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Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream - Travel 59mL 59mL

4.4 of 86 reviews


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4 instalments of $10.50

Or 4 instalments of $10.50 with LEARN MORE

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Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream 59mL

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GREAT - 86% recommend

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Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream - Travel 59mL Reviews

4.4 of 86 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



Miracle moisturizer for your lips! Save those dry flaky lips in an instant, I love it because it's smooth and not sticky. Smells natural too - thank me later!

Most Helpful Criticism



Lasts a long time so you do get your money's worth.
  1. Heaven!


    Miracle moisturizer for your lips! Save those dry flaky lips in an instant, I love it because it's smooth and not sticky. Smells natural too - thank me later!
  2. good


    this stuff is really good, lots of uses and helps my dry skin
  3. So nourishing!

    Jen Jen

    I bought the travel size version of this product to see if it would alleviate my dry itchy skin from working in a strong chlorinated pool every week and wow did it work! I've tried so many oils and creams to no avail and finally I've found something that seems to be improving the quality of my skin overall and alleviating most of the itchiness. Will definitely buy the full size next because it's e...
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  4. Amazing!


    verified purchaser
    I use this for literally everything but mainly a lip mask at night! It’s extremely hydrating and feels good on the skin. You only need a little bit so you definitely get your money’s worth!
  5. Amazing must-use product


    I tried this before getting the bigger size, which lasts for ages as you don't need much and good for those time when you're skin is extra sensitive. I use it on flakey, irritated skin and it works a treat.
  6. Perfect size


    This is perfect for taking everywhere! I love how it fits in my bag so I can always have soft hands throughout the day
  7. Magic cream


    Must have for anyone. It feels greasy at first but is very quickly absorbed and feels so soft.
  8. Amazing


    This stuff is amazing. My dry irritated red winter skin was not responding to anything. Really was starting to have an effect on my confidence...I use it overnight and has done wonders for my skin in just a few days. I can even use it a little more sparingly under makeup and my skin looks dewy. I use it now as a lip balm, on my dry hands, overnight foot mask under socks, and even on the dry ends o...
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  9. Good multi-use balm


    verified purchaser
    I mostly just use this on my cuticles and dry patches on elbows/heels, it's a bit too heavy to use as a facial moisturiser on my combo skin. I really like it, it works well. I keep it on my bedside table and pop it on a couple of times a week before i go to sleep, my cuticles love me for it, they no longer get splits. The texture is nice and it absorbs well, only a tiny bit greasy when first appli...
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  10. Great for cuticles


    I had alot of broken skin around my nails and I used this every night for a week and it really made a difference. I also think it made a difference to my nail strength. I even use it on dry lips!
  11. my winter fav


    my winter favourite, perfect for dry skin days, that oily texture soon suck in by my skin and kept it there over night.
  12. Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream - Travel 59mL


    I’ve been using this for 3 days on my dry/cracked heels. I put it on after my shower at night and pop socks on top. 3 days of this and I already have great results. I wish I took a before and after! Also great for lips and as a really nourishing night face cream. It is greasy/oily but soaks in and nourishes skin really well. Started with the small Read more about review stating Great for dry/crack...
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  13. Great all rounder


    I use this for dry patches on my elbows, face, lips and feet. My absolute favourite use for Egyptian Magic is as a cuticle cream to keep my cuticles in top shape. I love that it smells like beeswax, reminds me of my childhood. I keep a small one in my handbag and a big daddy on my bedside table for before bed.
  14. Favourite moisturiser


    I have been a fan of this moisturiser for over five years. I have incredibly dry, wrinkle-prone skin so I apply it to my face morning and night. It helped clear up my acne and it soothes my rosacea when I'm suffering a painful breakout. It's versatile and it's rich, I absolutely adore it. Honestly, it's like my hidden secret to glowing skin.
  15. So versatile!


