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Eco Tan Organic Face Tan Water 100ml

4.4 of 268 reviews


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4 instalments of $8.74


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Eco Tan Organic Face Tan Water

Eco Tan Organic Face Tan Water

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4.4 of 268 reviews

87% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Evens skin tone
Love love love this face tan water. Not only does it even out my skin tone its also great to have a nice natural glow/tan through the week.

Most Helpful Criticism

gives a light tan
I apply with cotton pad at night, I didn't notice much difference initially. But after a few days give my pale skin a healthy glow. Unsure if I would purchase again due to price but liked okay.
  1. gives a light tan

    I apply with cotton pad at night, I didn't notice much difference initially. But after a few days give my pale skin a healthy glow. Unsure if I would purchase again due to price but liked okay.
  2. Ok

    I wanted to live this, it’s natural, its a water and it tans! I just don’t seem to get amazing results. I still use it but I need to apply several nights in a row.
    I love the smell, reminds me if summer.
  3. Evens skin tone

    Love love love this face tan water. Not only does it even out my skin tone its also great to have a nice natural glow/tan through the week.
  4. Glowing

    This subtle face tan gives you a natural looking glow without the streaks or orange look!
  5. Natural glow

    I never wear fake tan, but this product just gives a little bit of color and evens out skin tone beautifully. Makes me feel less like I need to wear make up. And no smell! Love this product.
  6. Best face tan yet

    I was a bit worried I would wake up orange as it’s a tanning water but I woke up with the most natural tan and I really did feel confident enough to ditch my foundation.
    It fades really evenly and lasts a few days.
    I also swear it’s helped clear my skin!
  7. Love it

    Easy to use and evens out skin tone making me confident enough to go without makeup. I find it really moisturizing too.
  8. so expensive for what is is!

    my friend gave me this as a gift! although it has helped add a bit of a tan to my face! i would not spend money on this! its just like water!!!!
  9. Love it

    Super easy to apply and gives me confidence to not wear any foundation ! Just make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after applying :)
  10. I recommend this product

    due to wearing foundation every day my face is a lot lighter than the rest of my body. I was going on holiday and didn’t want to have to deal with foundation every day so wanted to even out the colouring. This product did exactly what I wanted. Gave me a really nice subtle golden tan. Husband said my skin looked healthy.i used it like a toner and used a cotton pad to apply. I was worried about breaking out but that wasn’t the case and it smells good too. Recommend this product.
  11. Subtle natural looking face tan

    I bought this to tan my face without the breakouts and so far so good. It is a very subtle colour with one application but two days in a row gives a nice natural colour without looking like you have fake tan on your face. I would buy again.
  12. Didn't suit my skin tone

    This product didn't suit my skin tone at all and came out really yellowy.

    I love the idea so I'll wait for them to hopefully come out with a wider range of tones!

  13. Overall good product

    I purchased this after reading so many positive reviews and after seeing a girlfriend who looked amazing and she told me she had been using this!
    I do quite like the actual product itself. I put it on for two days in a row and didn't notice much difference, but the third day I noticed I looked a bit tanned on my face. I did find it difficult to get the product out and takes a bit of time to dispense the right amount to make a difference. Overall good product and would be happy to recommend.
  14. Just okay, for me

    I love the idea, and how natural it is, but it's just a bit too orange for me. I have to use a LOT to see any effect, and then it's quite an orangey tone on me. I'm naturally very fair with freckles and auburn hair.
  15. So easy!

    Wow! This is so easy to apply. The colour isn't too intense, so even with my pale skin I found I needed to apply it over a number of nights. I have very sensitive acne prone skin and this didn't break me out at all! Love it!!!
  16. Great idea

    The face tan water for me is a 10/10. Perfect for me as in Summer I tend to get a tan on my body but not on my face. This toner/tan helps to ensure I am one colour and does so in an amazing way. It does not clog my pores or make me breakout due to the natural AND organic ingredients and I seem to never have to put foundation on when the tan is in its peak colour as it gives me a really healthy flush. Perfect all year round and a perfect alternative to a normal tan which may be too heavy
  17. Good product

    This doesn’t work great on my skin as I use a Clarisonic regularly and exfoliate regularly. If I skip those 2 things then I can get the colour to work. Takes quite a few applications before there is a noticeable colour and if I do too many my face goes a strange orange colour. Takes a bit of getting used to but is still the only tanning product I use on my face. Love this brand.
  18. Glow in a bottle!

