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Eco Tan Organic Face Tan Water by Eco Tan


It can be tricky to get self-tanner right on the face. So let the experts take care of it for you!


Eco Tan Organic Face Tan Water is a gradual self-tanner for the face that takes all the fear out of adding a beautiful glow to your complexion. This lightweight product won’t clog pores as it builds a beautiful tan. Plus Organic Face Tan Water is packed with anti-aging ingredients to keep skin looking fresh, tan, and youthful all in one go.


Key benefits:


  • Non-comedogenic formula is safe for all skin types and won’t clog pores.
  • Formulated with natural and organic ingredients; free of harmful, harsh chemicals.
  • Antioxidant-rich formula stimulates collagen production and protects skin’s collagen reserves from free radical damage.
  • Minimises imperfections and visible signs of aging.
  • Gradual formula allows you to build up to the perfect tan.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free.


Key ingredients:


  • Vitamin C, this product’s main anti-aging ingredient, is a potent antioxidant that both stimulates the production of collagen and helps protect and shield the skin’s collagen reserves from breakdown due to environmental factors.
  • Aloe Vera soothes irritated skin.
  • Glycerine locks moisture into skin, hydrating and protecting skin from water loss.


How to use:


  • Exfoliate at least 24 to 48 hours prior to application.
  • Apply tan to clean, dry skin.
  • Apply evenly into skin in circular motions, using a cotton pad or fingertips.
  • Take your time and take care to cover all areas, including under the eyes.
  • Finish by blending product into the hairline.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after application.
  • Moisturise afterwards if desired.
  • For best results, wait at least 8 hours for tan to develop before showering.
  • Reapply over consecutive nights to build your desired depth of tan.


Who is Eco Tan Face Tan Water for?


This product is intended for those looking for a buildable tan without harsh chemicals or pore-clogging ingredients.


How can I make my Eco Tan Face Tan Water last on my skin?

Keep your buildable glow longer by minimising use of facial products that contain soap or oil. Both of these substances can break down self-tanner and cause your tan to appear streaky or uneven. Ensure skin is properly hydrated so that it can protect itself from water loss, environmental aggressors, and irritants that could cause your tan to break down more quickly.


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Love this product!! - 19-11-2018 by

I'm half way through my first bottle and I would definitely repurchase this product. It gives a really natural glow to my skin and doesn't break me out like most self tanners do.

AMAZING - 19-11-2018 by

Couldn't recommend this tan water enough. I am onto my second bottle and its pure amazing! I put it on my face, shoulders and arms (Sometimes even whole body) in the morning (Rub it in well) and it dries in minutes, doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky or tan smell. I pretty much can go about my day and then have a nice glow by the afternoon/night.

Great product! - 16-11-2018 by

This is such a good tanning product. I don't know any other brand that has a water like this for your face. Works great and I love the formula. Would definitely recommend

Holy grail! - 16-11-2018 by

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I fake tan every week and was desperate for something to tan my face, as body tans make me break out horribly and look like an oompa-loompa. I tried this after seeing it advertised online and I have been seriously impressed! It smells DIVINE, doesn't clog pores and make me break out. I apply at night and wake to beautiful, naturally looking tanned skin. It doesn't make my skin orange and is the most natural product. The whole eco tan line is amazing. When I use this, I don't need to use foundation, only concealer to cover any spots and away I go! The bottle lasts forever so is well worth the price (I've been using every few days for over 6 months and have barely made a dent in the bottle). I have recommended to all my friends!

Nice healthy glow - 16-11-2018 by

After the first application I didn't see much difference but then used it again the next day and I had a nice natural looking tan. The only thing is it did make my sun pigmentation darker but I will try to not put it on that part of my face next time. Feels very light and doesn't have the bad smell that a lot fake tans do.

Amazing - 15-11-2018 by

First of all, this smells AMAZING! Secondly, it works so well! I put it on like a toner after cleansing but before other products. I wake up with a glowing, natural looking tan. Its such a nice colour, and if you want it darker you can build it up over a few days.

Great - 14-11-2018 by

This works really well, it is really easy to use, goes on well and looks glowy and natural when you wake up! It didnt go close to orange at all for me. It can get a little bit patchy but nothing too noticeable. Also smells nice and organic!

Great - 11-11-2018 by

I’m onto my second bottle of this and combine it with Le Tan ultra dark ash on the body. The colour match is perfect and it is a natural glow colour on my NC20 skin. Smells like most fake tans but I don’t mind it given I know the ingredients are good.
Doesn’t cause breakouts.
I’ve got dry ageing skin prone to acne.