    You can literally use this for so many things, its so versatile and so effective. A must have!
  16. Really nice


    I like how universal this is. I’ve been using it for years and it’s a trusty favourite!
  17. Lifesaver


    I love keeping this in my purse for when I need it! Always use it in my elbows, knees and ankles and they're always so soft.
  18. Good


    Too early to tell if it makes much of a difference with my dermatitis. But it is definitely hydrating compared to other creams
  19. my go to for years


    I learnt about it when i was on a flight, got the first one from the flight magazine, and eversince i bring it everywhere on the flight where is super dry, but mostly use on face mainly at night, cause it show up super oily, but is really good as other body cream or hand cream.
  20. It is magical


    I discovered Egyptian Magic when I was pregnant and 20 months later it is my go to! Hydrates, doesn’t leave a sticky oil feel,
    Heals any abrasions very quickly, and the small tub does last.
    It’s easy to slip into your bag and use when required. Nothing else compares !
  21. All in one


    Using this range at the moment for my chapped lips- love that its all purpose and can be used for everything.
  22. Handy to have one at home


    Quite a nice balm, though it is a tad greasy. This works really well on things like blisters, and I also dab it on popped pimples when they're healing. It's a good product to have around the house. I don't find it works for sunburn though, so I stick to aloe vera for that.
  23. Multipurpose


    I got this originally to use on my face but I found I wasn't used to the texture (oily) as a face cream so I ended up using this as a multipurpose balm. I use it on cuts and bites and also my ankles and any dry spots and it really heals my skin!
  24. Good for hands and feet


    I haven’t used this on my face yet but it’s awesome for dry hand and feet!
  25. Average


    Lasts a long time so you do get your money's worth.
  26. Excellent


    I absolutely love this. I used it all over my body and on my cheekbones - it doubles up as a highlighter. Great multipurpose cream.
  27. Miracle stuff!!

    Cherie G

    If i could give 100 stars i would. This product is insane, I have struggled with sensitivity on my face causing intermittent dermatitis. I recently had a bad flair up and had tried so many products to try and clear it up, including dr prescribed products to no avail. I happened to find this product and figured i had nothing to loose. I'm am so happy i did, within a couple of days i started t...
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  28. incredible


    I find this so hydrating, especially in winter! Makes my skin feel nice and plump
  29. Hydrating


    A nice moisturiser that does what it says. I love it during winter.

    TIP: Use a very small amount on the tips of your hair to help dryness and split ends. Also makes a great cuticle and heel cream.
  30. love


    Very surprised at how soft my skin felt after! I love to use this before bed, especially when I’ve been outdoors all day!
  31. adore this


    Very surprised at how soft my skin felt after! I love to use this before bed, especially when I’ve been outdoors all day!
  32. good for me during winter times


    i put it on only in winter and before bedtime, i found it too oily for summer.
    but winter is just perfect for the dry weather.
  33. I’m hooked!

    Laura O

    I received this as a gift and didn’t quite believe my friend when she was pushing it on me “this stuff is SO good”. I’ve been trying it for about 4 days now and what has surprised me the most is how good it’s been for my contact dermatitis. I usually have to use a strong cream to calm my reactions to soap / hot water etc but this has really helped to calm also. I will 100% continue to use this - t...
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  34. Amazing


    I wear this during the night in winter and also during flights. It prevents my skin from getting dry and keeps it plump!
  35. So Amazing


    I love to use this before bed. I always take this with me when I’m travelling! Great for dry lips and eczema
  36. healing


    I bought this product a month ago and it completely changed my skin. I received horrible burns on my eyelids from using a face wash and I spent weeks trying to heal them. I went to the dermatologist, got two prescriptions, tried medical grade products, tried over the counter... Nothing worked. At this point my eyelids were so damaged they seemed as if they would for sure scar. I stumbled upon Egyp...
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  37. I like it a lot


    Does wonders, has been fantastic over winter!
  38. Has helped my very dry cracked skin


    This product has helped my dry skin feel hydrated, plump and smooth! In just 3 days my skin went from the driest I’ve ever seen it to so bloody smooth !
    I will repurchase and I definitely have recommended it
    A little goes a long way!
  39. the best


    I love to use this before bed. I always take this with me when I’m travelling!
  40. Love it!