    This tanning water is life changing for winter skin. In winter I am white as a ghost so I always have to fake tan my body but I find regular self tanned make my face breakout. This tanning water does not do that. It actually makes me skin feel wonderful, gives a great colour and if anything helps heal active spots. Will continue to re-purchase.
  19. excellent

    this product is truly amazing it gives my skin a great glow and lives up to everything it says
  20. Gives a great glow!

    So impressed with this product, I was unsure as I don’t regularly tan my face but this works so well to give a really nice glow and keep the tan on your face if you wash/exfoliate your face every day!!! 100% recommend
  21. Obsessed!

    I have been using this for ages and it is the best face tan ever ! I have acne prone skin and it never breaks me out and gives a natural tan. Would buy over and over again
  22. Light and great!

    Love this - very light and gives me a natural glow ⭐️
  23. All time favourite

    Have been using this for well over 6 months and will keep repurchasing! So happy will all of the natural ingredients, never concerned of putting something unhealthy on my skin with this product. Better results with consistent use, and I even apply twice on the same night sometimes if wanting a darker colour quicker. Highly recommend!
  24. Sun kissed

    The eco tan face tan is truely amazing, I apply this every second day and really gives me a very subtle sun kissed look.
    Really like using this product as it helps me not needing to apply as much make up on, gives my skin a really nice colour.
  25. Great gradual tanner for the face

    Great gradual tanner for the face that doesn't leave you blotchy or orange. Smells good and easy to apply, gives you a subtle glow if used on consecutive days. I have sensitive skin and this doesn't irritate it or dry my skin out at all.
  26. Didn’t love this tanner

    Bought it, used twice.

    Did nothing for me at all. I really wanted to love it and I love the idea of a healthy bronzed looking face but it didn’t really work for me and I didn’t like the smell.

    I won’t purchase again.
  27. so handy

    Doesnt give me the biggest tan, but it is so easy to apply and isnt patchy at all
  28. Great for whole body

    This is my favourite tanning product of all time. I mainly use it for my face but seen others using it on their full body and tried it out myself. Amazing. I applied this to my entire body like a moisturiser and I surprisingly didn't need as much as I thought. It applied so easily and didn't feel sticky and 5 hours later I had this beautiful streak free full body tan. It also lasted a whole week and then faded naturally!! I would be happy to buy a few bottles of this and use as a regular tan. LOVE.
  29. Lovely

    love this so much made my skin feel so so soft and amazing
  30. Amazing!

    Absolutely love this face tan water! Doesn’t make your pores look nasty and gives you a nice subtle natural looking tan!
  31. great tanning product

    Another great product from the line. Offers a very nice and natural application! I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my face hydrated as opposed to other tanning products, highly recommend!
  32. Amazing

    Such an amazing face tanner! Completely helps even out skin tone, giving the confidence to go makeup free!
  33. Love this product, only improvement would be packaging

    Love this tan water for face, I have always struggled to tan my face to match my body, love this as it's gentle and can be combined with a gradual tanner for an overall tan glow. My only improvement would be possibly spray packaging as the water can be messy to apply and stain hands if not careful
  34. Does exactly what it says

    A really good face tan that does exactly what it says and doesn’t block pores. It is buildable so I’d probably use it a couple night in a row for best results. I’m 24 years old with very sensitive skin and this didn’t aggravate it.
  35. Facetan water

    The best.. I use this every night. Perfect colour, I don’t need to wear foundation anymore!
  36. best face tan ever

    amazing! i feel so confident without foundation now thanks to this product my face matches my body. it does not block pores and leaves a gorgeous glow
  37. Great face tan for acne prone skin!