LOVE THIS PRODUCT - 07-11-2018 by

this Is the nicest and most pleasant face tan water I have tried. The ingredients are super nice and it smells amazing! I also like the colour and glow it gives my skin.

My secret weapon - 07-11-2018 by

Easy to use and great results with just one application. I get so many compliments after using it.

Best tanning product! - 05-11-2018 by

Beautiful and light natural tan looking. Dries quickly.

Love this! 10/10 - 05-11-2018 by

Im a frequent tanner and this is my new favorite product. Really easy to use, I will apply this to my face, shoulders and arms at night it dries super quickly and then wake up in the morning with a gorgeous natural tan. No streaks and NO stains on clothing or bedding. I've even started using it as a whole body tanner and its completely worth it! I suggest making sure you use enough product and make sure you cover the entire area properly to make sure no spots are missed. Honestly just rubs in easily like a moisturiser. GREAT!

LOVE! - 02-11-2018 by

I started using the Eco Tan products about 6 months and they have completely changed my routine. I use the face tan water on my face, shoulders and arms at night and go to bed and wake up with a really nice natural tan. I recommend using quite a bit of the product and making sure you evenly apply over every section of your skin otherwise it is very obvious if a spot is missed. Doesn't stain or colour clothes. Dries really quickly.

Isn’t useful for me - 02-11-2018 by

I bought this as I’m always tanning my body and I feel like tanning my face might be a bit much however it isn’t very useful for me as I exfoliate my skin daily. However that’s on me not the product. When I use the product it does give my skin a more even complexion.

You won't wear foundation any more - 01-11-2018 by

I love this product.
I'm not a fake tanner, I dislke the smell and look.
This product evens out the skintone and is just gorgeous to apply.
You wake up looking refreshed and glowing.

Waking up with beautiful skin! - 31-10-2018 by

Such a fabulous product by Eco Tan! I will continue purchasing this product, not that I will need to for a long time as this product lasts for ages.I generally wash & exfoliate my face before bed and then put face tan water on before going to sleep. I do this a couple times a week and when I wake up my skin looks incredible. I love going to the gym the morning after putting this on as my skin looks wonderful, glowy & tan xx

Loved It! - 29-10-2018 by

Absolutely love the results, very easy to apply, can apply makeup or go to bed straight after. The only small con is how slowly the product comes out of the bottle, other than that it is perfect! Can apply as many times as required

Instant glow - 29-10-2018 by

One layer of the face tan water is enough to give me an instant glow. It evens out any pigmentation and reduces the redness of blemishes. You just need to be careful to not miss any of your face or it is VERY obvious and don't coat too heavily or it will appear a bit yellow.

Fantastic! - 29-10-2018 by

I absolutely love face tan water. I was a bit hesitant to try it initially but after seeing reviews I decided to just try it for myself. This is now my go to, it feels great on my skin, and the results are a perfectly even, bronzed glow. Definitely buying again.

Hasn’t lived up to the hype yet - 26-10-2018 by

I went from using Palmers coco butter tinted gradual tan moisturiser on my face to Face Tan Water. While I love the idea of it being non-toxic and non-comeodonic, but applying the water is messy without a dropper or something to stop the flow. I’ve seen no colour change so far after applying 6 times.
(Skin is normal, skin night ritual is Skinstitute vitamin c powder 2-3 nights, Aesop eye drops and Alpha aha 2 nights, and coconut oil other nights.)

I’ll wait until using the whole bottle to see if I can notice a difference but so far this product hasn’t lived up to the hype at all for me.

Holy Grail for tanners! - 25-10-2018 by

I started using this product about 6 months ago and its completely changed my tanning routine for the better - LOVE IT! I tan weekly and used to have to sit around in fake tan for hours and it was so time consuming until I found this product! I think most people just use it for their face - I also use it for my neck, shoulders and arms as a tanner and its always a really beautiful natural tan and doesn't streak (If applied properly) and the best thing is I can put it on in the morning put my clothes on and go on with my day. It doesn't go sticky or stain clothes (Even whites). Love this!

Really great face tan - 22-10-2018 by

I have combination/dry skin. I fake tan my body a lot but tend to not fake tan my face due to most body self-tanners breaking my skin out. I love this so much because it's literally like water and you just put in on your face, I have never had any breakouts from this and the smell is lovely. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that it can get a bit patchy around my nose and other dark spots. Other than that, I would recommend this.

Not for me - 22-10-2018 by

I have pale skin with pink undertone, unfortunately this Organic Tan gave me a yellow colour and does not look natural on me. For people with olive skin, neutral or yellow undertones this product will be perfect, also this product has a very lite consistency, nice smell and is easy to apply and blend.