    Super awesome and helps a lot with hydration. I’m loving it and feel like this is helping me a lot. Yay!
  41. Perfect size for the purse


    I love keeping this in my purse for when I need it! Always use it in my arms and this makes them soo soft
  42. love this


    I always take this with me when I’m travelling! I love to use this before bed.
  43. Soft skin


    This is such a lovely product that I use in so many ways and it works so well on my dry skin. I love the smell of it, the texture and the results. I use it on my face at night twice a week and wake up with the softest skin. On my lips and on shaving rash it works a real treat. Can’t recommend this product enough.
  44. Beautiful product


    Purchased the smaller size to trial the product, and I must say I am very impressed. I use the cream on my body and lips before bed and wake up with hydrated, and smooth skin. Will be purchasing the larger size next! x
  45. Ok but not worth the price


    I find this is nowhere near as effective as a pawpaw cream for healing dry or chapped lips. I do use the Egyptian Magic I got before bed to moisturise my lips, but often wake the next day to find it hasn't healed much at all.I see better effects from a pawpaw cream, and for less than the price of this product.
  46. Not wow


    Average cream, too cloggy and thick and doesn't have a very nice texture. it's good for keeping lips moist and soft but isn't wonderful for face skin
  47. Wish I Had Tried this Sooner!


    I kept getting samples of this with orders but was never brave enough to try it on my face until recently as I have blemish prone skin and this is a very oily and thick texture.
    I ran out of my usual moisturiser one night and thought I would give this a go. I was surprised to find once you warm it up into your hands it sort of turns into a more liquid like texture -still oily,yes but nowhere...
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  48. Amazing multipurpose cream


    Deeply hydrating for my itching skin ..I can feel satin texture of my arms and legs..i also use this as a nappy rash cream for my little one..just one application and ur baby is happy..worth the hype.
  49. love this


    This product is so hyped and I understand why! I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my body very hydrated! I found an improvement in my skin’s texture after regular use, would recommend!
  50. amazing


    i might this product extremely helpful if youre travelling or on the go, its nice compact and also is suitable to use on multiple parts of the body, i tend to get really skin irritated skin during the colder months and this product really moisturises it but doesn'y irritate
  51. love to use it when travelling


    I use this on the plane all the time because of the cabin pressure and it works wonders! Very hydrating and a must have for regular travellers! I would recommend this to anyone!
  52. Indifferent


    I don’t hate it but I don’t think it absorbs as well as other products
  53. Awesome night cream


    This has become my last step before bed every night. Thick and yet spreadable, oily yet it absorbs, my skin never feels dry and tight in the morning even in the dry mountain air I live in, and it seems to work really well to seal in any oils or serums I have applied prior to using it. Really worth the money, and a little goes a long way. Would recommend for any one with dry or dehydrated skin. And...
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  54. A must-have all rounder


    I love this product because it just has so. many. uses.

    My favourite is for a lip balm or for prepping the lips of my clients as it does wonders for hydration. It is my favourite to recommend for winter chapped lips, but it also is amazing for skin! If I ever have dry flaky skin, I just apply this directly to that area and in only a day or two it is back to its soft usual self!
  55. Expensive for what it is


    This product's main ingredients are beeswax and olive oil... and that is exactly what it feels like. I would consider it a 'dupe' for Vaseline, but a lot pricier!