    This is a really great face tan product!
    I have combo/oily acne prone skin and cant put regular tan products on my face as its too irritating and just develops weird on my face. This is literally the opposite! It doesn't settle in dryer areas or pores, and it doesn't irritate your skin at all!

    The only issue I had was it I didn't see as dramatic of a difference after one application like it shows on a lot of the ads. It does provide a nice glow but as I have fairly pale skin I find I need to apply a few coats to match nicely with my fake tan on the rest of my body. Not necessarily a negative but just something to keep in mind if your naturally paler and like to fake tan dark.
  38. Best Facial Tanner

    Only Facial Tanner I have used that doesn't settle in my pores and colour them black.

    Also doesn't cause acne like I have found when I have spray tanned my face for example.

    Just wash your hands after use as the excess can run down your fingers and tan them as well.
  39. Wow

    So I got this think aww yeah natural tanner that’s gonna be rubbish. HOW WRONG I WAS. Sis let me tell ya this stuff is fricken amazing for me. Gives me a natural looking glow. Yeah I woke up like this. Brooo so light and doesn’t stink. I put it on the morning under my foundation. Just like a toner basically. And a bottle lasts AGES. I’ll relax now but it’s AMAZING
  40. Great Product

    This product gave a really nice glow. I don't like to use tanning products on my face as it dries it out and doesn't always come out even whereas the face tan water was a nice coverage.
  41. All over glow

    I use this as an all over tan (face, decolletage and arms) and its so easy to apply and gives a beautiful natural glow. Great pick me up through the week. I have honestly stopped using fake tan altogether and just use this product because its easy doesn't stain clothing and no sticky tan scent or feel.
  42. Subtle but nice effect

    I have pale skin with freckles plus sensitive and acne prone on jaw/chin
    This product has given a nice subtle colour, hasn't irritated my skin and feels good when you use it, nice smell too!
    Does seem expensive but you only need a really small amount a couple of times a week so it lasts a long time.
  43. Does leave a nice glow!

    Its a bit expensive for what it actually is, even though you get a lot in the bottle! great for a face tan dont need to wear foundation!
  44. Surprising

    Was very surprised with this tan! I was skeptical thinking my oily skin would break out but it didnt amd instead gave such a nice subtle glow! Perfect for those who tan weekly and cleanse their face every night!
  45. Amazing

    I love this to death. I use it weekly and not only does it give me a gorgeous tan, but it makes my skin look lovely and plump. Such an amazing product.
  46. Amazing

    I love this to death. I use it weekly and not only does it give me a gorgeous tan, but it makes my skin look lovely and plump. Such an amazing product.
  47. I love this!

    I use this every few days before bed, and once you use it consecutively for a few days you can definitely notice a natural looking tan. It makes the skin look so even and fresh and I don't feel the need to wear makeup when I use this!
  48. nice light tan which gives a refreshed glow

    I love this!
    I put on lightly the night before (after cleaning) highly recommend
  49. Nice results and doesn't irritate skin!

    I like this product - however I do seem to need to apply very regularly in order to see more visible colour so now I apply both morning and night. Its easy to use and doesn't irritate the skin, and I love feeling like I have some colour without needing to wear my normal tinted moisturiser if I don't want to! Will repurchase!
  50. Could not live without this!!

    I have always struggled with fake tan and have never been able to tan my face because I’d instantly be covered in black dots all over my face. But this is not like that at all, it looks so natural and gives the perfect glow. I use it twice a week and I literally could not live without it!
  51. Love it

    You know that feeling when you get fake lashes or have your eyebrows done and you just wake up looking 10x better without trying?
    This does that for your face.

