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ELEVEN Australia Hydrate My Hair Moisture Conditioner Mini 50ml 50ml

4.4 of 76 reviews


4 instalments of $1.74

Or 4 instalments of $1.74 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $1.74

Or 4 instalments of $1.74 with LEARN MORE

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An ultra-nourishing conditioner that replenishes moisture. For all hair types.

  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Oily roots, dry ends
  • Breakage and split ends
  • Dull, lacking shine
  • Frizzy hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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ELEVEN Australia Hydrate My Hair Moisture Conditioner Mini 50ml Reviews

4.4 of 76 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Good dose of hydration!


Provides a good dose of hydration for my dry hair. Well priced product too.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not so hydrating


I didn't find this hydrating at all. Having purchased for an overseas trip, it didn't break the bank but I wouldn't recommend purchasing.
  1. Good for it's price point!


    For a less expensive product I find this to be really great! All the Eleven hair products have a good fragrance and work well together.
  2. Good dose of hydration!


    Provides a good dose of hydration for my dry hair. Well priced product too.
  3. nice conditioner


    this is hydrating, smells like watermelon and has really nice packaging!
  4. Not for my hair


    Same with the shampoo, it didn’t work for my very dry coarse hair. It didn’t soften it considering it’s a conditioner. I bought a small bottle as I wanted to try it out first, good that I did.
  5. Best shampoo and conditioner


    verified purchaser
    I love this shampoo and conditioner. I use it in the 500ml bottles at home but by the mini sizes for camping or travelling. It smells so lovely and clean and my hair is so soft and shiny afterwards. No complaints ever about this product and its counterpart
  6. Conditioner makes my hair so soft


    Bought the mini travel size to see if I'd like the product. I've ended up just purchasing the full size bottles now. I am liking the shampoo and conditioner, the conditioner makes my hair so soft and smells divine.
  7. Okay


    Didn't really notice anything different to my hair after using this product, it did however feel cleaner and the smell is nice.
  8. Affordable and hydrating


    Received the trial size as a free gift. Gives my hair extra hydration.
  9. Affordable and hydrating


    Received the trial size as a free gift. Gives my hair extra hydration.
  10. Nothing special


    Cannot complain as its performance matched the price. My hair did not feel more hydrated nor drier after using this conditioner. Not good enough for me to repurchase.
  11. Affordable way to try something new


    I've been using this conditioner with the paired shampoo and have been liking the results so far. It's my first time trying ELEVEN Australia and these mini bottles are a great way to test things out. They are always perfect for extended trips aways as a little bit of product goes a long way.
  12. Love love love


    Smells delicious and super hydrating
  13. My favourite


    I bought the mini because i just wanted to try this out, lasted about a month for me. The smell is intoxicating, i cant get enough of it. My hair does feel healthier but ive been using it in conjunction with other Eleven products and treatment serums as well. About to purchase a big bottle!
  14. Good not great


    I'd describe this as good, not great. My hair felt soft with no heaviness but I didn't particularly notice any improved moisture.
  15. Good things come in small packages


    The size of this product allows me to take my regular conditioner wherever I travel to. Allowing me to continue to condition and hydrate my hair, whether I'm on a holiday or at the gym.
  16. Middle range conditioning


    This conditioner’s nice, but it’s not the bomb. Yes my hair is nice and shiny, but after getting out of the shower it was still a little knotty and tricky to brush which is what loses the points here. It’s a lovely conditioner but not super hydrating like Pureology. Good travel product though, would definitely keep in my travel bag.
  17. So silky and smooth


    I just received this product from AB beauty as a bonus and I'm absolutely loving it so far. It smells amazing! I love that it has anti-fade protection as I don't want my freshly dyed blonde hair to fade. When washing my hair I usually leave it in for about 3 minutes before washing it out just to give my hair that extra boost of hydration.
  18. Perfect travel buddy


    Bought this after trying the full size because I wanted to continue cleaning my hair using the same fab conditioner while I went away. Same awesome product leaving my hair soft and smooth in a perfect travel size!
  19. Good Conditioner


    I like this mini package so much that I can try to choose more shampoo and conditioner for myself. I prefer shampoo to this conditioner.
  20. ELEVEN Hydrate My Hair Moisture Conditioner Mini


    I have been using this shampoo for a couple of years now. Both my daughter and i have curly hair and I find it doesnt dry it out.
  21. Love it!!!!


    I tried this with the shampoo version and I love it! Smells great, but not too strong or frangrancy and makes my hair feel soft which surprised me considering that my hair is so coarse! I find that I have to use a little more than usual of conditioner product compared to other brands (but that's because my hair is so thick!) Love how it comes in a mini size to use for travelling or as a trial prod...
    Read More
  22. High end hair care that's affordable


    This stuff is brilliant. I use a treatment on my ends and this on my scalp and mids, and it's just great. Smells good, doesn't get oily too quickly, and isn't too heavy.
    Eleven make great products all round!
  23. Best Hair Conditioner in Mini


    This is my go to conditioner that I was put onto by my hairdresser, such a bonus that it comes in a travel size so i don't need to take my big bottles
  24. Amazing value conditioner


    I have loved every product I have tried in the Eleven range and the Hydrate My Hair Moisture Conditioner is no exception. Such a nourishing conditioner that has truly began to hydrate and repair my hair. Cannot go wrong with the value of the Eleven range. Loving the mini sizes too!
  25. Great travel size, good conditioner!