    It is very heavy and greasy, which makes it difficult to wear on your skin. It's good on very dry patches of skin or dabbed over highlighter to make it dewy. If you look for more natural ingredients then this might be for y...
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  56. Great hydration


    I bought this to keep at my desk at work, as my hands get uncomfortably dry. I love the texture - it’s oily but seems to absorb well. Since using this, my hands are far more hydrated than when I was using a standard hand cream.
  57. A household staple


    This is a very nourishing balm like cream which is essential for winter. I use it on extra dry skin spots throughout winter. Also really great to travel with.
  58. Nourishingly wonderful


    I can see why so many are raving about this skin cream, it has done wonders for me. I've been using it everyday to soothe and hydrate the dry areas on my face and I love mixing a few drops of my favourite serum with it to give it an extra boost. I reckon the bee propolis is the magic ingredient, giving my skin deep nourishment and healing. I will always keep a jar of this around from now on.
  59. its okay


    very greasy but good to use on dry skin.

  60. Like a natural petroleum jelly


    This cream is very greasy and rich like petroleum jelly. I guess this is the natural version. Good for dry cracked heels, knees, elbows etc. I find it too rich to apply all over and I'm not a fan of the waxy smell.
  61. all in one cream


    it's a cream for lazy people and I'm one of those people, I found this cream is so versatile and helps with all of your dry patches.
  62. Everything you need in a cream!


    A youtuber I had watched said she swore by this cream so I decided to try it out myself. I was not disappointed at all, in fact I have only got amazing things to say about this product! You must try this, it will honestly solve all of your problems!
  63. Hydrating


    This works really well for ANY dry areas on your skin, from your lips to your elbows & lasts a while!!
  64. Multitasking power product.


    I love to use this as a lip balm, overnight lip treatment, cuticle treatment, dry elbow softener, chafe or shaving rash soother, and an occlusive last skincare step when my skin is struggling to hold moisture in harsh weather, works for hot or cold stressed skin.
  65. Good not great


    I love this product and have repurchased - I give this product four stars, not 5, only because I find that it is great for body (arms, legs, etc.) but a bit too heavy duty for my face.
  66. Great all-rounder


    All-rounder! Have so far used as a body moisturizer, on my heels and elbows, as a lip balm, eyebrow tamer, hand cream, on my little boys cheeks that get cracked and dry, cuticles and itchy bites! It's really good for traveling as it replaces heaps of products and saves space!
  67. Unsure of the hype


    I’m not sure why this has so much hype - it’s okay on dry patches but to me it just feels and smells like almost straight beeswax. Doesn’t live up to the ‘magic’ I expected for the price.
  68. Was ok


    Wasn't great. I have dry eczema prone skin and it didn't do anything. However also didn't irritate. Wouldn't repurchase
  69. Didn’t love up to the hype


    I bought this hoping for a cure for my dry cuticles and legs, but it didn’t perform as good as I’d hoped. It is moisturising, but no more so than plain almond oil. Lanolips mixed in with a body cream does a better job at helping my dry spots.
  70. Great stuff


    I love Egyptian Magic - it is great for so many things. I've used it as a cleanser, overnight moisturiser, tattoo cream, heel balm, lip balm... the list on their website for ideas for uses is really helpful. You only need to use a small amount so it'll last ages!
  71. Amazing


    I bought this product to use for stretch marks and it has made a huge difference. I have also used it on scarring and it is making a notable difference. I will definitely purchase again.
  72. I use it for everything


    Sometimes I use it as a face moisturiser also as a body moisturiser cuticle lips hair cuts. it's a great product
  73. Nourishing


    A great basic moisturiser for the most severe cases. I don't use this on my face as the high amount of olive oil could break you out but its great on my body especially in the winter months and banishes dry cracked skin!
  74. So hydrating!!