    Love it. Not streaky, doesn't make me break out and easy to apply. Wish I could bathe in the stuff.
  52. Beautiful colour

    Like the eco cacao tan, this leaves you with a beautiful glow. If like me you have acne prone skin, this is the face tan for you. Doesn’t clog pores and isn’t heavy on your face.
  53. great face tan

    This sometimes works and sometimes doesnt - i think it depends if i've put any other products on my face so i can really only use it if i dont moisturise or do anything to my face (which i dont like doing) BUT when it does work it's such a nice, natural glow to the face, doesnt look like fake tan at all
  54. Didn’t love

    I bought this due to all the great reviews, but my skin didn’t love it. This is odd, since my skin adapts well to most products, but this just gave me a break out. Gave it to a friend and she loved it, so happy endings.
  55. Great

    I love this tanning water. It’s the best tanning product I’ve found by far. I put it on my face and neck before bed and wake up to a natural glowing tan. It’s perfect for me as I don’t like wearing foundation.
  56. Replaces tanning

    Natural looking and easy to apply. Doesnt leave that sticky feeling. LOVE!
  57. Love love love - Nature ingredients and provides a glow

    I put 2 layers on every night to maintain a all round glow. This product contains nature ingredients and has helped significantly in reducing my usual breakouts.
  58. Expectation too high

    This is a lovely product, I have fair sensitive skin and it didn’t irritate it which is hard to find with face tans. I didn’t love it though, I had really high expectations because of the ads I’d seen but I don’t think it makes much difference to my skin tone or texture, but I only use it in the morning so that might be why the colour never really shows up.
  59. Good purchase

    It’s a good face tan. Doesn’t irritate skin in any way, though hard to get the orange residue off fingernails.
    It does build to a medium tan if applied every night.
  60. nice colour

    This tan has a nice colour but seems to go into my pores. Also im not sure if i got a dodgy one but i find it extremely hard to get the tanning water out of the bottle
  61. Good option

    I at home fake tan every week but hate tanning my face so bought this face water. It’s really nice on and builds up colour but I can’t use when I’m applying serums etc, I’d rather use my serums and moisturiser than have a tan face!
  62. It's great in summer!

    Lovely hint of color for summer. Builds up color with use. Doesn't clog pores. Not too orange on pale skin. Everything you need in a face tanner and it's all natural. Blends well with body tans too!
  63. The best!!!

    I adore this! My skin looks so even and glowy! I think this is the best tan I’ve ever used.
  64. Easy to apply

    I fake super rarely and generally want to have more colour in winter when everything feels a bit drab. I found this didn't really build on my face but washed off, but it also didn't move too much through the day, it almost worked as a subtle liquid bronzer for me, I did apply over sunscreen so that is perhaps why it didn't settle into my face
  65. Best face tan out there

    This is without a doubt the best facial tanning product out there! I would never be without it. Lasts forever as the watery consistency of the product speads so well and you only need a small amount. Be prepared to wake up with the most gorgeous healthy natural glow you have ever had!!! Doesn’t make sensitive skin (like mine) break out like most other tanners do! All natural ingredients too so you can feel comfortable in the fact you are taking care of your self while honing yourself that extra glow you’ve always wanted! DEFINITELY RECOMMEND
  66. Natural and convenient

    Great as a alternative to foundation. I’m very pale so on days I don’t want to wear makeup this makes me feel like a have colour on me it’s great!!
  67. A Bathroom Staple

    This is a product that I am always reordering. It gives my mid forties skin a nice natural glow and allows me on casual days to not bother with foundation. My only fault would be the applicator although the drip bottle action allows you to use the product that you would from a pump or eye dropper so the bottle lasts me a few months with daily applications.
  68. Actually works really well

    Still working out how to apply this evenly but it gives a really nice natural looking tan. I've been using it on my face and blending it into my Bondi tan, and it has worked quite well. It doesn't have a colour when you apply it, which is good because you can wear it under makeup but makes it harder to tell where you have and haven't applied it. I've only used a tiny amount so this bottle will last forever.
  69. It's just okay

    I know it's a cliche in the beauty world but I'm going to say it anyway - I really wanted to love this but I didn't. While it's a beautiful, natural colour and doesn't streak (hence the 3 stars), I found it developed more on my neck than my face despite a thorough exfoliation prep and being extra careful with applying it. The whole 'no need for make-up' thing was one of the things that made me want to purchase it but it actually made my blemishes more noticeable.
  70. Nice

    Bought this due to the good reviews and I like that it’s vegan and cruelty free. To be honest I didn’t notice much of a difference in colour in my skin but I do have more olive skin, but I think it does slightly improve the appearance of my pigmentation. It goes on nicely with a cotton pad and I like that it has hyaluronic acid for extra hydration.
  71. Great tan - for whole body.