    I liked being able to try this in a travel size, and thought the conditioner was pretty good - smells nice and was pretty rich!
  26. Good consistent product


    Very good simple conditioner; does everything it claims. Lovely light scent, moisturises hair without leaving it limp and heavy.
  27. Match with Shampoo


    Goes well with the matching shampoo, it helps to keep my hair moisturised longer than other conditioners on the market.
  28. Not the best for bleached hair


    I was hoping to love this product. But unfortunately it was awful in my hair. As I bleach my hair and have very fine long hair I need a conditioner that I'm able to brush the knots out in the shower. And this knotted My hair and it felt awful after I dried it. I wouldn't recommend for blondes.
  29. Travel without compromise!


    I love this product. I buy it in both the travel and regualr size. I use a number of Eleven hair products and like all of them but I think this one is my favourite.

    Love that I can get this in a travel size. It smells great and can also be used as a leave-in product. I have professionally coloured, fine, curly hair and I would highly recommend it!
  30. love this conditioner


    the best conditioner, I buy these sizes to add to friends gifts to try or for when I travel
  31. A light moisturising conditioner


    I bought this conditioner to use while I was travelling overseas. I did buy the shampoo in the same range and over all was really happy with them. They both smell really nice, almost tropical, and left my hair feeling soft and hydrated. Would definitely re-purchase or use in between a more extreme treatment. I have thick wavy hair and have dry ends.
  32. Not so hydrating


    I didn't find this hydrating at all. Having purchased for an overseas trip, it didn't break the bank but I wouldn't recommend purchasing.
  33. Nice travel size


    Really enjoy this conditioner, love it comes in travel size, now I can take it with me on my next trip
  34. the best size for travel


    this conditioner is in the perfect size for travelling. i take it everywhere and dont have to use bad hotel ones. I would recommend this!
  35. Great


    Since using this product, my daughter has noticed a dramatic reduction in the frizz that sits in her hairline in her thick, curly hair. She has unfortunately inherited her father's coarse hair, but this product really seems to soften it. Highly recommended.
  36. Perfect for travel


    This conditioner smells good and does the job if you’re travelling. I personally wouldn’t buy the full size bottle as it contains silicone, but I do like that it’s vegan and cruelty free.
  37. Works Well


    i bought this smaller size so i could try out this product, it worked well to hydrate my dry hair, i will be placing these small bottles in my travel bag and buying the full size to use.
  38. Good size for travel..


    I have dry hair, and have been using this range from Eleven Australia for a few months with some success. I picked up the mini versions for a recent trip, which were a great size for travel. I wouldn't repurchase, only because the minis work out more expensive and are wasteful, but I will continue using this range in the full size (and storing them in reusable travel sized containers).
  39. travel


    i love this conditioner in general and this size is just great for travel without having to decant my big versions
  40. Love this


    Such a good travel conditioner. My hair has been very brittle since colouring it and I love the heavy duty moisture of this.
  41. Just the right amount of moisture


    This conditioner is quite good at adding moisture to my long, thick hair. It has a lovely scent too. Very happy with my first ELEVEN purchase although I'm not giving it full stars as I wish it would be cheaper.
  42. Great for travel!


    The size is great and so is the price. I have coloured hair and find this conditioner hydrating. The watermelon smell is quite nice.
  43. Great travel/trial size!


    Perfect size to try Eleven products or for travel. I will definitely be buying the bigger sizes, such a nice conditioner.
  44. Great price and great travel buddy


    I needed a travel size conditioner for a recent trip and I bought this along with the ELEVEN Hydrate My Hair Moisture Shampoo Mini.
    I only wash my hair once a week and it conditioned my hair really well (much better than the conditioner I was previously using) .
    I loved it so much I have since purchased the full size version.
  45. Great conditioner


    Really lovely conditioners that makes my hair super soft and smooth and easy to brush. This travel size last me almost 3 weeks, washing my hair every second day.
  46. Convenient


    This is my go to conditioner, so I love that it comes in the mini size for travel! Smells amazing and makes my hair feel so lush
  47. Lovey product

    Ms Z

    Order this to try it out and I love it made my hair so soft and manageable will buy again
  48. Tames my dry ends!


    Great product, especially for travel. I focus it mostly through the ends of my hair as they are bleached and need the most love! It hydrates without weighing my hair down, and these little bottles are so cute!
  49. Mini mix


    This is a great product to take travelling. Team it with the mini shampoo for max results. Highly recommend.
  50. fantastic for travel


    Super handy for a weekend travel or business trip, the mini will give you a few days of use so it's quite generous.
  51. Generous size


    Generous sized minis for travel and very affordable. Got my hair nice and clean. Very hydrating and dealt with the excessive drying of being at the beach/ in salt water on holiday. Would buy again for my next travels
  52. Nice product..