Great for eczema prone skin - 15-10-2018 by

I like to wear SPF 50 on my face daily, plus I don’t usually wear makeup. So I’m super pale. I’m also prone to eczema on my face and normal fake tan triggers this plus I HATE putting those chemicals on my face. Just from one use of this, it’s a perfect glow for me. when I told someone about it they said “I thought you just had makeup on” (YAY for indirect compliments). Plus the bottle size is really big!

Good but not a miracle workers - 12-10-2018 by

I have acne prone skin and the product reviews are right in saying this is low irritant and doesn't block pores. It does give your skin a bit of a glow but it takes a few nights in a row of applications. I have used cheaper face tan products that do just as good a job as this one.

Nice subtle glow - 02-10-2018 by

I'd recommend this if you're looking for something that leaves you with a nice subtle glow, without the mess and smell of similar tanning products. I have very fair/pale skin and can certainly notice the difference from just one application. I cleanse my face with an exfoliator wash daily, so the colour doesn't last long but I'd say you could easily build up your application for a darker tan if you wish. Just remember to wash your hands after application as it can stain (I learnt this the hard way)

Love this for a healthy glow - 02-10-2018 by

I've been using this about a week now and I really like the glow it gives my skin! I put it on at night using a kabuki brush to blend it in so there's no streaks and it gives a nice subtle glow to my face without looking like I don't match the rest of my skin. My skin is very pale and almost transparent and I have had people say how nice my skin looks when I'm just out with no make up. I can't say for sure but it seems to be helping my breakouts too!

Doesn't do much - 27-09-2018 by

I purchased Eco Tan Organic Face Tan Water based on all the glowing reviews I red. I liked the idea of the ingredients (like hyaluronic acid and orange peel) in this product and the fact that it is organic, so I figured it would be better than using normal fake tan on my face (which I do often). While it provided a slight skin firming feel when applied, essentially I just felt like I was applying witch hazel or something to my face and did not really feel it did a great deal in terms of providing a tan by any means. Probably wouldn't recommend this product for that reason. If you want a tanned face, normal tan is still best. Or if you really like the idea of using organic products, I would just use Eco Tan's gradual tan that is meant for your body (as I purchased this too) on your face as well, rather than buying this. Although in saying that, I find their gradual tan a bit orange for me. But I only like purple or ash based tans.

Excellent, subtle face glow - 26-09-2018 by

LOVE this product! I've always been really good at looking after my face and neck from the sun, but no so much the rest of my body. That generally means that my face and neck are a little lighter and I struggle to match foundations.
The EcoTan Face Water solves this problem - I could see a subtle glow within 6 hours of applying the product. It is super light and as long as you have experience applying tanning products previously you'll find this super easy to apply - but it is CRUCIAL that you wash your hands really well post use. It does have a slight fragrance smell of orange oil, but this doesn't bother me at all. I have even found my skin to be more hydrated post use - I actually put it on before moisturizer. The bottle is bigger than I expected, incredible value for money. 10/10 would recommend.

Best tan for face - 26-09-2018 by

This is a beautiful product! I apply it at night on my face before going to bed and wake up with a subtle healthy glow. I have very fair skin naturally and it really lifts my complexion and hides the appearance of dark circles. I look and feel less tired. Life saver!

Lovely tan - 26-09-2018 by

This product is lovely, the only thing is I find it to be really sticky. Colour payoff is beautiful, just wish it came with a spray.

Convenient and natural! - 25-09-2018 by

I started using this about 6 months ago and I haven’t used any other tanner since.. it’s so convenient and if applied correctly is streak free and natural. Beautiful product!

Best face tan - 25-09-2018 by

This is the perfect face tan product. It’s not too oily or thick, so it doesn’t cause break outs or block my pores like other products do. I have dry skin due to weather at the moment, and I can use this product overnight and wake up with a natural glow and it doesn’t dry my skin out.

Loveee - 24-09-2018 by

My favourite product to use to tan my face! It doesn't break me out like other regular body tanners and it always leaves an even colour that fades gradually without leaving any patches! Highly recommend!

