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Edible Beauty No. 4 Vanilla Silk Hydrating Lotion 50ml


4 instalments of $14.75


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4 instalments of $14.75


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Edible Beauty No. 4 Vanilla Silk Hydrating Lotion is a luxurious lightweight moisturiser with a natural SPF, rich in natural AHAs and antioxidants.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 74% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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74% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Layers Beautifully


Smells amazing! Feels nice on skin, lays well under makeup

Most Helpful Criticism

Overly priced


This product did not do much for me.. it is just like a regular moisturizer. I didn't feel any major difference in my skin after using it. Shame that I paid a bit of money for not substantial outcome. I don't think I will buy it again.
  1. Overly priced


    verified purchaser
    This product did not do much for me.. it is just like a regular moisturizer. I didn't feel any major difference in my skin after using it. Shame that I paid a bit of money for not substantial outcome. I don't think I will buy it again.
  2. Light hydration


    A really nice smelling moisturiser. Provided light hydration which is good for oily skin.
  3. Layers Beautifully


    Smells amazing! Feels nice on skin, lays well under makeup
  4. ok but probably over priced


    a nice very lightweight moisturizer, not too crazy about it though
  5. Nice moisturiser, useless packaging


    verified purchaser
    I recently purchased this after getting the No 1 cleanser and receiving a sample of No 4. I really enjoy this moisturiser. It’s nice and light and absorbs easily, and I love that it kind of doubles as a primer. Only problem is the packaging. No matter how many times I try the pump will not work so I have a great product but can’t get it out of the bottle!
  6. Lovely lotion


    This is a lovely light weight lotion which is perfect for all skin types. As it is a lotion, it's a little more watery than most creams. It works well with me but for drier skin types, it may not be enough
  7. Great


    An essential in my beauty routine I alternate between the No4 and the coco bliss intensive repair. Competitively priced and generous volumes Edible Beauty should be in everyone’s beauty regimen.
  8. Amazing


    This lotion is beautiful, super hydrating and leaves my skin feeling soft and supple. I struggle with dryness and this fixes that in a very gentle and luxurious way. It also smells delicious!
  9. Average


    This didn't really do much for me and the scent was strong. It's a nice scent but just too heavy. I found it mildly hydrating and nourishing
  10. smells amazing


    This lotion smells amazing. A little goes a long way and my skin feels fresh and hydrated after application. It can tend to go a bit oily in my t-zone when worn all day under makeup.
  11. Not hydrating enough and strongly scented


    This lotion is not hydrating enough for me and it's also quite strongly scented which doesn't work really well for my sensitive skin
  12. Great product


    Smells amazing! Feels nice on skin, lays well under makeup
  13. Smells so good


    I love this lotion, it smells amazing and makes my skin feel smooth and hydrated. I have oily skin and this does tend to give me a little shine in my t-zone after a few hours
  14. Good but expensive


    I loved this hydrating lotion. However it is a bit pricey.
  15. A really nice skin treat


    I received this as a sample some time ago and squirreled it away for next time I needed a travel size in my carry on. I was pleased when I finally opened it: it smells beautiful and is a very nice, silky, not-greasy moisturiser for my dry skin. It sinks in well and even though I have only trialled it at night, I'm sure it would work well under make up too. I'm really happy to be using it and will ...
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  16. Light and Hydrating


    This lotion feels light and hydrating and the scent is nice, but I find it a bit too strong for my liking. I have dry, sensitive skin and it's moisturizing but not enough
  17. Leaves skin soft and supple


    I have been using the Edible beauty range for almost a year now and this is my second bottle. The product is light and smells good. I do however find that I need to use twice as much during winter to feel the full effects of the product. Overall it is a very nice moisturizer and I will continue using it because of its ingredients.
  18. I liked it


    I liked the smell, smelt like a mix between vanilla and lemongrass! its very light weight, not very moisturising, but not oily either, I liked the product, I wouldn't use it Over my standard but I have used all the sample product that I got from Adore Beauty Peru Holiday Heroes
  19. heavily scented


    Soaks in nicely, without leaving a tacky feeling. However, I don't find it hydrating enough for my skin and the smell is far too strong.
  20. Silky and Hydrating


    I have really dry and sensitive skin and found this lotion to be good. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft. It has a milky like texture and is quite a liquidy cream. I'm not a huge fan of the scent however, it's a bit strong for me - smells like some sort of lime candy. Once it absorbs into the skin, the scent does die down a bit and I can detect a hint of coconut which is nicer. It is ...
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  21. So happy I found this amazing moisturiser


    It was one of those magic moments when I tried this moisturiser after finding a sample in one of my Adore Beauty deliveries. As soon as put it on I was in love. It comes on smooth and sinks in easily, it smells divine and I could actually see my skin improve after a couple of days. Love the brand and their clean philosophy too.
  22. Only for dry skin


    After months of searching and wasting money, I finally found this moisturiser which doesn't leave me with reactions such as runny nose and watery eyes. For some reason, all other products (including other self-proclaimed natural/organic brands) trigger these reactions. This Edible Beauty Lotion didn't. So it's somewhat of a godsend for me, as I must use a moisturiser in my regimen and this is the ...
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  23. It's good babe im unsure if it's good for oily skin


    It smells beautiful and makes my skin feel nice for a few hours but then I start getting oily. Maybe work better with dry to normal skin.
  24. Probably not if you have oily skin

    On my way to forty

    This perfectly packaged pint size bottle caught me off guard but you only need one pump of the silky vanilla moisturiser to cover your whole face. The texture is very smooth and light and it smells like lovely - lemony vanilla - but I find this moisturiser leaves my skin a little too oily as the day progresses. I would recommend to anyone who is on the dry side for sure.
  25. I couldn’t get past the smell


    I was really hoping it would smell like vanilla (I love vanilla!) but the smell was more like citronella. Unfortunately I couldn’t get past the smell to be able to provide a review on how it worked on my skin. Thank you AdoreBeauty for providing this as a sample. It’s fantastic to be able to try before you buy. These freebies provided have resulted in me buying so many things but unfortunately thi...
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  26. Amazing


    I received this product as a gift when purchasing other items, and my god this product is literally amazing! Feels light, drys fast and your face feels amazing afterwards!
  27. Must have !


    I love this cream as it makes my skin feel light and hydrated. I use it every day in the mornings. Once you start using this cream you don't want to try anything else!!!
    I recommend this cream to anyone who loves to look after their skin!
  28. The best moisturiser I've used!


    This product is amazing... smooth, silky, hydrating and the perfect light-weight texture. It smells delicious and my skin has never looked better. It works great as a base under my foundation and helps create an even finish.
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