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ELEVEN Detangle My Hair 250ml

4.5 of 49 reviews


4 instalments of $6.24

Or 4 instalments of $6.24 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $6.24

Or 4 instalments of $6.24 with LEARN MORE

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Stop knots and tangles in their tracks with ELEVEN Detangle My Hair. Designed for all hair types, this leave-in spray makes detangling hair quick and easy, and is enriched with botanical extracts to nourish and hydrate.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

GREAT - 89% recommend

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Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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ELEVEN Detangle My Hair Reviews

4.5 of 49 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Smells amazing


A good daily detangling solution to moisturise the hair, but it's not especially effective if your hair is already very damaged and/or tangled.

Most Helpful Criticism

Great smell but not so great effect


Like all eleven products this smells great, like fresh pears. However, I have found it does nothing to detangle my thick, dry, wavy hair.
  1. Ok but not great


    Smells great and nourishes but doesn’t do much else. Wouldn’t purchase on its own
  2. Great for knots


    this is great to get knots out of my hair along side my wetbrush
  3. 7/11


    I love my eleven products, I expected it to be like the treatment in way of detangling, but sadly it wasn't as good as I expected, it's great in the mornings when I go to do my hair ( or when I do the neices) but I don't think I would buy again, think the miracle treatment is 11 times better.
  4. not bad


    I typically use this product when i am at the beach to keep it hydrated and smelling nice. I cant say it helps with actually detangling my hair but it does make it super soft when i do shampoo later on. i love that it keeps my hair really hydrated as the ocean can dry it out a lot.
  5. Smells amazing


    A good daily detangling solution to moisturise the hair, but it's not especially effective if your hair is already very damaged and/or tangled.
  6. Love this product


    I bought this in a trio pack along side the Eleven Moisture shampoo and Conditioner. It is such a great product, with or without the use of the shampoo and conditioner. Not only is the smell so beautiful and refreshing. My damaged thick, long hair is instantly nourished and detangled. Im not the biggest fan of heavy products on my hair, so I also love the fact that the product is so lightweight wh...
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  7. Smells like heaven


    All eleven products smell amazing and this is no exception. Lightweight and silky smooth, it’s the perfect detangler for my finer, yet snarled locks!
  8. Great detangler


    Such a great detangler for the hair! Smells amazing and works really well. Cannot get enough.
  9. Overall product is good but..

    Linda M

    verified purchaser
    I have found the Miracle Treatment Spray and Cream both detangle better than this one does. It also has a really nice smell but I don't think I'll be purchasing it again after I finish off the bottle. I'm sticking with the treatment products
  10. Great detangler that smells amazing


    This detangler smells absolutely amazing! It also really helps to detangle my knotty hair after washing which is something I always have trouble with. Definitely the best spray I have tried!
  11. great


    smells amazing and adds shine
  12. Best detangler


    Love the eleven detangling spray- works perfectly on my fine hair and has a pleasant smell which is not overpowering
  13. Beautiful smelling hair detangler


    I like to use a light weight hair detangler in between washes and this ELEVEN hair detangler has a lovely scent. Easy spray nozzle, I spray it on wet/dry hair before using a brush to brush my hair through. On dry hair, I prefer to use a water based mist as I find creams/oils in dry hair is too thick in texture.
  14. ELEVEN Detangle My Hair


    I buy this for my daughter all the time....she has thick curly hair but its not unruly....This works well for her....
  15. Great smell but not so great effect


    Like all eleven products this smells great, like fresh pears. However, I have found it does nothing to detangle my thick, dry, wavy hair.
  16. Not for me


    I really don’t like this strangler. It does nothing to help me detangle, it leaves my hair feeling somehow dry and with a greasy residue, and it smells like baby wipes. It doesn’t matter if I try it on wet hair or dry hair, it just doesn’t do anything for me. It may be more suitable for porous, fine hair, as it works better for my sister who has much finer hair.
  17. Gets even the toughest knots out!


    I've been through 5 bottles of this. It's one of the best detanglers and leave in conditioners that I've tried. Firstly the smell is amazing. A gorgeous fruity pear scent. It helps to hydrate my hair and help reduce frizz. It's also amazing for detangling hair, especially childrens hair. The spray is a fine mist, so it coats the hair really evenly. I'll continue buying this until they stop making ...
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  18. Omg amazing

    Ellie obrad

    Okay firstly, holy cr*p this stuff smells SO GOOD it’s like fresh pear, I always feel like I’ve just left the salon after spraying it. Also, wow it really works to detangle hair, I can’t imagine not using it, how did I live with such knotty hair previously??
  19. One of the best


    This really does make my hair super smooth, easy to manage and soft. It's so easy to use and the price is amazing, my hair has been falling out a lot less since using this too!
  20. Makes life easy


    I have very thick, curly hair, which seems to have a mind of its own. Trying to get the knots out is a nightmare.

    The first time I used this product, I immediately noticed a difference. I sprayed it all over after washing and towel-drying my hair. I have NEVER found it so easy to get a comb through my hair! There were still some places that were knotted and difficult, but for the most...
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  21. The best


    I really like this. I have quite big curls but this product definitely maintains the curl and gets rid of frizz. Recommend it.
  22. really works


    this really does help to get the knots out after I wash my hair and it leaves it smelling really good
  23. Love!!