Go to Tan! - 19-09-2018 by

This is my go to tanner when I dont have much free time. Its so easy to apply and even though its mainly for face/neck I actually use it on my entire body and after about 8 hours it gives a really natural streak free tan! Make sure though to really put a lot of product on as its clear and you dont want to miss any sections - make sure every bit of skin is covered. Its great too because I can put it on in the morning put clothes over and go on with my day and it gradually builds with no tan smell or staining clothes. 100% recommend!

not for me... - 17-09-2018 by

I thought I'd give this product a go because it said it was all natural, and I'm naturally pale and have used fake tan in the past to get a natural looking glow. My skin is very well balanced, sometimes gets a little bit dry, but basically I have been extremely fortunate and have never had even the tiniest bit of acne or breakout in my entire life. I get a pimple maybe once every 4 months.
After using this 3 or 4 nights in a row on my face, my forehead has broken out into a crop of whiteheads. The skin is rough and dry to touch, but bumpy underneath with tiny little pimples constantly coming up. This has been extremely distressing to me as someone who barely uses skin products and has NEVER EVER had an issue and patch tested with no effects after one use.
I kept using it on my neck and chest, thinking it may be just my face, but now my chest is covered in white heads too.
It has been nearly a month, and the roughness and bumpiness hasn't gone away. I'm not saying that this is the product's fault, but want to warn people who may have skin similar to mine that doesn't react well to toners that it could happen to them, and to be extremely careful. I am obviously extremely upset about this. I've always been so thankful for my skin and taken great care of it, so for this to happen has made me feel anxious and self conscious and upset for the past month.
Please please consider this before purchasing.

Just wow!! - 13-09-2018 by

Ok, this is the best tanning product I’ve ever used!!! Super easy to use and the colour pay off is excellent. The best part of this product is that it feels like skincare, so you actually feel like you’re doing skin a favour, whilst giving yourself a healthy glow at the same time! You won’t be disappointed.

Natural tan! - 13-09-2018 by

This product is a life saver & smells amazing! I will put this on my face and body in the morning - it goes on clear and dries really quickly. Its not sticky too which is a major plus. I will put usually put my clothes over the top and continue on with my day and it gradually gets darker - usually around 5-6 hours later. The colour is even and comes off gradually and naturally - not patchy. Would 100% recommend this.

Hydrating and doesn't block pores - 04-09-2018 by

I really like this product as I have really dry skin and I can use this product overnight without using moisturizer and my skin won't be dry in the morning. I also really like that it doesn't block your pores but I only ever use it every second or third night as I can find if I use it more often my hairline become quite orange and it doesn't look as natural.

Nice scent but very faint tan - 04-09-2018 by

I'm naturally very pale and thought I'd give this a go as I'd read it gives a very light tan to the face. That was an understatement! When I use fake tan I expect it to look like I have obtained some colour. This didn't leave much colour at all. Hardly worth the effort of applying. Nice scent though.

Worth the hype - 30-08-2018 by

Love the effect this gives. My skin has a natural healthy glow, its easy to apply and pretty fail safe. You just need to remember to wash your hands well after application. It has a slight smell - but it doesn't bother me. My husband even uses it!

Great for a Glow! - 29-08-2018 by

Was recommended this by a friend and I am not disappointed! This feels so nice on and dries very quickly plus its all natural which I love! If you are after just a nice healthy glow then this is for you, if you want a super deep tan though this will not achieve it. I would recommend it more for if you are a fan of spray tans but dont like getting your face done this will help to blend when applying make-up. Or if you want the confidence to go make up free this really evens out the complexion!

Great! - 28-08-2018 by

Gives a really great sutble tan thats great for winter when you want a little colour on your face. Just be careful to apply evenly to the cheek line with a cotton ball otherwise it can be splochy and stain your hands.

Would reccomend to friends :)

Love this ! - 27-08-2018 by

Stop putting spray tan on your face and use this bad boy twice a week. I’m more on the milky side so gives off a lot of colour so a little goes a long way . Definitely lives up to the hype and the best part is it’s good for your skin !!!!! It’s nice not to feel like you look sick without makeup

WOW - must have summer beauty product - 24-08-2018 by

Okay- I didn't think a product could be this good! SERIOUSLY, IT'S THAT GOOD LADIES!
After seeing this product on Instagram and it's reviews, I decided to trial it, as I am a frequent fake tanner, but found that putting fake tan on my face made me either break out, or made my red spots/pigmentation really dark and visible under makeup.
I applied it, woke up and went WOWOW. My red spots were visibly diminsed, it evened out dark circles, and I had that Sun kissed look without the greasy finish that fake tan gives. I got so many compliments, and recommended this to friends and they all loved it too!
Will buy again and again.

A great face tan! - 24-08-2018 by

My skin is quite fair and I love a sun kissed look with barely there makeup so this is perfect for me ; it absorbs quickly doesn’t feel greasy or clog my pores which is the best thing because self tan on your face can make you breakout, I certainly don’t break out using this!
I always get comments on my glow if I put this on the night before; I will never be without it! Xx

Great for face, can also be used on whole body! - 23-08-2018 by

I use this product on my face and the colour is very natural. It doesnt clog my pores or irritate my skin, its really great. Ive even started using it on my chest, neck and arms also as an all over tan and it works really well as a natural light tan - be careful though and make sure you really work the product in everywhere and evenly if doing this to prevent streaks - if you miss a spot you will notice it! Make sure to wash your hands well also after applying! Would 100% recommend!

