Does the Weather Have an Effect on Eczema?

Whether it's hot, cold, humid, or dry, weather impacts your eczema. Understanding how will help you control the condition.

If you've suspected that the weather causes a flare-up of your skin condition, you're not imagining things. One of the most common triggers for an outbreak of eczema is weather.

Does the Weather Have an Effect on Eczema?

How Does the Weather Trigger Eczema?

Our skin experiences many different substances, materials, and environments every day. Skin also helps our bodies maintain a healthy temperature. That's why we perspire to stay cool and have a layer of fat to stay warm. Skin is not only affected by temperature; it's also designed to respond to it.

What Types of Weather Have an Effect on Eczema?

Whether the weather changes quickly where you live or you're visiting a location with a different climate, it's likely you'll suffer an eczema flare-up. Skin that's prone to eczema is less adaptable, which is why the weather can worsen your condition.

You can think of skin that suffers from eczema as having a battery that's only half full. You need to give it a little extra time to recharge and restore itself.

So what kinds of extreme changes in weather can trigger eczema?

  1. Low humidity. Eczema-troubled skin loses moisture easily. Plaques are worsened by dry air that literally pulls hydration from your skin.
  2. Hot weather. Heat makes eczema-prone skin even itchier and more irritated.

Low humidity is more likely to trigger your eczema or intensify a flare-up, whereas hot weather is more likely to worsen an existing outbreak.


Does the Weather Have an Effect on Eczema?

How to Counter the Effects of Weather on Eczema

Now that you know which types of weather affect your eczema, you're better equipped to counteract them. Your first go-to skincare product should be a calming, fragrance-free cream:

Follow this first cream with a protective, emollient-rich cream:

If you'd like any further advice on skincare routines for eczema-prone skin, please do contact our trained customer service team. Adore Beauty is always available to offer advice on suitable product regimens.


Does the Weather Have an Effect on Eczema?