    I love this formula. While I have used it on my face a couple of times and have no complaints; the product consistency kind of put me off. So I use it for my lips every night and day. It has a great feel and shine plus It'll last forever. It's also good to know that it's multipurpose so I'm sure it'll be handy when I'm on holidays.
  75. If you to need to hydrate your skin this is for you


    I use this at night over all my serums and I love the intense oil effect it has. You look very oily after putting it on but it has worked wonders for me. If my skin is really really dry I will wear it during the day under my foundation.
  76. Overhyped


    This does not live up to the hype. I still had dry irritated skin after using this a couple of times a day for 2 weeks. Don't bother with this. I'd recommend Eight Hour cream for anyone needing serious skin hydration.
  77. Not what I was expecting


    Even though I knew the ingredients of this product, I didn't expect the balm consistency. It's like a lighter version of vaseline, with natural ingredients. I use it as a lip & cuticle balm. I also use it to 'seal in' my serum & moisturizer, & it doesn't clog my pores. Having said that, I always clean my face with a muslin cloth wrung out in hot water, which I need to remove residue. I won't re-pu...
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  78. Great all-rounder


    I love to use this as a spot treatment and cuticle cream. But actually it also makes a great light lip balm. I like to lightly pat it on after applying matte lipstick. It adds just enough moisture to make the colour look more lived-in without adding too much shine.
  79. Great for sore, dry skin


    Great for winter when your skin is dry and sore from the cold and wind. I used it at night and would wake up with soft silky skin. The only downside is that the oiliness does get on your sheets :(
  80. Lovely


    This has helped heal up my ezcema in record time and doesn't make me itch. It's also great for my face without being greasy. I found it similar to Weleda skin food but not as rich and ointment-y. Love it for my face and my son's ezcema also
  81. Gentle


    The texture of this product melts onto the skin a lot like coconut oil, so a little goes a long way, otherwise you'll look super oily. I find it very gentle and moisturising on skin, and didn't cause any break outs or sensitivity.
  82. Good for my eczema


    I get some eczema on my arms, legs and back and this cream helps keep it at bay. If I use this cream a few times a week my arms don't get itchy at all. I also used to use it on cracked heels of the feet, it worked wonders.
  83. Nice


    My sister raved about this face cream for years and I totally get what the fuss is all about. This pricey item is worth its weight in gold! A little goes a long way, the jar will last for quite some time. This cream is thick but fast absorbing and non-greasy, leaving your face hydrated, smoother and softer. My skin feels instantly plumped and my pores appear smaller and smoother. Perfect to apply ...
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  84. nice multi-purpose moisturiser


    I use this on all my dry patches, its an awesome multi use moisturiser, I recommend it!
  85. Amazing isn't a strong enough word for this product!!


    Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream is by far the BEST for dry skin. It is so easy to apply and the tub lasts a very long time, even with daily use. I purchased the 59ml as I wasn't sure if it would work as well as people had said, and now I wish I had purchased the larger tub. Absolutely a must try to those with dry/sensitive skin!
  86. Super moisturising and soothes my sensitive skin


    I have super sensitive skin and whenever my skin gets red and irritated, I always soothe it with this product. Its wonderfully thick and moisturising and when I use it under my makeup, it gives my skin that fresh, dewy glow. I also use this as a night face mask in winter. One of my favourite skincare products!
  87. Holy Grail!


    This product was recommended to me by a friend. I’ve been using it for about 3 days & can already say, that I will never be without this product again. I’ve beeb using it as a night cream on my face & on dry areas such as my feet, elbows & knees. My complexion has never been clearer.
  88. Go to cream for dry skin and irritations


    After our favourite dry skin ointment was discontinued i found Egyptian Magic. Through Adore Beauty i have found some very effective creams/ointments however this one is the best. A little goes a long way and within hours i notice a difference. I use for psoriasis on hands and my partner for eczema on legs/lower back and arms. If you feel you're running out of options look no further. Bought the c...
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  89. lasts forever and is all natural

    Rebecca (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I love using this balm, warming it up in my fingers and spreading the rich oil on my lips and dry areas around the face. Its a fantastic lip balm and also feels like a natural moisturiser and repairer, nothing that might irritate or clog the skin. And I really want to stress how long one tub can last so I think its great value.
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