Great subtle tan - 22-08-2018 by

This is one of those products I didn't know I needed until I tried it. No more putting harsh fake tan on my face looking like I have dirt everywhere. This goes on clear and dries down quickly. One application will give you a nice subtle glow.

Works great, but also comes off if you use a deep cleanser at night - 22-08-2018 by

I use this daily and I have had no issues with it on my dry skin. I do find that the colour never builds as everynight when I cleanse with a slightly exfoliating cleanser, it removes all the colour I had on there, so I'm not sure this will be of my use in Summer time, but is great in Winter

not bad - 17-08-2018 by

Ive been using this on and off for a couple of weeks it isnt bad. I definitely find it helps build a light colour / glow but can find it can leave streaks! still would recommend for anyone who would like to build a natural glow - just leaves your body white

Highly Recommend! - 16-08-2018 by

I absolutely love this! I always had issues with fake tan clogging my pores and making my face look dirty. This product is easy to use and is effective. I use it at least three times per week and it helps give my skin a light glow (great in winter). It isn't super dark, but it looks natural. So happy with this product!

Perfect! - 16-08-2018 by

Great colour! Natural looking tan that doesn't dry out skin or clog pores. Very affordable for how much product you get. Perfect for the winter!

Great - 15-08-2018 by

Easy to apply. Non Sticky.

Au naturale - 15-08-2018 by

I love the shade of this face tan water, it definitely is a natural look and in the summer is enough for me to ditch the foundation. Unfortunately it does come with a slight smell but I'm yet to find a fake tan that doesn't... until I do, the quality of this product outweighs the smell.

Amazing - 14-08-2018 by

Love this stuff and doesn’t make me look orange

Even , sun-kissed goodness - 14-08-2018 by

I have fair skin with freckles and find this product great to give me a boost of sun kissed colour. The results are subtle but noticeable (think weekend at the beach rather than a month in the Bahamas). Possibly my favorite feature is that it is easy to get an even finish, even with my less than exemplary application technique. I also found this works well as a toner and made my skin look fresh. Only a little is needed so it lasts well . Bonus points for being in an eco friendly glass bottle that is super tough (it has survived multiple knocking off the shelf episodes), a bonus for the clumsy among us!

Subtle natural glow - 13-08-2018 by

I tried this after reading reviews as I tan regularly and thought I should try this rather than using tan on my face as it always leaves my nose darker etc. It leaves you with a subtle natural glow, so I think you would have to use it every night to get all of its benefits (I forget to). Downfall if you use a dark tan on your body and than use this on our face they aren't going to match. But it certainly feels like you are taking care of your skin and has a nice scent to it as well.

Gives a healthy glow to the face - 13-08-2018 by

I was skeptical at first about this product. I have tried countless at home self tanners and none have ever looked remotely natural. This product is subtle, build able and natural looking.

Good but not great - 09-08-2018 by

The first few times I tried using this on top of my toner, but I didn’t see any result at all. After seeing a post on Instagram, I tried using this in replacement of my toner and I did see a result, but it wasn’t anywhere near as dark as my body tan. It does give a good colour and doesn’t clog the pores, but I feel like I get a much better result using my regular fake tan on my face. But if you break out from using fake tan on the face then I guess this could be used as a good alternative as it won’t make you break out. But if you have any active acne or scabs make sure to apply a thick moisturiser to those spots using a Q tip before using this tan water, as it will stick to the dry spots more and make them even more noticeable if you don’t moisturise them first

Amaaaazing - 09-08-2018 by

I am so pale naturally, i tan my body every week but never my face as the chemicals in normal tanning products dry out my skin and cause me to breakout. This organic face tan water is amazzzing I've stopped using foundation every day as after two days of applying this water to my face and neck matched my body perfectly. My skin feels so smooth and the tan is so natural, it masks any imperfections and looks so natural. I'm in love!

Beautiful - 03-08-2018 by

Love this face tan water, has not irritated my dry sensitive skin, leaves my skin tone looking beautiful and smooth, stunning packaging looks nice on the bathroom counter- I wouldn’t say this really gives me a change in colour I am quite fair but haven’t seen much of a ‘tan’ more so just making my skin tone look clear and less of a need for makeup!

Caused major breakout - 30-07-2018 by

This made my forehead break out in small red sore pimples. I also cant decide if I like the colour it gives me...have stopped using it.