    So I know this is supposed to be just for the face but I use it all over my body!

    I'm fair with red hair and freckles so don't want a dark tan. I find this easy to apply so that I get a natural, light whole body tan. It fades really evenly so I don't have to worry about keeping it up if I can't be bothered one week or excessive exfoliating.

    In the past I have used Tan Organic which is similarly a natural, organic tan water from the UK. I would say the Tan Organic is slightly better in terms of shade of the product and scent however it is almost double the price for the same amount so I've happily switched to Eco Tan.

    Definitely would recommend to any fair girls out there :)
  72. Wish it came in bulk

    I wish this face tan water came in a larger size because im onto my third bottle now. Absolutely love it. I also love that its natural. I wish it came in an easier bottle though maybe a spray or mist because its hard to get the product out without getting it everywhere :)
  73. Not for me

    Not the best face tan i've ever used.. I just found it sat in my face hairs and looked muddy then washed straight off.. dissappointing
  74. i lv

    I didnt even know i needed this product until I made an impulse purchase and brought this.
    I think this is amazing and would suggest people who have regular tans should buy this or even if you dont have regular tans if gives your face a youthful glow and i find you can get away with wearing minimal makeup due to having a bronze face.
  75. Can be used on whole body

    I originally purchased this to tan just my face and now use it to tan my decolletage and arms also. Its so natural looking. Really easy to apply just with hands (make sure you wash hands well after) and it never streaks or goes orange. I apply this at night before bed and go to sleep and wake up nice and bronzed. Natural looking too.
  76. Best face tan

    Ive tried heaps of face tans and most aren't dark enough, look orange or make me break out. This turned out looking natural and my skin stayed clear. Ill be repurchasing!
  77. Works really well!

    This works amazingly with the Eco Tan Cacao Tanning Mousse. I use it on my face in the evening and wake to a glowy complexion. Love it!
  78. Disappointing

    Couldnt understand how to use this product, used it first with my fingers and it didnt show up, then used it with cotton pads and made my face yellow!
    Gave up trying so gave this to my mum to use, she also had the same opinion as me.
  79. Amazing for hands and face

    I have a lot of tans for different times and body parts - this one is perfect for hands and face! I find that my hands often end of white and the rest of my body is tanned, so I use this product for my hands more than my face! It gives colour without getting all messed up

    Holyyyyyyyy I LOVE THIS! I didn't think something so amazing existed!! This has lasted me over a year now and I am only just about out. It has the most natural tan, noticeable after just one application. It doesn't break me out, at all, and makes my skin glow!
  81. It actually works...!

    Works like a treat, gives you a beautiful glow with no streaks or fake-tan colours! Always get comments! Remember to wash your hands well, sometimes I get little lines between my fingers but never on my face. Lovely citrus smell, no worries on my sensitive skin.
    Highly recommend to everyone!

    I cannot fault this face tan water, it is the perfect colour and doesn't cause me to break out like other face tans. I think it's not too pricey at all considering you only need a small amount, the bottle has lasted me ages. This is something I will be repurchasing for as long as I possibly can.
  83. Really subtle and natural

    When I apply this the next day I only have to put a tiny bit of foundation or concealer on its really convenient and halves the time of doing my makeup!
  84. Great face and body

    Great tan for face and body. Instead of mousse or spray tan I apply this over most of my body and its just a really easy and convenient natural looking tan. Never streaks or goes orange. I apply this before bed let it dry for 30 seconds and can go to sleep and wake up the next day glowing. Doesn't stain clothes or sheets either. Doesn't have that awful tan scent either. The bottle is hard to get product out of though.
  85. Subtle, buildable tan