    Always spray on my hair after I've washed it! The smell is amazing and it's super easy to brush through my hair!
  24. Good product


    I love the eleven range. I spray this product in my hair when I am doing exercise prior to plaiting my ponytail. I have fine long hair (lots of it) and found it tangled too much in a ponytail with just the spray alone.
  25. Does some wonders


    Literally does wonders, my hair is very long and naturally straight but if curled or if I don't brush prior to washing it gets seriously tangled. Spray it a few times on damp hair and it works. Always brush down to top to help get the tangles out faster!
    P.s. smells nice !
  26. Fantastic for all the family


    Miracle Hair another ELEVEN product is my secret weapon against our family’s once impossible knots but can be a little heavy on the kids hair but Detangle My Hair is our morning saviour allowing us to remove knots, bed head and cocky crests and create the styles we need with no tears!!
  27. Very good


    I use this after I've had my hair styled with lots of hairspray and does a good job at de-tangling my hair. It also smells really nice which is a plus to freshen up hair between washes.
  28. Great detangling spray


    A lovely spray to use that is very easy to use. A generous sized bottle too. Makes combing the hair a breeze. Hair is left softer and easier to comb. A lovely light spray too so wont weigh your hair down.
  29. Smells amazing


    I originally bought this for my daughter with long and thick hair to help detangle, smooth and add scent boost- but I have to admit I steal it at every opportunity! I love the scent and leaves my hair really soft and manageable. Smells like fresh pears. So good!
  30. Great smell, not too good on thick curly dry hair


    So my hair’s HUGE! Think Merida in Brave - curly redhead - it can extend out to the width of my face on one side alone. So detangling’s always been a priority. I brought this after what I wanted was out of stock. Some reviewers said it worked great on dry hair. I didn’t find this to be the case. It smells great, but after a few uses with it dry, I found it made my hair ‘sticky’ like product sticky...
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  31. So Lovely!!

    So Lovely!

    I have dry, coloured curly hair and this product has really helped to smooth and condition it. Really helps to detangle my hair post showers and get rid of those knots. Smells so lovely and helped me tame my hair!
  32. Really like this!


    I really like this detangling spray. I have really long hair and have been battling tangles for a long time, especially after washing my hair. I have found this product has helped me a lot, but because of how long my hair is I find i have to use a fair amount of product, but this does come in a very generous size bottle!
  33. definitely works


    this defintley works however I feel like I have to apply a lot to get rid of all my nots which is normal
  34. Fantastic Product


    I purchased this product for my 13 year old daughter to use on her long thick hair. It is fantastic! It assist with keeping her hair smooth and manageable which makes it easier for her to tie her hair up.
  35. works well


    This works well but i prefer to use the miracle treatment spray as that detangles and also has other properties
  36. Love it


    An amazing detangling spray for grown ups! It smells lovely, but the scent is also nice and light. Worked really well at getting rid of the knots in my hair, which tangles up so easily
  37. Hair hero!


    This detangling spray has been amazing during the past summer months. I use it after swimming at the beach and after I wash my hair and it really does a great job at detangling. It also leaves my hair feeling super soft and smells nice too. Recommend!!
  38. Smells delicious and actually works!


    I haven’t used a detangling spray since I was a kid, but postpartum hair loss has left me with super fine easily tangled hair. I spray this in damp hair and it makes brushing sooo much easier which means not as much hair fallout. Smells delicious too, like a big juicy pear. Love the size of the bottle too.
  39. Lovely and easy to use


    A lovely spray to use that is very easy to use. A generous sized bottle too. Makes combing the hair a breeze. Hair is left softer and easier to comb. A lovely light spray too so wont weight your hair down.
  40. Does the job!


    I bought this specifically for my daughter who gets very knotty tangled hair - I use it in dry hair as well as wet and it does the job - makes the comb slide through her hair, smells great and there’s no tears. Much better than supermarket detangle sprays which are just full of rubbish ingredients.
  41. good


    good to detangle thick wavy hair without making them feel heavy.
  42. My daughter loves it!


    I bought it for my daughter, to avoid the usual morning hairstyling tantrums. It seems to help and it smells delicious.
  43. saves my hair


    i have always used a detangler after swimming, but over the last to years for some reason so many companies stopped selling them. This one works a charm, smells lovely and doesnt weigh down the hair at all.
  44. Leaves hair smelling nice and hydrated


    Love this compared to other detanglers I have used in the past. My mum bought this for me cause she knows my normal struggle but will definitely be buying again.
  45. Amazing scent


    This has taken over O&M's detangler as my family's favourite. It has a delicious scent and it so effective at taking on my daughter's knotty curls in the morning. It's so great to have a product the whole family loves
  46. So underrated


    I find detanglers become non-existent/underrated the minute parents stop doing their kids hair. This is the first ‘detangler’ product I’ve used since I was a child and it really helps with knots when my hair is dry and wet! It also adds some serious softness and shine. I’m also obsessed with the smell
  47. Smells amazing!


    This is such a great haircare product, I generally spritz my hair after a wash left it semi dry and re apply. Leaves my hair soft, less tangled and less frizz. Love it!
  48. My hair smells like pears and I'm all about it.


    This is one of my favourite detangling sprays, right up there with O&M Know Knott. It smells great, makes brushing my wet hair a total breeze, and when I use it in conjunction with the Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment my hair dries so beautifully soft. This is a great purchase and great value for money.
  49. smells great


    I have straight, slightly wavy hair and this just keeps it sleek and leaves my hair tangle free. I apply after washing and just brush my hair out
  50. Divine


    Has cured my flakey dry scalp and smells amazing my hairdresser suggested this and I’m hooked!!!
  51. Saves the fight with my hair brush


    This spray smells amazing and it made brushing my hair so much easier.
  52. Love it!


    Smells fantastic, just like pears, and makes combing my knotty wet hair a breeze! Will definitely buy again!
  53. Made my hair feel and smell amazing!


    This spray smells amazing and it made brushing my hair so much easier.
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