Tan water - 24-07-2018 by

Used this twice left on for the whole night to try see some change.

So the result was minimal. I did like the fact that it didn't block my pores or smell to strong. Will try again in summer when i am already a little browner.

Also on another note amazing value for what you pay.

Really good, but not amazing - 23-07-2018 by

I have used this product 4 times a week for the last 3 months and have only gone through half of the bottle ! What you get out of the bottle is so worth it, and hella cheaper than buying foundation . I love this product, it makes me feel better about not wearing makeup, but nothing like how the pictures and videos make it look. It blends super well yes, no streaks, no patches or anything.. but the coverage is good but not amazing. I have scars all over my face from Acne and a red looking area from a car accident. It doesnt cover them to the extent the videos made it out to, but if I had to choose based on what is better for my skin, I would have to say the face tan water. I mean.. I am still using it and will continue to. But dont have extremely high expectations like I had. People will still ask if you are okay and that you look tired . When really. You just have no foundation on

It was alright... but just alright - 18-07-2018 by

I liked this product when I first got it, mainly because it seemed a bit better ingredients-wise for my skin. But honestly it doesn't give me as much of a glow as I'd like.
I have olive skin, and maybe someone fairer would like this more, but I much prefer my spray-tan, which I use every other day on my face post-shower instead. This gives me nice even colour, better than the Eco Tan does.
I also don't really love that I have to put the face tan water on a cotton pad first - I feel like I'm wasting the product as it gets absorbed in the cotton. I have no idea how others apply with just their fingers, as it is basically water.
I think I also might try the tan luxe drops at some stage (not from eco tan), but for cost and efficacy, my $10 bottle of spray tan works best so far for a good glow!
Pros though, this worked nicely for me as a toner, didn't break me out at all, and didn't smell too bad.

Amazing - SUN KISSED SKIN! - 17-07-2018 by

My go to product from summer to winter. I'm a huge fan of makeup but wearing it everyday is the biggest hassle and eco tan face water solves all my problems!
Put a little on a pad and saturate my entire face with it starting from my forehead.
Im pretty dark in general so i do 2 coats, however test it out with 1 when you first get it. Love love love everything about this product, its so light, a little fragranced when you are waiting for the tan to form but goes away immediately when you wash your face. Usually put it on in the morning or at night before bed!

Sunkissed Glowing Skin - 06-07-2018 by

I have completely ditched foundation after trying this product! I use it 3-4 times a week as a toner and the pay off is amazing - a nice, natural colour that has also helped calm my skin and even out my skin tone. Literally foolproof and perfect for any season.

Love the light lotion application - 05-07-2018 by

I already have quite the skincare routine and due to use of chemical exfoliators almost daily in some form I need something to keep some colour on my face. This product is perfect for me as I don't like yet another heavy layer to apply to my skin and I know that I can happily layer up my serums and moisturiser without compromising absorption. Can be hard to dispense enough product which is a bit frustrating and also I find the colour very subtle so would love it to be a little stronger in depth but otherwise amazing!

No No - 03-07-2018 by

I have very dry lips. They chap very easily, and I was willing to invest in a good lip product to try and treat this problem.
The woman at the Bobbi Brown counter recommended this to me but it has just done nothing for me.
It is kind of like PawPaw ointment/Vaseline in that when you put it on your lips it looks glossy, but in fact it has little hydrating effect and once it rubs off, it leaves your lips even worse than they were in the first place.
Trust me I persisted with this product...almost finished the whole tub but to no avail.
Do not waste your money.
I have moved over to the Go-To Skincare's lips product and am loving that 100% more.

I wanted to love this - 03-07-2018 by

I really really wanted this product to be exactly what I was looking for, but it didn't quite get there.
I have combination skin which is very fair. I spray tan occasionally but don't like using spray tan on my face due to chemicals, causing break-outs etc.

I thought this would give a good colour on my face to match my spray tans.
It definitely gives you some colouring, but its more of a "glow' than a tan. Which is nice! But if you are wanting a deep tan this might not be for you.
Also, the glow/tan doesn't last long - you really have to consistently apply it to get noticeable results.

Other negatives - I really did not like the applicator thingy at the top of the bottle, I found it hard to get the product out. Also, I think sometimes my skin slightly reacted to it because it would leave me with those tiny red dots under the skin.

Ditch the foundation - 02-07-2018 by

I could not live without this face tan water. Use it in place of toner every 3rd day to keep my face glowing and no need for foundation for everyday. Apply with a cotton pad all over face. Can be streaky so make sure you get everywhere and wait for it to dry before applying a moisturiser over the top.