    I bought this along with the mini shampoo to take away whilst travelling, and was really impressed with the size and product. It cleans the hair well and does appear to improve the hydration of my hair.
  53. Best travel companion


    Love these minis for travel. Eleven shampoo and conditioner always smell nice and leave hair bouncy, clean and moisturised. They last about three weeks if you wash every few days. Love them.
  54. Travel must have


    This was the perfect size for a month travelling. I love the Eleven hydrating products as they are great quality at an affordable price point. Perfect for when travelling
  55. travel easy


    every trip I take I must bring my eleven shampoo and conditioner. convenience size and great product.
  56. Lovely, simple conditioner


    This conditioner is nice and easy, straightforward and does what it says it will. Was really easy to comb through my hair, and felt really soft afterward. Nice!
  57. Impressed


    I received a sample of this, it made my hair so soft and shiny, I will be buying the full size!
  58. Love It


    Absolutely hooked on this product since my first wash. I have thick, dry hair that tends to get oily around the roots after a couple of days. I found this conditioner to be very hydrating without weighing my hair down. Left my hair feeling silky, soft and smooth. I followed with the Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment.
  59. Perfect travel size


    Love these minis for travel. Eleven shampoo and conditioner always smell nice and leave hair bouncy, clean and moisturised. They last about three weeks if you wash every few days. Love them.
  60. LOVE


    For someone who lives in FNQ my hair can get considerably dry. This conditioner leaves my hair feeling so soft and as a bonus tangle free!
  61. Perfect size for a perfect conditioner


    Another perfect size for a perfect product. Lasted me just under a month when I went away last.
  62. Great size for travelling


    This was the perfect size for a month travelling. I love the Eleven hydrating products as they are great quality at an affordable price point. They even kept my hair moisturised with hard UK water.
  63. Daily conditioner


    I would consider this just a usual daily conditioner. Has a really lovely sweet scent to it and gel/cream like consistency. Its definitely conditioning but nothing dramatic. I would definitely purchase again for when im travelling.
  64. Great way to try product


    I love when products have 'mini' products so that you can try it out without having to buy the large size. This was a lovely conditioner. Left it in a few minutes and rinsed. Cant fault - would definitely get again.
  65. Smells great, but not for sensitive hair


    While looking for a new shampoo and conditioner I tried this product and although it smells great, it dried out my hair within 2-3 days. Would not recommend for hair that prefers "low-poo" products.
  66. Perfect Size!


    Love my mini's! they are perfect size for travelling light but not compromising your hair by being able to take your fave shampoo/conditioner with you!
  67. Great for post-workout showers


    The perfect size to keep in my gym bag for post-workout showers!
  68. Amazing


    Ive recently started using this, along with the shampoo. These together are awesome! You only need a small amount as it goes a long way. If using throughout your full head
    of hair, it doesnt leave your hair greasy or oily like other conditioners. Your hair continues to smell amazing even once dry. Ive used this for a few weeks now and my hair is never left feeling dry or lifeless.
  69. Great Travel Size!


    Great size for travel! Smells divine and loved the way it made my hair feel and smell! It made my long brown hair feel very easy to manage! I will be buying the full size!
  70. You will end up buying the full size!


    I have been converted to this conditioner by my mum. She has fine, thinning and oily hair and my hair is thick, dry and damaged. Yet this product has given us both amazing results! My hair is nourished, healthy and soft and only requires a small amount of conditioner to cover my long hair. An excellent conditioner in a size that will show you instant results and convince you to get the full size!...
    Read More
  71. Ended up buying the full size


    Bought the travel size to take on a 7 week holiday. Ended up buying the full size when I got home. I love how soft it makes my hair feel, even after a blow-dry.
  72. So hydrating


    Lovely conditioner - so hydrating and only a little bit needed, not heavy or greasy on my fine hair either.
  73. Detangling conditioner!


    This manages to detangle my long unruly hair even after a full day in the surf. Generous sized mini with a subtle fruity smell. It’s not good for defining curls though.
  74. Great product


    This product is great! I use it with the shampoo and it leaves my hair so soft. I have very fine hair and find the condition may weigh my hair down just a tiny bit so i purchased the volume duo to see if that is better suited to my hair type.


    This conditioner smells sooooo good!! You have to leave it on for a couple of minutes to let it soak into your dehydrated hair otherwise if you don't leave it in to do its thing, it won't give you the result you are wanting. It doesn't make your hair feeling heavy, its super lightweight and leaves your hair feeling super fresh! I recommend giving it a try! Especially for the size and price!
  76. Great product


    Only a very small amount of product needed to get maximum results! I used after the Eleven Blonde Treatment. My hair is silky smooth and smells great. So happy with purchase!
  77. Try before you buy


    A perfect size to form an impression before you buy the full size. The scent is the best part of this conditioner. Quite hydrating and did not weigh down my fine hair.
  78. Nice and hydrating


    This eleven moisture conditioner has a nice sweet scent to it and keeps the hair hydrated. It's a great travel mini or super if you want to give it a go.
  79. Love it


    Great idea if you wanna try before you buy love the product
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