77. wow!


    dont know how I lived without this!!! So amazing and defines my curly hair so well! Lightweight and smells lovely
  78. Amazing


    - Does not make your hair feel crunchy or heavy after use
    - Leave hair soft to touch and feels like you have no product in it
    - Eliminates all frizz! - truly and amazing product


    My entire life I have struggled to find a product that tames and defines my curls, without making it crunchy weighed down. This cream ticks all boxes for me, my curls look just as great on day 3 as they did on day 1, and they survive being tossed up into a bun to go to the gym. I could rave for days about this product!
  80. 4 stars out of 5


    I love the smell and the texture and it definitely helps to keep my curls defined without weighing them down but it doesn't help with volume at the crown.
  81. Eleven supports my love of curls


    I have been fighting to love my curls for more years than I care to mention.

    Eleven Keep Me Curl Defining Cream has me LOVING my curls every single day. I have wavy, frizzy, curly and sometimes unmanageable curls and a lot of them.
    Eleven Keep Me Curl Defining Cream keeps my curls in a state of controlled curl all day long - even on a hot and humid day.

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  82. Lovely curl definition


    I often switch between hair curling creams and balms, however, this one I keep coming back to. I have very thick curly/wavy hair around shoulder length.

    It is a lovely cream with a pleasant smell. After I have applied it through my wet hair, I let it dry naturally. I also twist/twirl my hair a bit to add that extra bit of curl. Once it has dried I'm left with lovely natural looking cu...
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    Leaves hair with great curl and body
  84. Great for reducing frizz!


    I love this product! It smells super good and defines my curls by reducing the frizz. Unlike other products it does not leave your hair crispy or heavy feeling. I would definately recommend this brand. I own many other products from Eleven and love them all
  85. Great for frizzy hair


    I have a natural wave to my hair, and depending on the weather my hair can become annoyingly frizzy. This product works really well at maintaining the frizz and it smells very nice as well. Just make sure to only use tiny amounts at a time, otherwise it can really weigh the hair down.
  86. Jury's still out


    Still unsure about this one! I have fine hair but a lot of it and it is naturally wavy. I love the smell and it does help with definining my natural waves, but I feel like it weighs down my hair and dries hard like a mousse. I'll keep on using it and see how I go.
  87. My new must have!


    I have thin, fine, blonde curly hair and have straightened it forever! After killing the ends from colouring and straightening I decided to give this product a go and give my hair a well earned break! Safe to say I’m never going back!
    It minimises frizz and really defines my natural curl! I’m getting so many compliments! Plus - I just pop a bit in and let my hair air dry so I save sooo much...
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  88. lovely product not the greatest curl hold


    I really enjoyed this product although I find it doesn't shape my curl as much as I had hoped .It does smell lovely though and doesn't feel too heavy
  89. Smells amazing


    Love the smell of this product and it does what it says. My hair often dries frizzy and using this has helped reduce it and leave my hair smelling fresh and looking more tame.
  90. Great curl definer


    I use this with the miracle treatment and even though I have very long really thick hair finds it leaves a good definition to my curls
  91. Great product


    This product really works! I have long curly hair and it defines my curls without the crunch that you normally get from curl defining products. People have been commenting on my curls... I love this!
  92. Not Great for everyone


    This product is great, however if you have thick curly hair and a lot of it, I would advise this eleven product is not the way to go and instead use elevens miracle hair product, as this doesn't seem to tame the frizziness or define the curls when you have super thick hair, overall good but not what I expected after reading the reviews, I never use this product
  93. Happy hair


    I usually have frizzy wavy hair that I straighten. After towel drying my hair I apply a small amount all over my hair, mostly from mid lengths down. I have less frizz and tangles and more defined smoother, shinier curls. So much easier to manage with this product. Doesn't weigh the hair down either :)
  94. New Favorite


    WOW. This product make my curls look amazing, hydrated shinny, tight and just healthy. The price is a little tiny bit extra, considering how much product you get. But other than that it is beautiful. I put this in my dump hair after i wash it and just refresh the curls with water and a little bit of hair oil and my curls look amazing till day 4. Any product that makes curly hair low maintenance is...
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  95. Fabulous product


    This was recommended by my hairdresser and boy was she right! My hair is thin and slightly curly but more than wavy and sometimes hard to control. This cream is hydrating and defines my curls just as it claims to. I use it on damp hair and leave to air dry or blow dry. I bad hair days I sometimes put I tiny bit between my hands and just lightly brush it through my hair and it works a charm!!!
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  96. Helps tone down the frizz


    My natural hair is a 3B and VERY short. Shaved it a year ago and it is still currently in the awkward growing phase.
    I can't do anything at all with my hair during this stage except for leave it be.
    I wet my hair in the morning, towel dry and pop a little bit of this stuff in and let it dry naturally (not long enough to do anything with a hair dryer yer).

    I have defined c...
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  97. Great curl cream


    I bought this curl cream as I've just started to wear my hair natural -without straightening it. I have loose curls and this hydrates them and reduces frizz. My frizz isn't totally eliminated though. This definitely doesn't make your hair crunchy and it smells divine. This curl cream is at a really good price, you get a fair bit in the bottle.
  98. Keep My Curl Defining Cream


    I love this products. My hair is naturally curly. Its gives me the curl and control I need and no crunch. Smells great too and easy to brush out. I recommend this product if you like the natural relaxed curl effect. Well priced...
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