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Eco Tan Super Acai Exfoliator 100ml 100ml

4.2 of 28 reviews


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4 instalments of $8.74

Or 4 instalments of $8.74 with LEARN MORE

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Smooth and brighten skin with Eco Tan Super Acai Exfoliator. Made with only organic and natural ingredients, this face scrub is suited to all skin types, and will leave skin hydrated, soft and smooth.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

GREAT - 78% recommend

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Customer Reviews

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4.2 of 28 reviews

78% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Weekly must have


Gentle but really exfoliates your skin!

Most Helpful Criticism

really not sure


I am not sure how I feel about this, it isn't the best and it has such a strong scent and I am not sure if i would buy this again
  1. difficult to use


    Love the idea of this scrub and it has great ingrediants but it's very hard to use. It is near impossible to spread. Though once you manage to get it working it does leave your skin soft. I wouldn't repurchase though
  2. Amazing


    Amazing exfoliater! Makes my skin feel so smooth and shiny each time I use it! And love that it’s not dry and already made up! So much more easier to use than dry exfoliaters
  3. Super hydrating exfoliator


    Most exfoliating scrub I've used in the past are super harsh and leave the skin feeling dry. This one is a sandy texture (it did sting in sensitive areas) but it worked so well. Exfoliated my skin so well and left it feeling so moisturised!!
  4. really not sure


    I am not sure how I feel about this, it isn't the best and it has such a strong scent and I am not sure if i would buy this again
  5. Decent scrub, smell not great


    verified purchaser
    I would buy this product again but I wasn't overly impressed. It is a nice, coarse scrub however it smelt like playdough, unlike all of the other Eco Tan products I have tried which have smelt amazing. The scrub was hard to get out of the packaging due to the thick consistency.
  6. A good scrub


    I like this scrub however I find it better as a body scrub rather than a face scrub as the granules are larger than a normal face scrub. It is a really nice product though for an all over exfoliation.
  7. Add this to your skin care


    Great option to add in to your normal skin care routine. Smells amazing and gently exfoliates.
  8. Great exfoliant


    This is a serious scrub. It does it’s job. I’ve got hormonal acne and I feel like this has really helped. Make sure you read the instructions, I didn’t at first and was using on a wet face in the shower and found less effective. It makes my face feel really soft and it smells really nice.
  9. Hydrating and exfoliating


    I really like this scrub. On dry skin it’s really exfoliating but it has this thick moisturising paste feeling to it which makes it quite calming on the skin. Sometimes will put this on wet face and use as a cleanser. Great deep cleanse in the pores. My skin doesn’t feel dry or stripped after using this it actually feels the opposite nice and moisturised!
  10. Way too harsh for face use


    I have really sensitive skin and somehow this product reacted immediately with burning and redness. I really wanted to love this product. It has a great smell and its purple... but just not suited to my skin type and as it is natural defs do a patch test
  11. Skin feels amazing afterwards


    Love how silky smooth my face feels after using this scrub. On dry skin its super exfoliating and with water it can almost be used as a cleanser. Either way it leaves a really moisturised/hydrated feeling on the skin afterwards. Its only intended for use 1-2 times a week and I recommend listening to that because it dried out my skin a tiny bit when I decided to use it daily!
  12. Where do I begin??


    This scrub is the BEST scrub I’ve ever used.
    It’s the only scrub that has worked at clearing out pores and blackheads. Skin feels super smooth afterwards and glows.
    I’ve already used three bottles it’s a holy grail product.
    It seemed harsh at first very concentrated however this is why it does the job! Smells so good and all natural organic ingredients which is superb for sens...
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  13. Wouldn’t buy again


    Leaves my face feeling greasy.. also I didn’t notice much difference in my skin. Not for me and I wouldn’t buy it again.
  14. Super clean result


    Gives a great result but I always use a tiny bit of water to put it on as it very harsh if put on dry as suggested (even if I rub it on gently). Once you add more water though it is amazing. My skin feels silky smooth and really clean afterwards.
  15. Ok exfoliant


    This isn’t the best exfoliant out. It’s ok for scrubbing off fake tan on body but I’d never use it on my face as it’s way too harsh.
  16. Great!


    This is the BEST exfoliator I have ever used in my life it smells good enough to eat and gives you just enough rough love to get the smoothest skin imaginable! this is my new weekly staple!
  17. Great for problematic skin


    So good for acne. I feel as though it really healed my skin. It is quite an intense scrub too, which I prefer. Smells amazing and is full of natural and nourishing ingredients.
  18. Intense scrub


    I have combination hormonal skin and i personally find it alittle harsh for my face. I do use it on my chest and back though for a good exfoliate. It does get stuck in the bottle and be hard to squeeze out sometimes (thank god I make my husband scrub my back and he squeezes it out for me)
  19. Good!


    Pretty good! I use it a lot but it’s not my number one. I think it’s decent though.
  20. Love it


    Very great for before a fake tan. Very tough and feels amazing after I wash it off. Fantastic.
  21. Great


    Okay it’s definitely intense… like it’s rough and really does give your skin a decent scrub. I rub it onto dry skin as suggested and leave it on for a few minutes. My skin does tingle with it, and when I rinse it off the results are amazing. Hands down the best exfoliating scrub I’ve ever used.
  22. Best scrub ever


    This is one of the best scrubs I have ever used!! Really gets in there and gives the skin a good clean and exfoliation! Absolutely love it
  23. Amazing but the smell is a bit meh


    The smell of this product smells like oil, like avocado oil. Which is fine, we shouldn’t be so conditioned into thinking everything we use needs to smell AMAZING, that why everything got chemical. But this brand doesn’t do that, sticks to what the ingredient is which is a nice change. Love this stuff it’s super rough which makes you feel like you are actually exfoliating, it’s super salty and has ...
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  24. Love!!


    Great exfoliator, scrubs the skin and leaves it feeling clean and fresh, has a great smell and love the brand. Only problem is after a while the product starts to seperate in the bottle.
  25. Very nice


    Beautiful products, makes my skin feel incredibly soft like all day. Can use it over my pimples even though this products is heavily salt based it’s not too rough or harsh which is very nice. Make sure to leave it on for a bit longer and rub it again before washing off! Only thing I’m a bit meh on it the smell, smells like oil. Like avocado/coconut oil. Buts it ok, we shouldn’t have been condition...
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  26. Amazing


    Love the salt in this as it gives a really firm scrub which feels amazing and helps reduce inflammation. Its a little harsh for my face so I prefer using this as a body scrub and it does help a lot with my acne!
  27. Great for acne


    SOOOOO good for acne. I feel as though it really healed my skin. It is quite an intense scrub too, which I prefer. Smells amazing and is full of natural and nourishing ingredients.
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