    Love this product! I have fair skin, so the subtle tan is great for me, and buildable with more applications to match when I am wearing fake tan on my body.
    Absorbs fast, feels great on my skin, and smells great too!
  86. Perfect Colouring

    Can’t live without my tan water. I use it every second day in the evenings after a shower. It leaves me with a natural looking face tan so I only need light make up.l and helps with my sensitive skin and any break outs! The coverage is even and very easy to apply. Amazing product!
  87. Easy to use beautiful glow

    Such a great tan product - im onto my third bottle. Easy to apply using hands and if applied evenly it doesn't patch or go orange. Be sure to wash your hands well after so they dont get tan stains. Dries really quickly and doesnt leave that sticky tan feeling. Also smells really nice.
  88. Amazing!!!

    This product is amazing for a natural looking tan, I hate putting fake tan on my face. But this gives me an awesome natural glow. It is buildable, by doing multiple nights in a row or for even faster results putting on multiple applications a few hours apart.
  89. Amazing!!!

    This leaves my face with a beautiful glow without clogging my pores or breaking me out and it looks so natural
  90. Worth it but a but $$$

    I was sceptical about this, not having any experience with fake tan but it's super easy to apply and didn't irritate my sensitive skin. It gave a nice, even, subtle tan and faded nicely (not patchy like I was preparing myself for). This is definitely a new must have. I highly recommend.
  91. Gradually tan skin

    No yellowish and no chemical feeling. I use it everytime doing shower and my skin is tanned gradually. No mess, I like the product.
  92. Not for me

    I really wanted this to work for me given the amazing reviews. But unfortunately for me it caused me to have a breakout all over my face. It gave a lovely colour but it’s not enough for me to keep using on my face. I am using though as a gradual tanner on my arms and legs do as to not have it go to waste, and the colour has built up nicely & looks natural
  93. Natural looking

    Really natural looking and fades nicely on decolletage!
  94. Can’t live without!

    Best face tan ever! It gives you a nice glow all while not looking fake. You can also build up more if desired using 2 or 3 nights in a row. Smell is also delicious.
  95. Great product & natural colour on my skin

    I wasn’t sure on my first use as it didn’t seem to do much at all but it gradually added a beautiful “realistic” tan to my face after a couple of applications. I have since learned I can speed the process up if required by doing a heavier application or 2 applications hours apart. I find using my hands/fingers is best to apply this product - if a little tricky.
  96. Highly Recommend

    Works amazingly, colour is great. Make sure you wash your hands afterwards, I've only made that mistake once
  97. Dear god the smell

    I’ve got the kind of skin chemistry that makes all fake tans stink like soy sauce, and this is no exception. In fact it’s a particularly bad example.
    The colour is great but it wears off too fast and needs to be applied every second day to keep it up. Not worth the effort with such a smell to contend with.

    Also I find on fair nc15 skin, one application is too light and two is too dark.

    Amazing all of eco tan products really do live up to the hype. This works like you hope it would, gives you a nice glow and not orange. Super easy to use and wear, I do it at night and wake up looking better than usual haha
  99. High hopes lead to disappointment

    I bought this after reading countless amazing reviews across websites not just Adore but of different stockists too. But I was quite disappointed. The texture and the smell of the product are absolutely beautiful and while I found the product to be quite nourishing on my face i feel like it didn't add much colour or much glow. I do have pigmentation issues so I am going to assume that those who said they didn't have to wear makeup after using it probably already have quite good and clear skin. Will keep using it as toner just for the nice moisturising effect it has.
  100. Tanning toner

    I love this brand but I’m not sure about this product. I have watched tutorials on it and most people apply it into a cotton pad then onto the face like toner but I felt like I couldn’t get enough product so I splashed it onto my hands and over face which meant I couldn’t control the amount of product and I felt like some days it worked better than others. I will continue using it but I will have to use a heavier moisturiser the next day because it leaves my skin feeling slightly dry.
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