Good natural face tanner - 02-07-2018 by

I like this product but I found that they can be a bit streaky if I apply too much. It's all natural ingredients so I don't break out and it does give me a natural tan colour especially in Winter. It's best to apply using a cotton pad to avoid staining hands.

Excellent face tan - 30-06-2018 by

I finally decided to buy this and I am very happy I did. I am naturally very fair, especially in Winter, and I have found this is perfect in achieving a natural glow and have even found that most mornings I don't feel the need to wear makeup because this is enough. I do find the application slightly difficult as it is hard to get the product out of the bottle, and if its not applied properly it can look slightly streaky (I have noticed this on my neck), but this is to be expected with fake tan products. Overall, I would definitely buy it again.

Excellent face tan - 30-06-2018 by

I finally decided to buy this and I am very happy I did. I am naturally very fair, especially in Winter, and I have found this is perfect in achieving a natural glow and have even found that most mornings I don't feel the need to wear makeup because this is enough. I do find the application slightly difficult as it is hard to get the product out of the bottle, and if its not applied properly it can look slightly streaky (I have noticed this on my neck), but this is to be expected with fake tan products. Overall, I would definitely buy it again.

No need for makeup now - 25-06-2018 by

I'm in my 60's and have dehydrated skin. i am very pale on winter but can't use supermarket fakes because of the smell & hubby complains too! I splurged & tried this one & love it. The only thing I don't like is the liquid factor- it's a bit hard to get out of the bottle. You don't have to be really careful applying it as it doesn't go streaky It's not as dark as the cheaper creams but one coat is enough for me. There's no chemical smell so no streaming eyes anymore- yay. I won't bother with makeup anymore as ths is the best!

my go-to - 25-06-2018 by

I no longer wear foundation thanks to this amazing product. It smells fantastic, is super easy to use, and doesn't produce the orange tone that many tanning products do. It's a very light tan look, so not for those that like the dramatic fake tan. It's great to use a couple times a week to keep a nice glow to the skin. The ingredients are amazing and it is cruelty free!

Love it - 21-06-2018 by

Doesn't break my skin out at all or irritate it, leaves my skin feeling so smooth and fresh and provides a perfect coloured face tan

No need for foundation anymore ! - 18-06-2018 by

This product is amazing , I was so sick of applying fake tan to my face and having the worst pores and blackheads! Since using this I have stopped wearing foundations and get so many compliments on my radiant skin , it does still cause some Blackheads but easily treated! Will buy again !

Amazing - 18-06-2018 by

Amazing stuff, lovely for the skin. Evens out my paler face to my tan body. Would buy again.

Good - 16-06-2018 by

This face tan is great for winter. Gives your face some colour instead of being so white. The tan is very easy to put on. I just used a cotton ball and wiped it all over my face. Don't be afraid to put a lot on the cotton ball. I was scared my face would be too tanned if I put on a lot but its not like it. It's pretty light on the skin. And gives it a nice glow.

Adds a light glow for the right skin tones - 14-06-2018 by

This Tan water was easy to use and after applying at night, i woke up to a light glow of tan in the morning. I'm not sure the colour was the best match for my skin tone but I will try it again at different times of the year . The smell was fine and I didn't get any break outs after using it which was probably my main concern. I felt like the cotton pad I applied it with absorbed too much of the water, yet i don't think it would work well to apply on your fingers. Will have to try.

LOVE this product - 13-06-2018 by

I am OBSESSED with this product. It honestly makes me skin look so beautiful and tanned without clogging my pour as that was something I was initially worried about. I use it multiple times a week and just dab a small amount of rosehip oil on afterwards - although it probably doesn’t need it I just like the extra moisture.

AMAZING!!! - 13-06-2018 by

Liquid Gold!! After using this one day I had comments about my skin and how great it looked. After three days using it I left the house makeup free for the first time since I was a teenager. My skin looked even and had just enough colour I didn’t look sick. This is my new addiction

Recommended by a friend - 13-06-2018 by

I don't use fake tan but my friend has been recommending this to me for a while and I must say she always has an absolutely flawless glow. I'm definitely going to purchase this next as I really like the idea of applying it like a toner. I've always found the concept of tanning my face terrifying. I will write a new review once I have tried this product myself but from according to my friend it's amazing.

Disappointing - 13-06-2018 by

I have medium skin and even after using this three nights in a row, I couldn’t see any difference.

can’t believe how well it worked! - 07-06-2018 by

I use this every second night on my face and neck and achieve a very natural looking tan while still getting compliments about the amazing glow you get from this product!!!
oh! and smells amazing and love that it’s organic!

Couldn't spot the difference - 01-06-2018 by

I've tried using this product in a few different ways, before bed after cleansing (and 10 mins before moisturising). With a cotton pad (most of it seemed to soak into the pad) and with my fingers (as it's water it is hard to blend across your face). I've used it morning and night, for days in a row - and for someone with very fair skin, I cannot notice the difference at all. Literally - zero.

Love it! - 12-05-2018 by

I love that there is FINALLY a natural face tanning product with natural ingredients and doesn't clog pores! Amen to the beauty Gods!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Only recommendation is to be cautious if applying with hands, you may not realise but it can run down your arm and stain if you don't wash it off. (I learnt the hard way)

Definitely works! - 08-05-2018 by

I am fair with some light freckling. I used this product before I went to bed, by applying with a cotton pad. I wasn't overly generous with it, but it obviously took to my skin really well! When I woke up in the morning, I looked like I'd had a noticeable spray tan. It was just too much difference in one night for me. It wasn't too bad colour wise. Perhaps slightly orange. I ended up exfoliating my face twice that day to try & remove some colour. After approx. 3 days it had faded to a nice glow, but I'm not sure I will use it on my face again. Perhaps I'll try using up the bottle on my legs instead! Overall my skin had no reactions to it & it smelt nice going on. I could smell that fake tan smell when I woke during the night though, so I wouldn't try using this during the day. If you like the tanned look, then I'd definitely give this a shot.

Game changer! - 08-05-2018 by

I have used multiple face tans over the years, I can't live without them. For the past to years I have stuck by Jennifer's Hawkins Jbronze face tan until I found this product and i just had to try it. Its amazing! It really is just like applying a nice subtle toner to your face with a gorgeous rose scent. No greasy, filmy feel or that obvious fake tan smell. Its really easy to apply, a little goes a long way, super easy to build up and an even coverage is super easy to achieve. I have no cons about this product it is my new staple.

If sometimes you are a bit meh on putting make up on you need this in your life! - 07-05-2018 by

I literally never wear foundation anymore unless I absolutely have to. I use this a few times a week to give me a golden glow and it is such a great pick me up. Im so white and sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable going to the shops or whatever with no make up on with my white little face lol - this helps my confidence and gives me a lovely healthy colour. I have used this for years!

THE BEST! - 17-04-2018 by

This is literally the best face tanner I have ever used. I have rosacea and have work makeup every day for years to cover it. The tan water gives my skin such a nice glow after just one application, I have started have makeup free days. I apply it at night before bed with a cotton pad, my skin feels and looks so nice in the morning.

Perfect when you're tan - 17-04-2018 by

I love to tan however a lot of fake tans make my face break out and clog my pores. This tan water is amazing because it doesn't clog pores or cause break outs. Plus you can build up the colour by using it for consecutive days or by using it morning and night. Would highly recommend!

My new must-have! - 03-04-2018 by

I have pale skin with acne scars and blackheads and this product is amazing! It gives me such a nice natural glow, all I need to pop on is some mineral powder and I feel confident! Very easy to use and also smells so good!!! Much nicer than most fake tans!

Great product, better for paler skins - 22-03-2018 by

I have been using this for about a month now, and I've tried using it a few days in a row at times. It's light, doesn't have much of an offensive smell and is easy to use. My skin tone at the moment is medium, my tan from summer is fading, but I wouldn't say this makes much of a noticeable difference. My face is generally a bit paler than my body and this does enough to maybe look a bit glowy, rather than more tanned. It probably does about a half shade darker, even after 2-3 days of using it consecutively. Other than that, I love it, and think that wit would be perfect with someone with a paler complexion. It doesn't look orange, doesn't gather in hairline or eyebrows either. I use it before moisturizer/ face oils and before bed.

Daily Essential - 13-03-2018 by

I put the Eco Tan Face Water as a base before putting on my moisturiser. It gradually builds over the day leaving your skin beautifully tanned.

I recommend this product and brand to all my friends and family.

Amazing Product - 13-03-2018 by

I recently purchased the face tan water and all I can say is it is amazing. After one week of using it, my boyfriend who has never said anything about my skin/ face couldn’t stop complimenting how radiant, clear and amazing my skin looked. I even felt confident enough to go to work without foundation for the first time in a long time. Thanks Eco Tan !

warm natural glow - 13-03-2018 by

I have fallen in love with tan water! I find it very subtle, gives a nice natural glow, without the heavy spray tan look. Makes you look radiant!

glowing - 12-03-2018 by

This left my skin with a radiant glow, I don't need to wear make up and it left my skin feeling amazing. A little bit goes a long way, I don't know how I went without it for so long!

Great product - 19-02-2018 by

Leaves a radiant beautiful glow though it can be a little drying to the skin and can stain hands!

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